• Show Date: 26/07/2019
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Dave Killilea Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

Leeds City & District Canine Association

Breed: Veteran Groups

BEST IN SHOW VETERAN: 1524 FREER, Mrs V & SMITH Mrs S Ch Nikara Diamond Dancer JW - SAMOYED – Dog

RESERVE BEST IN SHOW VETERAN: 4844 FUREY Mrs C Ch Somanic Style By Design At Clanese - POODLE (STANDARD) - Dog

Day 1 - Working Group:

1st : 745 REES Mr E A Ch Winter Melody Hot On The Top At Amical JW (Imp) - SIBERIAN HUSKY – Dog. Quality Sibe in super jacket with a lovely headpiece, good neck and shoulders and excellent top-line. Carries himself so well, both standing and moving.

2nd : 280 WARREN Mr W Ch & Fin Ch Copperfield Henrietta Of Molosser - BULLMASTIFF – Bitch. Strong bitch with plenty of type and substance. Pleasing in head, strong through the neck and shoulders, firm through the body, good tail carriage and moves out with real purpose.

3rd : 684 TRUEMAN, Mr I & BROWNRIDGE Miss C A Ch Jezeve Sherbet JW Sh CM - ROTTWEILER – Dog. 10 year old turned out in super condition and making a good overall shape. Correct in head, firm through the body and a good tail carriage. Super side gait for his age.

4th : 327 SANDERSON Ms J Ch Aritaur Cardinal Red At Jodaseen Sh CM - DOBERMANN – Dog. Well off for size and substance, quality head, good front, strong and firm in the body with a nice top-line and good tail set and carriage. Moves soundly when viewed from all angles.

Day 1 - Pastoral Group:

1st : 1524 FREER, Mrs V & SMITH Mrs S Ch Nikara Diamond Dancer JW - SAMOYED – Dog. What a fabulous specimen of the breed this boy is! Turned out in stunning condition, lovely shape and outline, exquisite head piece and just oozes breed type. Did everything that was asked of him and demanded my attention at all times. His movement is a force to be reckoned with in any competition. Delighted to award him the Pastoral Veteran Group and Best Veteran In Show.

2nd : 1058 HALES Miss P Sh Ch Laceway Lone Ranger JW - BORDER COLLIE – Dog. Super presentation, excellent shape and outline. Quality in front and so pleasing in head, lovely neck and shoulders and strong in the rear. Moves out with so much style and turned out in super coat.

3rd : 870 SIMMONS Mr P & Mrs Y Sh Ch Allmark Licence To Thrill - AUSTRALIAN SHEPHERD – Dog. Glamorous and in great coat, excels in head with a lovely front and feet. Excellent top-line, firm through the body and nice tail-set and carriage. Lovely presentation and at one with his handler at all times.

4th : 1718 DAVIES Mrs M H Ch & Rus Ch Ermyn Snow Knight - WELSH CORGI (PEMBROKE) – Dog. This chap is so very sound for his age and just oozes breed type. In lovely coat, such a quality head and super to go over. Uses himself so well on the move.

Day 1 - Terrier Group:

1st : 1799 BANNISTER Mrs Y E & Mr C R Ch Miteymidgets Look Of Love Sh CM - BEDLINGTON

TERRIER – Bitch. Quality, feminine bitch making a lovely overall shape. In nice coat, a quality head,

super front and good neck and shoulders. Strong and firm through the rear and so very sound on the


2nd : 2578 FRYER Mrs S A Ch & Int Ch Hopecharm Prince Harry Re (Imp) - WEST HIGHLAND WHITE

TERRIER – Dog. Full of type and in good harsh coat. Excellent head-piece, good front and feet and

firm and strong in the body with a good tail-carriage. Lovely outline and excels himself on the move.

3rd : 1880 INNESS Mr B & Mrs L P Grettacs the Wizard Sh CM - BORDER TERRIER – Dog. Lovely

Border with a quality head-piece. Excellent front, just the right amount of spring of rib, firm through

the body and correct in the rear with a good tail-carriage. Turned out in quality jacket and really uses

himself on the move.

4th : 2267 ARMSTRONG, Miss J N & LAWRANCE Ms P Elantiz Rambling Rosie Sh CM - NORWICH

TERRIER – Bitch. Quality bitch, a pleasure to go over. Excellent head, nice front and feet, lovely

compact body, strong through the rear with a good tail-carriage. In nice coat and sound when

viewed from all angles.

Day 2 - Toy Group:

1st : 3695 ADAMSON Mrs S Sylvids Thistle Do JW Sh CM - POMERANIAN – Dog. Quality Pom making

a super shape and outline, in lovely coat. So pleasing in head and expression, correct in the front and

rear and moves out with so much elegance and style.

2nd : 2814 MANGHAM Mrs S Maibee Perfect Touch Of Charnavale JW - CAVALIER KING CHARLES

SPANIEL – Dog. So much to like about this boy, great breed type, lovely head and expression, super

front and feet, excellent body and strong in the rear with correct tail-carriage. So free on the move

and a pleasure to go over.

