• Show Date: 10/08/2019
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Geoffrey Curr Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

Bournemouth Canine Association

Breed: Brittany

Bournemouth Canine Association CDS.  11.8.2019……….. 


Judge Dr Geoffrey G Curr 




Limit Dog  ( 3.) 

1.  Miss F Cook  HIGHCLARE ONLY ONE AVEC TAILLISIDE. Compact outline and short strong loin. Good spring of rib and depth of chest. Strong neck, good head proportions and well used ears. Confident showman, balanced mover and one of the few here today who did not move overly narrow behind. Could stand with rear legs more or less under the body, but like many was customarily stacked with hindquarters extended to emphasise a lovely even slope to topline. Reserve Dog CC. 

2.  Mr J & Mrs BA Anderson  ROCHUS  NOBLE. Also compact in outline with enough neck and a good masculine head. Showed well, but rear movement rather untidy today. 

3.  Mr M & Mrs A  Samardzija  PATOUCHE LAMBERT 


Open Dog ( 2,1 abs.) 

1. Mr DJ & Mrs KM Williams  BONAPARTIST LIEUTENANT. Square outline displayed to best advantage standing with sufficient bend of stifle without the need for excessive rear extension. Srong topline with a slight even slope from withers to croup. Sufficient width to skull with parallel toplines to skull and muzzle and strong jaws. In outline this keen showman showed brisk balanced movement.. Good breadth to hindquarters, but going away, the feet were rather close. .Dog CC. 


Veteran Dog  ( 1 ) 

1.  Mrs SI Stone  JAYRICNBRITSHOBO AVEC GLENFESHIE. Good spring of rib and depth to chest. Short loin. Enjoying himself and quite relaxed in movement both ways, though panting rather heavily at the end of it. Best Veteran 


Special Beginners Dog/Bitch  ( 1 ) 

1. Miss S Ryan  PATOUCHE JAIMEE. Well trained and a keen showgirl displaying a compact outline, well muscled hindquarters and strong rear movement. Topline not as firm as some. Best Special Beginner. 


Minor Puppy Bitch  ( 1 ) 

1. Mr & Mrs PA Yarrow  BONAPARTIST ODILLE. Well made puppy moving briskly both ways. Enough neck to carry the head high. Sufficient breadth to skull and muzzle. Some minor topline issues which time will hopefully resolve and another who customarily stood with her hindquarters under rather than way beyond her body. Best Puppy In Breed. 


Puppy Bitch   ( 1 ) 

1. Anderson  ROCHUS OLIVE.Very square in outline which in this case unfortunately encouraged double-tracking to keep the front and rear feet clear of each other. Strong topline standing, well shaped head with expressive dark-rimmed eyes. 


Postgraduate Bitch  ( 1. ) 

1. Mr P & Mrs E Skeet  SANBOSIER NAIA. Cheerful happy expression, strong neck and topline. Confident showgirl moving well both ways and looking more compact on the move than standing. 


Limit Bitch  (( 2. ) 

1. Mr M & Mrs L Stevens   PIXBROOK JOYRIDER AT SANBOSIER. Well used neck, strong topline and good square outline with rear legs customarily under her body Well rounded ribs and depth to chest. Good balanced mover and an alert showgirl using ears well. Reserve Bitch CC 

2. Miss GA Tully  HIGHCLARE OOS THE DADDY. Good head and neck, compact body but with longer thigh bones than most and one foreleg persistently not moving true today which made for a different kind of movement overall 


Open Bitch  ( 1. ) 

1. Mr & Mrs PA Yarrow  SH CH BONAPARTIST LINNET. Loved most things about this well constructed bitch. Good depth of chest and well sprung ribs, the little extra body length came from the length of her ribcage rather than loin. Keen showgirl showing herself to best effect either standing or on the move. Well made head with parallel toplines to skull and muzzle and lively alert dark eyes well set in. Moved with brisk short strides and one of the few here today who customarily stood with hind legs under her body rather than extending well beyond it.. Bitch CC & Best Of Breed.