• Show Date: 09/05/2019
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Fiona Stevenson Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

Birmingham Dog Show Society Ltd

Breed: Spaniel (Welsh Springer)

Spec. Beg. Dog – no entries   Minor Puppy Dog (1 entry) 1st Barkley’s Chanangel Mr Whodat at Cherryheath At just under 9 months, he presented a nice outline. Head of good proportions with kind expression. Well off for bone, good fore and rear angulation, Nice reach of neck, well coupled. Moved soundly. BPD  Puppy Dog – no entries   Junior Dog (7, 0) 1st Knowles’ Menstonia Minstrel Promising youngster. In profile, symmetrical and balanced. Lovely head with correct stop and length of muzzle. Good bone, lovely reach of neck into good shoulders. Nice rounded feet and soft expression. Moved positively fore and aft. 2nd Harrison’s Glenbrows This is Me Very nice dog, different type to 1st but a lot to like. Masculine head, straight front, good bone, strong and muscular hindquarters. Presented in excellent coat and condition. Moved well. 3rd Phillipson’s Menstonia Meteor  Yearling Dog (2,0) 1st Phillipson’s Menstonia Meteor Nicely presented, in good condition. Good head and expression. correct ear set, sufficient bone, straight front, correct angulation, moved well. 2nd Buckwell’s Killena Ghostrider Preferred head of 1st but this dog has good bone, a deep brisket and is well ribbed. Presented in lovely condition just not as happy on the move as 1st. Novice Dog (4,0) 1st Knowles’ Menstonia Minstrel see 1st Junior 2nd Cemis’ Taimere’s Talk About Me A lot to like about this dog. Good head proportions, clean reach of neck, into well laid back shoulders, good bone, correct angulation. Super, happy temperament. Moved well 3rd Murray’s Madsprings Drogon from Priestbeck Graduate Dog (2,0) 1st Johnstone’s Glenbrows Valentino for Gilpeta Masculine dog with a balanced outline. Plenty of substance, Good bone, good front, well sprung ribs. Moved well. 2nd Gough’s Julita Rukester Well grown dog, longer cast than 1st. good temperament nice head, with a kind eye, good bone, correct angulation. Moved well. Post Graduate Dog (7,1) 1st Wren’s Llon Derwen Dar at Gwynmarren Nice head of correct proportions. Kind expression. Straight front, ample bone, strong muscular hindquarters. Balanced outline and moved well. 2nd Johnstone’s Glenbrows Valentino for Gilpeta see 1st Graduate 3rd Riley’s Ferndel Buttermint at Ravensworth .  Limit Dog (11,2) 1st Williams’ Isfryn Spot the Difference at Trebettyn This dog has great ring presence even though he gave his handler a hard time. Good head and kindly expression. Well boned with good legs and feet. In good coat and condition. Moved with powerful action driving from the rear. 2nd Sutherland’s Jacranella Solo Stronger in head than 1st but liked him for his overall compactness and balance. Strong loin and well muscled. Good depth of chest, well ribbed and short coupled. Moved smoothly and powerfully. Presented in excellent coat and condition. 3rd Caldwell & McDowell’s Bowdonia Only the Brave for Cerysan Open Dog (5,0) 1st Clarke’s Ferndel High Fidelity with Tigerrock Sh. CM .  A dog I have admired from the ringside and was not disappointed when I went over him. He oozes quality. Correct size, lovely outline, balanced and compact. Correct head proportions, well chiseled below the eye, good stop and melting expression. Good bone and substance with strong hindquarters and muscular loin. Moved showing good reach and drive. Please to award him the CC. 2nd Harrison’s Sh Ch Glenbrows Picture Me Now JW .  Another quality dog that did not disappoint. Good head, ample bone, well coupled, lovely round cat-like feet. Presented in lovely condition. Moved well holding his topline. RCC 3rd Ellis & Pilkington’s Shannara Total Eclipse Sh CM .  Veteran Dog (5,1) 1st Barkley’s Sh Ch Cherryheath’s Mr Mischief JW Sh. CM. This boy loves being admired and always gives his best in the ring. He has a lovely masculine head, great bone, good shoulder placement, excellent ribbing and muscular hindquarters. Moved well and soundly. I hope he continues his great show career now he has reached veteran. 2nd Tolladay’s Sh Ch Ferndel Comander of Bethersden Sh CM .  Another dog of lovely type, nice size with a balanced outline. Good head with correct stop and lovely expression. Correct amount of bone, good front and rear angulation. Moved well. 3rd McGrath’w Sh Ch Taimere’s Tomfoolery

