• Show Date: 27/06/2019
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Deborah Peek-Matar Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

Windsor Dog Show Society

Breed: Afghan Hound

Windsor Ch Show 2019

Huge thanks to everyone that entered under me and accepted my decisions. This is a favourite show of mine and my day was made complete with Peter Baxter as my very helpful steward, and some lovely hounds to go over. It was very windy and sadly affected many of the exhibits when moving. When I judge I like to visualise the breed standard, and always look for a ‘style of high order’ on the move. For some the wind enhanced that, however there were others that just put their heads down to keep out of the wind. With different weather conditions many placings could have been different.

I find it strange that with the competition we have in the ring that some feel it is ok to show a dog with knots…there were several that had big knots between their front legs. Weight was also an issue…too much or not enough…I didn’t penalise any of them for it…but it is something to consider.

VD/B (7 Entries) Abs: 5

1st: CANNON, Mr J & Mrs V & CANNON Miss M Multi Ch Calamus Mediator (Imp) Sh.CM

2nd: GOFF Mr K R & Mrs L J Gezancol In The Zone

Two upstanding males showing that Afghans get better with maturity. Very little separated them. 1st was slightly overweight but didn’t affect his movement which was powerful and true…2nd was less collected on the move, determined to prove he was still capable of behaving like a puppy! Both quality blacks with good fronts and quarters and finished off with ringed tails. 2nd was slightly more compact than 1st. I hope they both have many more years in the ring.

MPD (1 Entries) Abs: 0

1st: MULLEN Ms R P El Roalito Keep Smiling. Sweet little B/T at his very first show and sadly wasn’t enjoying any of it. Underneath his wealth of puppy whiskers he has a nice head and expression. From what I got a chance to feel he is nicely made throughout and showed promise of some good movement. He just needs some training and hopefully he will grow on and gain some confidence and learn to enjoy showing.

PD (2 Entries) Abs: 0

1st: BASTILLE Mr J Shadowfax Meistersinger. I was very taken with promising brindle. He has a lovely masculine head with lovely dark triangular eye. Long neck into an excellent front and upper arm placement, with good depth of chest and spring of rib. Level topline, short coupled and correct fallway leading to sweeping quarters. Finished with a ringed tail. He seemed to love the wind and swept round the ring with powerful strides. Was pleased to make him Best Puppy.

2nd: EARNSHAW Mr M & Mrs N Shadowfax Rakes Progress At Moonshadow. Bl/Brindle Litter brother to 1 but much houndier and rangier all through and heavier in head…hopefully he has now finished growing! He is well made throughout and when he drops down into his frame will make a more balanced picture. When settled he had a nice springy stride. No doubt these 2 will change places many times.

JD (9 Entries) Abs: 2

1st: THOMPSON Mr R & Mrs J Drishaun The Vampire Lilly Via Gothika. This boy headed a class of quality, promising youngsters who will change places many times. Today it was the turn of a quality B/M Gold. Loved everything about him. He is already showing a lovely coat pattern that really enhanced his super outline. Balanced throughout and a good size. Very nice head and expression. Long neck leads smoothly into a very good front with legs well under his body, fair spring of rib and good depth. Level topline, prominent hipbones and sweeping quarters, ring tail. Very sound on the move for such a youngster and strode out well. Very promising.

2nd: FINCH, Mr S & HOPPER Miss E Zandahar Xtraordinary Me At Zinzani JW. B/T. Another promising youngster (as all were in this class). At the moment I feel his coat is hindering his appearance and hiding his beautifully made body…luckily this will all settle in time! He has a compact body with a super front with well laid shoulder and upper arm, level topline and sweeping quarters. Just preferred head and movement of winner.

3rd: LANCASHIRE, Mrs A M & Mr M & O'DONNELL Miss C Drishaun Pictures Of Lily

YD (5 Entries) Abs: 1

1st: PARSONS Mr R & Mrs J Joneca Fire Cracker By Shukriya JW. Sh/M Gold shown in good coat and condition. Well grown. Long neck leading into well laid shoulders although I would prefer a better return to upper arm, good depth of chest. Level topline and correct fallaway. Ring tail. Strong hind quarters which he used to advantage on the move.

2nd: LANCASHIRE, Mrs A M & Mr M & O'DONNELL Miss C Drishaun Pictures Of Lily. Stood 3rd in the strong Junior class. At only 12 months he was giving a lot away in maturity. Beautiful head and dark eye and good pigmentation. Well balanced front and rear with a level topline and ring tail. He was a lot more collected on the move in this class and did well to win over his equally lovely brother. Very promising.

3rd: LANCASHIRE, Mrs A M & Mr M & O'DONNELL Miss C Drishaun Star Among Lilies

 PGD (14 Entries) Abs: 9

1st: ABREY Mrs D Karagez Tame The World (Imp). Imposing Bl/Brindle that headed a very nice class. He is very eye catching and was presented in beautiful coat and condition. He has a lovely masculine head and dark eye. Adequate length of neck leading into well laid shoulders and return of upper arm. Excellent spring of rib and depth of chest. Short firm loin, level topline. Great length from hip to hock, ring tail. He really excelled on the move with good reach and drive powering round the ring especially so in the challenge and I was delighted to award him the RDCC.

