• Show Date: 26/10/2019
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Fred Jones Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

Downlands Staffordshire Bull Terrier Club

Breed: Staffordshire Bull Terrier

The Downlands Staffordshire Bull Terrier Club

26th October 2019

Judge Fred Jones ( Foyleoak )


My sincere thank you to the Committee of DSBTC for the invitation to judge this show. I got this invitation three and a half years ago so I was looking forward to this day for some time. To the exhibitors who gave the club a super entry I sincerely thank each and every single one of you for giving me the opportunity to go over your Staffords and also a mention to those of you who travelled far and wide from overseas it is great to see you all here competing with your top quality exhibits. Thank you to my stewards Jules Joyce & Garry Moore first class job guys well appreciated. It was exciting to see such good entries in the younger classes hope this is a good sign of things to come. I found very few teeth problems only a few with the odd misplaced incisors, temperament was as expected first class. I have to say at the end I was extremely pleased with the final line up in front of me to choose from in my opinion all top quality Staffordshire Bull Terriers.


Veteran Bitch 15 (7) always a class that makes me smile thank you for bringing them out

1st Hirst & Bibby Ch Taraiel Ciara JW ShCM Still holding her own at nearly ten years old fantastic breed type very pleasing expression well placed eyes neat rose ears a very compact neat overall package moved with purpose to take this class had to give way for Best Veteran from an outstanding male

2nd Willsons’ Ch Bullhawk Jessie Jay At Northstaff seven years old beautiful head good proportions clean foreface well pronounced cheek muscles neat ears good lift of leg on a correct front with good balance of bone good spring of rib in tip top condition


Minor Puppy Bitch 14 (3)

1st Murphy’s Brockmar Rewrite the Stars A very striking six month old black brindle with the most beautiful expression that I loved she has a first class head good proportions clean strong foreface well placed dark round eyes rose ears perfect detention good weight of bone on a correct front tidy feet enough spring of rib for her age moved well fore and aft handled very well by this young lady best of luck for the future which should be very bright my Best Puppy and Best Puppy in show on the referee’s choice

2nd Schack’s Black And Brindle Lords Are You Ready eight month old black brindle with a super expression excellent shape good expression dark eyes neat ears good front developing very nicely over all very well balanced pup moved very well little bit more training to settle her I liked her a lot close decision


Puppy bitch 15 (0)

1st Lewis’s Jasamarch Celtic Queen Black brindle nine month old very smart nicely balanced pup very pleasing feminine expression strong enough and clean foreface good eye placement true front correct turn out at pasterns neat feet good depth of brisket enough spring of rib for her age short coupled moved very well to win this class

2nd Breckell Chiswelstaff Penny Black Slightly stronger than my winner but does not detract from her quality powerful head strong muzzle dark eyes rose ears well up on the leg straight front good feet good angulations over all a very neat package & a bit more ring training to settle her


Junior Bitch 18 (0) What an outstanding quality class to judge I could have had more in my placings that could all easily swap places and they will many times in the future.


1st Bergstrm & Millis Christiansen DK Staffs Blackbird unexaggerated black brindle nicely balanced all round beautiful head well placed round dark eyes clean foreface perfect bite good weight of bone good front showing no looseness neat feet correct turn out of pasterns moved effortless and free holding her topline a nice balance of bull & terrier

2nd Van Wijk Nerotoro Az Bad Az I Wanna Be A slightly stronger bitch than my winner of top quality powerful head piece wicked expression piercing dark eyes strong foreface good underjaw cracking front good forechest well padded feet good spring of rib short coupled well bent stifle very neat package


Yearling Bitch 8 (0)

1st Johnson Ellchansha Once Upon A Time JW Top quality black brindle for me an absolutely first class expression coming from her well balanced strong well chiselled clean head of good proportions dark eyes good ear set pronounced cheek muscles strong neck true front good feet good angulations front & rear good spring of rib short coupled moved ok very well balanced from any angle looking ready to go pleased to award her the RCC and on the referee’s decision Reserve Best in Show

2nd Dougan Luthais Light Of Venus Top class Stafford a lot to like about this girl beautifully balanced all round first class head strong and clean with no exaggerations well placed round dark eye neat ears well up on the leg up on her toes enough bone moved well I just preferred that little bit more keen expression & a tiny bit more overall of my winner


