• Show Date: 25/08/2019
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: David Williams Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

Scottish Siberian Husky Club

Breed: Siberian Husky

Scottish Siberian Husky Club Championship Show 25th August 2019 – Dogs

Firstly, many thanks to the Officers and committee for the invitation to judge at the 25th Anniversary show. I felt very honoured to be asked and to be in such good company with my fellow judge the legendary musher, Karsten Gronas.

The overall quality of the dogs was excellent and in some classes led to hair-splitting decisions. The standard of handling was consistently good which again led to some close results.

Minor Puppy Dog: (2)

1st – Hearton & Hearton-Randall’s BLIZZARDRUN STRYDER AT TALLATANTA. Very nicely proportioned and typically boisterous 6 month old. Nice deep chest, correct sloping croup, well furred. Smooth, free flowing movement once he settled, maybe a little short in reach currently. Very promising future. BPD

2nd – McArthur & McKenzie’s BLIZZARDRUNS CHASE FOR MERTHOSIS. Litter mate to 1 and similar in composition to his brother. Slightly stockier than his brother, lovely coat condition. Slightly crabbing on the out and back today which made the difference. Another promising youngster.

Puppy Dog: (1)

1st – McArthur & McKenzie’s BLIZZARDRUNS CHASE FOR MERTHOSIS. – As minor puppy.

Junior Dog: (4)

1st – Wakker’s SHAYTAAN’S WINTER SOLDIER AT CEANNABEINNE (IMP CAN). Lovely white dog in totally correct proportion. Splendid, typical head and eye. Correct slight arched loin, strong pasterns, and great feet. Came into his own on the move showing super reach and drive, holding his top line firm and level. Pushed very hard for the CC today, but very happy to award the RCC. Looking forward to seeing this young man receiving top honours in the future.

2nd – Sargent’s KERIQUEL ORINOCO. Another quality dog from this kennel and he has similar features to 1st. Correctly proportioned, well muscled in hard condition. Nice sloping croup. Not quite as smooth a mover as 1st and played his handler up slightly which made the difference today. Very nice youngster.

3rd – Smith & March’s TRAILHUNTERS TSUTEY. Another well proportioned dog. Slightly taller than first two, but within standard. Very good feet. Just not as smooth on the move as the first two today. Another nice youngster.

Yearling Dog: (3)

1st – Anderson’s AZGARD ZEN TO URIAKIN. Super looking dog with everything correctly proportioned. Very good, typical head. Excellent ground covering stride seen from the side but was crabbing a little on the out and back and giving his handler a hard time.

2nd – McCarroll & Logan’s AZGARD SERENDIPITY. Another striking dog, litter brother to 1st and much of the same attributes apply to this very nice boy. Good ear set, good bone, correct proportions. Not quite the flowing stride of his brother today.

3rd – Seaman’s O’ERIK RAGNAR OF VOYKAN WAKANDA KENNEL (IMP FRA). Happy lad with a cheeky expression which made me smile. Slightly shallow stop and a little straight in the shoulder. Moved well enough but not quite as purposeful as the other two in the class.

Undergraduate Dog (1)

1st – Pack’s ARCTICPACK’S LITTLE OMAR. Stood alone in this class but worthy of the placing regardless. Very well proportioned dog with excellent feet and correct croup. A little straight in the shoulder. Moved very well with reach and drive.

Graduate Dog: (4,1A)

1ST – Pack’s ARCTICPACK’S PROP JOE. Lovely looking dog and shown to his advantage by his handler today. Very good proportions, excellent feet, correct croup and tail carriage. Excellent reach & drive.

2nd – Wakker’s BARKING BROOKS MOUNTAIN MIST AT CEANNABEINNE (IMP USA). Very close run thing between this lovely looking boy and 1st, who was clearly enjoying his day as his tail never stopped wagging. Spot on construction and super ground covering movement. Lighter boned than 1st, but not too fine.

3rd – Houston’s RAJARANI NIKOLAI. Another sound dog with typical head, well shaped eye, correct ear set. Good feet. A little straight in the shoulder which detracted from the overall balanced look on the move. Well presented and handled.

