• Show Date: 21/06/2019
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: David Craig Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

Blackpool & District Canine Society

Breed: Ch/Vet Stakes, AVNSC, Rare Breed, Import Register, Special Beginners Puppy Stakes

Blackpool Championship Dog Show

June 2019

Champion Stakes

This was my first opportunity to judge these classes; it was an honour to get my hands on so many most worthy champions in a wide cross-section of breeds. They were all a credit to their owners and breeders.

Day 1:

1. Price and Leese’s Ch Araki Already Whispering, Tibetan Terrier, I went overboard for this beautiful gold sable and white, so glamorous with just the right proportions for perfect balance, well made all through with strong muscular neck, low set hocks and this manifests itself on the move where she goes with such poise, soundness, effortless reach and drive, covering the ground so freely keeping her super outline at all times, perfect presentation and unobtrusive handling was the icing on the cake, overall heat winner;

2. Howard’s Ch Tameron Miss Black Opium, top class Shih Tzu who pressed hard, sturdy in stature and arrogant in demeanour, most lovely head with wide open nostrils, so well made through front and hindquarters, well boned legs, muscular hindquarters, well coupled body, correctly carried tail, smooth, sound mover;

3. Cawthera-Purdy’s Ch Reta Hugo’s There Lireva, Pomeranian

Day 2:

1. Dunsdon’s Ch/Aus Ch Zandeena Getn Cort In The Act, Basenji of the highest quality and a real class act, feminine with a gazelle-like gracefulness, correct balance being high on leg, lovely head with beautiful dark eyes, crested neck leading into super shoulders with excellent hindquarters, came into her own on the move where she covered the ground maintaining her beautiful outline, runner up overall;

2. Morris and Waddell’s Ch Nothing Compares To You at Crosscop, Whippet of the highest quality whose great record speaks for itself, beautiful, feminine and like a piece of porcelain, beautiful head with gorgeous eyes, beautifully arched neck, deep chest with plenty of heart room, super body properties and correct hindquarters, totally sound on the move with such a long, easy stride, a pleasure to get one’s hands on;

3. Amos-Jones’ Sh Ch Veratey Vincenzo at Cassom, Cocker Spaniel

Day 3:

1. Allan and Winfrow’s Ch Allmark The Sequel, Australian Shepherd who is so well made all through, balanced outline, well made in forequarters and hindquarters, very good bone and oval, compact feet, good body properties with well sprung ribs, strong loin and strength through the loin, good hindquarters with well let down hocks, no surprise that he was such a good, sound true mover who maintained his outline beautifully in profile;

2. Davies’ Ch Hyerdunscar On A Mission With Coulbymoor, Bullmastiff with an imposing and impressive outline both standing and on the move, powerful without being in any way cumbersome, good head, well boned legs with good pasterns, strong powerful loin, good hindquarters, moved so soundly in all directions, in profile he maintained a firm backline and kept his outline so well, very handsome chap;

3. Lewis and Edinboro’s Ch Potterdale Potential, Bearded Collie

Veteran Stakes – what a great credit these veterans were to their owners. The vast majority looked much younger than their years.

Day 1

1. Collinson and Dare’s Ch Collypins Lickety Split, Min Pin who looked younger than his years, correct balance, compact and so alert, watching his handler all the time, lovely head, super dark eyes, strong neck into well made forequarters, super topline, good hindquarters, well muscled, sound breed typical movement, lovely boy!

2. Stevenson’s Sheneva’s Homeward Bound at Jeminai, Havanese who was so well made and in such great condition,


Day 2

1. Glaister’s Ch Classicus Cassander, this glorious Saluki male is of the highest quality, so typical all through and has an air of quiet showmanship which sets him apart, lovely head, oval eyes, long neck, super forequarters, deep brisket, correct cut up, correct feet, shown in wonderful form, so sound on the move where he goes with an effortless, smooth gait, shown in fabulous condition, an aristocrat !

