• Show Date: 27/06/2019
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Debbie Wallwork Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

Windsor Dog Show Society

Breed: Weimaraner



I'd like to thank the Windsor Dog Show Society committee for inviting me to judge at their Championship Show & the exhibitors for allowing me the pleasure of going over their lovely dogs on what was such a warm day.




1. Weir & Bishop’s Kalimor Boy Scout. 9 months old. Loved his moderate and balanced outline. Correct in head with lovely big nose, median line and good ear length. This boy is well off for bone, straight forelegs and good feet. He has a nice layback of shoulder and good length to his upper arm. Excellent length of body and ribs. He moved with purpose on a lovely stride.

2. Rayner & Maskell’s Kalimor Accolade to Raystans. 9 months old and litter brother to 1. He is very pleasing in outline and has a lovely head and expression with a good ear length. Well off for bone and a super front and good feet. Overall he has good body proportions and a lovely open side gait on the move.

3. Hawkins Smilek Fernando


1. Rayner & Maskell’s Kalimor Accolade to Raystans. As 2 in MPD.

2. Morris & Randall’s Kalimor Parker. 9 months old. Another litter brother to 1 and 2 in MPD and again similar attributes apply. He is slightly bigger than his brothers but has a lovely balanced outline and is moderate throughout. Lovely classic head and expression with median line and occiput, and good ear length. Best of feet and fronts. Correct length to height ratio with moderate angulation fore and aft. Just not as together on the move today.

3. Hawkins Smilek Fernando


1. Morris & Randall’s Kalimor Parker. As 2 in PD.

2. Ward’s Akwamar Moonstruck. 17 months old. Well up to size but that said he has a lovely balanced outline. Super head and with lovely nose pigment, good ear length and median line. He has moderate angulation throughout and a good topline. Was feeling the heat on the move.

3. Rowbury’s Stormdancer Avinci


1. Snaith’s Skilaki Move On Up to Bifonda JW. 21 months old. Liked him for his balanced outline and correct proportions. Lovely head and expression, median line, good ear length and amber eye. Level topline and super length of rib. Leading to a short loin. Well-muscled rear with width to second thigh. Moved steady and true.

2. Burgess’s Greyspirit Rock Star from Hantzburg JW. 22 months old. Balanced boy but shorter in body than 1. Nice head and expression and a clean neck. Well-muscled overall with pleasing moderate angulation fore and aft. Moved well around the ring.

PGD(2) Two very different types in this class.

1. Burton’s Trubon Grafyte Treve. 4 years old. Medium sized and moderate dog. Good head and expression, amber eye and median line. He stood a lot better and more relaxed for his write up. Level topline and slope to croup. Good bend of stifle, well-muscled with width to second thigh. He was steady and balanced on the move.

2. Standen’s Huntersfrend Kreighoff. 4 years old. This boy didn’t really want to be here and was very distracted. A big boy who is well up to size. Nice expression with an amber eye, he is a little broad in skull for me. He was a balanced boy with a good length to body and length in his rib but was not happy on the move.

LD(2) Again two very different types but liked them both which made it a difficult class

1 Stokes’s Khamsynn Coast to Coast at Wipfel. 5 years old. Have judged and liked this boy before. Like him for his medium size, clean outline and the best of silver grey colour. He has balanced angulation throughout with a good length of upper arm and good bend of stifle. Moderately long neck which flows into a level topline and good length of rib. He is well muscled and was balanced and steady on the move.

2. Phillips’s Rivertone Rudolph. 2 years old. This boy has really come on, he is a different type than 1 and has a bigger frame overall but he has a pleasing smart outline. Nice head with good pigment and a lighter eye than 1. He has a level topline and a good length of rib. Well-muscled throughout, with a good reach and drive on the move.


1. Rayner & Maskell’s Sh Ch Gunalt Academy of Raystans JW ShCM. 5 years old. A dog I have judged and liked before. He is a lovely medium sized dog and like him for his excellent balanced outline and overall type. Beautiful head with nothing overdone as it should be, kind expression, deep flew and good ear length. He is clean in neck which flows into a good layback of shoulder and into an excellent level topline. He has depth to his chest and well of for bone. Very pleasing height to length ratio with ribs extending well back. In super condition, which showed in his ground covering movement. Pleased to award him the CC.

2. Crowther’s Hundwith Mclaren. 3 years old. This boy has really come on and is in such super condition and well-muscled. He has a pleasing outline and is a super silver grey colour. Lovely head and expression, good nose pigment and amber eye. Excellent front assembly and good bone. Pleasing body proportions. He was steady and moved well around the ring. RCC.

3. Byrne’s Enryb Singles Party JW.



1 Thrasivoulou’s Ascarli Fancy Free at Skilaki. 8 years old. Just love this girl, she is medium in size and moderate throughout and is super in outline with the correct proportions. She has a beautiful head and kind expression with amber eye. Clean neck into a good layback of shoulder and length of upper arm, level topline with long ribs and a short loin. Good rear angulation, and she moved with reach and drive. Just carrying a bit too much weight today. BV.

