• Show Date: 09/05/2019
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: David Howarth Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

Birmingham Dog Show Society Ltd

Breed: Weimaraner

Birmingham National Ch Show 2019 


A super entry of 110 from 90 exhibits made my first appointment in this wonderful breed so enjoyable. Yes, there were a couple of bad mouths which need watching but overall, quality was high. Condition and temperaments were first class. Several classes, especially the Open Dog and Limit Bitch classes were a joy to see, teeming with quality. There were some very promising youngsters on show today; it will be interesting to see how they develop. It was great to hear warm applause greeting all the winners.  

SBD (1 Entries) Abs: 0  

1st: HAWKINS’ Smilek Massachusettes  

Well grown lad of 20 months, strongly built through with balanced head and typical expression. He has a good reach of neck which fits cleanly into his shoulders. Well angulated in quarters with good bend of stifle and hocks are nicely let down. He moved well enough. Should go on to do well.  


MPD (6 Entries) Abs: 2  

1st: RAYNER & MASKELL’s Kalimor Accolade to Raystans  

Just 8 months and maturing along the right lines. Balanced head, not over done in any way. Strong neck of good length, well laid shoulders and straight legs giving a super front assembly. Well balanced body with good length of ribs and level topline. Good width over his quarters, well-turned stifles enable him to move with reach and drive. Would expect him to go on and be very successful. Best Puppy. 

2nd: ROWBURY’s Stormdancer Mint Chip  

Another promising youngster, not as forward as the winner and will probably take longer to come together. Decent head with intelligent expression and well-placed ears. Clean in neck with well boned, straight front. Good depth of chest for his age.  Needs to firm in topline at the moment but this will come! 

3rd: FAULTLESS’ Stormdancer Rudimental  


PD (6 Entries) Abs: 1  

1st: RAYNER & MASKELL’s Kalimor Accolade to Raystans, winner of the previous class. 

2nd: ROWBURY’s Stormdancer Avinci  

Liked this one a lot, at 10 months is looking well and coming together nicely. Correct in head with good balance and strong jaws. Well boned, straight front leads to good lay back of shoulder. Good length of body with depth and correct topline and tail set. A little erratic on the move today, pushed the winner close.  

3rd: STAFFORD’s Gunalt Flytheflag Farnfield  


JD (1 Entries) Abs: 0  

1st: THORNE’s Mabanika Stetson  

Just 13 months and standing alone. Top quality through, presenting a balanced outline stacked and moving out well. He has a lovely head with plenty of shape and good length of foreface. His neck is clean and long leading to a straight front with elbows nicely tucked in. Good length and depth of body, firm in topline. Strong over the quarters for his age with good rear angulation. My notes say, “like him, should go on”.  


YD (5 Entries) Abs: 1  

1st: THORNE’s Mabanika Stetson  

2nd: HAWKINS’ Smilek Massachusettes  

3rd: BROWN & BURNS’ Enryb Champers Party At Pothouse  


ND (3 Entries) Abs: 0  

1st: FAULTLESS’ Stormdancer Rudimental  

Third behind two very promising puppies in his earlier class, looked well in profile standing. Head is well balanced but has yet to fully come together. Good reach of neck and correct in front with neat bone. He has well angulated quarters when standing but did not make full use of them on the move.  

2nd: HAWKINS’ Smilek Fernando  

Only just 6 months, reserve in the MP class. Not as forward as his rivals today. Pleasing in head with intelligent expression, good reach of neck. Level topline and lovely set on of tail.  

GD (1 Entries) Abs: 0  

1st: KERSLAKE’s Kuantan Cosworth  

Almost two, well built with a strong head and well-set ears. Good length of neck and pleasing in shoulder. Firm in topline and deep in chest, he was in good coat and condition. He moved neatly enough. His handler just tended to over stretch him at times.  


PGD (4 Entries) Abs: 1  

1st: BENNETT’s Deifstock Dandini  

Well put together and in good muscular condition. This one has a lovely head with kind and intelligent expression, correct stop, good ears and a strong jaw. His neck is of good length and strong leading to well laid shoulders. He has good length width and depth of ribs and is firm over the couplings. Hocks are well let down and he has firm compact feet.  

2nd: MUTLOW’s Braefell Goshawk JW  

Another good one, different type to the winner but lots to like here as well. Kind expressive head with good reach of neck and well boned straight front. He is balanced in body and moved true both ways. I just preferred the head and depth of the winner today.  

3rd: FOWLER’s Kuantan Goosebump at Galgo  


LD (6 Entries) Abs: 0  

1st: BEAGRIE’s Gunalt Audio From Feldhund JW  

Impressive in outline and looking the part today. Aristocratic head with enough width and moderate stop. He has a good length of foreface and an intelligent expression. Strong neck of good length. Good bone with straight front. Well developed in body, his ribs are wide and long with correct depth. He has good rear angulation without any exaggeration. Feet are compact and firm. He moved soundly. Considered him for top honours but just lacked the confidence in the final consideration.  

