• Show Date: 24/05/2019
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Emily Thornton Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

Bath Canine Society

Breed: Beagle

Bath Championship Show 2019 – Miss Emily Thornton

MPD (2, 1ab)

1st Henningsson-Dundas’ Julemark Luther - This 6 month old tri is a treat to watch with his sound movement, his reach and drive catching my eye as he entered in the ring. A gorgeous masculine head and lovely ears. Long neck and chest well let down to below elbow. Very close decision in the Best Puppy Dog challenge, I just felt BPD’s movement was steadier on the day.  

PD (2, 0ab) 1st Craig’s Davricard Jacob - What a gorgeous 6 month old tan and white boy. He moved with such purpose. Lovely long neck and straight topline which was kept level when moved. Lovely hindquarters and correct set of tail. I am looking forward to watch him in the future. BPD.  2nd Sutton’s Rossut Whisperer - A smart looking tri with a masculine head, well defined stop and low set ears. Nice neck showing a slight arch and ribs well sprung. A little unsettled when moving, but tail carried well.   

JD (4, 0ab) 1st Havard’s Annavah Phoenix - This smart boy was the best mover in this class – moved freely with lovely reach and drive. Masculine head with well flewed lips and nice expression with dark eyes. Nice forequarters with shoulders well laid back. 2nd Edge & James-Dow’s Fallowfield Xavior Of Jalhar NAF TAF - He was quite unsettled on the move today, which made it slightly difficult for me to give him higher place, however he has a lovely head with soft expression and lovely compact body with good bone and neat feet. 3rd Nash’s Kelseva All Or Nothing

YD (7, 1ab) 1st Jones’ Newlin Preston To Clairdale JW - I have always liked this boy from the ringside and he was simply the best mover in this class today. A pleasing outline while stacked. A lovely masculine head with appealing expression and ears hanging gracefully. Great bone and good hindquarters. 2nd Goldberg’s Newlin Perth At Molesend JW - Slightly longer in body than 1. He moved well with reach and drive, with topline held well. A nice head with sweet expression, and lovely long ears. I just preferred 1’s forequarters.

ND (2, 0ab) 1st Edge & James-Dow’s Fallowfield Xavior Of Jalhar NAF TAF (JD - 2nd). 2nd Webber’s Bondlea Milo - He was very unsettled today especially on the table, however, once he had calmed down a little bit after asking him to move around, he then allowed me to have a closer look – he has a lovely long reaching neck and moderate topline, with nice bend of stifle.

PGD (6,0) 1st Kingsland’s Redcap The Patriot - The placings in this class could change anytime, however I felt this dog was the best mover in side profile in this class – he moved flowingly with reach and drive, and he looked like that he could go on all day long. Masculine head with appealing expression and great hindquarters with a lovely bum! 2nd Cuthill’s Divinebrae Play The Game - A very smart looking boy who I have always liked from the ringside and he did not disappoint me. He moved extremely well with a purpose and head carried high. Lovely level topline and good bend of stifle. I just preferred 1’s neater front feet. 3rd – Davies’ Barrvale Ganymede

LD (10, 3abs) 1st Craig’s Davricard Harlequin - This super Beagle caught my eye when he entered the ring – he was a true Beagle who moved soundly in all profiles around the ring. I really liked his masculine head, with such an appealing expression. Gorgeous body with straight topline, with lovely deep chest, coming well below the elbows. Great hindquarters with muscular thighs and firm hocks. Pleased to hear after judging that I had awarded him his crowning CC – well deserved. DCC and Best of Breed. 2nd Hunt and Norris’ Cliffmere Mindful of Shercroft JW - This tri male moved fantastically in side profile, with such reach and drive. Slightly longer in body than 1, but a lovely long neck showing a slight arch. Deep chested with well sprung ribs. Well muscled thighs with good bend of stifle. 3rd – Hill’s Divinebrae Coming Soon At Dapperdawg