2 Stoke’s Grandahay Hebe Lemon Quartz. 9 years old and another lovely girl. Pleasing in outline with good proportions. Another medium size girl who has moderation throughout. Lovely head and expression, clean in neck. Good length to body and correct ribbing. Moved well just not the reach and drive of 1.


1. Hostler’s Kalimor Daisy 9 months old. What a lovely puppy with so much promise. She pleases in her balanced outline and correct proportions. Such a lovely head with correct high set ears and melting expression. She has moderate angulation throughout, level topline and slightly sloping croup. Correct length to height ratio and long ribcage. Moved with reach and drive. BPIB.

2. Crowther-Russell’s Hundwith Gift of Thyme. 7 months old. Another lovely puppy and liked her for her flowing outline and silver grey colour. Lovely head, amber eye, and dark nose. She has good straight forelegs and plenty of bone. Good depth to chest and level topline. Moderate angulation throughout and moved well.

3. Reilly & Maskell’s Smilek I Have A Dream.


1. Hostler’s Kalimor Daisy. As 1 in MPB.

2. Burgess’s Kalimor Olive for Nemrac. 9 months old and litter sister to 1. Another super puppy and I am sure they will change places in the future, 2 just carrying a touch more weight today. This young lady is very smart when stacked, so well put together and has such a lovely outline. Beautiful in head and expression, with a super length and fold to her ears. Clean in neck and a level topline. Correct length to height ratio with good length to ribs and excellent bone. Moved with purpose around the ring.

3. Reilly & Maskell’s Smilek I Have A Dream.


1. Bradley & Gavan’s Akwamar Moonlight Sapphire. 17 months old. Liked her for her type and classic outline but needs to get it together on the move as she has a tendency to pace. Nice head, good proportions and ear length. Correct length to height ratio and level topline.

2. Burton’s Northern Arrow’s Merry Maus von Trubon (Imp). 13 months old. A different type than 1 but liked her for her medium size and clean outline. Good head proportions, high set ears and depth to muzzle. Moderate angulation fore and aft, well-muscled body and width to second thigh. Moved ok.


1. Thrasivoulou’s Skilaki Born to Move JW. 20 months old and my star of the day. She is a medium sized moderate bitch with a classic flowing outline and a lovely silver grey colour, just what I was looking for. Beautiful feminine head with correct proportions, amber eye, median line, high ear set and length to ear. A good return of upper arm and layback of shoulder. She has a super length to height ratio, level topline and her ribs are well back leading into a short loin. Lovely bone and moderate rear angulation. Moved effortlessly around the ring. Delighted to award her the CC and BOB .

2. Upton-Lovett & Upton’s Gunalt Lustrous. 19 months old. Nice proportions throughout in this medium sized bitch, and good in outline. She has a nice head and clean neck. Moderate angulation throughout, would just prefer at little bit more tuck up to complete the picture. Moved well around the ring.

3. Needham’s Grausturm Pride of Tasmania of Grausilk (Imp).


1. Phillip’s Liddlycleve Lavinge. 3 years old. Really liked the smart outline of this bitch. She has a nice head and expression and good ear length. Moderate angulation fore and aft, level topline and correct body proportions. Moved really well on a good stride.

2. Sloan’s Trubon Hattye Trubelle. 3 years old. A slightly bigger bitch than 1 but appealed in her overall balanced outline. Beautiful head, amber eye and depth to flew. Nice straight front and good moderate angulation. Well-muscled and was balanced on the move.

3. Standen’s Huntersfrend Aya.


1. Robson’s Kalimor Armani at Robricci JW. 3 years old. Very smart bitch with a pleasing outline and is in such hard-muscular condition. Lovely head, expression with a good length to ear, when ears raised shows the correct flat skull and high ear set. Excellent length of upper arm and layback of shoulder, nice level topline, slope to croup and good bend of stifle. All resulting in a bitch with lovely flowing lines and excellent ground covering movement. RCC.

2. Morris’s Kalimor Lily. 3 years old and litter sister to 1. Lots of similar attributes to 1. Lovely clean outline with correct length to height ratio, and moderate angulation throughout. Beautiful head and expression. Covered her ground well on the move, just carrying a touch more weight today.

3. Hazeltine, Crowther & Alcorn’s Hundwith Chortle with Hookwood JW ShCM.


1. Rodgers’s Minstergate Cunard JW 4 years old. A nice medium, moderate and balanced bitch with a good outline. Liked her head with good pigment, amber eye and median line. She has straight forelegs and moderately angulated fore and aft. Clean neck leading into a level topline. She was steady and balanced on the move.

2. Reilly, Rayner & Maskell’s Smilek Eyes Of Silver JW. 3 years old. A different bitch in outline than 2. She has a nice head and expression with a good length and fold to ear. A clean neck which flows into a level topline. To complete the picture would prefer a bit more length in upper arm. Moved well around the ring.


Judge: Debbie Wallwork