Maiden Bitch 2 (0)

1st Drobeckova Everybody Like Me Terrystaff Black brindle piercing dark eyes good length of muzzle clean foreface good check muscle ears could be a little tidier good front with good weight of bone to match her frame good spring of rib short coupled I preferred her movement to secure her first place

2nd Robinson, Robinson–Cox & Cox Hamason Belle O The Ball lovely deep red & white seven month old good head proportions nice dark eye ears ok good bone feet ok good angulations enough spring of rib


Novice Bitch 3 (0)

1st Lee Leebees Bubbalicious predominately white with red very pleasing feminine head with good skull to muzzle proportion clean foreface good dark eye good weight of bone good angulations moved well to win the class

2nd Robinson, Robinson-Cox & Cox Hamanson Belle O The Ball second in Maiden


Graduate Bitch 8 (1)

1st Yates’ Ellchansha Happy Every After Black brindle I have in my notes won this class on balance and style and as I do my critique I see she is the litter sister to my RCC winner a beautiful bitch of good strength without being over done first class head wicked expression strong neck true front good tight feet nice plenty of lift good depth of brisket good spring of rib short coupled could do with covering the ground a tiny bit faster on the move

2nd Templeton Janastaff Freya At Marudi Black brindle beautiful head piece strong and clean no exaggeration distinct stop strong muzzle I would prefer a little bit darker eye but does not detract from her great expression good weight of bone on a correct front feet ok nice spring of rib coat in first class gleaming condition


Post Graduate Bitch 9 (0)

1st Davies Te Ora Magic eclipse Top quality Black brindle at only twenty months old this is a top quality bitch that will be troubling the best for some time to come powerful girl first class head dark eyes neat ears strong muzzle good head properties strong neck strong well boned broad front tight feet good depth of brisket correct spring of rib short coupled good angulations front & rear coat in gleaming condition excels in power & strength without being over done

2nd Funnel Powerpack Alura Finvarra JW Lovely head and expression on this girl not as powerful as my winner but a very well balanced Stafford lovely square front enough bone enough rib short coupled moved better when settled and not looking up at her handler for treats


Mid Limit Bitch 3 (0)

1st Funnel Powerpack Cheroke Jw Black brindle Beautiful feminine bitch not over done in any department very clean outline strong enough in the head good skull to muzzle ration clean foreface dark eye well set ears good bone nice feet enough spring of rib good angulations moved very well  

2nd Row & South Illori Bootie Luv splitting hairs between these two a strong bitch but not overdone good head proportions nice ears nice round eye true front well off for bone enough spring of rib moved well I just preferred that slightly more feminine look of the winner


Limit Bitch 7 (4)

1st Paronneau Samross Making Dreams Top quality black brindle beautiful expression that just tipped it to win the class strong clean muzzle well placed round dark eye well set ears well pronounced cheek muscles keen expression good lay back of shoulder true straight broad front with enough bone to match her overall frame neat feet good spring of rib short in couplings good angulations which showed in her movement over all a very nice bitch that balanced out well

2nd Mc Dermott & Bernhardsson Kings & Queens Over The Moon Black brindle Black brindle stronger type but still feminine similar attributes apply here very close decision between these two I just preferred the cleaner lines & expression of my winner


Open Bitch 13 (1) An outstanding class to judge with great quality

1st VD Meer Metzlar Frisian Staffs It’s a Gift Strength power beauty & balance liked this one a lot for me this is a bitch right in the middle a good blend of bull & terrier first class head strong clean not over done good depth & width of skull strong muzzle clean lip well placed round dark eyes distinct stop set off with good ears pronounced check muscle all making for a wonderful keen alert Stafford expression correct detention strong neck on good shoulders sound broad front with good substance correct depth of brisket excellent spring of rib short coupled gleaming coat excellent angulation front & rear moved with ease carrying a good topline good body depth to leg ratio My CC Winner and on the referee’s decision Best in Show well done

2nd Mann Nerotoro Cosmic Girl Black brindle bang on standard girl with plenty of power without being over done strong feminine head lovely expression dark eyes strong muzzle good depth of brisket true front good feet well bodied up moved with drive very close call for the RCC in the best of company