2. Douglas’ Sh Ch Ferndel Justin Time, Welsh Springer who is full of breed type, correct size, balance and proportions, such good bone, correct feet, super through body and rib, slight arch to loin, super hindquarters, really covers the ground on the move and goes with real drive from behind, covers the ground well maintaining his outline;

3. Thurm’s Sh Ch Valger Odette, GSP

Day 3

1. Fulton’s Ch Cordante Black Masquerade, Hung Puli shown in great condition, super muscle tone, correct square outline, pleasing head, correct muzzle, well made forequarters, excellent ribs, strong, well muscled hindquarters, good feet, very good mover with breed typical quick gait, very good coat completed the overall picture;

2. Paucelin Andoni at Carapast, Manchester Terrier with great showmanship, elegant but with substance, long wedge-shaped head, dark almond eyes, clean neck, short body with well sprung ribs, correct arch over loin, good hindquarters, reached out truly in front and went with drive behind, in lovely condition and muscletone;

3. Brady’s Ch Francehill Two Tone, Shetland Sheepdog

AVNSC Toy/Utility

Day One

Junior Bitch (5,1):

1. Pike’s Burlesk Blonde Ambition at Eivisah, Chow Chow of lovely type and quality, pleasing head, legs and feet, lovely outline maintained on the move, shown and presented well, carried herself well on the move where she maintained her outline, BB, BOB, BP and BJ

2. Irwing’s Hilltoppride Take A Chance at Beaconpride, Chow Chow with similar remarks to above, has promise for the future, not quite the showmanship of 1 as yet;

3. Melling’s Middanwinter Magic Pony, Kooikerhondje

Open Bitch (2,0)

1. Fitzpatrick’s Showcan’s Star of Kwan Yin, Chow Chow of pleasing size who gained the position by virtue of being stronger on the move, would prefer better eyes moved quite soundly;

2. Fitzpatrick’s Showcan’s Shadow Dancer, Chow Chow very similar to above, rather out of coat today;

AVNSC Gundog/Hound

Day Two

Junior Dog (2,0):

1. Eald Dances With Wolves Among Nyliram, Sussex male of quality, pleasing head with wide skull, masculine without coarseness, well made forequarters, good bone and feet, super through body with deep chest and well ribbed, excellent hindquarters, so sound out and back and carries himself well in profile where his extrovert character shows, goes with the correct roll, BD, BJ, BOB, shortlisted in the group;

2. Cook’s Highclare Only One Aveck Tailliside, Brittany full of type and quality who pressed hard, has all the makings of a future title holder too, pleasing head, well made front, deep chest, correct topline, overall outline shows the correct balance, well muscled hindquarters, sound true mover with characteristic brisk gait, RBD;

Open Dog (2,0):

1. Dutch/Bel/Lux/Int Ch Sahseer Sandara, Sloughi who looked super in repose, lovely head, strong neck, short loin, moderately angulated behind, shown in lovely condition, overall has the correct dignified aura about him, very good behind on the move, rather loose in front;

2. Hipgrave’s Bethryn Night On The Town, Sussex who has the characteristic temperament, pleasing head, well boned, overall looks a little raw and lacks body;

Junior Bitch (1,0):

1. Tully’s Highclare Oos The Daddy, Brittany litter sister to RBD and so very similar in type and quality, lovely head, well made forequarters, correct neck, slightly sloping topline, well bodied, correct hindquarters, really sound out and back with good stride in profile where she maintains her typical outline, another with a future, BB;

Post Graduate Bitch (1,0):

1. Clark’s Magida Sabith Sal Sahra at Thiefside, Sloughi, very feminine with pleasing head, good legs and feet, good coming towards, super body, in excellent condition, RBB;

AVNSC Working/Pastoral/Terrier

Day Three

Puppy Dog (1,0):

1. Bailey’s Akna Maugrim, very nice and promising Canadian Eskimo Dog, well made with broad chest and well boned, medium length muzzle, level topline, well muscled thighs, very good side profile gait which showed power and true coming on;

Open Dog (3,0):

1. Bailey’s Can Gr Ch Arcticice Qimmiq G-Amorak Avec Akna (Imp Can), Canadian Eskimo Dog, handsome, powerful dog with a look of majesty and presence, pleasing head, good neck set into well laid back shoulders, deep chest, slight tuck up, correct tail, powerful, brisk and totally sound movement, holding his outline so well in profile, BD, BOB, shortlisted in group

2. Needham’s Can Ch Arcticice Qimmiq Jasper with Innugati (Imp Can), Canadian Eskimo Dog, again a very good dog to go over, well made all through, pleasing ghead, has power and presence, well made front, correct body and coat, sound mover, although slightly less impressive in profile, RBD;

3. Croft and Bickerdike’s Akna Ross** at Koroyza, Canadian Eskimo Dog

Puppy Bitch (2,0):

