• Show Date: 03/11/2019
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Darren Clarke Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

Scottish Border Collie Club

Breed: Border Collie

Scottish Border Collie Club Championship show


Many thanks to the Officers and Committee of the SBCC for the invitation to judge bitches at their prestigious Ch show. The Scottish welcome and exemplary hospitality made for a very special weekend. I was even more pleased when I discovered the rest of the judging panel, Mrs Helena Hutchings-Brooks (Dogs) and Mr Albert Wight (Main awards) two Judges of the highest esteem.

A quality entry awaited me and I was thrilled with my unbeaten line-up. General observations: Mouths were good throughout the entry as were heads and general conformation. Croups and tail set and carriage were also very good. We had a large carpeted ring so the dogs could really get into their stride and I was able to find enough excellent movers, capable of doing the job they were bred for. Eye shape needs watching though nearly all were mid to dark brown and there were no light, staring eyes. Also rear ends varied.

Just a brief mention to a number of real quality veteran bitches here today, great to see how the breed lasts and credit to their owners for keeping them so fit and well.

I really had a great time, love spending time with the breed and thoroughly enjoyed the appointment.


MPB (4) Four promising babies here. 1st Tambuzi True Colours. The most mature in the class. Gives off a typical outline and pleases in head and expression. Moderate neck with balanced angles front and back which allowed her to move out soundly and true in all directions. Excellent body and coat that was well presented. Gave a good account of herself. Will have a great future , I am sure.

2nd Locheil Lady Million. Liked this one a lot too. She hasn’t the maturity of the winner and can settle a touch behind but shows great potential. Super head proportions, excellent eye shape and excels in reach of neck and front angulation. Ideal show temperament as she has enthusiasm and is eager to please, which can be channelled into allowing her to propel herself. Really free mover, covering the ground with a typical gait.

3rd Arrodare Private Emotion.

PB (4) 1st Fayken I Am Here. Outstanding pup of 11 months. Eye catching both on the stack and on the move. Well proportioned head, correct stop, eye and expression. Excellent tipped ears, sensitive in use. Good reach of neck, lay of shoulder and return of upper arm. Firm topline Short muscular loins. Strong quarters. Absolutely sound out, back and excellent profile movement . Well developed croup and low carried tail. Note she is full sister to the CC winner today, not surprised…pushed all the way in the challenge. I predict she will be a big winner! BPB and later BPIS under Pastoral breeds authority, Mr Albert Wight.

2nd Dalguise Dream A little Dream. Another mature pup of 11 months. Slightly plainer in head than 1st but so well made all through. Good neck, angles and body shape. Feminine but substantial, with moderate bone and stands on functional feet. Loved her profile movement. Takes time to settle, particularly out and back, but once she gets into her stride, really covers the ground. Excellent tail carriage. Alert and keen. Liked her functionality too.

3rd Miraje Just Because At Ravenskirk.

JB (7) 1st Tidespring Summer Love. An honest, rangier type of bitch that can never be overlooked with her outstanding side gait. Good head, feminine and shapely. Oval eye, reachy neck and excellent shoulder and length and lay of upperarm. Firm topline, well ribbed and excellent hind angulation. Correct croup leading to a low tail set. Totally out of coat at present but nothing to hide. Will be interesting to see how she develops and matures. Should gain her title on her reach and drive alone.

2nd Fayken Final Destination. Very pretty bitch that initially takes the eye for her femininity, size and balance. Slightly more compact in outline than 1st but not quite the forward reach. Super head and expression, Excellent ears. Moderate neck. Sound in all directions with good bone and stands on tight, functional feet. In good coat. Overall, a very pleasing picture.

3rdD Dream A Little D.

YB (6) 1st Arrodare Royal Flush. Attractive Blue that won this class with a bit to spare. Well balanced outline. Excellent head, eye and bite. Uses her ears to best advantage. Good neck, angles and developing well in chest and body. Keeps her outline on the move. Moved with sufficient of reach and drive, true out and back. Good tail set and carriage. Attentive to her handler and well prepared coat of even colour.

2nd Chikaramor So Magical over Sianworth. Tri of pleasing size, feminine and soundly made. Good head, eager expression, ears well set and used. Moderate neck, deep chest, good ribs and an excellent short loin. Well angled behind leading to firm hocks. Excellent tail carriage. Moved soundly and freely once settled. Good coat.

3rd Chikaramor Black Magic.

PG(9) Difficult class to sort with many different types. 1st Windwalker Pacific Skye. Well marked blue merle of excellent colour. Quite workmanlike in outlook and excels with a scopey, easy side gait. Pleasing head, good shoulder and upperarm. Holds a firm, level topline at all times. Gives the impression she is a bit square over the croup but on closer inspection it is just coat. Good tail set and carriage. Sound in all directions. Could easily visualise her out working the flock.

2nd Dalguise Justify My Love. Another good bitch with pleasing head and body proportions. Slightly rounder eye shape than 1st and can firm up in pasterns. Well bodied and in good coat. Easy mover, covers the ground well.

3rd Wizaland Ida.