OD (6, 0ab) 1st Raymond’s Ch & VDH Ch Dialynne Peter Piper - I judged this extremely smart dark blanket tri dog two years ago and I was pleased to see that he is still in such fantastic condition, and still moving with such purpose. Beautifully balanced hound with a masculine head and very neat feet. He pushed hard today for the top honours but I just preferred the softer Beagle expression of my DCC winner. Well deserved RDCC. 2nd Sutton’s Ch Rossut Endeavoured - Slightly longer in body than 1. A nice tri boy who moved well with reach and drive, just not quite the showmanship of 1. Nice level topline and correct set of tail. Good head with defined stop and ears hanging gracefully. Lovely hindquarters with well bent stifles. Feet could have been neater. 3rd – Phillips & Keyte’s Lanesend Segenhoe JW Sh.CM

VD (1, 0ab) 1st McBain and Stevens’ Bondlea Layman - A 7 year old male with lovely long strong neck and level topline which was held while he moved around the ring with purpose and determination. Strong hindquarters with well muscled second thighs. Coat in a good condition.

SBD/B (4, 1ab) 1st Webster’s Michelroy Pimpernell With Houndscoast - 9 month old tan and white girl with an extremely sweet expression and kind eye with good pigmentation. Nice outline while stacked with good bone down to tight feet. Moved well in profile and I was delighted to hear that she went on to win Sp. Beg. Group 4. Well done. 2nd – Martin’s Charterwood Character - I have really enjoyed watching this dog and his young handler, who has a gentle and patient manner when showing. Taller cast than 1. OK head with pleasing expression, nice length of neck and good level topline with tail carried well when on move. 3rd – Webber’s Copabie Belle

MPB (5, 0ab) 1st Havard’s Annavah Candy Crush - 7 month old broken tri. What a gorgeous puppy! Great feminine head with extremely appealing expression and a nice length of leathers. Lovely long neck, nicely arched leading to level topline and well laid back shoulders. True movement coming and going, with such reach and drive in profile – was such a pleasure to watch. Good tail set which she carries well. Pleased to see her perform extremely well in the puppy group where she was shortlisted. BPB & BPIB . 2nd – Hunt, Norris, Carmichael & Starbrook’s Shercroft Liberty - Of a different type to 1 with a lot to like. A tan and white bitch with very nice feminine head, soft expression and very pleasing outline while stacked. Good bone and well placed shoulders, level topline and good tailset which she carried well while on the move. Very very close between 1 and 2, I just preferred 1’s longer length in neck. 3rd - Dawson & Goodall's Evalux Cashmere Upon Rundle (Imp It)

PB (9, 2abs) 1st Breeze's Dufosee Dragonfly Of Parkbreeway - A lovely smart looking puppy with a lot to like. I liked her shape and fantastic length of neck leading into deep chest and level topline. Moved extremely well with reach and drive. Lovely head and such a sweet expression with well defined stop and lovely ears hanging gracefully. 2nd Harvard' Annavah Lady Gaga - Eight month old blanket tri. Very close between 1 and 2. This youngster has a nice shape of head, free from wrinkle with correct dark eyes and lips well flewed. Coat in a very good condition and neat feet. 3rd Kimber's Coachbarn Crier

JB (9, 2abs) 1st Goldberg's Molesend Tanquil - Best mover in this class in profile - liked the overall shape of this bitch although she is perhaps little long in body. Nice long neck leading into level topline and lovely bend of stifle and hocks well let down. Lovely bum! Very pleased to learn that she won her final Junior Warrant point after today's win. Well done! 2nd Nash's Kelseva's Legally Blonde - 15 month old tan and white girl with lots to like - she has the sweetest expression ever! Also long in cast, but I really liked the shape of this bitch, with good forequarters - I just preferred 1's better and well muscled hindquarters. Moved very well with reach and drive, with tail carried happily. 3rd Stewart & Binks' Divinebrae She's On Fire

