• Show Date: 19/05/2019
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Gary Shirt Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

Bullmastiff Society Of Scotland

Breed: Bullmastiff

                                         THE BULLMASTIFF SOCIETY OF SCOTLAND

                                                           CHAMPIONSHIP SHOW

                                                           SUNDAY 19th May 2019

                                                              Judge: Mr Gary Shirt


                              Best in Show & Bitch CC - McGroarty’s Ardhub Black Don’t Crack

                   Reserve Best in Show & Dog CC- Joo’s Perfect As Usual Of The Bumble Barns

                                         Reserve Dog CC- Latter’s Stoneglad Sisqo

                              Reserve Bitch CC- Taylor’s Cairnmount Gabriella At Karismar

   Best Puppy Dog & Best Puppy in Show- Myers & Morgan’s Optimus Danzy Jones AI

                                      Best Puppy Bitch Latter’s Stoneglad She’s So Fine

                                          Best Veteran in Show & Best Veteran Dog-

                            Myers & Morgan’s CH Old Manila’s Whisky Mac For Optimus JW

                                  Best Veteran Bitch- Robertson’s Vertish Reul Na Maidne

Veteran Dog (4, 1 abs)

  1: Myers & Morgan’s- Ch Old Manila’s Whisky Mac For Optimus JW- After gracing the Show ring for many years and achieving the title of the most awarded Bullmastiff in the history of the Breed it was an honour for me to go over him, a remarkable dog in top condition. Even as he gets older he still has ring presence, moves with drive and overall his conformation is excellent, he has a good deep chest with good width. Superb square skull, good mouth with broad Jaw and nice pigment with correct ear set. He definitely has more winning to do.

Best Veteran in Show

  2: Robertson’s- Vertish Reul An Iuchair JW Sh Cm- Lovely Red Dog with good bone and depth of chest, a nice head with a broad skull and under jaw, he has a very nice expression and excellent mouth and teeth. Good strong front with nice feet. A lovely natured dog who moved happily and with grace around the ring.

  3: Baines- Sundabish Ry Coodee At Torreyabloom

Veteran Bitch (2, 0 abs)

  1: Robertson’s- Vertish Reul Na Maidne- This old lady has plenty of energy for her age, good bone and plenty of substance very hard to choose between her and litter sister below both have nice tight feet and gentle expressions.

  2: Waters & Ridley’s- Vertish Reul Sholas With Osage- As above these sisters are very similar happy, friendly natures. It was a pleasure to go over these two ladies. The decider for me was 1st had more teeth in her mouth !

Minor Puppy Dog (2, 1 abs)

  1: Warrens- Angels Phoenix Dylan Dog Of Copperfield- 8 month old very nice true red dog, something not seen very often nowadays. Nice head, good ear carriage and level bite. Compact with nice depth and width to chest. Nice tight feet and very well balanced even though he is very young. Sound movement and good ring presence for age, has great potential. Well handled.

Puppy Dog (3, 1 abs)

   1: Myers & Morgan’s Optimus Danzy Jones Al- Lovely attractive clear fawn. Nice strong head, correct ear carriage and remarkable level bite and excellent teeth, good alert expression. With very nice bone and substance. Tight feet and moved very freely with drive, having a strong well arched neck with correct angulation, good topline and correct tail set. I am sure this pup will have a great future in the Show ring.

Best Puppy dog & Best Puppy in Show

  2: McGroarty’s Ardhub Snow King- Powerful, compact Fawn Brindle pup. Super head with nice expression , good width and depth of chest, excellent muscle definition and good all round angulation for such a young dog. 1 had the edge today but this pup shows great potential.

Minor Puppy Bitch (2, 1 abs)

  1: McGroarty’s Cane Guardiano Vision On My Mind Ardhub- Beautiful good red with lovely all round construction, shows true potential for a bitch so young. Well toned body, with strong substance and good angulation. She has a nice square head, good dentition and ear carriage. has plenty of growing to do, and am sure with maturity she will excel.

Puppy Bitch (6, 1 abs)

  1: Latter’s Stoneglad She’s So Fine- Excellent fawn bitch, typical of these Kennels. Attractive head and good pigmentation with a broad under jaw, good mouth. Very well formed forechest, upper arm and shoulder blades, she has a strong neck and very evenly balanced with a firm level topline with good spring of rib and lovely rear angulation, moved with reach and drive. A lovely young bitch, one to watch out for.

Best Puppy Bitch

  2: Todd’s & Smith’s Islekeepers Octopussy- Nice young bitch, with good square skull with correct ear and eye formation, has a very gentle expression, good depth of chest, nice and solid all round and moved well with drive. Excellently handled

  3: McGroarty’s Ardhub Amilea

Junior Dog (3, 0 abs)

  1: Terry & McGroarty’s Ardhub Outta The Black- A very powerful and well defined dog with lots of substance but not overdone. Has a good square skull with lovely dark eyes, nice pigment and correct ear carriage he has a very impressive level bite. Showed himself well on movement nice rear angulation.

  2: Murphy’s Valhalla Hunter Ride The Lightning At Nanahboozoo- Not as mature as 1 but nice young dog with well shaped head, showed well and was happy in the ring. Leaner with not as much bone as 1 but nice tight feet and moved well.

 3: McMenemy’s Cairnmount Jethro

Yearling Dog- No Entries

Graduate Dog- No Entries

Post Graduate Dog (6, 4 abs)

  1: McTaggart’s Tarbhore Limited Edition- Big red dog, broad skull and Jaw, with nice expression. He has good bone and nice muscle definition., nice to see on a big powerful dog like him. Moved well with level topline.

  2: Lowe’s Jessiemai Armed And Dangerous At Braylah- Nice quality brindle with tight feet.

Stood well and sound moved happily round the ring with drive.

