• Show Date: 26/07/2019
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Eileen Walker Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

Leeds City & District Canine Association

Breed: Irish Red & White Setter

I would like to thank the Officers and Committee for their kind invitation to judge at this well run show, it was such a shame that the weather gods decided it would be rain, rain and more rain for the duration of this show, but as usual the dog show community all pulled together to make the best of it. Many thanks to my two stewards on the day, your fun loving attitude made my day after such a long wait to get in our ring. Lastly thank you to the exhibitors for your patience, and excepting my placings with good grace. 


Puppy 1 Entry  

1st Sherlock Miss E. M. - Alanea Special One.  

Just 9 months old and in a steep learning curve, he is a handsome baby, dark eye, rather broad across the skull at the moment but should balance well when the rest of his body catches up. Good angulation to front and a good deep chest, a little bum high which straightens his stifles out, this is a growth phase and should improve with age. Nice clear colours, coat in the good condition, would benefit from a little tidy up of his neck. Energetic on the move and needs to settle to the task. 

Junior 1 Entry 

1st Tattersall Mrs. A. – Carrick Shadow Dog At Alanea (IMP) 

At just 14 months old this young boy possesses a striking outline, kind expression, would like a little more length to foreface, correct across the skull, slight arch to neck leading into a smooth and level topline, ample forechest, well angulated front and rear, good depth and spring to ribs placed well back to short strong loin. Sound and happy on the move. 

Post. Graduate 3 Entries (0 absentees) 

1st Green Miss N. – Zendarric Heart Shaped Box With Viszaset 

Beautiful headed dog who is now looking the finished article, still a little proud of his tail, but, this did not detract from his level topline and ground covering movement.  Good depth to forechest, well ribbed up, strong rear quarters used to advantage. In excellent coat and condition. 

2nd Taylor Mr. M. I. & Mrs. W. E. – Laoirebay Monte Carlo 

Nice boy, gives his handler a very hard time, but, they are getting it together more often these days. Good head, eye shape and colour, deep chest, ample ribs, well muscled rear end, sound on the move. 

3rd Whittaker Miss M. M. – Oldestone Caught In The Act 

Limit 4 Entries (0 Absentees) 

1st Ward Mrs. L. R – Cornadore Argyle With Copperwhite  (IMP) 

Really fell for this one. Correct length to foreface, gentle rise in stop, nice broad skull, though not overdone. Nice eye shape and colour, slight arch to neck leading into smooth withers and level topline. Deep chest, well sprung ribs leading into short strong loin. Gentle slope to croup, well set on tail used to advantage on the move. Super angulation front and rear, in lovely coat and condition, correct colour, he was so sound on the move but wish his handler could just get a better pace on him. -  RESERVE C.C. 

2nd Collins Mrs. L. & Mr. P. – Romaunt Bloomin Grand At Forestpoint 

Handsome young dog, gentle expression, correct head planes, smooth through the withers nice level topline, front and rear angulation very good, in lovely coat and condition, moved out on an easy stride, sound fore and aft, just needs to mature on. 

3rd Ball Mr. C. & Mrs. J. Harrison – Corranroo Commitment To Siorrudh JW 

Open 3 Entries (0 Absentees) 

1st Gardner Miss T. – Alanea Game Reserve To Danwish 

Really like this young dog though his handler does tend to over stretch him at times. Handsome head though I find him rather broad across the skull.  Kind gentle expression, good shape to eye, good forechest, great spring of ribs leading into short strong loin, powerful quarters with well bent stifle and short rear pasterns gentle slope to croup, well set tail used to advantage on the move which is where this dog excels, long easy stride in profile, true movement on the out and back. In lovely coat and condtion.  

2nd Pilmer Mr. B. & Mrs. S. – Anisbrig Tobermory 

Love the head on this young dog, dark eye, melting expression, correct foreface and width cross the skull, slight arch to neck leading into smooth level topline,  good depth and length to ribs, strong rear quarters, tail set on well and used to advantage. Super colour, in excellent condition, just wish he would be more animated on the move. 

3rd Knox Mrs. M. & Jakins Miss. P. – Terne Des Coris Qalimero At Coolfin JW (IMP) 

Veteran 1 Entry 

1st Wade Mr. & Mrs. D. S. – Sh.Ch. Ballakinnish Malachi At Oldestone 

 Stunning male who is a picture of total balance throughout, the most appealing gentle expression, dark eyes, gentle rise to stop, good width across skull, ears well set, good forechest, super front angulation, slight arch to neck flowing into smooth withers and a level topline, well rounded croup, tail set well on, great depth to chest, well ribbed up leading into a short strong loin. Stifles well bent with good width, short rear pasterns, tight feet. In super coat and condition, well muscled and carrying just the right amount of weight. On the move he was nigh on perfect, ground covering side gait, straight limbs coming towards me and powering away on a steady even stride. Loved everything about him and had no hesitation in awarding him a well deserved - CC. BEST OF BREED and BEST VETERAN IN BREED. 


