• Show Date: 13/04/2019
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Fiona Clarkson Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

Golden Retriever Club Of Scotland

Breed: Retriever (Golden)

Golden Retriever Club of Scotland 13th April 2019

I really enjoyed my day and thank all exhibitors for giving me the opportunity to judge their lovely girls, I was blown away by the quality and two classes in particular, Yearling and Open, were especially challenging to sort out. I commend the committee for making the decision to move to the smaller hall, it helped to create a lovely atmosphere.

Veteran Bitch (9, 1 abs) A lovely class of old ladies, a credit to their owners. Condition varied, as did feet and movement 1. Halkett’s Garrellglen Forget Me Not. A rich golden bitch in excellent condition, I liked her head, she has a super front, well bent stifles, neat feet, level topline and moved beautifully to win this class and later Best Veteran on the referee’s decision. 2. Turnbull’s Steval Dare to Dream, a lovely type, so well balanced, well made all through, she looked a picture standing foursquare with a wagging tail and she moved out really well. 3. Cruttwell’s Ashbyglen At the Ritz. A larger bitch with lots of coat and substance tending to hide her qualities but hands on revealed her very good construction. Softer pasterns than the two bitches in front which cost her a higher placing but nevertheless a super girl.

Special Working (0 entries)

Minor Puppy Bitch (7) 1. Bell’s Hoaaloha Moana. Light gold 7m old in glamorous way coat. This lovely baby certainly knows how to fidget but when standing right, she is beautifully balanced with the best of fronts, plenty of bone, neat feet, short couplings and her legs are strong and straight whatever angle you look at her from. Moved well holding a level topline to win this super class of babies. 2. O’Neill’s Lewisglen Fantasy Just 6 months old, this gorgeous baby was just right for her age and has everything I would want, just pipped by a bit more age and coat today but a very exciting prospect I will follow with interest. 3. Ferguson and Mair’s Miadahl Dancing Dame This puppy caught my eye from the ringside a couple of weeks ago and was not disappointed going over her today. Super construction throughout, and holds her lovely outline on profile movement, just needs time now to tighten up on movement coming towards and going away.

Puppy Bitch (11, 1 abs) 1. Hill and Smith’s Megarvey Santorini Beautifully balanced puppy who has the advantage of immaculate presentation and handling, she just looked perfect standing and when moving she held a level topline, a must for me. Just the right amount of angulation fore and aft, with the lovely head and expression I have come to expect from this kennel, she showed well right to the end of the day to take Best Puppy in Show with my co-judge’s agreement, well done. 2. Grady’s Glenrioch Coyoteugly a very eyecatching puppy with a fabulous front and forechest, many attributes similar to my winner just slightly shorter in leg. 3. Cruttwell’s Ashybyglen Lay Lady Lay A very pretty cream bitch with a most appealing head, well made all through and sympathetically handled, just tending to roach slightly on the move at present and pasterns still to tighten but nevertheless a puppy I like very much.

Junior Bitch (13, 2 abs) 1. Heading a super class, McCormack’s Flyngalee Tiptoes excels in every aspect. She has an excellent front with good length of upperarm and well laid-back shoulderblades of corresponding length, neat, tight feet, well-bent stifles and plenty of bone. Love her overall balance, she now holds a level topline on the move to complete the picture. 2. Kipps’ Willowlawn Orient Express to Wheatcroft, this cream bitch is very well constructed and despite being in her underwear today, creates a very eyecatching profile on the move which is where she particularly excels, covering the ground with ease and style. 3. Birkin-Green’s Sansue Keep the Faith. I loved this bitch’s head, beautiful kind eye and excellent pigment. She is utterly balanced and in proportion, with nothing overdone. A little naughty when moving, say my notes! Nevertheless, a bitch I would be happy to own.

Yearling Bitch (15, 2 abs) Wow! What a class, full of future champions I am sure, even some who had to leave the ring unplaced today 1. Anderson’s Linchael Livia JW. I have admired this bitch from afar since I first saw her as a minor puppy and was delighted to get the opportunity to go over her. She does not always get her act together standing but oh my, when you lay hands on, you find textbook construction. My notes simply say “Everything!” but what I really love is her movement which is fantastic, and that is when you can see the correct conformation – I could watch her all day. I was happy to award her the Reserve CC in excellent company. 2. Jenkinson’s Quakerhall Pandora’s Bounty, absolutely stunning bitch and another favourite of mine who was just so unlucky to meet my winner today. She has a glorious, classic outline, turned out to perfection as usual, and is another who excels in movement. Undoubtedly destined for the top. 3. Williamson’s Sandti Hits the Sweet Spot, a different type who impressed enough to beat other favourites of mine, this bitch is so well made and totally balanced, she looked super on the move holding a level topline all the way.

Maiden Bitch (16, 4 abs) 1. Vermander’s Queen of Magic of Sunshine’s Valley, VHC in Yearling, this lovely bitch was unfortunately not in her best jacket today but her excellent construction was clearly visible for all to see. Moved with super reach and drive from well-muscled rear. Super forehand construction, straight and sound limbs, liked her very much indeed. 2. Birkin-Green’s Sansue Keep the Faith. 3. Hill and Smith’s Megarvey Santorini.

Novice Bitch (10, 2 abs) 1. Birkin-Green’s Sansue Keep the Faith 2. Hill and Smith’s Megarvey Santorini 3. Cruttwell’s Ashbyglen Lay Lady Lay.

