• Show Date: 26/04/2019
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Dianne Reid Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

West Of England Ladies Kennel Society

Breed: Basset Fauve De Bretagne

West Of England Ladies’ Kennel Society Championship Show 28th April 2019

Basset Fauve De Bretagne

Thank you to the Officers and Committee for inviting me to judge, the exhibitors for entering under me and my efficient and good humoured stewards; it was an honour to judge this breed.

PD (2,0) 1. Mrs D & Miss R Ellrich, Malrich Gingerbred Man Lovely youngster, 9 mths with nice proportions giving him a balanced outline when stacked. Nice head, lovely dark eye giving correct expression, good leathers. Well constructed throughout which is reflected in his sound movement, compact body with Good ribs and nice strong loin. Good bone. Shown in excellent condition, coat is ok. Moved well coming and going, keeps topline on the move, nice short tail. Am sure he will have a bright future. BPIB 2. Miss A Revens & Mr P Hyde, Blevwil World Class At Beabass. 6 mths old baby, of different type to 1. A longer cast dog with more length throughout. He has a lovely dark eye and nice dark pigment. Well off for bone and with a nice harsh coat. Would prefer him to be more compact with a shorter, stronger loin. Handled well and owner gets the most out of him on the move.

JD (2,0) 1. Messrs BR & MJ Jones & Gregg, Wratthembray Mr Tod Very typey male, maturing well for 13 months. Masculine head , pleasing eye and expression, good ears of correct texture & length and set correctly. Good front assembly with excellent feet. Well off for bone, well muscled, good coat and condition. Prominent sternum, good ribs and loin. Moderate angulation at rear, moves well with tail carried nicely. 2. Mrs G Robinson Wratthembray Timmy Tiptoes Litter brother to 1. Out of a smaller mould and slightly longer cast than 1. Nice head, dark eye and good ears, set correctly. Front is ok, nice feet, ribs ok and moderate angulation at rear. Nice harsh coat. Moves well.

PGD (1,0) 1. Mesdames J&J Richmond & McDonald Ulliott, Hibeck Paddington Bear 2 yrs male, maturing nicely from the last time I judged him. Masculine typical head, dark eye, good leathers set correctly. Nicely boned and well constructed throughout. Good tail, set correctly and carried well on the move. In lovely condition, good coat, moved and handled well.

OD (3,0) 1. Messrs BR & MJ Jones & Gregg, Multi Ch Hibeck Pain Au Chocolat Avec Wratthembray Mature 4 yrs male, caught my eye when he came into the ring, he didn’t disappoint. Presents a balanced picture when stacked, typical head, excellent dark eye giving a lovely expression, good ears, set correctly. Prominent sternum, good front, excellent feet, well sprung ribs extending well back and nice strong short loin. Excellent coat and in good condition he moves well, covering the ground, nice short tail carried well. BD & BOB. 2. Mrs JL,6,16 Mr RA & Mrs LA Bendle & Blevins, Ch Blevwil Nick Nack SHCM Another quality male, 2 yrs old and unlucky to meet 1. Balanced in profile, compact, lovely head with nice dark eye, good pigment and good ears set on well. Good ribs extending back, nice short loin. Good coat. Moves well keeping topline on the move, good tail. Not quite as tidy as 1 on the move but am sure they will change places. RBD 3. Mr R & Mrs H Allenby, Rangali Tigger.

JB (2,0) Two very nice young bitches. 1. Mrs PA Turton Shiroblam Supa Coco Lovely youngster, at 14 mths maturing nicely. Balanced in profile, typical head of correct proportions, dark eye, nice dark pigment, correct ears set on well. Front assembly is good, prominent sternum into well laid shoulder, good ribs and strong loin, nicely angled rear quarters. Moves well coming and going and in profile keeps her topline well, good tail carriage. One to watch, sure to have a bright future. 2. Mr R & Mrs H Allenby Rangali Wispa 15 mths and excels in head which is typey, good dark eye giving lovely expression, dark pigment, good leathers set correctly. Good construction throughout and moves well and with purpose. On the day I preferred the front construction and movement of 1.

PGB (3,0) A challenging class with two very different types. 1. Miss A Revens & Mr P Hyde, Naya Do Cal Da Paderna At Beabass (IMP ESP) BEJCH, BJWBE’18, BEJW’18 Dark brick red bitch of 18 mths, feminine with the darkest of eye and dark pigment, lovely harsh jacket. Handled well, she moves with purpose. In profile this bitch is longer cast than I like and in her construction she is longer throughout. She still needs to mature to drop her chest and fill out. Won the class on attitude and movement. Mrs P & Mr R Humphrey Belvwil Kept Me Secret For Gloynbyw Unfortunately this bitch wasn’t very co-operative for her handler which is a shame, she is a typey fauve. Decent head and overall construction is ok although she likes her dinner a bit too much which spoils her topline and movement.

OB (6,1) A lovely class with some very nice bitches which I am certain will change places. 1. Mrs D & Miss R Ellrich, Ch/Int Ch Blevwil Enchantress Over Malrich JW, EUJW’16, WCW’17 I judged this bitch as a puppy and she is now 5 and has matured nicely. She is really balanced and really excels on the move, which won her the class. A nice type this bitch has a good head, nice front, prominent sternum, well laid shoulder and ribbed nicely. Moderate at the rear and in excellent condition. Coat is good. Really moves out well, with purpose and attitude and carries her tail well. Pleasure to give her BB. 2. Mrs PA Turton Shiroblam Bourdaffy I also judged this bitch as a puppy and she took my eye then for her balance and breed type. She has matured nicely, super feminine bitch, lovely typical fauve head with the darkest of eye giving a lively expression. Well made throughout which gives her the balance, well ribbed and a strong loin she keeps a nice level topline when stacked and on the move. Great harsh coat, nice short tail, carried correctly. She just didn’t match 1 on movement today. RBB 3. Mr R & Mrs H Allenby, Rangali Tinkerbell 4. Messrs BR & MJ Jones & Gregg, Ch Hibeck Ginger Biscuit At Wratthembray CW’17, BWNL’17, BWLUX’17 5. Mrs P & Mr R Humphrey, Blevwil Drop Dead Gorgeous Avec Gloynbyw