2nd: PHILLIPS’ Rivertone Rudolph  

Another one with a lot to like. Balanced in outline with strength and power. Strong clean neck leads to well laid shoulders and well boned straight front. Firm level topline with strength over his couplings. He moved well especially in profile. Close up but just preferred the depth and feet of the winner.  

3rd: STOKES’ Khamsynn Coast To Coast At Wipfel  


OD (15 Entries) Abs: 1  

A stunning class; must be one of the best of any breed I have ever judged. Quality through with a mix of current Champions and several waiting in the wings.  

1st: RUDDY’s Sh Ch Netherhill's Got Talent JW   

The winner of this class had to be on form and this one certainly was today. Fully mature and presented a picture of balance and power as the standard requires. Well-shaped head with enough width but without coarseness. Moderate stop and strong in jaw. He has a kind eye and well-placed ears. Strong clean neck of good length flows into well laid shoulders. Balanced in body with well sprung ribs and good depth of chest. He has plenty of length and firm loins give a level topline. Well angulated quarters with well-muscled second thigh. He moved with power and drive. A pleasure to award him the CC and BoB 

2nd: RAYNER & MASKELL’s Sh Ch Gunalt Academy of Raystans JW Sh.CM  

One I judged as a raw youngster but now what a difference! Mature worthy Champion looking the part. Nothing to dislike here! Super head with good neck and straight, well boned legs. Well laid shoulders elbows tucked in nicely. Well developed in body and strong in quarters with good width and plenty of angulation. He strode out well covering the ring with ease. A matter of splitting hairs. RCC in strong company. Pleased to find out later that he is the sire of my Best Puppy.  

3rd: EVANS & PAVEY’s Sh Ch Gunalt Undeniable At Joneva JW  


VD (3 Entries) Abs: 1  

1st: CARSON & DUNNE’s Sh Ch Khamsynn Carry On Cruising To Moorpoint JW   

Easy to see why this one is carrying his title. Quality head with keen expression and good ear placement. Good length of neck. Super body properties with good width and depth of chest and level topline. Well angulated quarters, hocks are well let down. Moving true both ways. Belying his 8 years. In lovely condition.  

2nd: MUTLOW’s Risinglark Hawk Wing JW Sh.CM  

Another good one. Correctly balanced head with good eyes giving typical expression. Well laid shoulders. Good length of rib and firm over his couplings. He was presented in good order and looking well.  


SBB (2 Entries) Abs: 0  

1st: PILATOVA’s Sabsky Sasanka  

Only 8 months and just right for her age. Feminine head with good length of muzzle. Clean neck of good length leads to well laid shoulders. Level topline with good set on of tail, moved well in profile. Just needs a bit more time to fill out and complete the picture.  

2nd: HARRISON & OLNER’s Schonhund Show La Diva Loca  

More mature than the winner with correct head and kind expression. Straight in front. Decent quarters with hocks well let down. Not as good in topline as the winner here.  

MPB (6 Entries) Abs: 0  

Lovely class of promising babies, each one showing promise.  

1st: BRIGDEN’s Braithwaite Juicy Lucy  

Hard to believe this one is just six months as she took everything in her stride and presented a very balanced picture. Good head with correct ear placement and eyes. Long clean neck and good layback of shoulder. Lovely length of ribs giving correct balance. Well boned with compact feet. Should go on to do well. Best Puppy Bitch, 

2nd: BURGESS’ Kalimor Olive For Nemrac  

Another promising baby, this time seven months old. Well-shaped head with strong neck and straight, well boned front. Good width over her quarters and plenty of rear angulation. Moved straight and true both ways. In good condition. Went on to win the next class.  

3rd: HILL’s Weipowa Rizzini  


PB (6 Entries) Abs: 1  

1st: BURGESS’ Kalimor Olive For Nemrac  

2nd: COPELAND’s Gunalt Wondrous Strideview  

Approaching 11 months, looked well stacked but needing to settle on the move. Feminine head of good proportions. Clean in neck and well angulated shoulders, she has good depth and width of body. She is firm in topline and is well muscled over her couplings with good set on of tail.  

3rd: HILL’s Weipowa Rizzini  


JB (5 Entries) Abs: 0  

1st: HUNT & ROBERTS’ Joneva Hollywood Glamour  

Very pleasing on the eye. At 15 months is just what you would want. Balanced in head with clean neck and straight front of good width. She has good depth of body for her age and is well angulated behind. In lovely body with good width over her quarters. She moved well showing reach and drive.  

2nd: RUDDY’s Almoor Anastasia At Netherhill  

Another promising youngster. Presented a balanced and clean outline. Good head with alert expression and good ear placement. Well angulated at the front and rear with a firm level topline and good tail set. Not as developed in body as the winner but still so promising.  