1. Tobijanski’s Zippor Grumpy Jones, Sealyham Terrier, very promising puppy, good type with a look of quality, feminine alert in demeanour and sturdy in build, pleasing head and good jaw, good neck let into pleasing shoulders, broad chest, pleasing hindquarters, pleasing coat, went with drive and soundness, RBB, BP;

2. Atkins’s Qimugta Harpist, Canadian Eskimo Dog who was sound and fit, well made all through with super temperament, has promise for the future;

Open Bitch (5,1):

1. Atkins’ Akna Peechee, quality Canadian Eskimo Dog with super outline both standing and on the move in profile, never loses her topline, well proportioned head, good neck, body and legs and feet, shown in excellent condition, so sound moving in all directions, BB;

2. Bailey’s Akna Dale, Canadian Eskimo Dog who pushed hard, has a look of femininity, well made all through, excellent body properties and coat, moved soundly;

3. Needham’s Akna Archangel with Innugati, Canadian Eskimo Dog

Special Beginners Puppy Stakes Day One

Dog (9):

1. Allegretti and Alford’s Montravia Dark Affair, Standard Poodle, 6 months real baby but totally confident, already has proud carriage, long, fine head, almond shaped eyes of good colour, short back, well developed hindquarters, sound mover fore, aft and in profile;

2. Care and Mutum’s Thunderail Off You Trot, Pug who was very sound moving, going with purpose, pleasing head shape, dark eyes, short cobby body, pressed hard;

3. Lund’s Yakee The Intereptor with Magnetizzam, Pekingese

Bitch (3):

1. Hinshelwood’s Muirfauld Amazing Lace, Lhasa Apso of pleasing type and quality, beautifully presented and handled, super body and coat for age, strong neck, exuded confidence, moved in a good and typical stride, well carried tail, sound and won well here;

2. Wright’s Angique Play The Game, Smooth Chi on the big side, very well bodied, sound mover behind, would prefer better eye;

3. Tomlinson’s Kamehahd Galadrial O Lorien, LC Chi

Special Beginners Puppy Stakes Day Two

Dog (8,4):

1. Glastonbury’s Brabrook Nutcracker, Irish Setter of good type, well reared and shown in super condition, very pleasing head, well made forequarters, good bone and feet, super body, excellent topline, well developed hindquarters, moved soundly and true fore and aft and kept his good outline on the move in profile;

2. Struthers-Lake’s Braccorions Quite The Catch, Bracco Italiano who was a baby but showing lots of promise, super body and bone, excellent hindquarters, super side gailt, very sound already;

3. Glover’s Nasailleen Roosevelt at Mickcals, Am Cocker

Bitch (21)

1. Jardine’s Tadrose North Star, Basenji with a look of quality, graceful in bearing, lovely head, dark almond shaped eyes, strong neck of correct length, short level back maintained on the move, carried herself well on the move;

2. Webster’s Michelroy Pimpernell With Houndscoast, tan/white Beagle of pleasing size and type, pleasing head, lovely dark eyes, well bodied with good ribs, short loin and well muscled hindquarters, sound mover;

3. Kehoe’s Anzacol Amazing Alika at Redcrown, Rhodesian Ridgeback

Special Beginners Puppy Stakes Day Three

Dog (10):

1. Swain’s Weststar Lone Ranger, Border Terrier of most pleasing type, very nice overall type, size and shape, correct head shape, broad in skull without any trace of coarseness, correct length of neck, good legs and feet, well carried tail, correct coat, good mover in all directions;

2. Hardie’s Mybeards Huckleberry, Polish Lowland Sheepdog who is well grown, excels in body and ribs, pleasing coat, well presented, moved soundly;

3. Fuller’s Jacanshe Apollo Enterprise, Australian Shepherd

Bitch (13):

1. Robinson’s Thingamebob Shes A Star, Bearded Collie who presented a very nice picture overall, most pleasing outline, excellent topline, body and hindquarters, pleasing head shape, moved soundly in all directions;

2. Aldous’ Twigglestone Serendipite, Border Terrier who was feminine, built on clean racy lines, sound mover, needs time for coat;

3. Queens Demantur, Dobermann

AV Rare Breeds Utility/Toy

Puppy Dog (1)

1. Doran’s Limartine Reddy N Willing, Australian Silky Terrier, alert, active youngster with pleasing head with dark, oval shaped eyes, body and overall outline which is of medium length, well developed thighs which aided his excellent hind action, going with drive, good coat, RBD;

Open Dog (1)

