• Show Date: 21/06/2019
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Ed Casey Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

North Western Poodle Club

Breed: Poodle (Toy)

North West Poodle Club 21/6/2019

Junior Dog (1, 0abs)

1st Humphreys Airi Arabeska Wonder Me

Adolescent white dog, pleasing head and eye, excellent pigment. Moderate front angulation, enough body and a strong rear, moved freely in profile, just needing a little more confidence. Presented in good order.

Post Graduate Dog (1, 0abs)

1st Thompson Trandella Look of Love

Black dog with a really appealing head and eye, enough neck, a little wide in front, pleasing body condition, well angulated rear which he used on the move. Pres weed in good coat and excellent muscletone. 

Limit Dog (1, 0abs)

1st Thompson Trandella Love the Look SHCm

2 year old dog of pleasing balance and excellent size. Well angulated front, just right for bone, ok feet. Well ribbed and holding a solid topline, ok tail carriage. Moderate rear angulation, moved positively. Well presented in coat of pleasing texture. RBD

Open Dog (1, 0abs)

1st Grant & Murphy Afterglow Americano at Silvora

Black dog of pleasing size and overall balance, masculine head, strong neck, pleasing front angulation. Firm level topline, well bodied, tail could be better. Strong rear quarters well angulated, in the best of muscletone. Moved out freely in all directions BD.

Veteran Dog (1, 0abs)

1st Humphreys Tobonyparks Heaven Forbid

10 year old white dog shown in excellent condition and still in full coat of pleasing texture, well presented. Pleasing angulation, firm level topline, could perhaps carry a little more body to advantage. Moved freely in all direction. BV.x

Minor Puppy Bitch (2, 0abs)

1st Rawley & Summers Toydom Tallulah

Black bitch who stood out in today's entry. Of perfect size, pleasing head and eye, of good length with plenty of chiselling. Long ears. Neck of good length, shoulders well placed, good legs and tight feet. Super body, excellent topline and tailset. Strong quarters which she used to advantage moving. Comes alive moving with her great personality and carriage, got better and better as the day went on, could not be denied BOB and pleased to see her go onto BPIS.

2nd Grant & Murphy Afterglow Love Action with Silvora 

Another quality black puppy bitch who was well presented in a huge, well tailored jacket. Long neck, excellent front angulation, just right for bone, firm well developed body. Strong well developed quarters which she used to advantage moving. Moved very positively in all directions and shown in excellent condition.

Puppy Bitch (2, 0abs)

1st Rawley & Summers Toydom Tapestry 

Apricot Bitch of pleasing size and quality, head steel needs time to develop bit it had good length and superb pigment. Long neck, well angulated front, pleasing bone and feet. Well bodied, firm topline, excellent tail. Free and easy mover, just needs a little more confidence, could not be denied RBB.

2nd Galloway & Reed Warchris Heaven Sent

Larger Bitch, pleasing head of good length. Longer cast and could have carried more body, pleasing coat texture.

Junior Bitch (2, 0abs)

1st Galloway & Reed Warchris Heaven Sent

As previous class

Post Graduate Bitch ( 1, 0abs)

1st Humphreys Joccoaa Midnight train to Tobonypark

Petite bitch in cut out trim. A little short in foreface, dark eyes of pleasing size and shape. Enough neck, could have better font angulation and his showed moving. Could perhaps have carried a little more weight, good tail carriage, moved ok.

Limit Bitch (1, 0abs)

1st Galloway & Reed Steelthorn Miss Angel

Up to size Bitch, could be more refined in head, bold in eye. Moderate angulation, firm in topline. Coat texture could be better. Could have been more positive moving.

Open Bitch (No entries)

Veteran Bitch (1, 0abs)

1st Webb Amberiffic One Direction SHCm 

8 year old bitch in cut down trim. Appealing head and eye, moderate front angulation, pleasing body condition, losing her topline a little now. Pleasing rear, and shown in excellent condition. moved steadily.

Mr Ed Casey