• Show Date: 24/03/2019
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Diane Parry Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

Hungarian Wirehaired Vizsla Association

Breed: Hungarian Wire Haired Vizsla

Hungarian Wirehaired Vizsla Championship Show 24th March 2019 at the KC Building, Stoneleigh. 


What an honour to award my first Challenge Certificates at my breed club show. Thank you to the committee for inviting me, to the exhibitors for bringing your lovely dogs for me to asses and to my unflappable stewards Mike and Sarah for their efficiency and humour. I had a thoroughly enjoyable day. 

It’s 8 years since the breed obtained CC status and although numbers in the ring have remained static I had some quality dogs to go over. As I expected temperaments, without exception were sound. Coats were good with just a handful lacking the required double coat and length. This breed is always challenging to judge with a variety of head shape and body size, type is hard to find. Mouths, with the exception of one, were correct but I was dismayed to find a large number of dogs with a narrow under jaw and consequently crammed in front bottom teeth. Breeders please be aware of this as narrowing of the underjaw will lead to smaller teeth and eventually a reduction in teeth numbers as the mouth becomes too small. The square appearance of the head that the breed standard calls for will be lost and muzzle shape will change. I found shape and length of rib lacking in many exhibits and varying length of loin. 

I was satisfied that my principal winners had the attributes that I consider make a Hungarian Wirehaired Vizsla. 


Minor Puppy Dog. 1 entry 

1st Shaw and Pryer’s Fraidikee Legends of Loki.  8 month old youngster at that leggy stage but has time to deepen all through, good coat. Correct head, eyes need to darken.  Good rear angulation, excellent feet and he moved steadily with the correct tail carriage. 


Puppy Dog. 1 entry (1a). 


Junior Dog 2 entries ( 1a) 

1st Guest’s Bardantop Banoffee. 14 month old with an excellent coat. Correct head, although I’d prefer a more moderate stop.  Good neck into well laid shoulders, he has balanced angulation, a straight front and good feet. A little more length of body would create a more balanced picture. Moved steadily but tended to over reach. 

Yearling Dog No entries 

Novice Dog 1 entry 

1st Clymer’s Phantomfuror Guava. Up to size dog with a correct coat but needing to deepen all through. Balanced angles. Good head, eyes need to darken. Stood on good feet. He played his handler up but once settled he moved soundly. 

Graduate Dog 1 entry 

Repeat of Novice Dog. 


Post Graduate Dog 6 entries (1a) 

1st Spillane’s Belatarr Jupiter. Up to size, impressive male with a good coat. His head is all male with correct eye colour for his coat. Good front but I would prefer more rear angulation for balance. Excellent shape and length of ribs. He moved well with a firm, level back and was skillfully handled. 

2nd Thomas’s Hosokter Tompa at Odinsmoke. A medium sized, cobby dog with a short but correct coat. Good front, excellent pro sternum and decent upper arm. I would like more width to brisket so that his elbows tuck. Moderate rear.  He moved soundly. Preferred size of 2. 

3rd Smith’s Indriel Faramir. 


 Limit Dog 4 entries 

1st Howard’s Lanokk Szivos JW. An easy class winner. Medium sized, balanced dog with an excellent front. Decent coat. Excellent head with the most fabulous broad nose and correct colour eyes for his coat. He is super from all angles but today was carrying a little weight. He moved out well and I forgave him his high tail carriage. Considered for Res CC. 

2nd Moss’s Ewtor Nobody Does It Better. Tall dog with a decent coat.  A little less body  length would give him more balance, excellent depth.  Super head and eye. Decent front but excels in rear with a correct croup. Moved with animation and was skillfully handled. 

3rd Gower’s Fassfields Fame and Fortune. 


Open Dog 4 entries 

1st Upton’s Sh Ch Tragus Fox Appeal. Correct size with a super head and eye. He is moderate all through and has excellent balance. Good coat. His level back is firm stood and moving. Moved very well with animation and drive. Didn’t put a foot wrong today, outshone every other dog and ensured I would make it his day.  Dog  CC and Best in Show 

2nd Collier’s Belatarr North By Northwest Sh. CM. Very different dog to the winner. Well up to size with a decent coat. Good head, would benefit from stripping. Moderate angles, well let down brisket. I would prefer more length of body and his topline is sloping, excellent croup. Shapely ribs. He moved very well and with verve. 

3rd Moss’s Helios Sol at Ewtor. 


