• Show Date: 27/06/2019
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Dee Hardy Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

Windsor Dog Show Society

Breed: Hungarian Vizsla


SATURDAY 29TH June 2019

Hungarian Vizsla

Judge: Dee Hardy

My thanks to the Windsor committee and stewards for a wonderful weekend, and their hospitality and invitation to judge my breeds at this most popular show. Having owned this breed for over 30 years it is somewhat disheartening to see the variance in size and shape that is apparent in the show ring now, the Vizsla so treasured by the guardians of the breed in days gone by is being replaced by a genetic brown dog that threatens to lose its unique identity. Care must be taken in choosing breeding stock and matching dogs that complement each other rather than blindly using the dog to hand. I find when reading my observations I was noting similar comments about my winners and I think that reflected in my challenges when I found in my mind I had chosen to type when available.

Veteran dog 4 entries, 2 absent

1st Griffiths & Scott – Ch Ulurudawn Cardinal Marker

9 ½ year old dog in very good condition still showing little sign of age and still pushing for top honours. I very much liked his head planes and expression giving a true Vizsla gaze, his front assembly is very good and he carries himself on lovely tight feet. Moved well with drive.

2nd Rackett – Bitcon Golden Ice of Solencia ShCM

10 year old dog heavier in build than 1 he has a good neck and head but now weaker in his hind quarters shown in good condition and still moving well.

Minor Puppy Dog no entries

Puppy Dog 3 : 0

1st Porter-Manning & Porter – Wallaroo Hawk Eye

11 ½ month of nice colour, size and shape shown in good condition and development of muscle, he has good front and rear angles standing on neat feet, moved well as he moves from baby into teenage stage.

2nd Watson – Oakswarren Loki

10 ½ month his front needs to strengthen and straighten but I thought his head was promising and he has a good length of neck into well laid shoulders.

3rd Challis – Vizslanya Aragonia

Junior Dog 5 : 0

1st Miles – Layways Van Winkle

18 month well grown masculine dog with good angles front and rear which he used to advantage on the move, slightly heavy in head for my preference but he shows a correct almond eye shape. Scored over 2 on maturity.

2nd Porter- Manning & Porter – Wallaroo Hawk Eye

As 1st puppy.

3rd Scourfield & Kantor – Maserati of Skyrocket at Danton (Imp)

Yearling Dog 3 : 0

1st Mills – Karrouki Wildfire

Difficult class. 1st dog was 4th in junior class and not moving well today, nice for size and reasonable angles through front and rear quarters, too long in muzzle for my preference but head supported by a nice length of neck.

2nd Benson – Dawnphoenix Forever True

Very tall dog, oversized and gives an unbalanced picture on the stack as he is taller than length. Shown in good condition, with decent angles throughout and with a reasonable head piece.

3rd Hope & Kane – Andronja’s Five Guys for Jenesta

Post Graduate Dog 4 : 0

1st Dorogi & Farkas – Nemzet Kincse Orion

This one appealed to me for size and shape showing the correct length to height ratio which gives the Vizsla its elegant outline. Very good head piece and therefore correct expression in his gaze, good moderate angles throughout leading to driving movement.

2nd Stanton – Roytan Zodiac

This was a taller dog not so straight in front, when looking head on, as the winner but showing a lovely head and nice angles matching front and rear. Shown in very firm condition.

3rd Wilkins & Littler – Kensteen Ash

Limit Dog 7 : 0

1st Allen – Afanleigh Rumble Red

This one shouted Vizsla to me from entering the ring, one I have not seen closely before and I was taken by the overall appearance from his correct head planes with desirable shaped eye and colour, giving a true expression. He is balanced throughout and correct for size and colour. He moved very well at a correct pace. Awarded CC, BOB and delighted to see him short-listed in a strong group, I hope he goes on to further success..

2nd Munro – Wolfmeyer Glen Cannick

A correct size dog with lovely head, I liked his angles and overall shape and condition. He moved out well but needs some work to try and tighten his feet which are long and slack.

3rd Dorogi – Nemzet Kincse Orion

Open Dog 4 : 0

1st Dasilva – Sh Ch Bournehouse Crispin

A lovely class with 3 worthy champions so splitting them was down to personal preferences on my part. 1st was a dog I have given close to top honours before, his head appeals with a correct eye of dark hazel colour held on a good neck piece leading into a nicely angled front. He always puts in a performance moving well with his handler. RCC he just lost out to my winner on his overall length to height ratios.

