• Show Date: 05/05/2019
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Eve Milburn Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

Cheshire Cocker Spaniel Club

Breed: Spaniel (Cocker)


Many thanks to the Committee for the invitation to judge Dogs. I thoroughly enjoyed my day, thank you to my stewards and to exhibitors for their entries. I was in agreement with my co-judge Jane Mitchell to award BIS to the bitch Gilcar Crystal Blue with Manchela JW, RBIS went to the dog Sh Ch. Cachel Prince Charming of Pearkim JW. BPIS, again in agreement with my co-judge to the bitch Zheridons Chinese Whispers and Best Veteran to the dog SH Ch/Int/Bel/Hun Ch Joaldy Mandolin Wind JW ShCM.

I was a little disappointed to find several untypical heads, some with the lack of that lovely soft gentle expression that the cocker is so well known for. My main winners pleased me greatly and I was splitting hairs in some classes.


AC VETERAN: 3 lovely dogs, all shown in tip-top condition.

1st. Pretty’s SH Ch/Int/Bel/Hun Ch Joaldy Mandolin Wind JW ShCM CW’12 EW’16 BELBW’16

This 9 year old black/white boy was looking so well. Lovely head and tight dark eye. Moderate length of neck into well laid shoulders. Very short and compact. Excellent presentation, he was sparkling clean. Moves so well, tail never stops wagging, worthy champion and a credit to his owner.

2nd. Smith’s Craigdean Callimakokr at Luanshya ShCM. Another 9 year old, a dark blue, good head with dark expressive eyes, good width all through, well-boned legs and good feet. Well presented in full coat, moves well and merrily, holding his topline. I see he is the sire of my res. cc winner.

3rd. Wildmans Mystical Milow at Chanmalo ShCM.


1ST. Davies & Pretty’s Kerriglow Game of Thrones JW. 2 years old. This dog possesses a lovely head with soft gentle expression and tight dark eyes. He has a good neck with well laid shoulders. Excellent width all through, well off for bone. Good angles fore and aft. Moves soundly and merrily with ever-wagging tail.


1st. Palmers Tarrendayle Forever Yours at Robraine (Imp Aus) Gold dog pup of almost 9 months. Nice head with a kind dark eye. He has a good front with plenty of width. Well presented coat. Very exuberant on the move but sound when settled.


1st. Needham’s Snowgate Gold Edition at Merryhaze 2 years old. Short and compact. Nice head and kind eye. Sound, merry mover. Nicely presented.

2nd. Mason’s Sandlauga Soul Man Gold dog, larger size than 1st. A nice overall type. He has a good front and forechest. Once settled he moved ok, but was giving his handler a hard time.


SPECIAL PUPPY – A lovely class of puppies in varying stages of development.

1st. Grice’s Brackenjack Ollison at Kyna Dark blue boy of almost 10 months. A super youngster who possesses a very good head with dark expressive eyes. He has a lovely front with good forechest and well off for bone. Short, sturdy compact body with excellent angulation. Sound merry mover, still needs to tighten but I’m sure this will come with maturity. A very promising puppy, BEST PUPPY DOG.

2nd. Lowery’s Amaroanne Theos. Lovely blue puppy, built on smaller lines than 1st. Good head with tight dark eyes giving desired soft expression. Nicely put together, very short and cockery. Well off for bone. Moves well and soundly with wagging tail. Another promising puppy.

3rd. Collins Craigdean Killiecrankie at Candyke


1st. Pretty’s Joaldy Best Mate 14 months old. This boy possesses a lovely head with correct dark eye giving the desired gentle expression. Correct length of neck into well laid shoulders. Good width all through, well boned legs and neat feet. A very enthusiastic sound mover. Very well presented.

2nd. Smith’s Pearkim Pokemon at Luanshya JW. Very attractive orange boy who possesses a very good head, correct tight dark eyes giving the desired expression. Lovely to go over, well placed shoulders, short compact body, good bone and tight feet. Moves well and merrily. Very nicely presented.

3rd. Burley’s Cassom Canaletto at Barnsbur


1st. Pearce-Gudgers Glowhill Silversmith for Pearkim Eyecatching Black/white boy. Such a lovely head and dark eye. Good front, plenty of width, standing on well boned straight legs, neat feet. Very good angles fore and aft. Moves soundly and merrily, extremely well presented, just didn’t give 100 per cent in the final challenge.

2nd. Babester’s Kalispell Kingsman JW. This dark blue boy has a lovely head and tight dark eye. Good neck and shoulders. Well off for bone and short in loin. Very well presented.



1st. Thomas’s Claramand Countdown Such a lovely confident orange youngster. He has such a very good head and dark expressive eyes, a very good front with plenty of width. Well off for bone and good feet. Very good angles fore and aft. When he settled to the job in hand, moved so soundly and happily. Beautifully presented. A very promising young man.

2nd. Palmers Tarrendayle Forever Yours at Robraine.

3rd. Share-Jones Sharemead The Conqueror


1st. Collins: Craigdean Killiecrankie at Candyke. Blue boy of 10 months. This dog has a very good head, dark eye and soft expressive eyes. He has a good front, with correct shoulder placement. Short, compact and cockery, moves with plenty of enthusiasm with ever wagging tail. Nicely presented. Very promising puppy.

