• Show Date: 02/03/2019
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Des Manton Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

North Western Old English Sheepdog Club

Breed: Old English Sheepdog

North Western Old English Sheepdog Club Championship Show

held on Saturday, 2nd March,

at the Brodsworth Miners' Welfare Hall, Doncaster

Nice to be asked to judge a club show back in the UK after quite a long absence, particularly the North Western Club ,which holds very pleasant memories for me as my 'Dazzle' won her first CC and BIS at this show exactly 25 years ago. My thanks to Dorothy Brockelsby - Evans and her committee for the invitation and to my two excellent stewards on the day, Ann Esposito and Colin Laybourne, not forgetting Shirley Marsh and Auntie Ann for their transportation and hospitality and of course, Tony and Janet Steele for their sterling work producing the photographic memories of the show. It was great to meet up with a lot of my 'old' contemporaries, many of whom, although no longer active in the ring, were in attendance to catch up on the 'good old days', all in all, a lovely atmosphere on the day. Not a big entry, but nonetheless a quality line-up at the end of the day, suggesting that not all is doom and gloom in our beloved breed, with cause for optimism that despite falling numbers, there are still enough enthusiasts around to keep the flag flying.

Best in Show went to the Bitch CC winner, Robertson's Hickorystix Keep The Faith, with RBIS to the male, Mills' Bottomshaker Easy Lover With Kerjalee, both from their respective Limit classes; Best Puppy in Show was the Minor Puppy Bitch winner, Castle's Moluneux Run For Home, with Best Veteran in Show to the Veteran Dog winner, Oakes' Ch Gogolega Stargazer At Ambleoak.

VETERAN DOG – 1 entry (0 abs)

1. Oakes' Ch Gogolega Stargazer At Ambleoak, 7 year old male of upstanding size and symmetry, clean square skull, clean eyes, good mouth; ok neck leading into well placed shoulders and standing four square on well boned legs. Good rear angulation with well defined hocks, he was presented in pristine condition with a clear crisp jacket; an easy mover given the restrictions of the ring, have the feeling he just wanted to really power away. Pleaded to award him Best Veteran in Show.

MINOR PUPPY DOG – 2 entries (0) abs

1. Palmer's Red Devil Aus Dem Elbe Urstromtal For Hazyland, 8 months old and still very much ,in my eyes, a raw youngster who needs to come up on his legs as he looks rather longer cast at this stage; that said, he is a powerful young male with a strong head with clean eyes and mouth, ok neck and shoulders and standing on strong, well-boned legs. Strong topline with moderate rear angles, and presented in excellent coat, he was a little heavy for me at this stage, very much a work in progress. I would like to see how he develops in a year's time, will need careful nurturing to develop his undoubted potential. Best Puppy Dog.

2. Storey's Maghullpaws King's Ransom, another 8 months old youngster, medium sized with a lovely temperament; overall still very immature but with a nice head, ok angles and moving ok. At the moment he is not in the best of coats but his very sporting owner and I had a private discussion about this, so hopefully next time I see him, he will be fulfilling his owner's ambitions.

PUPPY DOG – 2 entries (1abs)

1. Jones' Quemerford Take Two, 9 months old on the day, good sized dog, proving a bit of a handful for his owner; ok construction with a strong head, moderate in angulation, would like a bit less weight at the moment as he continues to develop at this tender age. Presented in good coat, his front movement rather let him down today, another youngster needing time and patience.

JUNIOR DOG -2 entries (0 abs)

1. Windsor's Holanja Go Wild, 17 months old and well handled to make a instant impression with his well-balanced outline; pleasing head with clean, strong skull, good eyes and mouth; he stands foursquare on strong, well - boned legs. Good angulation front and rear, with clean and concise action on the move, adding to his attraction as did his excellent coat and presentation, and I had the pleasure to award him the Reserve CC.

2. Porter's Griland Kung Fu Panda Of Mellowdee (imp Russia), just 12 months old and of pleasing type with a nice head with excellent pigmentation; I particularly admired his overall construction but on the day rather in-between coats, however when he gets this back, will trouble the best. Good mover and unlucky to come up against the winner in such sparkling form on the day.

LIMIT DOG – 3 entries (0 abs)

1. Mills' Bottomshaker Easy Lover With Kerjalee, just turned 2 years old upstanding male, presented in A1 coat and condition; strong head, dark eyes, good mouth, clean neck and shoulders, good topline and rear angulation, allied to his true and easy movement, made him a strong contender for top honours and I was pleased to award him the Dog CC, his second I believe, I'm sure his crowning is imminent.

2. Bell's Bovaron Easy Rider With Soulbobs, 2 years 7 months old, another presented in excellent coat and condition; medium sized with a clean headpiece, ok angles but would like him a little more positive in front action, strong rear movement. Lovely temperament.