3rd : 2968 SANGSTER, Mr J & SANGSTER Miss E Tidos Christmas Gift - CHIHUAHUA (LONG COAT) –

Dog. Plenty of style and presence and in super quality coat. Stands on a great front, so typey in head,

lovely body condition, excellent tail-set and positive in the rear. Really uses himself on the move, so

much quality.

4th : 3295 HENSHALL Mrs C M Ch Gemolli Joie De Vivre JW Sh CM VW - ITALIAN GREYHOUND –

Bitch. Nice overall shape and outline, true in the front with an excellent head-piece. Lovely body

shape and correct in the rear with a nice tail-set and carriage. So true on his down and back and

lovely to watch his side-gait.

Day 2 - Utility Group:

1st : 4844 FUREY Mrs C Ch Somanic Style By Design At Clanese - POODLE (STANDARD) – Dog.

Fabulous breed type, glamourous yet still masculine. Excels in head and stands on a super front.

Excellent neck and shoulders, in great coat and just the right amount of body underneath. Strong

through the rear and quality tail-set and carriage. Really uses himself on the move with such a great

side-gait. Gave a great account of himself on the final day but just lost out to the outstanding

Samoyed. Delighted to award him Reserve Best In Show Veteran.

2nd : 5002 MORRIS Mr & Mrs A D & H K Ch Ashowai Ready To Rock JW Sh CM - SHAR PEI – Dog. Real

quality Shar Pei, turned out in great overall condition. Classic head-piece, lovely front, so correct in

the body, strong in the rear and excellent tail-set and carriage. This boy really knows how to use

himself in the big ring. Such a pleasure to go over.

3rd : 4936 MCLACHLAN, Miss L & Mrs J, PENATELLO, Mr J, CARTER Croat Ned Gr Ch Lux It

Beachviews Oops I Did It Ag - SCHIPPERKE – Bitch. Quality girl turned out in lovely coat and

condition. Super shape and outline and so pleasing in head with a fabulous expression. Stands on a

great front, excellent body and a lovely rear. So true on the move when viewed from all angles.

4th : 4533 PROUT Mrs D Int Ch Fenomenets Dirty Talk At Kessaku (Imp) - JAPANESE SPITZ – Dog.

Turned out in lovely coat and making a nice shape both standing and moving. Correct in front with a

lovely head-piece, good neck and shoulders, excellent body and firm in the rear. So sound on the


Day 3 - Hound Group:

1st : 5359 GRAYSON Mrs E Ch & Int Ch Tokaji American Gigolo at Embeau JW Sh - BASENJI – Dog. 10

years old and a real credit to his owner. He went around the ring as if he owned it! Turned out in

super coat and condition, excellent breed type, such a showman, could not be denied the top spot!

2nd : 6389 WINKLEY-BALMER Mr J Ch April Showers At Crosscop - WHIPPET – Bitch. Lovely feminine

bitch, so correct in shape and outline. Excels in head and expression, so true in front and rear, firm

through the body and produces effortless movement. Turned out in super condition.

3rd : 6052 MAUN Mrs T Multi Ch Bowerhinton Bear Necessity - NORWEGIAN ELKHOUND – Dog.

Typey male, turned out in super coat and hard condition. Good masculine head-piece with lovely

expression, nice neck and shoulders, firm through the body and correct tail-set. Just the right

amount of bone. Moves out with style.

4th : 5636 COOK, Mrs I A & RHODES Mrs P M Abydachs Rides The Storm To Bournder - DACHSHUND

(LONG-HAIRED) – Dog. Super, masculine male, turned out in fabulous coat. So correct in head,

stands true in front with excellent body. Firm in the rear with super tail-set and carriage. Very sound

on the move.

Day 3 - Gundog Group:

1st : 7696 PRETTY Miss J J Multi Ch Joaldy Mandolin Wind JW Sh CM - SPANIEL (COCKER) – Dog.

Turned out in pristine condition, lovely shape and outline. Such a quality head-piece, good front and

feet, excellent through the body with a good spring of rib. Firm and positive in the rear with a

correct tail-carriage. Really uses himself on the move.

2nd : 6992 EVANS, Mr J & PAVEY Mr P M Sh Ch Joneva Diamond In The Rough JW - POINTER – Dog.

Correct size and super shape and outline. Lovely breed type in the head with great expression.

Stands true and parallel in front, excellent neck and shoulders and correct tail-set and carriage.

Positive in the rear and free flowing on the move.

3rd : 6671 SANDIFORD, Mr & Mrs P & C A & LEWIS Miss C Sh Ch Hernwood Calypso Goddess JW Sh

CM - GORDON SETTER – Bitch. Quality bitch turned out in hard condition. So pleasing in head leading

to good neck and shoulders. Excellent front and rear, in super coat and a pleasure to watch on the


4th : 6817 FOSTER, Mrs S & WALSH Miss J Millcroft Chase The Moon To Shanoah - IRISH SETTER –

Dog. Of correct size, shape and outline, which comes together on the move. In full coat and excellent

condition. Real quality in head and stands true both front and rear. Produces an excellent side-gait.