• Show Date: 16/08/2019
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Dawn Dixon Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

Welsh Kennel Club

Breed: Chinese Crested

I would like to thank all the exhibitors for their entry and my very competent stewards for their hard work and for making my day so enjoyable.


I would just like to say I do have some concerns about our breed in general.

I found many dogs were large, course in head and heavy throughout . There were a lot of round eyes and many did not comply with my interpretation of the breed standard, which requires cheeks cleanly chiselled ,lean and flat tapering into the muzzle.

I urge exhibitors to remember the Chinese Crested is meant to be an graceful elegant toy breed and we should be striving to retain the elegance and breed features that others before us have already achieved.


Veteran Dog (2) 1 Oliver’s Peter Pan at Sarelidan- Mahogany hairless of pleasing size and proportion, refined head, good bite , strong alert ears, firm topline, lovely skin, fully of personality on the move.

2 Hampson’s Zerachiel Element of True – Masculine dog shown in good condition.

Head balanced but strong in cheek, nice dark eye, strong ears, excellent mouth, strong body with nice depth of chest, topline could be better, nice tail set, move ok.


Minor puppy dog (2, 1) 1 Snell’s Anadeia Rain Dance – just 6mths with a happy personality. Nice size, head proportions ok but a little full in the cheeks, nice dark eye, strong well placed ears, nice rib, fine skin, would prefer more length and a looser tail, unable to assess his movement due to him being over enthusiastic.


Puppy Dog (2,1) 1 Dale’s Dalrosmics Latinus– Masculine dog who is well up to size , balanced head, dark eye, strong well placed ears, lovely mouth, straight front , nice Harefoot, firm body with good length, would prefer a shorter hock, drove from behind but rather erratic in front.  

2 Hampson’s Zerachel Ti Wei Te – preferred the size and movement over winner but heavy in back skull and rather short in muzzle , I can only presume he is still teething as bite was off and he also had a problem with his ear carriage . 


Junior Dog (6,1) Piper’s Be My Dog’s Topsail Coady of Zanjero JW – Super type and excellent outline when stood. Balanced head but a little heavy in cheek, good mouth, nice eye, strong ears, pleasing neck straight front but rather upright which restricted his front movement, nice body with good length, strong level topline which he kept on the move, dog and handler need to work together as there was no fluidity when moving.

2 Faquharson’s Shanshal Prince of Arabia – immaculately presented pp of love size , pleasing head with nice shaped eye, well set erected ears, correct bite, nice front, body still needs to develop, good topline which he kept on the move, would prefer a better tail carriage.

3 Snell’s Udo Jansen Huezdy.


Post Graduate Dog (9 ) 1 Rees Parcauwen Secrect Liaison – well presented elegant PP, lovely size with correct bone , nicely balanced head with well shaped almond eye, good mouth, nice front construction, moderate neck, would like a stronger body and tail not carried as high, moved soundly.

2 Farquharson’s Shanshal Prince of Arabia.

3 piper & Peppett’s Baron Winning Smile for Zanjero.


Limit dog (9 1) Dowsett & Dowsett’s Winterkloud Gingerbread by Tteswood - won this class on overall breed type. Lovely size, masculine head which was balanced, strong well set ears, nice dark eye, pleasing neck and shoulders, broad chest, strong firm topline which he kept at all time, nicely angulated rear quarter with well let down hocks, moved soundly.

2 Baker’s Golamulet Amber Tone – well coat pp which was immaculately presented, a little strong in head but still balanced, pleasing expression with lovely dark eye, good mouth, straight front , strong well balanced body, moved well.

3 Oliver’s Ynchreenoo Baoyl Fahrane at Sarelidan.


Open dog ( 7 2).1 Payne & Dunlop’s Habiba As You Are – well balanced boy who is full of breed type. .Well balanced head with nicely chiselled cheeks and tapering muzzle, strong well set ears, lovely dark almond shaped eye, good mouth, straight front with correct bone, good neck and well laid shoulders, strong well ribbed body with good length, firm level topline , nicely angulated rear, moves with reach and drive, showed really well, pleased to award him the CC , which I believe was his third .

2 Barker’s Cheeswood Shimmering Moon – another immaculately presented pp for this exhibitor, a little heavy in head for my taste but had a lovely dark eye, good mouth, super well set ears, broad chest, strong well made body of good length, moved soundly with excellent drive. RCC

3 Hampson’s Zerachiel Happy Days.


Veteran Bitch (2 1) 1 McGuigan & Blackwell’s Annamac Fairy Tail – A lady that has matured well with age. Feminine well balanced head, well set ears, pleasing eye , lovely fine supple skin, correct fine bone, good rib, moderate tuck up, full of herself on the move. Best Veteran.


Minor Puppy Bitch (3 2) Dale’s Balrosmic’s Persepolis – balanced head but full in the cheeks, dark eye, good ears, straight front, harefoot, nice bone, body of good length, moderate rear angulation, moved ok when settled.


Puppy Bitch (4 1) 1 Hinton’s Cheeswood Moonlight Dream – beautifully presented pp who catches your eye when entering the ring. Ultra feminine head of correct proportions, lovely dark well shaped eye, correct bite, excellent well set ears, straight front, fine bone, long gracefully neck , firm level topline, would prefer a little more length and still needs to broaden in chest, moved freely around the ring. Best puppy.

2 Routledge Ynchreenoo Twinkle Toes with Pufflepaws – lots to like about this baby , lovely size, strong well set ears, good mouth, a little strong in head and slightly round in eye, good front with strong rib, firm topline, nice tail set, moved well.

3 Bridgwater’ Scherzando Quote.


Junior Bitch(1) Dale’s Ajatiaza Primo Bacio – vail coated pp of nice size, pleasing head with nice expression, good mouth, well set ears, correct bone, nice harefoot, well made body with good length, I would like more reach in the front but drove from the behind.


Post Graduate Bitch (4 1) 1 Routledge Ynchreenoo Twinkle Toes with Pufflepaws.

2 McFarlane’s Zerachiel Exotic Dancer – larger than winner and could be more refined in head, pleasing eye , good mouth, strong ears, firm body of good length, nice topline, move ok.

3 Grant’s Moretonia Passion At Moorheath JW.


Limit Bitch (9 3) 1 Gwynne’s Delissa Crystal Ice – immaculately presented pp , balanced head, dark eye, good bite, straight front, well laid shoulders, good length of body, nice rear angulation, excelled on the move, giving a faultless lesson on how to cover the ground with good reach and drive. RCC

2 Rees Parcauwen Secrect Sapphire – another well presented pp who was unlucky to meet the winner, feminine head with lovely a eye, erected ears well set, good mouth, nice body with good depth of brisket, level topline, moved soundly but tail carriage could be better.

3 McGuigan & Blackwell’s Doucai’s Too Cute to scare at Annamac.


Open Bitch (8 5) 1 Routledge’s Tasnim De Sothis Para Pufflepaws – Ultra feminine girl of correct size who doesn’t always make the best of herself but today didn’t put a foot wrong. Nothing really not to like about her, pleasing feminine head with lovely expression, well shaped dark eye, good mouth, strong ears, straight front, fine bone, good angles front and rear, moved well with correct tail carriage, CC and BOB

2 Payne & Dunlops Habiba Reign On - another feminine bitch shown it great condition, a close decision between 1 & 2 .Has many of the same virtues as the winner but preferred the length of winner 

3 Routledge’s Pufflepaws Mz Rumpleteazer.


Dawn Dixon