Limit Dog (8, 3 abs)

  1: Latter’s Stoneglad Sisqo- Very powerful, large built fawn dog with excellent bone and substance with a lovely deep and wide chest. Lovely square skull with broad under jaw and well placed ears with a superb mouth. He has a well defined stop and occiput leading to a powerful neck and withers. On the move he has level topline and shows his correct angulation to front and rear with excellent overall construction moves solid and with drive, Beautiful big dog but still within the standard.

Reserve Dog CC

  2: Marshall & Tankard’s- Stoneglad Jumpin Jack Flash At Verona JW ShCM- Another strong well made dog, litter brother to 1, lovely width and depth of chest, good shaped skull, lovely expression with strong neck. Nice topline and tailset, moves with drive, very hard to separate these brothers. Both top class dogs. Well handled.

  3: McNaught & Taylor’s- Moorbull Back To The Future At Dreadnot.

Open Dog (7, 2 abs)

  1: Joo’s - Perfect As Usual Of The Bumble Barns- Stunning, powerful with excellent bone and substance can only describe this well constructed dog. Large square skull, lovely broad head with correct dentition, he has a wide under jaw, good pigment and great expression with correct ear carriage. Good tight feet. He has a strong straight front with a broad deep chest with powerful upper arms, a strong solid neck to compact body with short coupling and a good spring of rib, his level topline shows well when on the move. He moves with purpose and drive yet balanced . His back is broad, tapering slightly. Lovely overall angulation. Outstanding Dog !

Dog CC & Reserve Best in Show

  2: Myers & Morgan’s- Optimus Daffyd JW- Another great example of our breed, a good sized dog with a strong square head, an excellent level bite, correct ears with a lovely expression. Excellent well balanced conformation. He has a good deep and wide chest Correct angulation throughout, level topline and moves freely with drive. Lovely powerful dog.

  3: Pavesi’s Angel’s Phoenix Heart Attack.

Brindle Dog (2, 1 abs)

  1: Lowe’s- Jessiemai Armed N Dangerous At Braylah.

2nd in Post Graduate Dog.

Junior Bitch (4, 0 abs)

  1: Taylor’s- Cairnmount Gabriella At Karismar- Nicely proportioned powerful bitch, with lots of bone and substance, a straight front and a well let down chest with good width, nice tight feet. She has a gentle expression and lovely pigment with good ear placement and nice mouth. Very compact powerful young girl with strong neck that moved solid with purpose, reach and drive while maintaining a firm level topline. She has a good spring of rib with excellent rear angulation. I am sure she will have a good showing career !

Reserve Bitch CC

  2: Latter’s- Stoneglad She’s Kinda Hot- Another lovely young bitch with a lot of ring presence. She has a good square skull with a nice pretty head with good pigment, good mouth and correct ear set. Having good width and depth of chest, good feet and also well balanced and with good angulation girl who has lots of qualities and moved soundly with reach and drive, showing potential and I am sure she will mature into a top class bitch.

Yearling Bitch (2, 0 abs)

  1: Taylor’s Cairnmount Gabriella At Karismar

1st in Junior Bitch

  2: Todd’s Jbzee That’s What I Like Of Delarhia- Although a little shy today, a strong and well presented bitch with gentle expression and kind eyes. Compact with good rear angulation. Moved and handled really well.

Graduate Bitch (0 Entries)

Post Graduate Bitch (5, 2 abs)

  1: McMenemy’s Cairnmount Tuti Fruttie- A strong well presented, well constructed bitch, she has a good overall head shape with nice dark mask she was very alert with inquisitive expression, nice mouth. Good springer rib and nice short coupling. A strong girl with good angulation all round.

  2: Reader’s- Sundabish Belle Of The Ball- A smaller bitch than 1st but still very nice and well balanced very feminine with a gentle head and good mouth. She has nice tight feet and moved well showing good angulation round the ring with more grace than drive, a very observant young lady !

  3: Water’s & Ridley’s- Osage Ebony Nightshade.

Limit Bitch (8, 4 abs)

  1: Murphy’s Angel’s Phoenix Cherry Sauna Chocolate At Nanahboozoo- A balanced and proportioned gentle bitch, stood square and calm with a kind face with good pigment. Not the biggest of bitches but moved well with even angulation and level and firm topline .

  2: Terry & McGroarty’s – Ardhub Black Azz Black – Nicely constructed brindle bitch, compact with very short coupling. Good head with a nice expression moved well around the ring. Well handled

  3: Water’s & Ridley’s- Osage Ebony Nightshade.

Open Bitch (6, 0 abs)

  1: McGroarty’s -Ardhub Black Don’t Crack- Well how can I start ! This beautiful brindle has everything I like to see in a Bullmastiff with an exceptional head, square skull, a broad muzzle and jaw, correct flews and good stop. She has a good mouth with correct expression. Overall she is a strong, muscular, powerful bitch with a very sculptured physique in excellent condition with lots of bone and substance. She has lovely depth and width of chest, a strong neck leading to perfect topline maintained on the move. She moved flawlessly with drive and reach round the ring showing off her rear angulation and well sprung ribs. Could not find any fault at all, a truly magnificent example of a Bullmastiff and excellently handled. It was a pleasure to go over her.

Bitch CC & Best in Show

  2: McGroarty’s – Rysid Viva La Vida Ardhub – Also a very beautiful bitch and of highest quality. She has a good square skull, nice mouth, well placed ears and alert expression. She is a powerful, very well toned with good depth of chest, nice angulation and moved with drive and strength round the ring.

  3: Myers & Morgan’s - Ww15 IT CH UK CH Optimus Rhonda.

Brindle Bitch

  1: Terry & McGroarty’s – Ardhub Black Azz Black

2nd in Limit Bitch