• Show Date: 17/05/2019
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: E Keene Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

Scottish Kennel Club

Breed: Retriever (Golden)


Firstly a big thankyou to the exhibitors for travelling long distances and giving me this quality entry, in particular the yearling, limit and open classes in both dogs and bitches were superb and my grateful thanks to my efficient steward Angela who kept things running in such a large entry.

Minor Puppy Dog. (5) 1.Loverocks Thornywait Space Cowboy at Lovissa really pleasing outline and at just 7 months must have a bright future, loved his head and expression, good length of leg with tight feet, good reach of neck into correct shoulders, level topline and good tailset well turned stifles, moved well, well handled B Puppy Dog. 2.Bells Hoaala Maui well grown pale cream with a nice head, good bone and feet, well placed shoulders, short coupled, good topline moved happily. 3. Healys Bluebraes Jack Frost.

Puppy Dog. (5,3). 1. Giltsoffs Leighsham Ladram Buoy vhc in MP pale cream who is immature and needs more practice on the move but has a pleasing head and outline, quarters need time to develop. 2. Watsons Sheriffsmuir Perfect Gift this young man was difficult to judge as he is so nervous but he has a lovely head and expression, nice outline and did move quite well when settled.

Junior Dog.(6,2) 1. Boltons Dantassie Golden Gun for Shiresmill eyecatching outline which i loved, shown in super pale golden coat, presented to perfection,typical head and expression with dark pigment, excellent fore and hindquartes, dead level topline held on the move, moved accurately, should have a great future.2. Towers and Hendersons Carnaval Dorado Pirate Soul at 121/2 months has a very nice make and shape, not a big boy but nicely balanced for age, super head, strong body and topline, strode out well.3.Mc Cormacks Flyngalee Signature.

Yearling Dog.(10) class of quality. 1. Vernons Graceleigh Popeye super young boy with an impressive outline, just loved his head and gentle expression, excells in forehand with quarters to match, dead level topline held on the move, sound driving movement. 2. Pastusiaks Prince Charming of Labgold, very nice young dog shown to perfection on a loose lead, good male head, pleasing expression, balanced outline, moved well, just tending to roll slightly when viewed in side profile. 3. Woods Daily Rays hope of heart to Amirene.

Graduate Dog. (9,2) 1. Maynards Chinnordale Cue Card super young dog with a lovely head and intelligent expression, very well made throughout with great muscle tone, shown in shining rich golden coat, sound driving movement from strong quarters.2. Trotters Baricia Let it Shine very different in type to 1, super pale cream boy good male head, stands well on strong legs and feet, correct lay of shoulder, mature body, well turned stifles, moved well. 3.Towers and Hendersons C. Dorado P. Soul.

Post Graduate Dog.(13,2).1. Mc Aleeses Tullochmoor Here we go Again very nice outline on this mid gold boy of good size, really liked his head and expression, correct forehand, great bone and feet, strong topline, tail well set on, well muscled quarters enabling him to move with purpose and drive. 2. Vicars Catcombe Calico at Peersbrook similar in type to 1 just smaller in frame but has a smart outline super head, very good bone and feet,strong topline, so sound on the move. 3. Woods Amirene Yours Forever.

Limit Dog. (18,2) 1. Loach’s and Zubair’s Thornywait Rossini i have followed the progress of this lovely boy since i judged him as a puppy and today i have never seen him look better, headed a super class, good male head with gentle expression, dark eye and pigment, ample bone and cat like feet, correct lay of shoulder and angle to upper arm, deep through the heart, good body and loin, well muscled quarters and strong hocks enabling him to move with accuracy and great drive, pleased to award him the C.C. in great company.2.Dunbars Linirgor Tomich lots to like about this young man who has a smart outline, delightful head and expression, reachy neck into well placed shoulders, good bone and feet, short strong body and topline held on the move, easy ground covering strides. 3.Loverocks Lovissa Space Dust.

Open Dog.(9,3) 1. Trinders Sh. Ch. Thornywait San Valentino, beautifully balanced pale cream dog with a stunning outline, lovely head, reachy neck into excellent forehand with great quarters to match, strong body and level topline,moved with precision and drive, not quite in full coat today but well deserved the res C.C. 2. Cuthills Sh.Ch Mousseglen Maclaine another quality boy who i have done well in the past, lovely type with a good male head and gentle expression, correct front feet and bone, with good angle to upper arm, deep mature body, great topline and tailset, neat tidy movement front and rear.Loverocks Sh Ch. Thornywait Crackerjack.

Veteran Dog. (6,2) 1. Thurm’s Beldonburn Fairplay at 10 years young is looking very well, great muscle tone, deep body and strong in loin, super feet for age, strong quarters, moved with drive.

2. Maynards Ch. Napoleon Uber den Wolken almost 9 and in very good coat and condition, pleasing head with true golden expression, well made throughout, short coupling,level topline, moved soundly.3. Mcaleese’s Lochtaymor the Plainsman at Glormhorcu.

Spec Beginners (4,1)1. Wardens Nobleman Tak the high road to Glentochty nicely made young man with a pleasing head, strong topline, moved happily, pleased to see him win Sp Beginner group 4.2. Burrows and French’s Dilworthy Williams Prince attractive pale cream boy with a nice outline, good bone and feet,moved well when settled.3. Websters Tasheen Peppermint.

Good Citizen.(5,2)1.Rose’s Gildas Amori Infiniti, lovely mid gold, just loved his head and happy expression, stands four square very animated, well made throughout with strong quarters and short strong hocks, sound driving movement.2. Wardens Eyevalley Macallan of Glentochty, lovely type with a gorgeous head and expression, super bone, short in coupling, moved happily.3. Finnies Thistleyhill Country Chiel.