2nd. Lowery’s Amaroanne Apollo Dark Blue boy, another with a lovely head and dark eye, giving the desired expression. Very short and compact, good body proportions and strong hindquarters. Good bone. Moved well and merrily. Another promising puppy.

3rd. Torbett & Hamiltons Bartonholm Kings Landing at Kirlinjis NAF.


1st. Ewans: Craigdean Willie Nelson. I just loved this well balanced blue roan boy. Has a very good head, with tight dark expressive eyes. He excels in front, plenty of width, a good forechest, well boned legs and nice tight feet. Good neck and well laid back shoulders. Excellent body proportions. He moves so confidently and merrily with good width behind. Beautifully presented. I loved him and was delighted to award him the res CC. I shall watch his career with interest and keep everything crossed for his future.

2nd. Platts: Charbonnel Time n’ Tide. A dark blue boy of very good type but in a smaller mould than 1st. A lovely head with dark eyes and gentle expression. Good conformation and in excellent condition. A free and easy mover with plenty of drive.

3rd. Sewells: Kerriglow Dream Again For Quattrozampe


1st. Kettles Lujesa Impossible Dream What a lovely dog to handle, so correct in all departments. Beautiful head and dark expressive eyes. Good neck into well placed shoulders. Good body and well off for bone, nice feet. Good angulation fore and aft. He was presented in super coat and condition. Moved well keeping a level topline and good tail carriage.

 Shortlised for the CC.

2nd. Cornetts Jennobar Let There Be Magic Blue boy who had a lovely shape. Good front and rear assembly. Had a pleasing head and dark eye. Well off for bone. A sound merry mover and presented well and cleanly.

3rd. Raineys Cooleela Red Admiral


1st. Torbett & Hamiltons Bartonholm Kings Landing at Kirlinjis NAF Dark Blue Boy. Good head and dark eyes. Well off for bone, a good front with nice feet. Strong in body and well angulated, enabling him to move with drive, a happy mover.

2nd. Madigans Misperros Star Quest. Of good type, a size smaller than 1st and just lacking in maturity. Good body proportions, moves well and merrily. Nicely presented.


1st. Watsons Bobby Wee Dazzler 11 month old dark blue. Unplaced in Special Puppy but was more settled here, I understand that this was his very first show. Of good type, moderate length of neck and good body proportions. Hopefully with a bit of ringcraft he will gain more in confidence. Excellent presentation.


1st. Todd’s Chataway Hijacked Dark Blue boy of very good type. Lovely head with dark eyes giving desired expression. Good neck and length of upper arm. In firm condition, good angulation and short below hocks. Moves very well and merrily keeping a good topline. Beautifully presented.

2nd. Terry’s Shaggylands Too Hot To Handle Blue boy of good type. Nice head with a square muzzle and kind dark eye. Well made throughout with good width. Moves soundly and merrily. Well presented.


1st. Squires & Adams Corazon De Sibi Night Star (Imp Esp) J.W.

Dark blue boy of very good type. Good front and plenty of width. Ultra short firm compact body with good angulations. Moves very soundly and enthusiastically. Beautiful coat which was in A1 condition.

2nd. Collins Cachel King of Hearts at Candyke J.W. Another dark blue of good type. Good head with dark eye. Strong in body with good width throughout. Well boned legs and nice feet. Moves well and soundly with ever-wagging tail. Well presented coat. Close up to 1st.

3rd. Cassidys Manchela Hugo Boss J.W. ShCmShCex


1st. Torbetts Kirlinjis Made You Look J.W. ShCM Eyecatching dark blue boy of excellent type. Lovely head and dark tight eye giving soft gentle expression. Good forechest and width all through. Well boned legs and feet. Ultra firm body and short in loin. Shown in hard condition. Such a well balanced dog. He moves so soundly and merrily with lots of tail action. Super presentation. Shortlised for CC.

2nd. Rays Annilann Mister Blue Sky ShCM Another lovely blue, loved this boys flowing lines and unlucky to meet 1st in this class. Good head and eye giving desired expression. Reachy neck into well placed shoulders. Firm in topline and good body. Excellent angles fore and aft. Very sound on the move. Excellent presentation.

3rd. Bowen’s Charbonnel Rich n’ Famous


1st. Pearce-Gudgers Sh.Ch. Cachel Prince Charming of Pearkim J.W. Headed this very good class. This orange boy is so full of quality and breed type. Possesses a beautiful head and kind eye. Good pigmentation. I found him very hard to fault, he has excellent angulations, a good straight front with forechest and plenty of bone and substance, presented in hard condition. Moves straight and true with plenty of tail action and keeping a firm topline. Presentation A1. It was my pleasure to award him the CC.

2nd. Thomas’s Sh.Ch. Claramand Ziggy Ziggy J.W. ShCM. Another lovely orange boy with lots to like. Lovely head with soft expression. He has a very good front a reachy neck into well laid shoulders. Stood square on well boned legs and neat feet. He is strong in body with a firm topline, a good width to stifle and short below hocks. He moves soundly and merrily, I just didn’t feel that today he was giving 100 per cent.

3rd. Craig’s Nicibec Misunderstood J.W. A quality dark blue boy of excellent breed type.

Eve Milburn (Judge)