3rd: BATTY’s Almoor Macey Grey  


YB (4 Entries) Abs: 2  

1st: UPTON-LOVETT & UPTON’s Gunalt Lustrous  

Impressed at the start of the class and did not disappoint in any way. Feminine in head with good width of skull and length of muzzle. Well placed ears. Well bodied with good width length and depth to her ribs. She is firm over the loins and correct in topline. Well angulated quarters. Shown in good body and handled to advantage. Pushed hard for top honours; her time will come.  

2nd: RUDDY’s Netherhill Euro Million JW  

Also, top quality with a lot to like. Well made through with good length of body and overall balance. Well angulated shoulders and good width over her quarters. Close up, I just preferred the head of the winner today.  


NB (4 Entries) Abs: 1  

1st: RUDDY’s Almoor Anastasia At Netherhill  

2nd: COPELAND’s Gunalt Wondrous Strideview   

3rd: DAVIES & BROWN’s Joneva Cocktails And Dreams At Wystry  


GB (3 Entries) Abs: 1  

Only two here but a difficult decision. Both two year old and plenty to like.  


1st: DOBBS’ Oakswarren Ice Maiden  

Refined in head with enough width and correct ear placement. Clean neck leads to well laid shoulders and straight front with enough width. Balanced body with firm topline and well-developed quarters with hocks let down nicely.  

2nd: PEARMAN’s Weipowa A Shot The Dark at Britmans  

Close up. Correct in head with good neck and front. Elbows tucked in nicely. Well developed ribs of good width and depth. Good turn of stifle. She moved well in profile. Just preferred the topline of the winner.  

PGB (6 Entries) Abs: 0  

1st: MCDOWALL & RUTLAND’s Sireva Hot Line To Khamsynn JW  

Lots to like about this one. Presented a balanced outline standing. Lovely head with good reach of neck and well laid shoulders. Good depth and length of body. She is firm over the loins giving a correct topline. Good rear angulation with hocks well let down. She moved soundly in both directions which gave her the edge in this class but just lacked the coat of others in the challenge.  

2nd: COOPER’s Deifstock Dazzling Star JW  

Decent type with good eyes, typical expression and well-placed ears. She has good shoulder angulation and is well developed in rib. Correct in topline with good tail set and well angulated quarters.  

3rd: FILBY & BROWN’s Desjiem Dorris Morris  


LB (8 Entries) Abs: 0  

What a lovely class to judge. I won’t be surprised to see several of these go on to get their titles.  

1st: ROBSON’s Kalimor Armani At Robricci JW  

Impressed at first glance and even more on closer examination. Looked the part today. Well balanced in head with strong muzzle and good width yet still feminine. Clean, muscled neck of good length leads to well angulated shoulders and good front with enough width and elbows nicely tucked in. Well boned legs. Well barrelled ribs giving length and depth to her body. Firm over the loins with well-developed quarters. Presented in first class order with good muscle and coat condition. She moved well in profile as well as fore and aft. Her hind movement won her this class and clinched the CC in strong competition. Her title must surely follow.  

2nd: SIMPSON, DAWSON & CLARKE’s Sireva Senna With Coastedge JW  

Another out of the top drawer. Balanced head with clean lines and typical expression. She has good eyes and well-placed ears. Strong neck of good length. Good lay back of shoulder. Well balanced body with good length of rib and plenty of depth to her chest. She has a firm level topline. Well angulated quarters of good width give her a picture of strength. She moved well in profile to win the RCC. Not surprised to find that she has subsequently gained her title. Well done. 

3rd: HESFORD & CAMPBELL’s Gunalt Move It To Pipwell  


OB (11 Entries) Abs: 3  

Another quality class. A pleasure to judge.  

1st: CROFT’s Sh Ch Gunalt Shugarush  

Worthy champion. Presented a lovely picture standing and so good to go over. Correct head proportions with strong jaw and good width. Clean in neck with well laid shoulders and straight, well boned front legs. She is balanced in body with firm topline and nicely angulated quarters with good turn of stifle. Hocks are well let down. Moved well in profile and presented in good order.  

2nd: RODGERS’ Minstergate Cunard JW  

Honest sort which must be gone over to be fully appreciated. Typical through and free from exaggeration. Correct head proportions with good ear placement giving a correct expression. Strong neck leads to straight front of good width. Plenty of width to her ribs. She has well developed quarters with good bend of stifle and is short from hock to heel She moved true in both directions. In good body condition.  

3rd: CROWTHER’s Hundwith Giggle  


VB (4 Entries) Abs: 1  

1st: STOKES’ Grandahay Hebe Lemon Quartz  

At 9 is a credit to her owner. Lovely type with clean outline, balanced throughout. Super head with good reach of neck. Well laid shoulders and good length of ribs. She has a good turn of stifle and covered the ring easily. Best Veteran.  

2nd: FOTARA’s Waldwiese Carpe Diem At Astraios (Imp)  

Seven-year-old Long Haired. Again, in lovely condition and moving to advantage. Strong in neck with good shoulder angulation and strong bone, good depth and width of body. Firm level topline and good tail set.  Looked well moving in profile.  

3rd: READ’s Longtails Beretta By Whitecross  


David Howarth