• Show Date: 09/05/2019
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Geoffrey Curr Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

Birmingham Dog Show Society Ltd

Breed: Chihuahua (Long Coat)

Birmingham National Dog Show  May.2019……….. 


Judge Dr Geoffrey G Curr 


Longcoat Chihuahuas… 


 Special Beginners Dog   ( 4 ) 

1. Mrs P A Wills  DORENTYS DAZZLIN DUNCAN. Very attractive head with well placed eyes, ears and teeth all contributing to a lovely expression. This boy also had the more compact body which I think the breed standard asks for, with excellent topline, tail-set and carriage. Best Special Beginner. 

2. Mrs V P G Galbert  NEWTON DU DIAMANT D’OR. A pleasing head and he had confidence enough to make best use of his ears, However he was longer in loin than desirable and dropping his tail standing made him look even longer as well as distracting attention from his excellent tail-set and carriage. 

3.  Mrs P Hunter  TWIGANLU I AM GROOT 


Minor Puppy Dog   ( 7 ) 

1. Mr S J Rooney  PARISLAND THE GIGOLO AT YORONE  Very confident and well trained youngster showing his many  advantages to great effect. Head shaping up well without too broad a muzzle. Excellent ears, eyes, teeth and expression. Compact outline with superb tail-set and carriage. Very sound, balanced mover. Best Puppy In Breed. 

2. Mrs J E Platek  TINASJOY DARK DESTROYER. Lovely head with not quite too short a muzzle. Cobby body, level topline with excellent tailset and carriage. At the moment neither the confidence or showmanship to effectively challenge his competition. 

3. Mr G Papadopoulus & Mr A Raptakis  MYSTIC LEGION LUCIFER MORNING STAR 


Puppy Dog    ( 10,3 abs. ) 

1. Miss D Entwhistle  DORENTYS WILLY EKASLIKE.  Alert showman with sweet expression, good neck length well used, compact body, level topline and excellent tail carriage. Very sound and confident mover. 

2. Mrs  R L Morley  LYKATH’S FLASH HARRY AT LOROSO. Very soundly made, but the breed standard asks for a more compact body. Promising skull shape with well shaped ears and eyes but an incorrect bite pushed the chin out of place. The good news as you know, is that this will almost certainly correct itself as he grows up. 

3. Mrs C Edwards  AHAUCASA GRANDE UNIGUM  (Imp.) 


Junior Dog    ( 9,1 abs.) 

1.  Mrs L & Mr N Todd-McCoid  TINASJOY NORRIS MCDOGFACE OF RUBYANIO. Very handsome boy with excellent neck, topline and tail carriage. A confident and very sound mover. A perfect coat with length to the ruff, mane plume and fringes with relatively shorter hair on the body. 

2.  Mrs C & Mr P Conquest  CHIHOHIT FAVORITE APOLLON AT STORYLAND. Lovely head, compact outline, good coat and tail carriage. Looked rather smart moving in outline  but less impressive coming and going. 



Yearling Dog   ( 8,) 

1.  Mrs M Emmerson  X-ISMIRELLE’S BOY DOGOMANIA. Pleasing head and very well balanced with an excellent coat over a relatively compact body. Very reassuring to see a level topline with correct tail-set and carriage as both are usually a guarantee of soundness. 

2.  Mrs C Minton’s DONAMI DAZZLE ME. Very confident showman with an attractive head, expression and coat. Moved with reach and drive, but the topline appeared to me to be sloping downwards from withers to tail. 

3.  Mrs P A Jones FLICKAN FROST 


Novice Dog  ( 3 ) 


2.  NEWTON DU DIAMANT D’OR    as in Special Beginners. 



Graduate Dog  ( 2 ) 

1.  Jones  FLICKAN FORTITUDE. Small, confident, lively and active with a level topline. Very pretty head and expression. Shoulders a bit far forward which spoilt front movement. Correct tail-set and carriage. 

2.  NEWTON DU DIAMANT D’OR       as in Special Beginners. 


Postgraduate Dog ( 7, 1 abs.) .) 

1. Mr B S & Mrs J Waterworth   BARWATER GOLDEN DELIGHT. Compact with a level topline, good tail-set and carriage. Well formed head and lovely expression. Very well balanced and sound. Full of confidence and in good coat. 

2. Mr K & Mrs J Culverhouse  BABY BOOM MANO EFEKTAS WITH LYKATH JW ( Imp ) Almost everything said of the dog above also applies to this one, except that whereas my winner was showing non-stop, this one was determined not to be cooperative today and that alone determined their placings on this occasion.  



Limit Dog  ( 8, 1 abs.) 

1.  Mrs A & Mr J Green  ELLOCHI CHASING STARS JW.  Very confident dog, with a beautiful head and expression, carried well on a slightly arched neck. I liked his clean un-stuffy outline combined with relative compactness and he was in lovely coat.. He was also a balanced mover with excellent topline and tail carriage, though for absolute perfection I’d like a little extra reach and drive. Reserve Dog CC 

2. Mrs  A McAllister  BERMAC BLAZING GLORY JW. Attractive head and expression, compact body and a sound confident mover. Tail carriage could be higher. 



Open Dog   ( 5.) 

