• Show Date: 15/06/2019
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Derfel Owen Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

Border Union Agricultural Society

Breed: Miniature Pinscher

My second time awarding CCs in this breed and again I was impressed with the overall quality on display. I thought my line up of class winners for both sexes was from the top drawer; in particular, the Open Bitch class was a pleasure to judge with a number of excellent examples of the breed.

Puppy - Dog

1st Gentle’s Dimogen Don't Cha Know. A very smart puppy, well balanced with excellent outline, compact and well constructed. Liked his head, narrow and in proportion to body, strong muzzle and high set ears. Correct, straight topline with slight slope towards the rear. BP

2nd Davies’ Danton Damned If I Don't Naf Taf. Needs a bit more time to get used to the show ring. He moved well with good parallel action in front and rear.

Junior - Dog 

1st Reddington’s Kaypin Voulez Vous. Cracking young dog, just out of puppy. His outline was just perfect, body in good condition with strong straight back, sloping to the rear, high set tail. Moved soundly. Strong muzzle, high set ears, dark eyes. If I was to be fussy I‘d say he’s a little too big but I was very happy to award him RDCC.

2nd Mclean & Shepherd’s Alcum Very Aussie Via Kilmuir. Quality exhibit displaying the correct hackney action. Correct ears with dark eye and well placed ears. Thought he was a little long in loin which affected his overall balance.

3rd Allan’s Allanabru Kylo Ren

Limit - Dog

1st Harrison’s Kaypin Dum Dum Diddle With Trenson. The litter brother of my Junior winner and the similarities are clear. Excellent outline, compact and well balanced, straight and sloping topline, high set tail and moved with a reasonable lift in front. Good head, in proportion to his body, high set and smallish ears, strong muzzle. DCC.

2nd Baldwin’s Nightstorm Ticket To Ride. Masculine male with strong head and muzzle. Good length of neck. Moved well.

Open - Dog

1st James’ Ch Jaegerson Dress To Impress JW. Quality male, compact, well balanced and well constructed. Strong muzzle, head in proportion to body. Strong and graceful neck. Strong, level back sloping to the rear. High set tail. Reasonable lift in front on the move.

2nd Watkin’s & Davies’ Ch Danton Damned If I Do. Correct for size, but thought he was a little long in loin. Correct elongated head shape with high set ears.

3rd Mitchell’s Galkerah Aladdin Sane In Alcum

Veteran - Dog

1st Collinson & Dare’s Ch Collypins Lickety Split ShCM. A favourite of mine. Still retaining his outline and shows off for his handler. Well balanced overall. Strong jaw, dark eyes and high set ears. Strong neck and clean shoulders.

2nd Allan’s Allanabru Just'n Illusion JW ShCM. Correct for size, square shape, sloping topline. High set tail and well angulated hindquarters. Moved well.

3rd Wilson’s Nianka Hungry Eyes

Puppy - Bitch

1st Park’s Rayjen Yum Yum. Square, compact and well balanced overall. Correct small and high set ears, strong neck fitting well into shoulders. Straight back, sloping to rear. High set tail, good angulation.

2nd Westerman’s Keljantzi's Yulianna At Charpin. Correct for size, square and well balanced. Narrow skull with well set ears.

3rd Hind’s Diamoneo Indian Whispers

Junior - Bitch

1st Park’s Rayjen Yum Yum.

2nd Allan’s Allanabru Rose Tico. Playing her handler up. Correct for size, high set tail, well angulated hindquarters, strong and graceful neck.

Post Graduate - Bitch

1st Allan’s Allanabru Rose Tico.

2nd Mitchell’s Alcum Bad Betty. Dark eye; high set, small ears; narrow skull. Strong, nicely arched neck.

3rd Cocking’s Keljantzi's Xquisite Beauty

Limit - Bitch

1st Collinson & Dare’s Collypins Don't Do It Daphne. Very smart and showy bitch, correct for size, square and well balanced throughout. Narrow and flat skull with strong muzzle. Moved well with reasonable lift in front and co-ordinated action. Strong, level back, sloping from correctly laid shoulders to rear. High set tail. RBCC.

2nd James’ Jaegerson Rouge Matin. Sound and correctly built. Strong neck leading to clean moderately angulated shoulders. Level topline, felt she was a little long in body, high set tail.

3rd Wilkinson’s Keljantzi's Truly Scrumshus

Open - Bitch

1st Stracey’s Ch Krieger's Dark 'N' Delicious JW ShCM. Super bitch in tip top condition and just crying out to be recognised today. She has a super head, flat skull, high set, small ears. Strong, gracefully arched neck leading to moderately angulated shoulders, straight back sloping to her rear with high set tail. Well angulated hindquarters, moved well with good lift in front.

2nd Coull’s Vardenais Mischief Managed JW. Another top quality bitch, correct for size and very well balanced. High set ears, dark eye, strong neck, level back sloping to rear, high set tail and correctly angulated hindquarters.

3rd Wilkinson’s Ch Jaycroft Jessie Jay With Keljantzi JW

Veteran - Bitch

1st Mcilroy-Stracey’s Ch/Ir Ch Krieger Oh So Sassy JW ShCM. Narrow skull, dark eye, good neck. Her topline has softened a little. Moved well with reasonable lift and well co-ordinated action.

Derfel Owen