• Show Date: 05/05/2019
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Gavin Robertson Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

Southern Rhodesian Ridgeback Association

Breed: Rhodesian Ridgeback

Southern Rhodesian Ridgeback Assoc Ch show 5/5/19

Judge: Mr Gavin Robertson..

Really enjoyed my day judging this lovely breed, its refreshing to have sporting exhibitors and ringside appreciation on each class at a well run show. Having judged the breed a few times now i feel i can make a comment on the progress of the breed in my opinion. I found that heads have much improved and that heavy and thick skulls are in the minority nowadays. I would say that rears are not great with a real mix of either narrow quarters, high/loose hocks. I did feel that there are a number of exciting youngsters in both sexes which is good for the future of the breed, MPB I thought was a super class. Really pleased with my principle winners, all worthy of titles, the bitches overall had more depth of quality and i would say the current state of the breed is in good shape.


Carlincox Solid Gold

1)nicely balanced moderate collected baby, head piece is in proportion, bright, round expressive eye. High set ear. Front well under body, neat feet, need to settle in topline a little, good rear with easy side gait,

2)Carlincox Gold Star

another nicely balanced puppy. Moderate stop, high set ears, good width in skull. Ribs extending well back, Has fill in front. Steady mover. Also a little loose in topline but im sure will settle in time.


Saadani Eye of the Storm, 

mixed class with size and maturity. Winner is a nice overall shape., masculine head and exp. has strength in muzzle, flat skull, ears set well apart, needs to fill out in body, uses his rear well and has a lovely athletic profile.

Fiadma Anson Donn at Isiqa

2)nicely collected puppy, masculine head, moderate stop, ear close fitting, a little flat in feet. Well sprung ribs, needs to drop into his rear, well muscled for age.


Patemeliann Red Tarka at Kitaarka

1)just out of puppy and still needs to develop in body but his shape and proportions are there to see, detailed masculine but not overdone head piece, bright alert eyes. Flat skull with parallel head planes,good bone and feet, chest deep but still needs more spring of rib, moderate rear, easy covering action move, nice type. 

2)Villagedogs Rise of Phoenix at Saadani, 

taller stationed dog and a little stronger in head, wide flat skull, a little throaty, strong bone, excellent feet. Level topline, muscled rear. Another nicely moving dog in tip top condition, preferred head on winner.


Kinabula’s Bear Grylls

1)medium sized dog, masculine head, well placed ears, muscular neck, a little steep in shoulder, muscled all through, good feet, holds topline well with good ribbing, low set hocks, steady free mover.

2)Diamondridge Catch A Dream

Broad flat skull, a little lose in lip, upstanding male, ideally like more fill in front , holds topline well. Good condition. Prefer better tail set and carriage. Outgoing active mover.


Saadani Show Off

1)lovely head and expression, well defined stop,taller dog but has strength all through and not overdone, muscular neck of good length, prefer a little more return in upper arm, super bone and feet,. Deep chest with good spring of rib, moderate rear which he uses well. Nice type.

2)Diamondrige Dream Chaser at Voortrekker

this dog also has a good head and expression, moderate wrinkle on skull. Prefer more width in front and chest. Tight feet. Level topline with ribs extending well back. Not overdone. Muscled rear, a little steep in croup.


Diamondridge Distant Dancer at Royalridge

1)bigger framed dog but still in balance and proportion all through. Masculine head. Prefer less throat. Muscular powerful neck, super chest and ribbing, muscular loin, compact tight feet. Holds topline on the move. Easy action from all angles 

2)Kiromol Kintsa do Inkosikazi

moderate dog with a pleasing head and expression, moderate stop. Well placed ears. Good neck and shoulders with forelegs nicely under body. Level topline. Muscular rear. Positive elastic mover, 2 nice dogs of different type


Amahle Alo

1)masculine dog, flat skull, neat ears. Lovely bone,feet, ribs and chest ands topline. Moderate angles with a steady powerful reach and drive. Not overdone.

2)Diamondridge Legend at Lobengula

lovely head and expression, expressive eyes, good length of neck , not as developed in chest as winner.prefer tighter feet, Holds topline well, strong rear. Nice balance and type. Close decision


Ch Hespa Henry Higgins

1) winner has a lovely unexaggerated balanced look to him who stands over good ground. masculine handsome headed dog with an alert expression, flat skull neat ears, strong neck of good length, front is well under body with neat elbows, compact feet, deep chest with well sprung ribs, muscled loin, Super mover, covering the ground with precision, good breed type, felt he was the best male in todays entry.CC

2)Carlincox First Impression 

another with a good head and expression, moderate all through. Flat skull, good stop with round eye. Well proportioned medium sized dog. Just preferred front on winner, low set hocks, super condition 

Champion dog

Ch Kinabalu’s taking Chances

1)lovely class to judge, 3 nice examples of the breed. Winner has a super balance all through, strong masculine head, neat ears. Well sprung ribs, level back with nice angles front and back. Powerful mover holding his shape at all times. In firm condition all through, RDCC

2)Ch Faahac Free N Easy jw

liver dog with a clean unexaggerated outline, pleasing head, ribs extend well back, strong bone, neat feet, moderate rear. Good in profile, just preferred the strength in rear of winner but still a lovely dog to judge and worthy of his title.


