• Show Date: 16/08/2019
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Dawn Dixon Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

Welsh Kennel Club

Breed: Lowchen (Little Lion Dog)

I would like to thank all the exhibitors for their entry and my very competent stewards for their hard work and for making my day so enjoyable.


Veteran Dog (1) 1 McFarlane’s Sharlarna’s Eagle Eye at Glendyke ShCM – strongly made dog who is larger than I prefer but was a credit to his owners.

Masculine throughout, lovely head piece, skull of good width flat between the ears, well defined stop, short broad muzzle, good sized dark round eye, correct scissor bite, adequate neck , straight front, strong well made body ,well muscled hindquarters , coat presented in pristine condition, moved well for age. Best Veteran


Minor Puppy Dog (0)


Puppy Dog (0)


Junior Dog (6 1) 1 Mansell’s Teejay Take a Gamble – Well coated boy of pleasing size, balanced head with good width of jaw and correct bite, short well developed body, strong well muscled hindquarters, nice turn of stifle,moved steadily, would prefer a better tail carriage.

2 Hillyer’s Brokus Double or Nothing at Glonido – taller dog than winner but still balanced.

Beautiful head proportions with large dark melting eyes, strong jaw with good bite, well bodied, nice tail carriage, covered the ground on the move.

3 Pascoe’s Jadechar Flashback Hero.


Post Graduate Dog (0)


Limit Dog (1) 1 Richardson’s Eleazar Via Hollinsclose – balanced head with a broad skull, correct shaped dark eye, nice bone, neat feet, strong well sprung rib, firm level topline, could be shorter in loin, well muscled hindquarters with nice angulation , a little untidy in from movement but good drive behind.


Open Dog (5) 1 Richardson & Eastwood’s AM Ch. Hollinsclose’s The Gambler – idea for size and balance , coat of good texture which was beautifully presented , lovely head with short broad muzzle, correct scissor bite, large dark eye giving a soft gentle expression, correct neck and shoulders, short strong well ribbed body, level topline , nice tail set, well muscled hindquarters with adequate angulation, moved soundly covering the ground with ease CC & BOB

2 Brown’s Ch. Jadecher Pride of The Hero – masculine dog who is nice to go over and is presented in very good condition, broad head with large eye which could be darker, good bite, broad front, firm level topline, well muscled hindquarters, good tail set , sound on the move but preferred the over balance of winner. RCC

3 Hookway & Bentley’s Bealion Swansong.


Veteran Bitch (0)


Minor Puppy Bitch (3 1) 1 Parrington’s Melcia Iolanthe – short well balanced puppy with broad skull, pleasing dark eye, straight front, good rib, moderate rear angulation with good muscle tone, moved well when settled.

2 Pascoe’s Irish Mist Kiss My Butt-On- feminine baby of pleasing size, pretty head and expression, good bite, well ribbed , needs to come up on the leg to give a better balance, moved steadily keeping a level topline , correct tail carriage.


Puppy Bitch (1) 1 Brown’s Fun and Performing – they say good thing come in small packages and this was so true in this case, ultra feminine well balanced baby who screamed true breed type.

Classic head, broad in skull, short muzzled with strong jaw and correct bite, dark round eye of good size giving a lovely expression, pleasing neck and shoulders, short well proportioned body with level topline, well muscled hindquarters with good turn of stifle, moved freely around the ring with good reach and drive. CC


Junior Bitch (1) Brown’s Broevans The Fun Of It All – litter sister to previous class and has many of her virtues , a little bigger made throughout but still nice for size, rear not as developed yet and couldn’t match her sister on the move.


Post Graduate Bitch(0)


Limit Bitch (3 1) 1 Coote’s Cleeview Trust In Me – nice sized bitch who is so typical of the breed, classic head piece, broad skull flat between the ears, short muzzle, with good stop, strong jaw, good bite , large dark eye giving that true lowchen expression, nice shoulder placement, strong rib, well rounded rump, sound on the move but needs to be moved quicker as lacked drive, RCC

2 Brown’s Jadechar Marks Pride And Fun – strongly made bitch with a beautiful head and eye, broad in front, good neck and shoulders, well ribbed , slightly long in loin , well muscled rear, moved soundly.


Open Bitch (3) 1 Foster and Morgan Stanley’s Golbourne Dream A Dream – quality bitch with lots to like , classic head with strong jaw and good bite, large dark eye, decent neck and well laid shoulders, strong rib, level topline, good tail set, soft silky coat presented in good condition, steady on the move.

2 Richardson’s Ch. Hollinsclose’s Lady Luck – well balanced with pleasing outline when stood, feminine head, eye of good size and shape but I would prefer it slightly darker, correct mouth, nice rib, firm level topline , tail well set and correctly carried, well rounded rump, nice rear angulation, front movement could be better.

3 watt’s Stoneside Taylor Made For Micador.


Dawn Dixon