• Show Date: 16/10/2019
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: David Alcorn Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

Gundog Society Of Wales

Breed: Spaniel (Field)

P (2) 

1 Bridus Aberlour. A precocious baby with a confident air, very raw of course, but my what quality all through. Has balanced in construction, strength in bone, and correctness in limb. Lovely headpiece which will only continue to improve with age, a good shoulder, strong topline and well angled quarters. Moves out confidently and with accuracy of footfall for one so young. Certainly one for the future, BP. 2 Irisbel Cherish You. Shade longer in the loin than the winner and was carrying too much weight over the shoulders. Well headed black who was in good coat and handled well.  

J (5, 1) 

1 Fecimus Chase The Dream To Ewtor JW. A smart, upstanding male with an upstanding active outlook. Grand head with prominent brows and a large nose, almond eyes and low long ears. Clean over the withers and with strength of topline which he holds standing and moving. Tail well set on and used to advantage. Unexaggerated behind with a useful width of thigh. A super moving example with length of stride and correct drive from the rear, coupled with enthusiasm and showmanship. BD & BoB. 2 Kingsmist Phryne Fischer At Broomeece. This b appealed for overall type, however in comparison to the winner I found her rather lacklustre and lacking enthusiasm for the job today. Well made, balanced, and moves out well, she was well handled but could do with more energy to get the best out of her on the go around. 3 Kingsmist Miss Marple JW

OD (2) 

1 Sonnetend Fastlove At Sylviidae. Plenty of this black d, no doubting his sex anyway. His outline does appeal stacked up, typical and with the desired proportions. Has good limbs and stands on tidy feet, he is presented in good coat too. A bit dull on the move and lacking some impulsion when it came to the challenge today. RBD. 2 Sonnetend Too Funky. Nicely headed, with good ear shape and set, and standing on good feet. A little tense over the topline standing and moving today which affected the overall picture.

OB (5) 

1 Cochen Flamenco. This lovely b and her unassuming handler really impressed me, as they don’t immediately grab your attention but when going over this b you are immediately impressed by her soundness of conformation and good breed type. Lovely headpiece with strength, femininity and balance. Her construction is sound and honest, which showed in her movement. I liked her a lot and she was close up for BoB, however her feet need a bit of attention which was the deciding factor as the dog scored in that department. A well deserved BB today. 2 Ewtor Affinity For Flyenpyg JW ShCM. Smaller frame and quite different all through to the winner, but presented in fine form and good muscle. Has balance of construction and stands on good feet. Moved out with confidence and accuracy. 3 Kingsmist Lady In Black.