Spec. Beg. Bitch (3,0) 1st Cooper’s Isfryn Lady Grey of Gilstonia Won her class on overall balance. Nice head, well proportioned and feminine with a lovely expression. Well arched neck. Good front and rear angulation ribs well sprung. Moved well covering the ground. Best Special Beginner and Grp 3 Spec Beginner 2nd Mole & Knox’s Tammano Crawhall at Edincraw Pleasing head and expression. Good shoulders, adequate bone, deep brisket and well sprung ribs. In profile has nice body shape and balance. Well coupled with muscular and slightly arched loin. Moved soundly 3rd Carpenter’s Ferndel Fire Star at Charsammie Minor Puppy Bitch (4,0) 1st Clarke & Sherlock’s Crimicar She’s Electrick with Tigerrock TAF Lovely youngster showing lots of promise. Nice size, pretty, feminine head of correct proportions. Kind eye, good bone, straight front, good angulation front and back. Moved well. Best Puppy 2nd Carpenter’s Ferndel Fire Star at Charsammie Placed 3rd in Spec. Beg. but in her own age classification, held her own. Just 6 months with plenty of time of her side. Nice head and expression. Good length of neck, well placed shoulders, good body, moved well 3rd Revill & Monday’s Julita Ryveeta Puppy Bitch (2,1) 1st Clarke & Sherlock’s Crimicar She’s Electrick with Tigerrock TAF see 1st MPB.  Junior Bitch (6,2) 1st Graham & Denwood’s Slapestone Pink Promise at Lyndfil Balanced with a nice outline. Correctly proportioned head with soft expression. Good bone. Excellent length of neck set into well-placed shoulders. Moved well. 2nd Harrison’s Glenbrows Temptress Nicely presented in excellent coat and condition. Feminine head with kind expression. Long, clean neck into good shoulders. Good bone, lovely feet. Balanced with correct body and length of leg proportions. Well coupled. Not as confident on the move as 1st. 3rd Mole & Knox’s Zaza Florence our Loyal Welsh at Edincraw (Imp NLD) Yearling Bitch (5,0) 1st Revill & Taylor’s Julita Rhubette Lovely type, size, proportioned and balanced youngster. Pretty head with clearly defined stop, correct bite. Long, muscular neck with a clean throat. Good bone with superb angulation front and rear and deep chest with well sprung ribs. Moved well with a happy disposition covering the ground. 2nd Harrison’s Glenbrows Temptress see 2nd Junior 3rd Gibson’s Dearham Dilys of Cadehill Graduate Bitch (3,0) 1st Cooper’s Isfryn Lady Grey of Gilstonia see 1st Spec Beginner Bitch 2nd Waller’s Isfryn Lady Godiva at Fireglow JW Litter sister to 1st with the same qualities. Feminine head and kind expression. Good neck and shoulder placement. Compact feet, well ribbed, strong loin, well coupled, with strong hindquarters. Moved well, just preferred movement of 1st but these two will change places many times. 3rd Seymour’s Pegasett Star Attraction Post Graduate Bitch (10,1) 1st Hills-Page llon Llysiaur Hedydd Lovely, quality bitch that caught my eye on entering the ring. Feminine head of correct proportions, melting expression. Enough bone, good reach of neck into good lay of shoulder. Correct angulation but not overdone. Moved soundly. Res CC 2nd Jones’ Julita Rumours at Trosley Another quality bitch that I have admired from the ringside with similar attributes to 1st. Lovely type, good shoulders, straight front, correct bend of stifle, rounded cat-like feet. Strong, muscular hindquarters. Moved well. 3rd Caldwell’s Hillpark Queen bee for Cerysan Limit Bitch (8,1) 1st Connolly’s Ambika Tranquil Spirit for Benmorbry Won her class on movement, plenty of ground covering action with drive. Nice sized bitch, balanced and compact. Good head, feminine expression, well developed nostrils. Straight front with good, well-padded feet. Good bend of stifle with strong, muscular hindquarters. 2nd Sutherland’s Jacranella Sonata Nice type with a lot to like. Presented in good coat and condition. Pleasing outline, good bone, good angulation front and rear, excellent spring of rib, well coupled, moved well. She pushed hard for 1st place, just preferred head of 1st. 3rd Barkley’s Cherryheath’s Miss Velocity JW Open Bitch (6,1) 1st Thomas & Upton’s Sh Ch Bowdonia Seraphina JW Sh. CM Super outline, well boned, compact and symmetrical. Correctly proportioned head, sweet expression, strong neck into good shoulders, straight front, deep chest, well developed rib cage, tight feet, moved well with purpose and drive. 2nd Thomas’ Bowdonia Anastasia JW Sh. CM Litter sister to 1st with the same attributes. Slightly bigger overall than her sister with lovely head and expression. Good neck and shoulders, good angulation, super temperament, moved with purpose and drive. 3rd Ritchie’s Sarabande Eternity at Slapestones (ai) Veteran Bitch (3,1) 1st Frost’s Bushwacker Hot Gossip Quality bitch of 8 ½ years from this small kennel. Flowing outline, lovely feminine head of correct proportions with good stop. Correct size, plenty of bone. Clean neck into sloping shoulders. Strong, muscular body and hindquarters. Firm feet and moved soundly and powerfully with ground-covering push and drive. Delighted to hear she gained her title today CC & BOB, Best Veteran & Grp 2 Veteran 2nd Welingerhill Garden Tiger of Hillpark Different, but pleasing type. Stronger head than 1st but of good proportions, good stop and chiseling. Good bone, strong and muscular body, deep brisket with well sprung ribs. Muscular loin. Sweet temperament. Moved well.