Diamondridge Damocles Of Voortrekker 

1)in lovely condition along with being well put together, clean balanced moderate outline. Well proportioned. Powerful neck, good bone and feet. Holds topline on the move with correct tailset, low set strong hocks..


1)Ch Kiromol Tallulah Belle

this 10yr old still has a lovely outline to her, she is balanced and moderate all through. A lovely head and expression with well placed ears. Tight feet, excellent front and length of ribs. Holds her topline well. Lovely unexaggerated profile movement, Goods size and overall type.


1)Kinabula’s Gucci Bloom.

very nice collected puppy, balanced with correct proportions, lovely feminine head and expressive sparkle to her eyes, parallel head planes, long clean neck, ribs extending well back, super front and fore-chest already. Compact feet, stands over good ground, places her feet correctly on the move and already has reach and drive. Whilst she is young and raw she is a beautiful type and I’m sure has a bright future ahead of her. BPIS

2)Carlincox Pure Gold

another nice feminine bitch. Detailed head piece. Good size and bone, a little flat in foot. Good ribbing. Also nicely collected, moderate rear, still a real baby and just lost out to a lovely bitch.


1)Kinabula’s Driving Miss daisy,

powerful upstanding bitch. Her head piece needs to break but has a defined stop, flat skull and high set ears, strong bone with neat feet. Deep chest. Mature in body for age. Prominent chest. Holds her topline well. Best mover of the class.

2)Saadani Stormy Bella,

different type to one and much more of a baby. Well proportioned head which needs to develop. Good reach of neck with well laid shoulders. A little tucked up in belly and need to fill out in rib. Level back with good croup, good turn of stifle, covers the ground in profile, needs to mature. 


1)Ozubi’s Patience,

well collected junior. Good head and expression, nicely chiselled under eye, level head planes , tight feet, well sprung ribs. Needs to drop in her rear a little, steady mover. Nice type.

2)Kiromol as You Like It with Azuuli,

feminine head, has good width in skull with high set ears,strong neck, has good ribbing for age, compact feet. Steady mover. In firm condition. Well proportioned, needs time to develop.


1)Kinabula’s All about The Bass,

mixed class to judge. Winner has a nicely balanced moderate outline. Pleasing head and expression. Deep chest with well sprung ribs. Holds her shape at all times. Nice width in rear, covers the ground with ease.nice type.

2)Kiromol Come Up and See Me,

slightly taller bitch but still a nice shape. Detailed head piece, muscular neck. Stands over good ground. Prefer better tail carriage. Strong bone, super feet. In lovely condition 


1)Priorpark pipsicle,

balanced head, level head planes, good length of neck, firm topline good width of stifle, neat feet. Ideally like a little more length of body, unexaggerated throughout..

2) winner of JB.


1)Amahle Anita of Matabelle,

lovely bitch, super proportions with a clean athletic symmetrical outline, lovely head with parallel head planes, broad skull, deep chest with excellent front assembly which she uses to her advantage, ribs well sprung extending back with a strong loin. She comes into her own with powerful moderate collected moment from all angles. Very fit and agile. Lovely type and happy to award her the 


1)Priorpark Pipsqueak,

nice class to evaluate, winner is so balanced with correct proportions all through. Detailed head of good length with level head planes. Deep chest, long rib cage with firm topline. Super mover. With good width in the rear.

2) Firedance on Her Terms,

another quality bitch with a good head and front. Neat feet. Super topline and tailset. Just preferred underline of winner. Easy action on the move. Nice size and type


1)Diamondridge Distant Drum at Lobengula,

lovely typey bitch, well proportioned with strength and power all through but not overdone. Level head planes, good fill in front. Holds her topline with a lovely width to her rear quarters. Super mover. In firm condition.

2)Colkeririn Face to the Sun,

another quality bitch, lovely size and shape. Excellent feet, muscular neck with clean outline. Deep chest. Very close between these 2 and nice examples f the breed, 

Champion bitch

1)Ch Shingwidsi Tshadi Rose,

really quality class right down the line. Absolutely a lovely shape with correct proportions, size along with moderate angles , has power and strength without being overdone, level head planes, has strength is muzzle with nice chiselling under eye, good fill in front. Super neck, deep chest. Long ribs,, Holds her topline with lovely width to her rear quarters. She is an effortless mover, very free on the move with excellent foot placement. In firm condition all through.CC and BIS

2)Ch Kinabula’s Bin there Done That,

another top quality super bitch whom i had the pleasure of awarding her very first CC at 12mths of age a few years ago and has gone on to great things in the breed since,she has a feminine well proportioned head piece. Well developed ribs, muscled loin, super free mover, she oozes breed type with balance and symmetry, I love her carriage where she holds her topline so well, in super condition, hard to separate in this class, just preferred the strength in muzzle of winner but i do really like this bitch for her type and overall quality.


1)Ch Shingwidsi Tshelete Silk,

lovely example of the breed, correct proportions, balanced head piece with a strong neck. Chest and ribs and underline are all super. Excellent feet, strong bone, Muscled loin. Has strength in her rear, in super condition. 

2)Sharufa Shadowing James,

another lovely bitch, bright eyes of good shape. could watch her movement all day long, effortless with power covering the ground so well. Many attributes as 1, preferred feet on winner. Super muscle, nice type 


Barnes- Diamondridge 

  Lovely head and eye, all had good feet. Strong bone, firm toplines and in firm condition. Of a real similar look and type.