• Show Date: 06/09/2019
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: David Seaman Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

Richmond Dog Show Society

Breed: Rhodesian Ridgeback

I would like to thank the Richmond Dog Show committee for inviting me to judge at their Championship Show, it was efficiently run and the hospitality was second to none. My two stewards expertly fulfilled their duties with humour so thanks for making my task easier. Being a Friday I was very pleased with my entry (I did notice that Ridgebacks were the second largest entry in the Hound group), and thank all exhibitors who made the gruelling journey. I was really pleased to find the general quality of our breed is in a good place at the moment. There were a few off set crowns but on the whole ridges were well defined and correct. Temperaments were excellent throughout although one or two youngsters were a bit reserved but that will improve with more experience. A few dogs were being excessively baited, this spoils the outline of the dog and is unattractive to watch, much nicer to see a natural pose. I was delighted to see my BOB, Diamondridge Roll The Dice For Royalridge JW. placed HG3 and learnt she also gained her title of Champion today (subject to KC confirmation) congratulations. VD (5 : 1a) 1st WALKER Mrs H C Amahle Don't Stop Me Now. 7½yr old male typical male head, deep muzzle with an intelligent expression, strong neck & good depth and width in front, plenty of bone and tight feet, well balanced hind quarters moved with drive. 2nd GEEVES Mr A P & Mrs S A Ch Roseridge Royal Romeo (ai) (Imp) JW. Another very nice 7yr old male, good depth of muzzle and clean neck into a well laid shoulder, excellent top-line both standing and on the move. SBD (2 : 0a) 1st FERRIS Mrs J A Mirengo Moringa. All male and well up to size, I would like to see a deeper muzzle but he has a classic outline with good shoulder placement and excellent topline, more experience would benefit his ring presence. 2nd RHODES Mrs K Priorpark Paradice City Of Metalrock. Only just 6 months and his first show needs to settle on the move but this will come with practice. Lovely dark eye and good bone promising puppy, pleasing outline overall. MPD (3 : 1a) 1st HOUSE Mr M J H Diamondridge Keep It Dark For Kemgordoni . Handsome young male with a lot to like. Excels in topline and hindquarters with a deep chest and strong loin, plenty of bone and well knuckled feet, should trouble the best when mature. Well-schooled for a youngster. 2nd RHODES Mrs K Priorpark Paradice City Of Metalrock. PD (4 : 1a) 1st TIMMS, Mr G & TIMMS Miss O Carlincox Solid Gold. Well-presented, 10 month compact dark red male, pleasing ear carriage and sufficient reach of neck into nicely sloped shoulder. Reasonable depth of chest into strong loin and well angulated hindquarters, sound on the move. 2nd LITTLE Mrs G & Mr M Nuthouse Abracadabra. Only 8 months and slightly immature next to winner but a good mover, balanced head with a good deep muzzle and dark eye, excellent bone. JD (2 : 0) 1st CLEMENTS Mr R & Mrs M Amahle Hello Mr Heartache. Really liked this boy, strong and powerful. Enjoyed himself a bit too much on the move with a bit of high stepping in front and a gay tail but his quality shines through. A bit throaty but excellent proportions. 2nd WHITE Mrs E Carlincox Gold Star. Nicely made dog with no exaggerations. Good bone and free moving with good low stride. Preferred chest and shoulder of 1. YD (2 : 0) 1st JEFFERY Mrs E L Mirengo's Machinga At Rexgrove. Quality all male ridgeback with a typical head and expression, dark eye, neck throaty with good depth and width of chest. Correct gait and carries a level topline. Movement sound and true. 2nd HODGKINS Mrs N Mirengo's Mulabanji. Another impressive hound, strongly made and I note little brother to 1, with the same qualities but a little taller, well off for bone, moved freely with tail held a little high. PGD (5 : 1) 1st VINCENT Mrs C D Imola I'm Your Man At Jematti. This handsome upstanding dog has a lot to like, top end for size with dark muzzle, kind expression and dark eye, rather throaty, good depth of chest, super topline and plenty of bone, still has some maturing to do. Movement was free and true coming and going. 2nd HODGKINS Mrs N Mirengo's Mulabanji. LD (7 : 3) 1st: 1479 LOVEJOY Miss E R Kiromol Kintsa Of Inkosikazi. This dog caught my eye as it entered the ring and didn’t disappoint. He has a balanced symmetrical outline, typey head with deep muzzle, good expression, long naturally held neck, excels in depth of chest and underline, level topline, an easy free and true mover, beautifully handled, pleased to award him RDCC. 2nd WALKER Mrs H C Amahle Juma. Another nice male a little stockier throughout, balanced head with a nice expression, deep chest, good bone and tight feet. Nicely moved and covered the ground well. OD (8 : 0) I felt really privileged when I first saw the line-up of 8 splendid RR’s waiting for me to judge, what a class, dogs are judged on the day so any one of these could have swapped places. 