Post Graduate Dog: (4)

1st – Grisbrooke’s AZGARD SPINDRIFT. Another quality dog from this kennel. Very well proportioned with correct croup, lovely head and super light footed movement especially the side gait which won the class today.

2nd – McCarroll & Logan’s ALEPENKYE LUCKY CHARMS. Another well proportioned dog that showed very well today. Very nice ground covering movement. Pin bones a bit high which affected the slope of croup. Well handled and presented.

3rd – Bolsover’s CHARMEDKELZ HIPPOGRIFF. Slightly taller boy at the top end of the standard. Very good angulation of shoulder, strong pasterns. Slightly shallow stop affecting overall head shape. Good ground covering movement.

Limit Dog: (6)

Strong class with some lovely examples of the breed.

1st – Beirne’s PENKHALAS ITASKA. Top of the standard for height but excellent proportions. Good slope of croup. Feet a little small. Great movement with easy flowing stride. Very well shown and seemed at one with his handler today. Pushed hard for top honours in the challenge.

2nd – Sargent’s TRAILHUNTERS DEVON ROCK AT KERIQUEL. A quality dog with everything in proportion. Excellent feet, head and overall condition. Movement was a little stuttered today which made the difference. Definitely one to watch for.

3rd – Robertson’s CHATANIKA’S POTTS. Very nice pied with typical foxy head. Well proportioned with very good feet and plush coat. Lovely ground covering stride and very well handled. Unlucky to meet the first two today, but sure his day will come.

Open Dog: (5,1)

1st – Emery’s NAVAJOS MONT VENTOUX. Top standard for height with excellent coat condition, strong front pasterns, correct croup. Slightly straight in the shoulder, however didn’t detract from the super movement. Well handled.

2nd – Wakker’s ZARCHENSKI MIST A ZEEHOND AT CEANNABEINNE. Well proportioned dog with excellent head and ear set, very good deep chest. Very smooth on the move. Well handled.

3rd – Pack’s ARCTICPACK’S LESTER. Very well muscled dog with excellent proportions. Another who is slightly straight in the shoulder which affects his outline when standing. Moved very well.

Champion Dog: (2)

An honour to judge this class. Quality dogs!

1st – Grisbrooke’s CH AZGARD GLOCK. Super example of our breed. Typical head. Excellent angulation, superb proportions, nice arch over loin, sloping croup. Won the day with his faultless ground covering movement which didn’t fade for the whole day. Very pleased to award the CC and later with my co-judge, the B.I.S.

2nd – Sargent’s CH HUSHWING WEZZTLEE WITH KERIQUEL. Another super example. Many of the same attributes as 1. Very well muscled with top notch feet. Excellent stride and true coming and going, just not quite as smooth as 1 today. Very close between these two fine examples.

Veteran Dog: (2)

1st – Bolsover’s ELLEONIA NEW MOON FOR CHARMEDKELZ. This lad is at the lower end of the standard for height but everything is in proportion. Nice laid back shoulder. Very good movement. Well handled.

2nd – Reeves’ ROSGUARD GWRIOW LUGOLES FOR KORSVIG. A well balanced dog with typical head, nice slope to croup, a little straighter in shoulder than 1. Good ground covering movement.

Special Veteran Dog: (3)

1st – Pack’s SNOPEAK DIARYZ OF A MADMAN AT ARCTICPACK. Lovely, nearly 11 year old chap shown in super hard condition. Perfect angulation with very good typical head, nice slope to croup, well laid back shoulder blade. Moved with purpose and wasting nothing at a very good pace. Pushed hard for top honours.

2nd – Beirne’s CH PENKHALAS NASHOBA. Another lovely oldie that was shown in great condition. All round super construction with very good angulation, nice typical head, correct croup and tuck up, very good feet. Moved soundly although not as purposeful as 1 today.

3rd – Bolsover’s MAGOZSKI ZELDA FOR CHARMEDKELZ. Completing the trio of super veterans was another typical example. Cheeky expression, good ear set and front angulation. Slightly sloping rear which made him struggle on the move and gave his handler a hard time.