1. Towers’ Enjanicka Midnight Blue Sh CM, Bolognese of very good type and overall shape, pleasing size, lovely dark eyes, well sprung ribs, well muscled hindquarters with well let down hocks, sound mover, excelling in hind action, good coat, BD;

Puppy Bitch (2):

1. Parkinson’s Kaydanmy Call The Shots CPW19, Eurasier, youngster of lovely type and obvious quality, really liked her head, excellent neck, good body, topline and hindquarters, well balanced overall with good feet and shown in super condition, such a sound mover and had super carriage in profile where her side gait also pleased, BB, BP and BOB

2. Scott’s Cukoton Bewitched, Coton de Tulear with good body, forequarters and hindquarters, pleasing coat, lovely dark eye and good body with typical topline, moved soundly;

Yearling Bitch (2):

1. Melling’s Middanwinter Magic Pony, feminine Kookikerhondje of pleasing size with good head and almond shaped eyes of correct colour, well muscled hindquarters, well carried tail, sound moving;

2. Towers’ Enjanicka Toscana Mio Caro, Bolognese with very pleasing coat and pleasing head shape with dark eyes, good body, hocks well let down, thought she could have flowed more on the move;

Open Bitch (2):

1. McKean’s Silmoralbions Euphoria at Yawren SHCM Eurasier, of excellent type and overall shape, sound moving in all directions and showed well, RBB

2. Scott’s Cukoton Sky’s The Limit, Coton de Tulear with many pleasing qualities, especially good pigmentation and eye colour, good coat, moved well;

AV Rare Breeds Gundog/Hound

Puppy Dog (1):

1. Nelson’s Il Granaio Dei Malatesta Richard at Nelbekio, Lagotto Romagnolo who is squarely built and robust, shown in fit condition, good coat, pleasing eye, short loin, kept topline on the move, moved freely but a little close behind;

Junior Dog (1):

1. Warren’s Kinabula’s Marocchino at Shantih, lovely Cirneco Dell’Etna, pleasing head and eye, erect, high set ears, shown in excellent condition and muscletone, good body, legs and feet, good topline, strong hindquarters, sound mover in all directions, BD;

Limit Dog (1):

1. Nelson and Ferguson’s Mizani Dioro Over Savio, Lagotto Romagnolo of pleasing quality, good type and overall balance, pleasing head shape, good eye, correct coat, legs and feet, correct topline, well muscled hindquarters, moved soundly on a smooth stride with drive, BOB;

Open Dog (2):

1. Didio’s Kinabula Forlani of Kushka, Cirneco Dell’Etna, again of pleasing type, correct head and eye, well set and carried ears, good body, legs and feet, moved soundly, RBD, BJ;

2. Nelson’s Gaesten Zippy Zingo at Nelbekio ShCM, Lagotto Romagnolo of pleasing type and balance, correct coat, good head shape, moved soundly, pushed hard;

AV Rare Breeds Working/Pastoral/Terrier

Puppy Dog (1):

1. Stuart’s Kaszavolgyl Furge Lucky Dip (Imp Hung), Jack Russell of very nice type and proportions, sound moving and lovely temperament, flat skull, almond shaped dark eyes;

Junior Dog (2):

1. Clayton’s Pantycelyn Highland King, Jack Russell Terrier, another of most pleasing type, pleasing overall shape and balance, good coat and scored in movement, especially in front, RBD;

2. Thornley’s Locheil Stop Right There, Jack Russell Terrier, pleasing type and body, not the front of 1;

Limit Dog (4):

1. Croft and Bickerdike’s Akna Ross at Koroyza, Candian Eskimo Dog, lovely outline with great side gait, impressive especially in this spacious ring;

2. Smith’s Locheil Talk of the Town, another Jack Russell of pleasing type, excelled in body, coat and was so well muscled, sound;

3. Christie’s A Touch of Nortiness, Jack Russell Terrier

Open Dog (2):

1. Bermingham, Kendrick and Almeida’s Port Ch/Lux Ch/Benelux Ch/DT Ch NL Ch Odi Da Casa de Loas Em Ba, Estrela of lovely type, super outline, good neck, shoulders, bone and feet, good body, coat and hindquarters, sound moving, BD

2. Wynne-Eyton’s Ir Ch Brintala Valentino at Twrcymru CW 17, An Ch 17, 18, German Pinscher, very fit, well muscled, excelled in body with good rib, moved soundly;

Veteran Dog (1):