1st CATHARELL Mr & Mrs H & C L Ch Faahac Free N'easy JW Sh.CM. The classic outline of this splendid dog is second to none today. Well balanced head just masculine enough he has a liver nose and harmonising eye colour, strong neck with a with well laid shoulder, ribbed well back, and finishing with a nicely turned stifle and let down hock. Today it was his movement which was flowing and effortless which made him stand out in this class. I was very pleased to award him the DCC. 2nd LITTLE Mrs G & Mr M Ch Sofala Joe The Lion. I have always liked this dog, fit and well-conditioned, he has an excellent head with great expression, tight knuckled feet and plenty of bone, well ribbed back, a little long in the loin, super topline which he held throughout, covers the ground with ease, pushed the winner hard VB (3 : 0) 1st Raymond Mrs N D Sofala So Fantastique. Still looking good for her age, feminine and well muscled, lovely head and kind expression set on an elegant neck, nice deep chest with good shoulders and forelegs, tight feet, a good amount of rear angulation, balanced front and back, moved with drive and covered the ground well. BV. 2nd BRISTOW Mrs T Tambyssa's Athen. A lot to like about this girl, good head with a kind eye, lovely depth of chest, well laid shoulder and turn of stifle, good feet, movement not quite as settled as 1st. SBB (2 : 0) 1st COTTON, Mr N & GLEN Miss E Zejak Bubezi Batuuli. Attractive girl with plenty of substance and nicely put together, good bone, has all the essentials to develop well. 2nd TAYLOR Mrs E Tokwe Truly Gintastic. Pretty face and good ear carriage on this feminine girl, adequate bone, good feet and moved true coming and going. MPB (3 : 0) 1st PARSONS Miss H Priorpark Pinch Of Salt. Beautiful eyes on this girl and good head though stop is plenty deep enough, lots of substance and holding her topline well on the move. Will watch her progress with interest. BP. 2nd SMITH Mrs A J & Mr W J Diamondridge Daiane Del Rio At Ungowa. Another nice pup with substance, has all the essentials for a bright future, topline softer than 1st. PB (8 : 0) 1st FARLEIGH Mrs M L Kinabula's Gucci Bloom. Easy winner of this class, she has it all and I know she will have a bright future, would like to take this one home. 2nd COX Mrs L A Carlincox Pure Gold. Beautifully presented as always from this kennel. Elbows a little loose but good forechest and shoulder. Covers the ground well on the move. JB (8 : 1) 1st MAIDMENT Mr B & Mrs A Amahle You Had Me From Hello. Didn’t put a foot wrong all day and is coming on a treat. Strongly made and correct proportions throughout, slightly large ears, excels in hindquarters, moved freely. 2nd FARLEIGH Mrs M L Kinabula Driving Miss Daisy. Really sound movement in any direction, nicely made and excellent topline, second thigh could be more developed. YB (3 : 1) 1st HICKS Mrs S & Mr J Nuthouse Queen Of Clubs JW. What a lovely hound she is, excellent head with intelligent expression, dark eye, good strong neck, she is so well balanced, excellent hindquarters, would like see her moved on a loose lead, 2nd COYNE Mrs P A Ozubi's Patience. More compact than 1st, pretty feminine head with dark eyes and pleasing expression with a good reach of neck. Well boned with tight feet. Good depth of chest and very balanced front and rear. Lovely topline which she held well. PGB (5 : 0) 1st HICKS Mrs S & Mr J Nuthouse Some Like It Hot. Another nice bitch from this kennel, different type but the same qualities. Well balanced head and dark eye with correct ear set. good lay of shoulder and deep chest, forelegs strong and straight with good feet, muscular rear quarters, well let down hocks, moved freely and kept her topline. 2nd COOGAN Mr A R Rovigo Este. Pleasing well balanced head with intelligent expression and dark eyes, very muscular body with deep enough chest, moderate tuck-up, strong bone and good feet. LB (14 : 3) 1st RAYMOND Mrs N D Nuthouse Gwladys At Sofala. Sister to YB winner and very similar type, beautiful head with good proportions, good lay of shoulder, deep chest and well ribbed back, level topline, correct hind angulation and tight feet, moves well and with drive. 2nd HICKS Mrs S & Mr J Nuthouse Hot Stuff. A feminine head and dark eyes full of expression, strong and muscular throughout , adequate depth of chest, balanced quarters and moved well. OB (9 : 2) 1st CATLEY , Miss A & MCGIMPSEY Mr R Diamondridge Roll The Dice For Royalridge JW. I’ve followed this bitch’s career with interest and today she didn’t disappoint. An impressive bitch with nothing exaggerated or overdone, a beautiful outline, superb head with an intelligent expression, clean neck, good depth of chest. The best of toplines which she carries well, handler and dog moved as one. It was a great pleasure to award her the BCC and BOB. 2nd PARSONS Miss H Priorpark Pipsqueak JW. Nice quality bitch top end for height, with a balanced head, pleasing expression and dark eye, strong throughout, good slope to shoulder, moved with drive, pleased to award her the RBCC. Judge. David Seaman