2nd: BOYDELL Mrs M A Nightwind You Can't Stop the Beat JW Sh.CM. Another imposing almost all black quality male. Was close up to the winner, but was just enjoying the wind a little too much! Nice head and expression, good length neck leading into a well made front. Strong bone, deep chest. Strong topline good fallaway and ring tail. His heavy coat was immaculately presented. Unlucky to meet the winner today.

3rd: JAMES, Mrs E & JAMES Miss I Sitana Aag Toofan

LD (13 Entries) Abs: 5

1st: GARDNER Mrs G Javidan Bad Boy Boogie. Was surprised to see that this dog is 7.5 years old?! Super Blue/domino. Headed the first of three impressive males with little separating them. Loved his head and expression. My hands just flowed over his well put together body. So sound throughout. Excellent front and powerful hindquarters, which he used fully on the move. I considered him for top honours but sadly by the challenge he was not as enthusiastic as he was earlier in the day and paid the price. But respect for his presentation and condition that he is shown in.

2nd: PARSELL, Mr & Mrs G M & C & BEANLAND Mrs J Agha Djari's Navajo At Harlextan (Imp) Deu. Blue/Brindle. Similar in type to 1 but more compact. At 3.5 years he was giving a lot away to the maturity and finish of the winner. He has a nice head and nicely balanced well made body. I would prefer a better set on tail and a tighter ring to tail. He moved well but today couldn’t match the stride of the winner in the class.

3rd: GOSLING Ms T & Mrs J Ayoubkhan Persian Silk JW

OD (5 Entries) Abs: 3

Two different type males both with lots to offer

1st: EDWARDS, Mrs S J & GILBERT, Mr R & APPLEBY Mrs L Altside Mr Wickham. 5 yrs and just coming into his prime. Black with a lovely dark brindle saddle. Last time I judged this boy I gave him 2nd and am pleased to see how much he has come on with maturity. Masculine head with that far away look, long neck, good front and sweeping quarters. He really comes into his own on the move and had the ‘style of high order’ I was looking for and got better the more I asked of him. I was delighted to award him the CC – his first I believe. I’m sure the others won’t be far behind!

2nd: PARSONS Mr R & Mrs J Ch Syrdarya Hazelnut Hobnob At Shukriya JW Sh.CM. B/M Gold with a gleaming saddle. Difficult to judge these two as so different in type, but a worthy Champion, both with much to offer. Nice head and expression, good neck and front would have liked a bit more definition of pin bones and more fallaway, but has a lovely ring tail and put in a polished performance reaching and driving well on the move.

GCD/B (2 Entries) Abs: 0

1st: BOYDELL Mrs M A Nightwind You Can't Stop the Beat JW Sh.CM

2nd: GRANT-THOMAS Mrs L Kouros Tell Me On A Sunday (Imp). Compact Blue/Domino. Wellmade dog. Moved soundly.

MPB (1 Entries) Abs: 0

1st: NOBLE, Miss J & GARDNER Ms T Aqua's The Bitchisback (Imp USA). Delightful, profusely monkey whiskered 8 month baby. Beautifully balanced. Lovely head hiding under all the whiskers with nicely shaped dark eyes and expression. Long neck leading into a very well put together front. Well covered body short loin correct fallway and ring tail and good length from hip to hock. She was one of the few not affected by the wind and for such a baby, moved great style. Liked her lot. Best Puppy Bitch.

PB (3 Entries) Abs: 0

1st: HAMILTON, Mr K & REUBY Mr G Shadowfax Snow Maiden. A lovely trio of babies, all of which could change places of a different day. The winner was the most collected on the move. Self masked cream. Lovely head and dark eye. Already saddled which enhanced her well made body. Very good layback of shoulder and upper arm standing solid over her front legs. Good depth of chest, solid topline and fallaway and sweeping quarters which she used to great advantage on the move. Very promising.

2nd: RHODES, Mrs S & SHAVERNEVA Ms M Shadowfax Threepenny Opera. Very attractive Blue cream domino with a dark blue saddle. Lovely head and darkest of eyes, long neck leading into excellent front and corresponding sweeping quarters. I feel she would benefit from more weight…sometimes difficult to get it on Afghans, so I hope she will body up. She wasn’t as collected on the move as 1. The wind seemed to make her playful and didn’t seem to get into her stride.

3rd: HAMILTON, Mr K & REUBY, Mr G & RHODES Mrs S Shadowfax Pearl Fisher

JB (6 Entries) Abs: 1

 1st: WILSON Mrs C Zandahar Xotic Pineapple Of Tahir. My find of the day! Where has she been hiding?! I hope she isn’t hidden anymore…Stunning B/S. 14 months but looking far more mature than her age. Lovely head, strong neck on excellent front assembly, level topline, short coupled. Great length to hocks. Her best feature is her free effortless movement. Fantastic reach and drive, yes she had a few ‘moments’ when the wind caught her…but was expertly handled and was soon back in her stride. No hesitation in giving her the RCC. Look forward to watching her in the future.