Tyro Bitch (6, 2 abs) 1. Birkin-Green’s Sansue Keep the Faith 2. Little’s Bluebraes Jacobite Lass. VHC in Junior, this very nice bitch doesn’t always show to advantage. Balanced and soundly made with good angulation, well-ribbed deep chest, well let-down hocks. Plenty of substance but still feminine with a pleasing head and expression. 3. McDougall’s Rigerin Merrie Melodies at Torcarhian. Shares many of 2’s attributes, a quality b. with plenty to like.

Undergraduate Bitch (7, 2 abs) 1. Birkin-Green’s Sansue Keep the Faith. 2. Little’s Bluebraes Jacobite Lass. 3. Bradley’s Ceilcaesar Calendar Girl.A very pleasing outline with good angulation fore and aft, deep mature body, and attractive head. Could do with tightening up musculature to improve movement.

Graduate Bitch (11, 3) 1. Foster’s Auristela Sweet Sixteen JW. Compact cream bitch I did well as a puppy. Love her head proportions and balance. Good length of neck leading to well laid back shoulders. Super angles fore and aft. Level topline, deep chest and short-coupled. Moved out well, one I like very much. 2. O’Neill’s Strathlon Sweet Sensation JW. Very glamorous cream bitch presented to perfection, well-made throughout, I particularly like her super front, plenty of bone, neat feet, level topline and straight hocks. Just a fraction longer cast than my winner. 3. Birkin-Green’s Sansue Keep the Faith.

Postgraduate Bitch (20, 6 abs) 1. Cruttwell’s Fiveshill Orange Blossom at Ashbyglen. I loved this bitch, notes say has everything I look for. Balanced cream bitch with super (but not overdone) angulation, lovely head, good length of neck, level topline and to top it off, moved beautifully to win this very good class. 2. Morrissey’s Messano Flaming Star JW. Another quality bitch, presenting a very impressive elegant scopey outline, many similar attributes to my winner, loved her straight pasterns and hocks, I feel she will shortly be troubling the best. 3. Vermander’s Queen of Magic of Sunshine’s Valley.

Mid Limit Bitch (15, 6 abs) 1. Lewis’ Lovehayne Bijou Among Fourwinds. Well what can I say, when this bitch entered the ring I felt my heart skip a beat, and goosebumps up my neck. She has it all, in my opinion. Today she was in full bloom, an absolute joy to go over, and so I asked her to move with some trepidation but I need not have feared, her sound and stylish movement was as good as the rest of her. I had no hesitation awarding her the CC later from a super quality entry. In the challenge, my co-judge and I decided to let the referee decide as we both admired both CC winners, naturally I was delighted when the referee agreed to award the bitch BEST IN SHOW. Many congratulations, I wish she was mine. 2. Magson’s Castlegolden Classy Lady. Another quality bitch with a classic outline, close up to 1 and shares many attributes – both have pleasing heads, strong straight legs and neat feet, super angles with overall balance and nothing overdone. 3. Hill and Smith’s Megarvey Malibu. A different type to the two in front but similar remarks apply, particularly love her head and expression, neatest of feet and excels in movement.

Limit Bitch (11, 5 abs) 1. MacDonald and Murray’s Rathcloon Thyme and Punishment JW. Love my winner, have done ever since I gave her Best Baby at an Irish Club show. Her sympathetic handler brings out the best in her. She has everything the standard requires, but an especially good front with plenty of forechest. I love her head and expression, and she moved soundly and accurately, a worthy winner. 2. Jenkinson’s Stanroph Still the Same JW. Another I have long admired, she pushed my winner hard today and has everything I would wish for, a very close decision. 3. McCormack’s Flyngalee Piquet JW. A top drawer bitch with so much to like, unlucky to meet two in front, splitting hairs really.

Open Bitch (13, 3 abs) A fabulous class, made me happy for the breed but making for some very close decisions with several bitches I really like leaving the ring without a card. 1. MacDonald’s Fergusglen Dancing Queen of Lamancha JW ShCM. This bitch is very much my cup of tea, and definitely destined for the top. Very little I would change about her, she fills my eye both standing and on the move, and was considered further in the challenge today. 2. Collins’ Erinderry Snowbird. A lovely bitch to go over with plenty to like, she doesn’t always make the best of herself but oozes quality and deserved her placing in this super class. 3. Vermander’s Perfect Princess of Sunshine’s Valley. This bitch has the most stunning outline when stood. Great bone and substance yet retaining femininity, and one of the best-muscled here today. A lovely trio.

Special Open (members resident in Scotland) (5, 1 abs) 1. Turnbull’s Steval Dare to Dream. 2. Finnie’s Lochtaymor Bridget Jones of Tillycorthie. Unplaced in Veteran but a lovely girl, well made throughout and moved out well. 3. Brady’s Larena Peponine. Substantial mid-gold b who I got occasional glimpses of looking right but a fidget doing her best to sabotage her chances!

Special Breeders Bitch (5, 4 abs) 1. Graham’s Leacnaside Crime Partner Deceptively well made bitch who is nice to go over, square and balanced, short-coupled, deep and mature rib cage, good bone and feet. Came into her own on the move. 2. Martin and Macleod’s Garline Echo’s of a Dream Very pretty feminine b with a good front. Tends to straighten stifle when placed by handler. Level topline standing. Neat feet. 3. Finnie’s Tillycorthie Dancing Queen Rich gold b with excellent length of neck into good shoulder assembly. Has a larger frame to fill but lots to like and her best is still to come.

Fiona Clarkson