Minor Puppy Bitch. (10,1) 1. Zubair & Trinders Thornywait Cassiopeia Loved the overall balance of this 7 month baby and has great attitude too, delightful head, elegant reach of neck into correct shoulders, good bone & tight feet, short coupled moved very well and had the advantage of being well presented and handled BP & P Group 4. 2. Clarksons DrumkiltyOn Impulse a real baby but lots to like about her, attractive pale coat lovely head & expression, well made throughout with good bone & feet, short in coupling with level topline neat tidy movement. 3. Rose’s Gaytonwood Sparkler.

Puppy Bitch (9,1) 1. McDonalds Lamanch New Adventure, attractive pale cream girl who has a smart outline, good length of leg, tight feet, elegant neck into the best of fronts, strong body for age well sprung rib with level topline held on the move, handled and moved well. 2. Falconers Rossgilde My Fair Lady of Siatham, nicely made young lady with a pretty head & expression, dark pigment, short in coupling, well turned stifles, moved well when settled. 3. Rose’s G Sparkler.

Junior Bitch. (14,4) 1. Hill & Smiths Mergarvey Santorini well grown, 13 month girl with a really pleasing outline, feminine head, excels in front and rear angles, very good bone and feet, mature body for age, well bent stifles & neat hocks, moved with purpose and drive. 2. D Gormans Thornywait Top Notch for Berrymead. Very feminine outline, tending to crouch a little but is quite animated, however I liked her overall balance and she moved very well & with drive. 3. Matthew Mavistan Pandora with Sonham.

Yearling Bitch (16) 1. Crookes & Jenkinsons QuakerhallPandoras Bounty, I am sure there are several future Champions here and this lovely bitch headed a fabulous class of quality, such a stunning outline, with super head and expression, presented to perfection, excels in front and rear angles, great movement fore and aft. 2. Douthwaite & Wharfe’s Gracewood Mackenzie this lovely mid gold won her place on her precise and tidy movement, super make and shape, strong legs & feet, dead level topline, well muscled quarters and strong hocks evident on the move. 3. Clarksons Drumkilty Lisdoonvarna.

Graduate Bitch (10, 2) 1. Smiths Goldmarker Luminara I have judged this lovely girl before, and made her R,B,I,S. Shown in rich golden coat, love her head and gentle expression, really balanced outline with good length of neck leading into well laid shoulders. Super angles front and rear, so sound on the move, another one destined for top honours. 2. O’Neils Strathalon Sweet Sensation, glamourous pale cream bitch, very well presented and well made throughout, good bone and neat feet, very animated, easy flowing movement. 3. Mavistan P with Sonham.

Post Graduate Bitch (12, 3) 1. FostersAuristela Sweet Sixteen attractive pale cream. Balanced outline with correct angles front and rear, good depth of chest with spring of rib, easy free flowing movement. 2. Shepherds Parlickview Summer Solstice lots to like about this mid gold girl shown free on a loose lead, lovely make and shape, correct forehand, level topline, strong body, moved out well. 3. Clarksons Drumkilty Ishbell.

Limit Bitch.(20,5)1. Rodgers Rojillair Evening Magic of Ordarla have done this quality girl well in the past but today she looked fabulous, in full bloom and a joy to go over, lovely head and eye, truly feminine throughout, excellent front and rear angles, deep mature body, strong topline held on the move, moved with great reach and drive, a champion in the future res C.C. 2. Zubair and Trinders Thornywait Cinzano smart outline on this mid gold girl, loved her make and shape, sweet head and gentle expression, correct forehand, level topline and tailset, not quite the breadth of quarters of 1 but moved well.3. Crookes and Jenkinsons Quakerhall Victory Jubilee.

Open Bitch.(14,2)1. Dunbars Sh. Ch. Linirgor Violets are Blue this is a beautiful bitch from any angle, totally balanced outline and shown in tip top condition, delightful head and kindly expression, correct forehand with good length of leg and tight feet, well sprung ribs, firm topline, well muscled quarters and strong hocks enabling effortless ground covering movement C.C. and B.O.B.2. Mc donalds Fergusglen Dancing Queen at Lamancha, smaller in frame than 1 but a bitch i liked very much, attractive pale cream with a feminine outline, very good make and shape, good breadth of quarters, moved very well. 3. Hill and Smiths Sh. Ch. Mergarvey Once upon a Time

Veteran Bitch.(4,2) 1.Wards Sh. Ch. Laurenley Layla worthy champion and looking well today, classical outline, although not in her best clothes showed and moved very well.2. Turnbulls Steval Dare to Dream very nice mid golden girl, lovely head and dark pigment, super bone and feet,very nice outline and quarters moved soundly.

Spec Beginners (5,1) 1.Bradleys Ceilcaesar Calender Girl vhc in grad well grown mid gold, a tad heavy over her shoulders, but a pleasing outline and good quarters, more settled movement in this class. 2.Livingstone,s Lamancha Night Time Dreamer pale cream girl with a pleasing head and expression, just needs time to gain in confidence, moved o.k. 3. Middlemiss,s Corsemaul I’m Going Home to Harmarjoy.

Good Citizen.(5,1) 1. Middlemiss,s Evenmint Autumnal Shades at Harmarjoy well grown mid gold who has a nice outline, liked her head and expression, good bone and feet,a tad heavy but moved nicely.2. James,s Tsarmont Star Quality sweet head and expression, shoulders could be better and lacked coat today, bot she moved quite well from strong quarters. 3 James,s Tsarmont Lakeside Star.

                                          Liz Keene. (judge)