• Show Date: 17/01/2019
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: David Guy Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

Manchester Dog Show Society

Breed: Puppy Stakes

Eukanuba Puppy Stakes

Day 1 Hound & Pastoral

Class 702 PB Stakes (55 Entries) Abs: 33

1st: WHELAN, Miss N & YOUNG Miss J Corimist Sunshine Girl

A quality Bearded Collie who looked a picture standing, lovely head and eye, good legs and feet, good topline and tail, moved with purpose and style and shows great promise. Her fluid movement carried her through to win this quality class.

2nd: HEAD Mrs M Demerlay Strawberry Ice

A whippet of good breed type, clean outline, quality head, true front. Strong firm body and well muscled hindquarters

3rd: HUYTON Mr & Mrs P & C Jaztech Summer Love For Hightyne

Class 703 PD Stakes (39 Entries) Abs: 23

1st: WILTON-CLARK Miss J Shalfleet Heatwave

This quality whippet is so sound coming and going, good body and rib, quality bone, reachy ground covering stride, retaining a lovely outline all in all a quality dog who should have a good future, pleased to make him the winner on the day.

2nd: MYCROFT, Mrs S M & MYCROFT, Miss F S & BROWN Mrs Shiny Sensations Wish Upon A Star With Supeta (Imp

Yet another whippet who could not be overlooked, quality all through, sound out and back, presented in super condition. Good legs and feet, good topline and tailset.

3rd: MCPHERSON, Mr S A & PATERSON Mr P C Brumberhill Mr Wilks

Day 2 Toy & Terrier

Class 1352 PB Stakes (54 Entries) Abs: 18

1st: CAWTHERA-PURDY Mrs A Lireva's Quadrophenia (Best on Day)

This smart little 7 months Pomeranian showed his socks off, quality head, true front with good legs and feet. Lovey body, coat presented in tip top order. As usual from this exhibitor schooled to perfection. He gave a star studded performance to be the very worthy winner on the day over his sister who topped the puppy bitch class.

2nd: HURRION Miss K L Villassa Sea of Dreams

7 mths Norfolk Terrier of true breed type, short and cobby, lovely body and rib. Good head and eye, presented in full coat of a good texture. Moved true out and back.

3rd: ROGERS Mr N & Mrs C Lorecon Daybreak At Lunafox

Class 1353 PD Stakes (29 Entries) Abs: 0

1st: CAWTHERA-PURDY Mrs A Lireva's Quadrophonic

This 7 months Pomeranian is sister to the winner of puppy dog and again was presented in super order and well handled. Lovely make and shape, the best of legs and feet, coat in good order, well set and carried tail. She pushed her brother hard but on the day he was a little more steady on the final run off and this tipped the scales in his favour. Well done on two super puppies.

2nd: WALTON Mr D & Mrs S Ashoka Blaze Of Glory At Keunnevek

This 6mths Bichon was so confident and full of himself for one so you. Good head, dark eye and good nose placement, true front, good body. Coat of good texture. Giving a lot away on the day but his movement and style carried him through to this placement in a good class.

3rd: SMITH Mrs C A Lingbeck The One And Only

Day 3 Gundog

Class 1830 PB Stakes (59 Entries) Abs: 10

1st: BRYANT, Miss L & NELSON Mrs L Zarcrest Having A Tantrum With Nasailleen

This black American Cocker gave a very good account of herself on the move, true ground covering stride. Decent neck and shoulder, good rib, adequate bone for size, presented in good coat and condition. All in all a quality girl.

2nd: ODDIE , DYER, & COLES Sharnphilly Serendipity

This very raw 6 mths Pointer appealed for type and balance, clean over the neck and shoulder, quality bone, correct topline and tailset, moved out well for one so young, presented in super condition.

3rd: ROSE, Mr A P & GAFFNEY Mr J D Pingarypoint The Way To Kavacanne

Class 1831 PD Stakes (34 Entries) Abs: 16

1st: SMITH Mr B Bitcon Echo Best on the day

This 11 months Flat Coat dog captured my eye on entering the ring, great presence and style for a young dog. Quality head, good mouth, true front, good rib and body, decent neck and shoulder. Good legs and feet. Presented in super coat and condition, he really comes into his own on the move, true out and back and super profile movement. All in all a quality puppy who was my winner today and overall runner up to the super boxer.

2nd: EDWARDS Mrs S E Gwendariff Ucantmissme Bonhomie

9mths Irish Setter who was very nice to go over, balanced all through, good forechest, well ribbed body, good hindquarters. Moved well out and back.

3rd: BUSBY, Mrs R H & BUSBY Miss O F Stanegate Leading Role At Zakby

Day 4 Utility & Working

Class 2412 PB Stakes (59 Entries) Abs: 36

1st: FALCUS, Mrs J & Mr P & FRANCIS, Mr D & PEARCE Mr Longsdale's Are You Phareal

This 9mths Lhasa Apso appealed greatly for balance and good breed type. Super topline and tailset, good body, coat of good texture and presented in tip top order. On the move she covered the ground and retained a good outline.

2nd: BRYANT, Miss L & RYAN Miss K Nasailleen This Is Me At Tirkane

11 months black Toy Poodle, good to go over, good legs and feet, nice head of decent length, true front, carried a firm body. Coat of good texture and well presented. Moved true out and back and held outline in profile.

3rd: ELLIS Ms S Chayo Finesse

Class 2413 PD Stakes (52 Entries) Abs: 33

1st: GRIFFITHS Mr M Lanfrese Argento

This 9mths Brindle Boxer is a super puppy, all male stallion of a dog who has such ring presence. A good head and mouth, very good over the neck and shoulder, super bone without being coarse. Strong firm body without a trace of fat, very good hindquarters which he used to advantage on the move driving with great power. He has an easy, reachy ground covering stride and looked a picture in profile. A top quality puppy who proved to be my overall winner over the super Flat Coat who was runner up. Well done.

2nd:GRAHAM, S & LAW T & S Sharhyste's Luck Of The Devil

6mths Dobermann who is well balanced all through. Very good on the move true coming and going, correct topline which he retained on the move. Balanced head, good mouth. Coat in gleaming condition, he too looked a picture in profile.

3rd: ROSKELL Mrs B & Miss C Rahima Kingsmill

David Guy (Judge)