MLB (5) 1st Tonkory Under The Sun. Really pretty bitch. Oval eye, good head, stop and muzzle. Excellent ear set, sensitive in use. Good reach of neck, deep chest. Excellent bone and feet. Topline ok. Could lose a bit of weight to advantage. Excellent quarters. In full coat that was immaculately presented. Moved well with adequate reach and drive. Excellent tail set, length and carriage.

2nd Arrodare Girl Crush. Equally feminine and I liked her type and outline very much. Slightly plainer in head than 1st. Good neck and balanced angles. Good body and in hard muscular condition. Excellent mover, just needs to relax a bit and settle into her stride. Low tail carriage. Close-up.

3rd Kanamaren Hold On My Heart.

LB (11) Lovely class to judge, all 5 bitches placed had appeal and function. 1st Fayken The Devil In Me. Another pretty bitch from this kennel. Excellent head, well defined stop and totally balanced. Excellent ear set and carriage. Reachy neck, deep, functional chest. Good bone and stands on compact feet. Balanced angles which gives her a level topline that she holds at all times. Correct angle to croup leading to a low tail carriage. Moved well in all directions but could extend more to advantage. In lovely coat and condition.

2nd Locheil Jilly Cooper. Super bitch. Workmanlike and functional for type. Excellent head piece with correct eye and ears. Excellent reach of neck leading to a long, well laid shoulder and return of upperarm. Good chest. Short loins. Firm topline. Feet could be tighter. Sound enough coming to, just a bit close at the rear. Excellent side gait and a low carried tail.

3rd Tazaeos Cruizin.

OB (9) 1st Sh. Ch. Fayken I Am Love. One of the best bitches of any breed I have had the pleasure of judging. She takes the eye immediately with a typical outline and excellent breed type. Lovely head and muzzle proportions with the right amount of stop. Excellent, tipped ears, well set and sensitive in use. Good reach of neck, excellent angles front and back. Quality bone, not too heavy or weedy and stands on the best of feet, so essential in a working breed. Excellent topline, short loins, well bodied and muscular hind quarters. Excellent croup, tail set and carriage. In super coat and condition. Moved with reach, drive and good side gait with minimal lift of foot. Took the CC in an excellent line-up of bitches and delighted to watch her go BIS. Congratulations!

2nd Sh. Ch. Sashdan Never Ending Story. Another young star in the breed. Equally feminine with the prettiest of expressions. Super tipped ears that she uses to best advantage. Totally at one with her handler and they make an excellent team. Excellent conformation and so pleasing to go over. Particularly impressive side gait with plenty of reach. Just a bit close going away today but I am sure these two bitches will swap places many times over the coming show seasons. As always, beautifully presented and conditioned.

3rd Caleykiz Make M’Ya Aphrodite.

Sp. AOC (9) 1st W Pacfic S.

2nd C Black M. Liked the size and femininity of this bitch. Good outline and uses her rear well on the move. Good head, overall conformation and bone for her size. Well bodied but can firm-up in topline. Good coat and presentation.

3rd Quories Dee From Snowmere.

GCD (3) 1st Q Dee From S. Workmanlike and plainer in outlook but of an absolutely functional type. Good head shape. Moderate neck, good angles which reflected in her scopey movement from profile. Could have a bit more bone and not in full coat but deserved her place on her type and movement. Well handled to allow her to move out to best advantage.

2nd Tonkory Jumping For Joy Over Collherd. A very pretty bitch. Lovely head, eye and uses her ears well enough. Moderate angles with good depth of chest. A bit soft in topline at times. Excellent body and bone and stands on the best feet. Sound in all directions on the move, just preferred the reach of 1st.

3rd Locheil Jackie Collins.

Champion (3) 1st Sh.Ch/Ir Ch. Locheil Ooh La La. This 8 year old totally belies her age. Love her outline. Super head, excellent eye shape and well set ears. Good reach of neck, excellent body and a deep functional chest. Excellent ribbing. Well angled quarters and firm hocks. Good croup. Just floated around the ring with reach and drive and typical stealthy movement. In excellent coat and condition. Delighted to award her the Res CC and thrilled she took RBIS and BVIS. The ultimate show girl that thoroughly deserved her wins today.

2nd Sh. Ch. Fayken Indecent Proposal. This kennel consistently produces the goods and this lovely 8 year old veteran is no exception. Typical outline and I like her femininity without any compromise in bone or substance to do a days’ work. Delightful head and expression. Mature and looks lovely on the stack. Good to go over with the soundest of conformation and movement. Just preferred the cleaner rear end of 1st and finish of coat but another close decision.

3rd Sh. Ch. Coussiere the Showgirl.

VB (7) 1st Dalguise Forever Special. Great for type and another veteran of lovely quality. Surprised she dosen’t carry her title as, in my opinion, she totally deserves to. Good head, feminine and pleasing in eye and ear. Excellent outline on the move where her correct angles which allows her to cover the ground in a sound, breed specific way. Just took time to settle but deserved her place and with any luck will make-up. Excellent coat, well presented and handled to allow her to move out on the end of the lead. Pushed hard in the challenge.

2nd Ravenskirk Ms Independence. 10 years old and looks half that age! Balanced head proportions, excellent eye and well set, tipped ears. Good neck, front and rear. Keeps her outline at all times. Still sound in all directions and in excellent condition.

3rd Borderbrook I’m The Diva.

Darren Clarke (Judge)