• Show Date: 05/07/2019
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Gavin Robertson Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

East Of England Agricultural Society

Breed: Hound group

Hound group East of England 2019. Judge: Gavin Robertson.

I need to begin by mentioning what a lovely easy going friendly committee this show has giving a very relaxed atmosphere to make it an enjoyable day culminating in what was a very strong Hound group and a real pleasure to sort out. 

I shortlisted 9, Afghan, Beagle, Min Long, N Elkhound, R Ridgeback, Ibizan, Whippet, Griffon Fauve and Pharaoh hound and can honestly say i would have had no issues in placing any of therm in the top 4.

 Group 4 went to the evergreen Ridgeback, Ch Kinabula Bin There Done That, had the pleasure of awarding this bitch her 1st cc a few years ago and found out afterwards she won her 45th on the day. Having judged/watched her on a number of occasions in group and BIS competitions over the years she somedays doesn’t give her all but today she was really on top form and really showed how honest and balanced she is. Her outline is there to see, matched with her moderate angles front and back, she covers the ground with power, precision along with holding her shape at all times. What i like is she is not overdone, not in your face look at me, just oozes breed type.

Group 3 was the young fawn whippet bitch, Crosscop Let it Shine for Supeta, bred by clever consistent breeders who seem to have the art in producing elegant, curvy dogs time and time again, this bitch goes on that list with her outline and proportions, she stands over good ground, is feminine all through including her size and still maintains her moderate curvy outline in profile, shown in tip top coat, skin and muscular condition.

Group 2 to the imposing Griffon fauve Hibeck Dino who just shouts out look at me when moving. I placed this dog group 3 last year and my views have not changed on him since. He has a lovely masculine head piece with the correct skull, strength of foreface and correct ear placement . Well proportioned with the correct harsh jacket all over. Very good straight forelegs with strong bone, carries his tail sabre like holding his topline with reach and drive. Pleased to see him being admired by many judges now for this new breed to the Uk. Well deserved.

My group 1 today was a really top drawer Norweigian Elkhound bitch Ch Rothenborg Leaha, 8yrs old and looks a lot younger! she is squarely built, compact, high set neat ears with a lovely dark expressive oval shaped eye. Firm topline with a lovely high set tight tail, her front is nicely under the body with completely balanced moderate angles front and back to which she uses in her effortless ground covering light movement, totally at one with her handler giving her that alert look at all times. Had no hesitation in giving her the group. On a side note i later discovered this was the first group win for this young handler Sophie Wildig who was clearly overcome with her win. Handling dogs in a breed specific manner instead of a generic run fast attitude is an art. This young lady carries it off with ease whom im sure will be in the top spot for many years to come with the breeds she is given. The future of the Hound group is in good hands with some of the young handlers we have right now and it is very nice to see some of the top breeders allowing their dogs to be handled by them..