• Show Date: 16/11/2019
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Diana King Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

Welsh Corgi Club

Breed: Welsh Corgi (Pembroke)

Welsh Corgi Club

Saturday 16th November 2019

Minor Puppy Bitch: 0

Puppy Bitch: 4 (1abs)

1. Blance’s Penliath Bill Me Later (AI) This 11 month r/w ticked all the boxes, feminine head and expression with dark eyes and good ear set. Lovely reach of neck leading into well laid shoulders enabling her to move out with good forward reach whilst holding her top line, good turn of stifle and short hocks completed the balanced outline of this lovely puppy. On her way to a bright future. Res. C.C. Best Puppy & Best Puppy in Show.

2. Gordon’s Ryslip Hobnob. R/w with sable markings. A month older than the winner and just in the puppy class. Quite a pleasing head and expression, well let down in front with ample bone and correct shaped feet. Good reach of neck, level top line held on the move, good turn of stifle and short hocks enabling her to move with drive.

3. Aylott’s Holly Pippin at Barwal

Junior Bitch: 1

1. Irving’s Twinin Shake The Tree. Although alone in the class this r/w came into the ring showing a presence moving around the ring with drive. Feminine head and expression with dark eyes and pigmentation. Well let down in front with ample bone carried down the neat feet. Good lay of shoulder giving her excellent forward reach holding her top line, angled stifles and short hocks enabling her to move purposeful. Really like her overall balance. Very pleased to award her the C.C. She went on to BOB & Best in Show.

Yearling Bitch: 1

1. Maddox;s Salvenik Scarlet Rose. R/w, kind feminine expression, dark eyes and correct shaped head. Neat front and feet. Presented a balanced outline moving around the ring holding her top line. Very attentive show girl.

Novice Bitch: 1 Absent

Post Graduate Bitch: 3

1. May & Woodey’s Barawood Spirito Libero (AI). R/w who was full of herself as she came into the ring. Pleasing head and expression. Well let down in front, ample bone carried down to neat feet. Moved positively coming and going. Presented a balanced outline.

2. Davies’ Cadiha Delilah. R/w who sadly had left her coat at home. Smaller and out of a different mould to the winner. Feminine head and expression. Finer boned which was extenuated by lack of coat. Moved quite well both ways. Very attentive to her handler.

3. Woodey’s Barawood Soul Singer

Limit Bitch: 5 (1abs)

1. Coulson’s Woodhenge Storm Princess NBT. Attractive feminine head and expression with good pigmentation and ear set. Neat front with good bone. Liked her overall body shape. Level top line held on the move. Presented in excellent condition.

2. Rees’ Stadwen Rosina. Well up to size but not as feminine in head as the winner. She has a good reach of neck and shoulder angulation. Good body shape with firm level top line held on the move, covered the ground with drive. Just preferred the overall balance of the winner.

3. Maddox’s Salvenik Summer Rosebud

Open Bitch: 5 (1abs)

1. Blance, Blance Shelton & Leyerly’s Ch. Penliath Sent From Coventry (AI). This lovely bitch stood out in this class for her overall body shape with good reach of neck. Head of correct proportions and ear set, feminine expression. Well let down in front with good bone. Moved with drive holding her top line. Presented in excellent coat and condition.

2. Coulson’s Ch. Woodhenge Star Xtravaganza. R/w with sable markings. Attractive head of correct proportions, and kind expression. Ample bone carried down to neat feet. Liked her body shape showing substance in a small space. Moved out well coming and going. Presented in lovely coat and condition.

3. Irving’s Twinan Tight Squeeze JW

Veteran Bitch: 7 (2abs)

1. Aylott’s Barwal Belle. This 13 year old tri was enjoying her day out, and showed she could still move with the best of them. Liked her overall balance, and kind alert expression.

2. Legerton’s Ermyn Flickering Flame at Solaw. 9 year old R/w. Appealing head and expression. Moved out well covering the ground. Not as positive in hind action as the winner.

3. Van Eeghen’s AW(B) Belletcor Zebas Starlight

Diana King – Judge.