• Show Date: 27/06/2019
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Dee Hardy Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

Windsor Dog Show Society

Breed: Basenji




Judge : Dee Hardy

My thanks to the Windsor show committee for their kind hospitality and invitation to judge, and to my stewards who were most efficient. My overall impression was that temperaments were on the whole very good, we have now got to watch ear sets as many do not have the desired carriage and carry their ears well down the sides of their heads. Also I found quite a number of slack, long feet often leading to very loose pasterns. Finally to the exhibitors who gave me their entry and helped make the day a very pleasant one.

Veteran Dog/Bitch 3 entries : 2 absent

1st Matthews : Gooses Glint of Gold at Flugelberry

8 year old R/W bitch still in good condition, sweet expression with a good eye shape and colour, compact body and pliant skin. She has a good front assembly and moved well. BV

Puppy Dog 1 : 0

1st Legget - Swanwite Take A Chance On Me

Promising well grown 6 month old R/W with a good head and eye, pigment needs to fill as yet and feet could be tighter, nice shape and balance moved well. BP

Junior Dog 1 : 0

1st Casentieri - Adebanke’s King Kole (Imp Rus)

13 month B/W of good colour and marking, lacking in wrinkle as ears drop on side of head rather than showing as upright, dark eye and decent outline but feet need to tighten.

Post Graduate Dog 2 : 0

1st Stewart - Kingwanas Vincent Van Boof of Jenbasi (imp)

R/W with good wrinkle when alert and nice eye and expression, longer cast than ideal and coat a little rougher than desired, nice rear end moved well.

2nd Matthews - Flugelberry Free Cuba

Brindle lacking in desired wrinkle and coat showing scarring which detracts from his overall good condition, good eye shape and colour. Feet could be shorter and tighter.

Limit Dog 5 : 2

1st Savage - Chagmas Hey Joe avec Axmixa (Imp Nor)

R/W lovely head and eye, good front and enough shelf behind the tail, has a tendency to drop his topline on the stack but when he moved he held it firm and level, taken at a nice pace and moved well. RCC

2nd Hannah - Akmar Man Of Steele For Milukris

This R/W boy was not playing the game today he gave his handler a really hard time and was therefore difficult to assess as he refused to be stacked. Showed nice wrinkle on the table and has good eyes, ears and feet. Lovely rich orange colour and beautifully presented coat. Unsettled on the move so not giving himself a chance.

3rd Stewart – Stewart Wasin Bri Master of Jenbasi (Imp)

Open Dog 5 : 2

1st Clinton - Ch Westlawn Diablo ShCM

4 year old tri, moved out well with reach and drive best movement of the males, square shape but could have a touch more leg to body ratio to give more of an upright square. Very good rear end with neat tail curl and shelf, straight front and neat feet. CC & BOB

2nd Dunsdon & Fox - AmGrCh/AusCh/Ch Kazors Breakin The Bank (Imp)

R/W square dog smaller build than winner, good infill to chest. Nice headpiece with wrinkle evident and well set ears, feet could be tighter.

3rd Falcus - Ch HR Krendal Mysterious Talisman Phareal (imp)

Puppy Bitch 2 : 0

1st Savage - Chagmas Christmas Gypsy Ghost For Axmixa (Imp Nor)

B/W nicely coloured and marked 6 month old with good angles front and rear and a good shelf. Nice wrinkle but needs to use her ears more to hold it, eyes are slightly round in shape and at the moment a little light.

2nd Gaigalas – Tadrose Red Fire

R/W too narrow all through so no rib or infill to chest, feet need to tighten but pretty head and nice coat and colour.

Junior Bitch 1 : 0

1st Falcus – Marsala Mysterious Talisman Phareal (imp)

Nice size tri with pleasant head and expression showing some wrinkle, short body gives her a lovely outline but lacking in shelf.

Post Graduate Bitch 5 : 0

1st Stewart - Kingwanas Viva Las Vegas of Jenbasi (Imp)

Lovely 19 month old super brindle markings and good for shape and outline, feminine head and eye and showing wrinkle, ears could be higher set but she has a nice tail and shelf, moved well. RCC

2nd Matthews - Flugelberry Cherie Trifle

Another brindle not as well marked as 1 but in lovely coat and condition. Sweet head and showing wrinkle with a good earset. Nice shape and shelf behind the tail.

3rd McCarthy - Westlawn Ruby Slippers

Limit Bitch 1 : 0

1st Matthews - Flugelberry Fizz Princess

Brindle of nice size and shape but lacking in shelf, good head shape but lacking in wrinkle for the correct expression. Feet could be neater.

Open Bitch 4 : 0

1st Dunsdon - Aus Ch Zandeena Getn Cort In The Act

Feminine 3 year old moving with reach and drive using her good structure to advantage. Lovely head with desired wrinkle and well set ears. Richly coloured coat in good condition and presents a super outline when stacked with ample shelf behind the well curled tail. CC

2nd Legget - Ch Swanwite Karaleigh

Heavier built 5 year old with good forward going profile movement, a little bit too much of her for me but lots to like in her outline with a good tail curl and shelf.

3rd Gaigalas – Maja (imp)

Dee Hardy