1. Blair’s Laura’s Rubin, Russian Black Terrier of 7 years, in lovely condition a credit to his owner, super coat, body and topline held on the move, moved soundly;

Puppy Bitch (2):

1. Garegddu Agua, Estrela, well reared pup with super bone, has the promise of a pleasing head, excellent body, hindquarters and shown in lovely coat and condition, free, easy mover going with purpose, BP;

2. Judge’s Bright Fox Extra Spicy for Iduex, German Pinscher who is a happy, extrovert youngster, a pleasure to see, well muscled and shown in good condition, smoothly fitting coat, moved soundly;

Junior Bitch (2):

1. Wynne-Eyton’s Dogiwogin Prinsessa Katja at Twrcymru, German Pinscher of pleasing type and quality, thought she was lovely and fitted the standard well, pleasing head shape, dark oval eyes, elegant neck, good chest, pleasing hindquarters, sound mover going with breed typical vigorous gait, RBB and BJ ;

2. Murphy’s Effektnaya Liliya S Ozera Razliv, Russian Black Terrier shown in good condition, handled well, pleasing overall proportions;

Limit Bitch (1):

1. Lane-Ridyard’s Kulawand Hot Chilli Pepper, Jack Russell Terrier, the words lively and alert immediately spring to mind, thought she was lovely, good type, pleasing head and eye, well made in front with strong neck and also with correct coat, good legs and feet, well balanced body, most pleasing hindquarters, sound true mover in all directions, covers the ground well, BB and BOB;

Open Bitch (2):

1. Bermingham, Kendrick and Almeida’s NL Ch Rainha Da Casa De Loas Em Bamcwt, Estrela Mountain Dog of pleasing type, well bodied, good hindquarters, in good condition, went on a good stride;

2. McKinlay and Johnson’s Milagre Got A Feelin at Estjak, Estrela Mountain Dog, similar remarks to above, not quite as good on the move;

Veteran Bitch (1):

1. Reid’s Milagre Ice Ice Baby, very nice Estrela Mountain Dog, pleasing type, good head, well made fore and hindquarters, correct body, moved well, a credit to her owner

Any Variety Import Register Utility/Toy

Junior Dog (1):

1. Lockhart and Clifford’s Sundust Dargons Rey Azteca at Sheldobchi, Mexican Hairless, very nice indeed for type and quality, shown in lovely condition, super temperament, great extrovert, pleasing head shape, elegant neck, well laid shoulders, sturdy body, has athleticism, well sprung ribs, moved well, BP;

Open Dog (2):

1. Winter and Unwin’s Morningcalm White Wizard at Snowtrekka, Korean Jindo, very nice quality, medium sized and balanced, pleasing dark brown eyes, pleasing forequarters, good hindquarters, excellent profile movement going in typical fashion, BD;

2. Lockhart and Clifford’s Sheldobchi Tlazohtlaloni, Mexican Hairless shown well, in good muscle tone, good rapport with handler;

Junior Bitch (5):

1. Gray’s Oro Bello Carmen, Mexican Hairless, thought this was a lovely, quality youngster who took my eye immediately, lots of virtues including super skin, good head and muzzle, good shape and conformation overall, super mover in all directions, am sure that she is going to make a name for herself, BB, BJ and BOB ;

2. Wisniewski and Maeir’s Bullybande In the Spotlight for Bondor, Mexican Hairless, thougth she was a most pleasing shape overall standing, just needs a little more confidence, little wide in front;

3. Spry’s Tamoanchan Venus, Mexican Hairless

Open Bitch (3):

1. Wright’s Rollenwood Mi Meurte, Mexican Hairless who impressed with her soundness, very free moving, good head shape, pleasing body properties, super temperament ;

2. Spry’s Rollenwood Chahta, Mexican Hairless, lovely mover behind, shown in excellent condition, shown in lovely condition and well handled;

3. Rymer’s Amico Antico Verona, Mexican Hairless;

Any Variety Import Register Hound/Gundog

Junior Dog (1):

1. Wyer’s Otis Du Rec De La Borie, Griffon Fauve de Bretagne, well built youngster on pleasing lines, good shoulders, adequate bone, well ribbed, well muscled hindquarters, sound fluid mover, covering the ground well, BP;

Open Dog (5):