Champion Dog 2 entries 

A small but very difficult class, two worthy champions in the breeds first ever champion class. 

1st Newman’s Ch Zoldmali Szeles Morganna. Excellent coat on a super size dog, a really nice package. Strong head with a dark eye, preferred the head on 2.Correct bone.  He is well balanced but I would prefer more shape to his ribs. His back is level standing and moving. Handler tended to overstretch him, losing his angulation. Correct croup and tail carriage and moved with drive and purpose. Delighted to award him top honours. Res CC 

2nd Spillane’s Sh Ch Belatarr Hercules. Well up to size impressive male, a little short of coat today. Preferred size of 1. Correct head and eye. Deep brisket and good front. Better rear angles would provide more overall balance. Well shaped ribs. Correct croup and tail carriage.  


Veteran Dog 3 entries ( 1a) 

1st Aldridge’s Sh. Ch Gwaithmaes Shameless. Well up to size with ample bone. This dog is in superb condition. He is balance but has with better angles at the rear. Correct head with a lovely eye. He is pretty impressive stood but on the move takes it up a level. His drive was unsurpassed by any other dog or bitch on the day. What a super veteran and was considered for Res CC. Unlucky to meet the Bitch CC winner to challenge for Best Veteran. 

2nd Spillanes Belatarr Charlie Parker Sh.CM. Very different to 1. Up to size dog that was showing his age today.  Correct head and eye. Balanced angles, level back. Excellent croup. Good coat, good feet. Moved steadily and skillfully handled. 


Special Working Dog 1 entry 

1st Newman’s Ch. Zoldmali Szeles Morganna. 


Minor Puppy Bitch 5 entries (1a) 

1st Upton’s Tragus Fox Angel. 7 month old with a correct coat. She presents a balanced picture with super depth. Good front, would prefer more angle to upper arm. She excels over the croup and second thigh. Good rear angulation although a little weak in the hocks. A lovely eye catching youngster. Moved steadily but occasionally a bit close behind. Res Best Puppy in Show 

2nd Sutton’s Amiryck Ilse for Hornbaek. 8 month old with an excellent coat. Correct head and eye. Level back, good feet. Enough depth but ribs are short creating a pronounced tuck up. Would prefer more angulation front and rear and was a little bum high today. Has lots of time to mature .Moved steadily with precision. 

3rd Fisher’s Nyari Rose at Zamiyla. 


Puppy Bitch 4 entries (1a) 

1st Smillie-Gray’s Oakberrow Let The Fun Be Gin. 9 month old impressive strong bitch who exuded joy. Well of for bone, decent coat. Correct head, eyes need to darken. She is a balanced picture in depth and angles. Excellent croup and second thigh. Moved with drive and animation, there was no doubting that she was happy. Best Puppy in Show 

2nd Halstead’s Maishy Jinzu. 10 month old tall bitch who because of her length was balanced.  Coat could be harsher. Correct head and eye, decent front. Nails need cutting. Good depth and shape to ribs. Level back stood and moving.  Correct rear angulation.On the move she was precise and steady, well handled. 

3rd Holt’s Maiashy Akori. 


Junior Bitch 5 entries  

1st Newman’s Morganna Anisette. On the bottom end of the size scale and if there was more she would be even better. Immediatley caught by eye for balance, bone and moderation. Excellent coat, head and eye. My preference would be for a longer upper arm but superbly angulated front and rear. Short, level back and correct croup. Moving she was steady with precision, a little wide coming towards me but this did not detract from what is a lovely bitch, just my type. Res CC 

2nd Harris-Mayell’s Fitzrovia To Be A Pilgrim. Very different bitch to the winner. Presents a balanced picture with a correct coat would prefer more bone. Correct head and eye, my preference would be for a little more length of muzzle. Straight front, good feet. Level back, correct croup and tail set. Moved steadily but was close behind. 

3rd Reid’s Bardantop Sticky Toffee With Cuffnells. 


Yearling Bitch 5 entries (1a) 

1st Aldridge’s Gwaithmaes Aoife. Correct size with a good coat, would prefer more bone. Correct head and eye, straight front. Brisket needs to deepen to balance with height and length. Level back and excels in croup. Balanced angulation. On the move she was expertly handled and moved with animation and purpose. 

2nd  Belassie-Page Bardantop Treacle Tart. A balanced bitch with good depth and a straight front. Coat a little soft and head needs stripping to appreciate the correct skull shape. Decent bone, level back, well ribbed back. Moved well but was a little proud of her tail and moving away she was close behind. 

