• Show Date: 26/07/2019
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Dave Killilea Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

Leeds City & District Canine Association

Breed: Junior Stakes

Day 1 – Working, Pastoral & Terrier

Class 1026 JD Stakes (24 Entries) Abs: 10

1st: 2183 THORNLEY, Mr D I & SMITH Mrs J A Locheil Stop Right There. 14 month old Jack Russell male, well off for type. Pleasing in head, quality front, firm through the body and strong in the rear. In super coat and moves soundly when viewed from all angles.

2nd: 678 TAYLORMCLEAN Mr A Hikay's Dr Dre TAF . 13 month old quality strong Rottweiler male. Lovely, correct head-piece. Firm through the neck and shoulders, correct in front with the right amount of bone and correct tan. Good top-line and tail-set, firm through the body and strong in the rear and very sound on the move.

3rd: 944 MACDOUGALL Mr J Clanmac Braw Broon

Res: 2100 MARSTON Miss F & Mrs R Chipstead Dublin

VHC: 1146 ELVIN Mr & Mrs R W & L Elvinville Legend

Class 1027 JB Stakes (30 Entries) Abs: 10

1st: 2109 WILBERG, Mrs K & EVANS Mrs S Pinnacle Amanda To Kanix. 1 year old Smooth Fox Terrier with a lovely feminine head. So correct in front with a good neck and shoulders, firm and compact through the body, well-muscled in the rear and correct tail-set and carriage. Moves out so true and has such a great outline when standing or moving.

2nd: 25 HORSMAN-PHOENIX, Mrs J & HORSMAN Mr J Snow Legend Be My Lucky Nordicwinds (Imp Rus). 11 month old Alaskan Malamute quality bitch with plenty of substance and bone. In lovely coat and super presentation. Pleasing in head and expression, good neck and shoulders, straight front, correct in body and just the right amount of spring of rib. Firm in the rear and moves soundly, producing a nice side gait.

3rd: 336 WILSON Mrs D Pursang Shines Like Stars

Res: 539 ARKELL Mrs N Camnoire Ghost Kato

VHC: 1265 JERRETT Mrs D L Blamorder Sunny Sky

Day 2 – Toy & Utility

Class 1739 JD Stakes (15 Entries) Abs: 8

1st: 4160 HOLLIES, Mr P A & CARR Miss T A Janqbu Valentino JW. 15 month old Chow male of real quality throughout. In super coat and so pleasing in head with the clearest of eyes. Fabulous front with just the right amount of bone. Firm through the body with a good spring of rib and nice length of leg. Excellent rear and moves out with such style and purpose and at just the right speed, producing a lovely flowing gait.

2nd: 3749 CAWTHERA-PURDY Mrs A Lireva's Quadrophonic. 13 month old Pomeranian turned out in super coat, with correct shape and outline. Pleasing in head with a lovely expression. Excellent front and rear. Took the long grass in her stride, so sound on the move.

3rd: 4192 EMMETT, Ms E J & SIMONS Mr C N Ellemstra Against All Odds

Res: 4662 MALTHOUSE Mrs L & Mr A Shenedene Gossip Joker For Calasca

VHC: 2858 TAYLOR, Miss S & TAYLOR Ms S Loranka's So Amazed

Class 1740 JB Stakes (28 Entries) Abs: 10

1st: 4852 HINDLEY Mrs T L Alibama Double Platinum. 14 month old Standard Poodle turned out in super condition and trim. Great front and feet, nice elegant neck and shoulders and so pleasing in head. Lovely body under the coat and strong through the rear with a nice tail-set and carriage. Moves out with so much style and presence.

2nd: 4386 WATT, Miss K & SMITH Miss Z Calaveys Fenella At Rischale. 14 month old French Bulldog, nice young bitch of good shape and in nice condition. Quality head, good front, firm through the body and correct in the rear. Moves out well and true when viewed from all angles.

3rd: 5006 SUTHERLAND Miss S E Witchgait Just One Slice JW

Res: 4608 ANDERSON Mrs M Zentarr Emeald

VHC: 3850 FITSALL Miss C Abukadra Tutti Frutti

Day 3 – Hound & Gundog

Class 2605 JD Stakes (31 Entries) Abs: 0

1st: 7673 LOWERY Mr R & Mrs Y Amaroanne Apollo. 14 month old Cocker Spaniel, very sound on the move. Quality head with the correct expression and nice front and feet. Excellent body condition with just the right spring of rib and good tail-set and carriage. In quality coat and a pleasure to watch on the move.

2nd: 7494 SMITH Miss C Flyenpyg Porky Pig. 15 month old Labrador dog turned out in nice coat and condition. Stands on a good front, firm in the neck and has a nice head-piece with the correct expression. Strong through the body and, contrary to his name, carrying just the right amount of weight! Firm in the rear with a good tail-set and top-line. Moves out with purpose.

3rd: 5377 ROBB Miss T & Mr & Mrs A River Song Gudvin (Imp Rus)

Res: 6427 SANDERSON Mr M R & Mrs C R Owlspoint Trouble Again

VHC: 7039 WILKINSON Mrs B Stocksfell Humdinger

Class 2606 JB Stakes (35 Entries) Abs: 0

1st: 6704 HARDCASTLE, Mr D J & BRADLEY Ms E M Vizslanya Sziena Jw. 17 month old lovely feminine Hungarian Vizsla bitch with so much quality. Stands parallel in front with good feet. Excellent neck and shoulders and lovely breed type in the head. Firm through the body with correct top-line and a good tail-set and carriage. Excellent, well-muscled rear and moves out so soundly when viewed from all angles with a nice, effortless side-gait.

2nd: 6986 BLACKBURN-BENNETT, Mr J & MACARA Mr A Kanix Pertunia at Stargang. 14 month old feminine Pointer bitch of real quality. Lovely head-piece and excellent neck and shoulders. Parallel in front, strong and firm through the body and well-muscled in the rear. Correct tail-set and carriage and really uses herself well on the move. A pleasure to go over.

3rd: 5414 PEARSON Miss Y C Armardio Im On Fire

Res: 6858 MILLIGAN-BOTT, Mrs D & BOTT Mr J N Thendara Crystal Ice JW

VHC: 6406 CRITCHLEY Mrs M J Braccorion's Never Say Never