1. McDonald-Ulliott’s Hibeck Dino, Griffon Fauve de Bretagne, this dog has the wow factor, he is a most tremendous ambassador for this lovely breed, I cannot think of sufficient superlatives, have admired him from the ringside, but to get hands-on he is even better, super head and eye, so well made in front, great body properties, correct coat, excellent legs and feet, so well angulated behind with superb muscle tone, it is on the move where he truly impresses, I have never seen a sounder hound, totally true fore and aft and just effortlessly covers the ground in profile where he maintains his outline perfectly, has a good rapport with his talented handler, it was a pleasure to award him BD and BOB, congratulations to his handler and his owner/breeder on going on to hound group 1 and BIS, thereby making breed history;

2. Blair and Spencer’s Igor VD Wieler Velden at Fidelix, Korthals Griffon, of very good type and quality, shown in good condition, carried his outline in profile and went well behind, just a little out at elbow, RBD;

Junior Bitch (2):

1. Grime’s Ansona Into The Future, Slovakian Roughaired Pointer who impressed with her overall shape and outline, lovely size, pleasing head, neck and shoulders, super head carriage, good rib cage, moderate tuck up, correct coat, very good hindquarters with well let down hocks, really covered the ground so well in profile, totally sound fore and aft, BB and BJ;

2. Babester’s Fab Point She’s A Storm, Portugese Pointer of pleasing type and shape, just a little immature and will benefit when more at ease in the showring;

Open Bitch (4):

1. McDonald-Ulliott’s Hibeck Erin, Griffon Fauve de Bretagne, lovely bitch indeed, super type, most pleasing head and eye, well made all through with good fore and hindquarters, good body, topline and coat, possesses a lovely profile gait, sound and true fore and aft, pushed hard, am sure will go onto better things, RBB;

2. Stilgoe’s Perdizcyo Beatriz With Teisgol, Portugese Pointer of very nice type, well made all through, excelling in body, sound with very good side gait, holding her good outline at all times;

3. Wyer’s Melisent Du Sentier Des Caillottes, Griffon Fauve de Bretagne

Any Variety Import Register Working/Pastoral/Terrier

Post Graduate Dog (3):

1. Pike and Carter’s Aprodombi Lelkes levente Breezelyn, Hungarian Pumi of pleasing shape and type, pleasing head, arched neck, good feet, well presented, pleasing on the move, settled to show well;

2. Statham’s Vezuvijus Vejuonos Serksnas, Swiss Shepherd Dog with many virtues, making for a close decision, very soundly made, strong topline, good hindquarters, well made all through and sound, shown in excellent condition, ;

3. Turner’s Pumiden Playing It By Ear for Breezelyn, Hungarian Pumi

Open Dog (3):

1. Pike and Carter’s Cseresznyeskerti-Csalfa Bobo at Breezelyn, Hung Pumi, lovely type and quality, good conformation all through, pleasing head, correct neck and shoulders, good feet, well balanced all through, short back, well set tail, super mover, well presented, BD;

2. Smee and Coleman’s Int Ch Balthazar Pumida Avec Schaubern, Hung Pumi, another good one, most pleasing type, size and overall balance, good coat, well presented, good on the move, pushed hard, RBD;

3. Giles’ Cuidado Xtra Xplorer at Kanetia, Hung Pumi

Junior Bitch (4,2):

1. Statham’s Brigam Snow Ice Maiden, White Swiss Shepherd Dog, really liked her, when she gains a little more confidence will really do well, excellent type and overall shape and balance, very well made forequarters, excellent hindquarters, good body, shown in good condition and muscletone, so sound on the move, BJ;

2. Harvey’s Pumiden Off On A Broomstick, Hung Pumi who is very nice indeed, good type, size and overall balance, super coat and good mover, just needs to gain in confidence on the table;

Post Graduate Bitch (2,1):

1. Pike and Carter’s Pumiden From Ear To Eternity to Breezelyn, Hung Pumi, what an extrovert, liked her size, overall type and balance, pleasing head, body and topline held on the move, so sound on the move, well presented and handled, RBB;

Open Bitch (3,1):

1. Harvey’s Pumiden Total Eclipse, Hung Pumi, thought she was lovely type and quality with many breed specific virtues, good size and correct coat, correct feet, well balanced, excellent forequarters, hindquarters and so sound on the move where she looked particularly good in profile and carried her tail well, excellent presentation, BB and BOB;

2. Smee and Coleman’s Int Ch Mariell De Marque N Fylgia Novelett M, Hung Pumi, another very pleasing example of this delightful breed, sound and well made, very typical, pushed hard;

David R Craig (Judge)