3. Ferguson's Mellowdee Moriarty With Lexalby.

OPEN DOG – 3 entries (1 abs)

1. Rathband & Fealy's Keynell Ray Of Sunshine, almost 3 years presenting a nice square outline, good head with clean eyes and mouth, good neck and shoulders and strongly boned, he was shown in a good jacket of texture and length; just felt he lacked a little drive on the move when it came to crunch time in the final line-up.

2. Turner's Hibray Unwrapped For Barkston, 5 years old, another dog presented in good condition and coat, strong head with good eyes and mouth, clean neck and shoulders and handled sympathetically to show off his attributes, just felt he gave way a little in movement to the winner.

VETERAN BITCH – 1 entry (0abs)

1. Rathband & Fealy's Ir Ch Keynell New Moon, 8 ½  years young, the dam of my Open Dog winner; presented in excellent coat and condition, lovely head with beguiling dark eyes, good neck and shoulders and well angled front and rear; presented in a crisp jacket of good length and moving well.

MINOR PUPPY BITCH – 3 entries (0abs)

1. Castle's Molyneux Run For Home, well presented 7 months old young lady, just a little leggy at the moment but very happy that she will settle into her frame as she matures; nice head, accentuated by her loveliest of dark eyes, good angles both front and rear and correct topline. Her quality jacket is starting to clear and she moved so well around the ring with ease, belying her tender years. Pleased to award her Best Puppy Bitch and later, Best Puppy in Show.

2. Brignall's Molyneux Majic Touch, litter sister to the winner and similar comments apply; but she is not obviously a pupil at the same 'Ladies charm college' as her sibling as she gave her owner a torrid time in the ring, hopefully she will settle down and show her full repertoire to the judge.

3. Storey's Maghullpaws Hearts Delight.

PUPPY BITCH – 1 entry (0abs)

1. Adcock's Krisendaw My Desire, nicely balanced 9 months old of good size and shape, clean head with dark eyes and good mouth, good neck and quarters, ok topline and moderate rear angulation; presented in good coat and condition for her age and moving soundly and easily around the ring.

JUNIOR BITCH - 3 entries (0abs)

1. Joice's Raynham Good Day Sunshine, 17 months old and immediately very appealing for type; short and square with perfect balance. Lovely headpiece with appealing expression, good neck leading into well placed shoulders, ok topline and well angled rear, all combined with easy, controlled movement around the ring, made her a strong contender in the final line-up; unfortunately she flagged a little in the final run off but definitely has quality written all over her and I'm sure her title will be in the offing in the future

2. Poole's Mellowdee Coral Gladioli, 14 months old, bigger type than winner but well – balanced; strong, clean head, good neck, good angles, presented in good coat for her age and moved well. Unlucky meeting winner in such outstanding form.

3. Wilkinson's Kalaju Klassicly Klassy

POST GRADUATE BITCH – 6 entries (0abs)

1. Halladay's Designer Girl Jazzy Sassy, 21 months old young lady of high style who appeals for type and shape; correct balance in head, good neck and quarters, ok topline and rear angles. She was presented in excellent coat and condition and moved with ease and confidence in all directions. Delighted to award her Reserve CC in strong competition.

2. Matthews' Hickorystix All Thaat Jazz At Gojolega, 23 months old who was presented in a profuse quality jacket, groomed to perfection. OK size, with a strong skull, clean eyes and mouth, good neck, firm body with good angles and moving easily around the ring.

3. Rutland & Porter's Mellowdee Make Me Blush.

LIMIT BITCH – 6 entries (0abs)

1. Robertson's Hickorystix Keep The Faith, 23 months old who immediately catches the eye with her shape and balance; lovely head with such an endearing, melting expression. She is so well put together, well structured with lovely clean shoulders, good topline and well-angled stifles and as a bonus is not only presented in an excellent, correctly textured jacket, but moves with drive and purpose. It was my pleasure to award her the Bitch CC, her second in a short time I'm informed, and then at the end of the day Best in Show. Sure her third and well-deserved crown in not far away.

2. Crane-Duplock's Shaggy Blue Bob's Way To Go At Mirene, 2 year old, very sweet and feminine, short and square and so well put together; pleasing head and expression and so well presented in an excellent jacket of correct length and texture; easy mover around the ring.

3. Jones' Quemerford Bewitched

OPEN BITCH – 6 entries (0abs)

1. Naismith's Zottels Honey Moon At Shaggybo, 2 ½ year old bitch of pleasing type and shape, excellent presentation and handling to show off her obvious qualities; clean, correct head, nice neck and shoulders, good topline and rear, all combined with relaxed and easy movement, took her to the head of this class and in strong contention in the final line-up.

2. Bailey & Henderson's Zottels Fairy Dust, 3 years old, presented in excellent coat and condition; strong skull, good eyes and mouth, clean neck, good angles front and rear; well handled to get the best out of her on the move.

3. Rutland & Porter's Mellowdee Lady Mae

Judge: Des Manton (Ireland)