3rd Bardantop Sticky Toffee with Cuffnells. 


Novice Bitch 5 entries 

1st Smillie-Gray’s Oakberrow Let The Fun Be Gin. 

2nd Bellassie-Page’s Bardantop Treacle Tart 

3rd Reid’s Bardantop Sticky Toffee with Cuffnells. 


Graduate Bitch 1 entry 

1st Halhead’s Belatarr Thirty Nine Steps. Correct coat, good depth and bone. Correct head and eye. Balanced when stood but tended to dip in the back, might be  handler error. Moved ok. 


Post Graduate Bitch 9 entries  (2a) 

1st Smith’s Indriel Eowyn. Although this bitch hid her light under a bushel I was able to see it shining through ! Superbly balanced, excellent coat, size and length. Her head is correct but also lovely with excellent eye colour. Moved well and would move better with an ounce more confidence. I really liked her.  

2nd Jameson’s Blamtrinever Bloomer. Another lovely bitch. Longer cast  with a correct coat that would benefit from stripping. Super correct angles front and rear. Straight front, good feet, nails need cutting. Moved well with purpose. 

3rd Pryer’s Herlinga Helewise. 


Limit Bitch 4 entries (2a) 

Two very different bitches. 

1st Guest’s Bardantopn Plum Duff. Lower end of size scale, decent coat, moderate angles. Correct head and eye. Straight front, good neck. Excels in the rear with a good second thigh and correct croup. Moved ok. 

2nd  Moss’s Electra Atlantis At Ewtor. Thought this to be my class winner on the stack but when moving she appeared to be favouring a front left leg. Correct balance, depth and coat. Correct and lovely  head with super eye colour. Super neck. Excels in rear. Moved well but just favoured a leg. 


Open Bitch 5 entries  

1st Collier’s Sh Ch Belatarr Mahalia Jackson Sh.CM. Eye catching bitch, balanced with the most exquisite shape, depth and length of rib. Correct bone, robust.  Up to size.  Coat OK  but head and especially eyebraows.would benefit from stripping so you can see her lovely head. Comes alive on the move with precise footfall and drive. 

2nd Smillie-Gray’s Oakberrow Gintastic. This was without doubt the happiest dog in the show and she made sure everyone knew, she made me smile.  Excellent bone, depth and length. Coat OK. Correct head and eye. Level back, excellent croup and second thigh. Although balanced she has better rear angles. On the move she has drive from the rear but her front angles didn’t allow her to reach as she needed to. 

3rd Summerfield’s Ambermoore Tanzanite Blue At Miadsc Sh.CM 


Champion Bitch 2 entries (1a). 

1st Reid’s Sh Ch Cuffnells Sweet Violet.  Last time I judged this bitch in 2015 she was a bit lack lustre. Today she was on top form and in superb condition. She is superbly balanced with an excellent coat. Correct head and eye, level, strong back, firm when stood and moving. She is undeniably correct all through. On the move she had drive and yes could be more animated but she did enough to secure the top spot. I loved her but she to give way to the dogs youth and verve in the challenge.  Bitch CC,  Best Opp Sex, Best Veteran and Reserve Best in Show 


Veteran Bitch 4 entries 

1st. Sh Ch Cuffnells Sweet Violet. 

2nd Upton’s Tragus Honey Buzzard. Another bitch I have always loved and unlucky to meet 1 today. A veteran, where does time go! She has balance, an excellent coat, super head and eye. Her back is short and level and she has excellent angulation front and rear. Her ribs are deep, long and shapely. She takes off on the move and adores her handler. What a treat to have these two lovely senior girls to go over. 

3rd Aldridge’s Ginger Lillie Around Oakberrow. 


Special Working Bitch 3 entries  

1st Blackman’s Zoldmali Zeller. My notes say what a cracking coat! I was taken with this bitches balance and length. Correct, and I loved it, head and eye. Prominent pro sternum but would prefer more length of upper arm. Her rear angles are excellent. Good feet, straight front. Moved well and although it was obvious her and her handler would benefit from more practice, but they showed me enough to win the class. Considered for the Res CC. 

2nd Issitt’s Canterway Coree at Forgun. My notes say lovely bitch. Correct coat, head and eye. Straight front.Deep ribs but a little tucked up. Correct body proportions with a strong, level back. I preferred the head on 1. Moved steadily. 



Diane Parry