YB (5, 0ab) 1st Henningsson-Dundas' Julemark Ariadne - I really liked this pretty tan and white girl - she was one of the best movers I've seen today and she moved so soundly with excellent reach and drive. Gorgeous feminine head with appealing expression and good set of ears. Excellent bone and coat in a very good condition. Considered her for top honour awards. 2nd Anthony's Ospreagle Jamaica Me Crazy - Nice tri bitch with very good bone. Lovely shape of head with sweet expression and long ears hanging gracefully. Nice long and strong neck into good depth of chest. Moved very well with reach and drive. 3rd Sutton's Rossut Octave

NB (7,1ab) 1st Hunt, Norris, Carmichael & Starbrook’s Shercroft Liberty (MPB – 2nd) . 2nd Kimber’s Coachbarn Crier - Balanced tri in good condition. Moved extremely well, just not holding her topline level on the move. Strong neck leading into good shoulder place, and good bone throughout. 3rd McBain & Stevens' Blitzlilie Girl With No Name

PGB (13, 3abs) 1st Hunt's Bondlea Lucy JW - Very feminine girl with classically beautiful head and I loved her ears! Lovely length of neck sloping into super forechest and good spring of rib. Excellent bone throughout. Strong and level topline which was held while moving positively in all directions. 2nd Kingsland's Redcap Amelia Earhart - This cracking bitch really caught my eye when moved around as a group. She really did look like she could go on all day, with such reach and drive. Her head in correct proportion for shape and length, with good dark pigmentation. I had to nitpick in this class and this lovely girl was let down by slightly knuckling over when stacked. 3rd Davies' Barrvale Grace

LB (16, 4abs) I felt that this Limit class and the Open Bitch class were the strongest classes of the day and I am sure that the placings could change on another day. It is exciting that we have some lovely Bitches in our breed at the moment. However, I was judging the dogs on their performances on the day. 1st Raymond's Dialynne Anna Complice - Smart and compact girl with very good fore and hindquarters, allowing her to move true from all angles. Strong level topline. Attractive head, although I would have preferred it to be a tad more feminine. Great bend of stifle and hocks well let down. Very neat feet and in excellent condition overall. 2nd Cuthill's Detrick Firefly Over Divinebrae - Very feminine girl with lovely neck and shoulders. Level topline, good spring of ribs and good bone throughout. A very free mover, she is long reaching in front and well driven from behind. Coat in good condition. Very close to 1 and I'm sure that they could swap places another time. 3rd Parker & Stevens' Serenaker Maid In America

OB (11,2abs) 1st Raymond's Ch.Dialynne Just Ella - I judged this lovely girl a few years ago as a Puppy and she didn't disappoint me today! This gorgeous tan and white girl was the most sound mover in this class - true from all angles. Strong level topline and a short back. Stop well defined and a very sweet appealing expression. Super long and slightly arched neck and great forechest. Lovely bend of stifle and excellent set of tail which was carried well while moved. BCC and Best Opposite Sex . 2nd Craig's Ch.Davricard Honeybee - Quality feminine girl of a smaller frame to 1, however overall she has a lovely balanced head giving a sweet expression with long fine leathers. She has a good straight front with deep forechest and well laid back shoulders. She moved with such purpose and with an easy action. I just preferred 1's stronger hindquarters. RBCC. 3rd Goldberg's Ch.Molesend Secret JW 

 VB (8,1ab) 1st Roderick's Barterhound Razzle - I cannot believe this motivated bitch is now in Veteran! Last time I judged her, she was a puppy and I awarded her Best Puppy in Breed - she certainly didn't let me down today and she still impressed me enough today to give her Best Veteran in Breed. I really enjoyed watching her lively performance, with such reach and drive. She looked as though she could go on all day long and even put in a good performance in the Veteran Group, where she was shortlisted. Feminine head with sweet expression, and good topline. BVIB. 2nd Phillips' Brialey Tu Tira For Lanesend (Imp) - Another fabulous mover who could go on all day and in excellent condition. I just felt that 1's topline was stronger and level. Nice feminine head, super forechest and shoulders well laid back with good bone thoroughout. 3rd Jones' Clairdale Willowmena Sh.CM