2nd: LANCASHIRE, Mrs A M & Mr M & O'DONNELL Miss C Drishaun Don't Gild The Lily JW. Lovely S/M red. Beautiful head and lovely dark eye. Well balanced youngster. Lovely front and rear quarters. In the final run she just got it together to beat her equally lovely brindle sister.

3rd: O'DONNELL, Miss L & O'DONNELL Ms C Drishaun Faith Is Like A Lily For Javidan

YB (5 Entries) Abs: 0

1st: LANCASHIRE, Mrs A M & Mr M & O'DONNELL Miss C Drishaun Say She Ain't Gazon (ai). Blue/Cream/Domino. Pulled out all the stops to win this class. Absolutely loved this youngster. Apart from looking very exotic, she is extremely well put together with abundance of showmanship and character. Beautifully balanced with a super head, expression and dark triangular eye. She has an excellent front and hind quarters, level topline and correct fallaway. She floated round the ring. The only thing missing (and hopefully it will come) is a ringed tail. Seriously thought about pulling her into the challenge.

2nd: HUMPHREYS Mrs N V Joneca Eternal Flame. Different in type to 1 but another well made girl who coped well in the increasing wind and uneven surface. B/M gold. Nice head, sound front, level topline, short coupled, well angulated rear quarters. Ringed tail. She’s at the in between stage with her coat, which is detracting from the overall picture but that will come!

3rd: STEVENS, Mr I & CRAFT Mrs K Jonaca Fireblade

PGB (11 Entries) Abs: 2

This was a difficult class to judge as there was not a class between Y/B and PGB so it had many at different stages of development. But nonetheless a quality class.

1st: JAMES, Mrs E & JAMES Miss I Gilari Vermillion Venus JW. Lovely S/M Red. Different in type to my main winners but could not be overlooked for her over all balance and quality, and she excelled on the move, and was shown in lovely condition. Super head and expression, good neck into well made front and powerful hindquarters, ringed tail. Sure she will have a bright future.

2nd: STEVENS, Mr I & CRAFT Mrs K Ayoubkhan Jasmine. Difficult decision between 2 and 3 both had lots to offer, but in the end 2 coped better with the wind and moved soundly each time I asked them to move. Different type again to 1 and smaller and more compact all through. Not heavily coated which enhanced her outline. Pretty head, Long neck into well placed shoulders, good depth to chest. Solid hindquarters which she used to advantage on the move.

3rd: FAIRBURN, M, & ROBERTS, P Mesdames Cloudside Sunset.

 LB (10 Entries) Abs: 0

This was another difficult class to judge. The wind really got up and many were not enjoying it…and others enjoyed it too much! After the first run round the one I thought what might be my winner was completely spooked by the awards board from the adjoining ring, crashing to the ground….twice. It sounded like a gun shot. By the time I went over her she had more or less calmed down…but was still not enjoying herself and ended up with 3rd in the class.

1st: GREEN, Mrs S & BARLEY, Mrs J & POWELL Mr D Garamond Wineberry At Sochera. B/S finely made bitch with a pretty head, good front, and rear. Standing she dipped her topline….but it was kept on the move, so may just have been how she was stacked or the uneven ground surface. She strode out well to take the class.

2nd: LAWSON-BALL, Mrs B & WARDELL Miss T Andizhan Charisma With Zarcar JW. B/M Brindle. Stronger all through than 1, and for me, carrying too much weight, and another with a soft topline stacked, although she also kept it level on the move. She was shown in good coat and condition and had good reach and drive on the move.

3rd: SMART Mrs A D & Mr P W Gezancol Sweetness N'light Jw

 OB (12 Entries) Abs: 1

What a fabulous class! Sadly not enough cards to go round. Thank you for giving me the chance of going over such top class hounds.

1st: PASCOE Mr C C & Mrs M F J Ch Popovs Sazerac At Sarakhan JW (Imp NLD) This beautiful bitch had to work hard to take this class! Quality sh/masked red. Pretty head, long neck leading to well put together front, plenty of spring of rib and depth, strong level back, and correct fallaway and tightly ringed tail. The more I asked them to move the more she put in, using her strong, powerful quarters. The only thing I would change would be to add a bit more weight…She is still young so I am sure that will improve…and I am sure there is plenty more to come from her with full maturity. Delighted to give the CC and BOB and pleased to see her shortlisted in the Group.

2nd: HITCH, Miss M & BARLEY Mrs J Ch Zhivias Sunrise Surprise Of Zendushkas. Another Sh/M/Red and very close up to the winner. Slightly smaller all through than 1, but beautifully balanced. Well covered body and in super condition. Nice head and expression, good length of neck, complimentary front and rear angles. Strong topline. You could see she was enjoying her day and liking the wind as she swept round the ring. Another one that is still young with plenty more to come.

3rd: BASTOW Mr G & Mrs W Ch Cloudside Flashlight At Karandikar JW

Judge – Deborah Peek-Matar