• Show Date: 24/10/2019
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Elaine Syrett Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

Midland Counties Canine Society

Breed: Lancashire Heeler

Midland Counties Canine Society Championship Show

26th October 2019

Lancashire Heeler

Judge: Elaine Syrett (Ganseblume)

I would like to thank the committee of Midland Counties for inviting me to judge. This is my first Championship show appointment without tickets and ‘Eileen’ thoroughly enjoyed her day!

I would like to make special mention to the two stewards, Joyce Setterfield and Jean Hay. Two very efficient and friendly ladies that worked so hard to ensure everything ran like clockwork, thank you ladies.

I would also like to take this opportunity to thank all the exhibitors for battling your way through the most awful wet weather and bringing your dogs. Despite road closures through flooding, I hope you all enjoyed your day as much as I did.

All exhibits were presented in excellent condition, all dentition was correct and all had very good temperaments. There are some excellent youngsters coming through, equally the veterans were awesome proving just how long this breed can be shown and win at top level.

Puppy Dog (3,1)

1. Bellinger’s Heelstone Harry Houdini

Lovely youngster nearly 12 months of age just coming into that teenage phase. Nice tipped ears which he used well, good bone and substance. He looks slightly long in loin at present but he’s a big lad and I’m sure this will change as he matures and bodies up.

2. Whiteman’s Madincrowd Edred

Just 6 months old at his first show, he took it all his stride and was so confident! Shorter in loin than first. He has it all there but inexplicably stands bum high despite having good rear angulation. Hopefully this will settle as he matures. Lovely head with a super expression and the best of coats. Presented in very good order.

Junior Dog (5,1)

1. Dawes Leyeside Mister Wilds At Daweslean

17 months old. My notes say “eye catching” and he was! I loved his head, lovely wide skull, good shaped dark eye with good depth to muzzle. Used his ears well to give me that ‘look at me’ expression. Excellent ribbing and I loved his little forechest which gave him a super outline. He moved well, just slightly wide behind. RBD

2. Simpson’s Animalcompaniets Valperez Cowboy Via Simonsville (Imp Swe)

Another promising youngster of 16 months who is so well bodied for his age. Beautiful outline in profile with good bone and substance. Best of toplines which he kept on the move. Just his head for me that swung my decision, he has a round eye and slightly worried expression, lovely dog though.

3. Lawrence’s Hoscar Ellis’s Eddie

Post Graduate Dog (6,1)

1. Whalley’s Traqdean Kiitos Ziggie

This 9 year old male has a super head. I just love his expression, good dark eye and depth of muzzle. Super spring of rib, excellent forechest and shoulders, well angulated at the rear. Slightly less brisk in movement and a little closer in front than I would like to see but he is a veteran.

2. Grant-Parkes Parabar Paratrooper

4 year old mature male who is very well bodied and well off for bone and substance. A little light in eye and when he used his ears has the kindest of expressions. Coat a little soft and wavy but I suspect he may have been bathed or the recent torrential rain may not have helped. Sound mover although a little distracted today.

3. Johnson’s Ribblespride Dance Away

Open Dog (2,0)

1. Bellinger’s Limebrook’s Take A Chance On Me At Heelstone ShCM (Imp Swe)

6 year old Liver/Tan male with one of the best coats in texture of the day. Another who was reluctant to use his ears but with the echoey hall I can’t blame him. Slightly round in eye, good depth to muzzle. Lovely deep ribcage, perhaps a little more spring to complete the picture. The very best of temperaments, I enjoyed my kisses.

2. Cooper’s Parabar Painted Ptarmigan Of Zantal

4 year old male with a lovely dark head but eye a little light in colour. His extra weight didn’t help his movement or his topline which is a shame as he’s another well bodied dog with a super temperament.

Veteran Dog (4,0) Probably the best class of the day!

1. Siggers Ch Foxthyme Jenson

My notes say “Oh yes!” Whenever I looked at this 10 and a half year old dog he was standing four square. He never looked wrong and showed his socks off for his handler. Beautiful outline, so good to go over and for his age he was well muscled and in tip top condition. On movement he was slightly close behind but wow did he move! This was the briskness I like to see, thank you for bringing him. BD, BV and BOB

2. Chamberlain’s Parabar Pemford At Chambuster

Another lovely dog who belies his age at 7 years. Best head of the day, lovely wide skull, good width to ears and good earset with a lovely shaped dark eye to complete the picture. In outline this dog is really lovely, I just wish and I’m sure his handler does too that he moved with a bit more enthusiasm.

3. Whalley’s Traqdean Kiitos Ziggie

Puppy Bitch (3,0)

1. Felstead’s Foveaux Dream Baby Dream

Lovely feminine bitch of 8 months. Not the biggest but she has everything in the right place. Such a pretty head, her skull should widen with maturity. Ears tipped at present and together with the darkest eyes and her expression melts your heart. Lovely little mover, with a firm topline on the move. Loved her confidence and tail carriage, totally at one with her handler.

2. Cutler’s Lankeela Tekeela Sunrise

Nicely matured 10 month old bitch with the prettiest of heads. More mature in body than first but slightly longer in loin however very much in proportion to her size. Super topline which she keeps on the move. She pushed hard for the top spot, just preferred overall outline of first.

3. Sivell’s Foveaux She’s The One

Junior Bitch (1,0)

1. Simpson’s Princess Pollyanna From Simonsville

At 14 months this well bodied little girl has lovely proportions. Lovely expression, good eye with excellent reach of neck. She moved very well for one so young, would just like slightly more underline but that will come with maturity. One to watch I think.

Post Graduate Bitch (7,0) What a lovely class!

1. Erwin’s Boarder Breaker *

Another “Oh yes” moment! When she entered the ring she immediately took my eye. 3 year old bitch with the most beautiful feminine head. Lovely wide skull with dark eye and good depth to her dark muzzle. Fabulous forechest, good lay of shoulder and well angulated at the rear. Her profile and topline both standing and on the move gave her this class and onto Best Bitch. Presented in lovely condition with a super harsh coat. Thank you for braving the weather and bringing her. BB

2. Grant-Parkes Parabar Pimpernel

18 months and just out of junior. What a stunning youngster, she was one I would have loved to sneak in my bag and taken her home. Liver/Tan bitch with the best tipped ears I’ve ever seen on a bitch. Lovely feminine wide head with good depth to her muzzle. Shorter in loin than first, well angulated and moved true coming and going, keeping her topline on the move. As she matures she will have less tuck up and her underline will improve. One to watch, I seriously considered her for reserve best bitch.

3. Simpson’s Princess Pollyanna From Simonsville

Open Bitch (6,1)

1. Davies Black Rose In Ronleydon

My first impression was...what a happy girl. Very similar to my bitch winner, she has a beautiful outline when standing. Excellent coat which was in the best condition. Good mover, slightly down on her pasterns however this didn’t affect her topline or movement. RBB

2. Siggers Foxthyme Dream On

Another lovely bitch I felt spoiled for choice in this class. Slightly longer in the leg but still completely in balance. Lovely feminine head with keen expression, eyes a little light in colour. Lovely to go over, she had the best muscle of all the dogs on the day, which showed in her topline and movement. Totally at one with her handler.