• Show Date: 11/10/2019
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Elaine Bradley Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

South Wales Kennel Association

Breed: Hungarian Wire Haired Vizsla

Thanks go to SWKA for the kind invitation to judge and the wonderful hospitality on the day, thanks to my stewards but mostly my thanks to the exhibitors and their wonderful dogs, for both their wonderful quality entry but also for braving some of the worst rain & flooding of the year. The entry may have been small in quantity but the quality was superb, temperament throughout was A1 and all exhibits had coats of the correct texture with undercoat present, all mouths were correct.

PD (1): Sauro’s Fourlums Heath 6 months old on the day and what a lovely start to the day! Really liked this baby, his head is just right for his age, good furnishings already, eyes still to darken a little more but he’s a lovely size and has good substance, enough forechest and good depth, correct moderate angles, strong neck into correct layback of shoulder, he’s actually very balanced for 6 months with a coat of the correct length and texture, he moved well when settled but once both he and his handler get to grips with the job in hand I think this boy could go far, I will watch his future with interest, BP

PGD (1, 1 abs)

OD (2): 1. Upton’s Sh Ch Tragus Fox Appeal, I was delighted to see this dog come into the ring, one I’ve admired since a puppy from the ringside, he has a masculine head without being overdone and the softest expression enhanced by eyes of the correct colour all beautifully framed by his dense eyebrows and his correctly set ears, his gently arched neck flows into his strong topline which he retains both standing and on the move, great depth of chest & good forechest, good spring of rib giving plenty of heartroom, the correct height to length ratio ensures he is balanced and his moderate angulation front and rear, strong well-boned legs and good feet allow him to drive round the ring effortlessly, and at one with his handler, his coat is correct for colour, texture and undercoat and he’s presented to perfection, this boy is just quality from nose to tail and it’s easy to see why he’s the breed record holder, it was an honour to have the opportunity to judge him and award him BD, BOB and was delighted to learn later that he took Gundog Group 4, congratulations 2. Guests Bardantop Banoffee, I judged this boy previously as a puppy when he was quite gawky, now at 20 months he’s coming together nicely, another masculine head and kind expression, correct eye colour, he has a nice harsh coat of a slightly darker colour to 1., a little shorter cast than 1 but still balanced and correct, strong legs to good feet, I would like a little more rear angulation to finish the picture for me but he’s a good sound mover, covering the ground well, unlucky to meet 1 today but I believe he’s sat on 2 CCs and I’m sure the third won’t be too long in coming, RBD

PB (1, 1 abs)

JB (1): 1. Upton’s Tragus Fox Angel, 14m daughter of my BD, he’s passed on many of his attributes just in a feminine package, pretty head and sweet expression, strong neck, well laid shoulder, excellent depth and plenty of forechest for a bitch, again, correct coat of good texture and colour, nicely angulated fore & aft, well boned legs, I would like slightly tighter feet, moved well and unlucky to meet the more mature Open winner in the challenge, her day will come, well deserved RBB.

PGB (2, 2 abs)

OB (3): 1. Walker & Beardshall’s Zoldmali Kefir of Lanokk (Imp Srb) JW ShCM, 4 year old of lovely size and type, she has a lovely head and expression, strong neck flowing into a strong topline down to correct tailset ensuring she carries her tail correctly on the move which she does with drive off strong legs and good feet, good harsh coat texture with undercoat, this girl should be shown more often, she would do well, pleased to award her BB 2. Wearing’s NL Ch Zoldmali Anizs at Genlusa (Imp Hung) 6 year old bitch of similar type to 1, I liked her head and expression, not as strong in topline as 1 but well made throughout, nice crisp coat of good colour, well muscled and ok for angulation she’s a sound mover, just not quite the sparkle of 1 today 3. Wearing’s Zoldmali Duna at Glenlusa (Imp Hung)

Elaine Bradley (Judge)