2nd Harper – Sh Ch Magnus Fortuna Pitswarren

A heavier dog than 1, good head, eye colour and shape. He stands on neat feet, but I preferred the angles fore and aft of the winner. He moved wide coming towards me and moving away.

3rd Townsend – Sh Ch Daxpack Risk Taker Rainscote

Good Citizen Dog/Bitch 4 : 0

1st Porter-Manning & Porter – Wallaroo Hawk Eye

As puppy

2nd Mills – Karrouki Wildfire

As yearling

3rd Benson – Dawnphoenix Forever True

Minor Puppy Bitch 1 : 0

1st Comber & Matthews – Kozel Halvanpiros

Nice size and angles for a baby, promising head but mouth needs to come right as showing undershot at the moment, given the benefit as at 8 months she has time for jaw to change.

Puppy Bitch 7 : 2

1st Fishlock – Afanleigh Anna

Dark puppy bitch with a feminine head and eye, showing a balanced outline and moving well on correctly angled shoulder and rear end, promising youngster.

2nd Harper – Pitswarren Sorbonne

A bigger built puppy of lighter coat colouring, slightly strong all over but her body balance is good showing moderate angles throughout.

3rd Harrison – Bitcon Camden

Junior Bitch 4 : 0

1st Hansford – Hawkpoint Peregrine

Feminine girl just out of puppy and showing promise, correct size and colour I found her quite appealing with a lovely head and correctly shaped eye. Very balanced all through shown in excellent condition she moved out well.

2nd Hardcastle & Bradley – Vizslanya Sziena JW

Another nice one very much the same comments apply just preferred the movement on 1. Lovely and feminine with a pretty head and eye of good colour and shape, again gave a well balanced picture.

3rd Munro – Bitcon Flame Dancer

Yearling Bitch 6 : 1

1st Cule – Alsziv Maron Glace of Mordax

A pretty bitch showing a well balanced outline, she is of correct size and her coat colour is good. Standing on neat feet she is shown in fit condition and moves out well. Feminine head and expression, leading into nice length of neck.

2nd Hansford – Hawkpoint Peregrine

As Junior

3rd Hardcastle & Bradley – Vizslanya Sziena JW

Post Graduate Bitch 5 : 0

1st Hunter – Tossneer Sophronia

Nice bitch correct for size and balance I liked her structure fore and aft with a pretty head and eye shape. She moved out well to top the class, I feel she still needs some time to mature as yet.

2nd Wallington – Nichael Blue Diamond Among Ohanava

A taller girl with a nice balance to her bigger frame showing a correct head and eye shape, she moved ok.

3rd Griffiths & Scott – Russetmanle Compass Rose ofUlurudawn

Limit Bitch 9 : 3

1st Watson – Oakswarren Everglow (ai)

 Not so strong in front make up as her sister in Open class and so lost out on RCC to her. Longer backed than some in the class but I liked her feminine head and eye, she has good angles front and rear but loser on pasterns and feet, moves out well.

2nd Fishlock – Afanleigh Eve

Liked everything on this bitch from a kennel I found presented some typical examples of the breed. This girl lost out on a wider front stance than 1 but I liked all other aspects of her. Shown in good condition but she did move wide coming towards me.

3rd Challis – Vizslanya Dunaviz JW

Open Bitch 5 : 1

1st Cule – Alzsiv Mischief Maker of Mordax

My first opportunity to examine this bitch at close quarters but I surprised her owner by saying I have liked her from the ringside since she was very young. For me she is a feminine Vizsla of the correct size and shape, something we seem to be losing particularly in bitches. I loved her head and eye shape and as she approaches 4 years old she is maturing very nicely. She has the correct moderate angles which give her an elegant outline and balance, she moved out well with her handler. Pleased to award her the CC I thought when she challenged the dog CC winner they made a well matched pair.

2nd Watson – Sh Ch Oakswarren Eclipse (ai)

Nicely shaped bitch worthy of her title, slightly longer cast than the winner but again correct size and balanced outline, appealed in head and eye giving a kind expression. Moved well and scored over her sister in the earlier class to win RCC.

3rd Barnard – Daxpack Henrietta

Dee Hardy