Puppy 1 Entry 

1st Ward Mrs. L. R. – Cornadore Bia Becomes Copperwhite (IMP) 

Pretty girl at just 9  months feminine head and expression, showing a little occiput at the moment, but, this should alter as her head developes. Good angles front and rear, a little down on her pasterns, sufficient spring to rib, holds a level topline on the move, but stands a little bum high. Lovely colour and coat in good condition, sound and steady on the move which won her BEST PUPPY over the male puppy.  

Junior 1 Entry 

1st O’Connor Mrs. G. – Dalcross Dancing Queen With Caispern 

A pretty girl who looks well stacked, lovely head, eye and gentle expression, correct angulation fore and aft, good forechest, good spring to rib, well rounded croup, well set on tail which she can certainly use. In lovely coat and condition, wish she would get her act together on the move which was very uncoordinated. 

Post. Graduate 2 Entries (0 Absentees) 

1st Hart Mr. G. J. & Mrs. G. A. – Ianbro Mystic Quartz Shines At Gilliegrae JW 

Not a big one, but so well put together, she does have a tendency to fly her ears which spoils her otherwise feminine expression, correct forechest, lovely spring to ribs, short strong loin, well muscled and sound on the move once she settled to the job in hand. 

2nd Ball Mr. C. & Harrison Mrs. J. – Laoirebay She’s Leaving Home To Siorrudh JW 

Pretty girl, preferred the head and expression on this one today, but, she could not match the movement of 1st. Good angles to front, good spring of ribs, would like more bend to stifle, tail set a little low, moved ok. Coat in good condition, colour good. These two girls have and will continue to change places I’m sure. 


Limit  3 Entries (2 Absentees) 

1st Bayne Mr. G. C & Mrs. J. J. – Corranroo Consort 

Such a pretty girl, in lovely coat and condition, presented to perfection as usual by this exhibitor. Melting expression, lovely dark eye, well shaped head, nice arch to neck, she as a tendency to dip behind the withers when stacked but for the most part on the move she holds a level topline. Strong well muscled body throughout, excellent angles front and rear, she was rather close behind today, but was well in contention for top honours. 

Open 4 Entries (1 Absentee) 

1st Tait Mrs. J. -  Sh.Ch. Lonejoel Sleeping Beauty 

I have admired this bitch from the ringside and was not disappointed with my hands on assessment of her. Correct head, dark expressive eyes, well set ears, lovely arch to neck, smooth over the withers, correct level topline, slight slope to croup, tail well set and used to advantage on the move. Excellent angulation front and rear, well sprung ribs, short coupled, good width to thigh and well muscled. Coat in good condition and good colour, sound and precise on the move. I was delighted to award this lovely bitch the CC. 

2nd Hart Mr. G. J. & Mrs. G. A. – Sh.Ch. Gilliegrae Swift N’Chic 

Bigger girl, but with much to like about her. She is so well put together, so very sound on the move, I would like a more feminine head,  good  forechest, excellent angulation to front, lovely spring to ribs, would like a little more width to thigh, strong and well muscled throughout, in lovely coat and condition and excels in movement, with her long easy stride in profile, and true on the down and out. 

3rd Pilmer Mr. B. & Mrs. S. – Anisbrig Kilkerran 

Veteran 4 Entries (1 Absentee) 

1st Sh.Ch. Ballakinnish Mischief Making Copperwhite JW 

Still a lovely Bitch of super breed type, grand head with lovely expression, nice arch to neck, smooth level topline, well angulated front and rear, good deep chest, ribs well sprung, short loin well rounded croup. Well muscled, moved out soundly and steady in lovely coat and condition, it was my pleasure to award  her the RES.CC. 

2nd Russell Ms. C. Casafelice Comisana At Soncaro 

Another lovely bitch of super breed type, so well made and in good coat and condition, moved out well, sound and steady, and really enjoying her time in the ring. 

3rd Mole Mr. W. w. & Knox Ms. A. B. – Dalriach Silver Tassie At Edincraw 


Judge Mrs E. E. WALKER