1. Mrs L Humphreys   CH AMARANTOS TOBIN.   Compact and keen showman, lively balanced and sound, with excellent reach and drive in outline and correct parallel  movement coming and going. Combined with a beautiful head with large expressive eyes, he caught my eye and held it despite several other impressive dogs in the challenge. Dog CC & Best Of Breed 

2. Mr L E & Mrs L A Hill LYNPIX THE MEXICAN WITH BECANNA. Very lovely dog with an especially beautiful head. Good, neck, topline, tailset & carriage combined with the coat type I like best. All that was missing was the more out-going and giving temperament which provides that extra sprightliness and zing which gives all the best and most successful dogs the edge over the competition.  



Special Beginners Bitch   ( 5 ) 

1.  Wills DORENTYS ELLO VERA. Confident showgirl with a pleasing head, good neck, topline and tail carriage. Loved her coat type and this bitch showed all the time which is always an advantage. Sound mover 

2.  Ms S R Sanderson  SALSERO SALLY OF ALSPRUCE. Pleasing head and well used ears, Level topline, but a bit long in loin. Moved well, but without the enthusiasm which holds your interest. 



Minor Puppy Bitch    ( 8 ) 

1.  Mrs SJ Lee BARWATER AGATHA CHRISTIE OF RIDGEHAWK. Very pretty, well constructed and sound. Her relatively compact outline with correct tailset and carriage looked superb when she settled. 

2.  Jones  FLICKAN FLORY. Small but confident and well formed. Lovely head and expression, bound to make an impact as she matures. 



Puppy Bitch ( 10,3 abs. ) 

1.  Humphreys  SLEEPYHOLLOW SONIA AMARANTOS. Liked her head and confident expression which were very breed typical and her compact balanced and soundly made body. Best mover in this class, she has all the essentials for a successful show career  

2.  Entwhistle DORENTYS FANCY THAT. Another super puppy with lovely head and expression. Compact body, level topline  and a very confident showgirl. 

3.  Mr A & Mrs P Lewis  TYSSUL ZANITA 


Junior Bitch  ( 7 ) 

1. Minton  MARIKO HIT LOVE BIANKA DONAMI. Well formed head with no over-exaggerations and with correct teeth and bite. Excellent topline, confident well trained showgirl and very sound balanced mover. 

2. Mrs LM Evans  LEMARITZ HEAD OVER HEELS. Attractive head and expression, well placed eyes and ears with muzzle coming to a slight point.  Relatively compact body, plenty of confidence and strong rear action. 

3. Mesd. Taylor  LORANKA’S SO AMAZED 


Yearling Bitch    ( 5 ) 

1.  Todd- McCoid  OOZORA QUENN OF THE NIGHT AT RUBYANLO. Very cheerful and soundly made with a compact body and balanced movement. Pretty head with muzzle tapering to a slight point without any cushioning of the upper lips. 

2.  Mr W & Mrs E Lynch  GARNOX PICTURE THIS JW.  Also an attractive head with lovely large attractive eyes. Good length of neck well used,  with level topline and correct tail carriage. Rather longer in loin. 



Novice Bitch  ( 2,1 abs. ) 

1.  Miss WJ Smith   ZENA WARRIOR PRINCESS OF HULAWAWAS. Lovely large eyes and slightly pointed muzzle. Short loin and level topline. Tail carriage ok on the move and front movement good. Somewhat untidy coat for show day. 


Postgraduate Bitch  ( 7,1 abs.. ) 

1. Mrs RL Morley  LOROSA BERNADETTE. Pleasing head and muzzle. More neck than the competition. Lovely coat and very confident and sprightly on the move. 

2.  Mrs AL Radford  RIDGEHAWK TREASURE GIRL Cheerful bitch with large expressive eyes and good ear carriage when she remembered to use them.Liked her coat, level topline and she moved well. 



Limit Bitch    ( 9,1 abs. ) 

1.  Mr C & Mrs M Craggs  REYNOLDCO SWEET DREAMS JW. Very graceful in outline and movement with good neck, level topline, lovely well groomed coat and excellent tail carriage. Well shaped head with good stop, slightly pointed muzzle and excellent teeth and bite. 

2.  Minton  SUNNY LION VAFELKA DONAMI. Lovely head with large expressive eyes. Confident and happy, moving well. Level topline, good spring of rib and not too long in loin. 



Open Bitch    ( 9. ) 

1.  Mrs A Baranzeck   CAPEVIDLE LICENSE TO THRILL  Alert and showy bitch with well laid shoulders, good length to rib-cage and sufficient spring of rib. Not too long in loin and with excellent tail-set and carriage. She moved freely with balanced reach and drive and without any narrowness coming and going. Well shaped skull, ears in the right place and glorious large dark expressive eyes with no hint of excessive fullness. She was in beautifully groomed coat, though perhaps a bit too much of it for my personal taste. This bitch has excellent teeth and bite. Bitch CC 

2 . Rooney  CH DONAMI LIMELIGHT. Very pretty smaller bitch, confident and keen to show all the time. Like my winner she has what I consider a relatively short muzzle, but like my winner she also had absolutely correct teeth and bite. This one had the coat type I like best, but not the lovely expression which larger eyes gave my winner. 

3.  Mr G Papadopoulos  & Mr A Raptakis  MYSTIC LEGION MELINA 


Veteran Bitch  ( 1 ) 

1.  Miss M Austin  CH MAIRICHIS BLOSSOM JW  Ten and a half years old and still the alert expression, the lovely coat, outline and balanced sound movement which persuaded me to award her third CC several years ago. Given the KC’s renewed interest in canine health I think it is a shame that old-timers of this quality and condition are often overlooked, particularly as we know from experience that many of the lovely younger ones here today will have, sadly, faded and died before they reach this outstanding veteran’s age. Reserve Bitch CC