• Show Date: 13/07/2019
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Fiona Findlay Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

Hound Association

Breed: Beagle


Thank you to all who entered and showed under me. Really enjoyed my day, some difficult decisions to make. There were one or two with long nails and one incorrect bite, but otherwise lots of lovely hounds.

MPD (3,1) 1 & BPD Stewart & Binks Dughallmor I Am Legend, broken tri nicely put together, good head and expression, level top line held on move, good set on of tail, nice tight feet, moved well. 2. Powell’s Hayapark Gershwin, t&w , longer cast than 1, good angulation, head ok, good feet, a little unsettled.

PD (6,1)) 1 Close’s Sparrowgill Smarty, tri with appealing head, good ear set, nice reach of neck and depth of chest, well off for bone, shown in good condition. 2. Philpott’s Charterwood Storm, soundly constructed blanket tri, with good tail carriage, just preferred the darker eye of 1. 3. Quinney-Spencer’s Quincerhound Oreo Bark.

JD (4,1) 1 Edge & James-Dow’s Fallowfield Xavior of Jalhar NAT TAF, broken tri, lovely head & expression with good pigmentation, balanced throughout, top line held on the move and moving true, well handled to RDCC. 2. Coates’ Irinstyle Eagle In Flight to Gladstyle (Imp Rus) broken tri of similar attributes to 1, just preferred the expression of 1 and needs a little more in body for my taste. 3. Snedden’s Newlin Quick Step At Hardexspen.

YD (4)1. Hardisty’s Eardley Alex Tricity At Blunderhall JW, nicely balanced blanket tri, well set on ears to nice head with good pigmentation, well enough off for bone moved true and in side profile held topline. 2. Coates’ Irinstyle Eagle In Flight To Gladstyle (Imp Rus). 3. Jones’ Newlin Preston To Clairdale JW.

SBD (6,1) 1. Edge & James-Dow’s Fallowfield Xacior Of Jalhar NAF TAF. 2. Quinney-Spencer’s Quincerhound Oreo Bark, tri, enough bone, ok head, would prefer a longer ear, nice tight feet, tail set good, level top line, moved out well. 3. Roberts’ Borerst Cyclone.

PGD (7,1) Thornton’s Nedlaw Trumpeter With Maplelayne, t&w, overall well put together, good forehand, enough bone, well ribbed, correct set on of tail, handled well. 2. Davies’ Barrvale Ganymede, broken tri of bigger proportions, carrying too much over the front assembly for me, well angulated, strong head with good pigmentation, moving soundly. 3. Close’s Fallowfield Interesting.

LD (9,1) 1 & DCC. Lewis’ Fallowfield Chad (ai), t&w , best mover for me both coming and going and in side profile, lovely head and expression, well ribbed, good feet, nice to see him out again. 2. Jones & Jepson’s Bayard Adam Guessing For Eardley, this tri was close up to 1, just preferred the eye of 1, soundly constructed, well proportioned head with correct ear set, well off for bone, great on the move. 3. Lovatt’s Bjornhagen Sweet Bay Leaf JW Sh.CM.

OD (7,2) May’s Janfrey Bosley, compact tri with appealing head and expression, well ribbed, good bone, moved true, over muscled for me which was visible on the going out just spoiling the overall appearance. 2. Coates’ Royal Pack Ukraine Leader Forever At Gladstyle (Imp). Slightly longer cast tri than 1 with balanced construction, good head proportions, nice tight feet, moved well. 3. Vervoort’s Dutch Ch Run The World From Elly’s Pack. SWTD 0.

VD (2) 1. Davies’ Ch Barrvale Overture, 9 year old tri, moved true, sound construction, nice dark eye, moving well. 2. McBain’s Bondlea Layman, 8 year old, longer cast than 1, good tail set, dark pigmentation, well off for bone, preferred eye of 1.

MPB (2)1. Jones’ Clairdale Evelyn, nicely constructed tri, well off for bone, good head with dark eye and nice ear set, good depth to chest, moved out well. 2. McBain’s Blitzlille Girl With No Name, longer mould than 1, enough bone, good ear set, balanced angulation, needs to settle.

PB (10) This was a Great Class which bodes well for the future of the breed. 1 & PG3. Jones & Jepson’s Eardley Anna Sasin, super smart compact tri, lovely head and expression with good pigmentation, balanced throughout, tight feet, moved and handled well, can be a little naughty but saw enough. 2. Hunt, Norris, Carmichael & Starbrook’s Shercroft Liberty, another lovely puppy close up to 1, t&w with melting expression, finer in bone, level top line held on move with correct tail set, moved true out and back. 3. Verlooy’s Rock That Body Of Rebels Joy.

JB (13,4) 1 Breeze’s Dufosee Dragonfly Of Parkebreeway, lovely broken tri with appealing head and expression, well constructed with good angulation, tight feet, good shoulders, moved and handled well. 2. Jones & Jepson’s Seiont Ffion From Eardley, close up to 1, tri of smaller mould but well balanced throughout, lovely head and expression, good tail carriage, moved with purpose. 3. Roderick’s Barterhound Princess.

YB (7,2) Lewis’ Fallowfield Fern, t&w, super head and expression, nicely arched neck leading into level top line with correct tail set, nice tight feet, good angles. 2. Lennard’s Butterow Rumba, another nice t&w bitch with good angulation and feet, moved true out and back and level top line, preferred the head of 1. 3.Jones’ Beighleighs Diamond Bright At Stanseren.

SBB (9) 1 & BSBIB. Breeze’s Dufosee Dragonfly Of Parkebreeway. Please to see was BSBIS. 2. Jones’ Beighleighs Diamond Bright At Stanseren, good overall balanced tri bitch, nice head and expression moved and handled well. 3. Webster’s Michelroy Pimpernell With Houndscroft.

PGB (7) 1. Davies’ Barrvale Grace, broken tri bitch with nice head and expression, lovely arched neck to level top line and well set on tail, good muscle tone, deep chest, well off for bone. 2. Caney’s Springpine Tittle Tattle, nicely put together tri, good forechest and feet, head ok, with good ear set, moved and handled well. 3. Hunt’s Bondlea Lucy JW.

LB (10,3) 1. Hunt & Norris’ Shercroft Arina, t&w with lovely head and expression, balanced angulation, enough bone, moved true. 2. Brown’s Raimex Reed Bunting, well developed tri with nice feet, head and expression, moved and handled well. 3. Breeze’s Davricard Hummingbird of Parkebreeway Sh.CM.

OB (10,4) 1, BCC & BOB Parker & Steven’s Serenaker Elle’s Belles, this bitch was in tip top condition today, loved her head and expression with correct set on of ears, balanced angulation, good bone, moved out well. 2. Jones & Jepson’s Eardley Izzy Cummings, this was close decision, broken tri smaller mould, good angulation and well muscled but not overdone, level top line held on the move. 3. Hardisty’s Blunderhall Bootylicious.

SWTB (1) 1 Ambridge’s Tiger Lily Blossom, t&w, ok head, good rear angulation which she used well, good set on of tail and topline.

VB (9,1) 1 & BVIB Peak’s Ch. Bayard Make Amends JW, lovely balanced tri, super head with dark eye, good angulation which she put to good use going round and out and back, in good condition. Pleased to see her RBVIS. 2. Roderick’s Barterhound Razzle, broken tri with nice head and kind eye, good ear set and set on of tail, well off for bone, moved well. 3. Brown’s Raimex Rowanberry.

Fiona Findlay - Judge