• Show Date: 10/08/2019
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Darren Clarke Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

Bournemouth Canine Association

Breed: Finnish Lapphund

Finnish Lapphund

PD/B (2) 1st Lee’s Karijartuu Lovely puppy dog. Attractive wolf sable colour and good coat for a youngster of 8 months. Head coming along well, excellent wedge shape. Oval eye , good bite and ears, used to best advantage. Moderate neck, well laid shoulder and upperarm. Correct bone. Firm body. Moderate angulation behind. Well set tail. A confident pup that gave a good account of himself. Moved well, puppyish but sound. Should have a great future. BP.

2nd Lee’s Kaijartuu Ihmekukka. Litter sister to 1st and equally pleasing in all departments. Loved her feminine shapely head and typical expression. Uses her ears well. Lovely outline. Not so forward in coat at this stage. Moved out well, once settled. A pair of pups to be proud of. Will change places many times in the future.

PG (2) 1st Graystone’s Morval Helina Keiju. Pleasing for size and femininity . Good head shape. Ears set well and used. Good eye shape and colour. Everything to like with regard to conformation and holds her tail high on the move. Good bone and tight, oval feet. In good coat. Moved well.

2nd Wollard’s INfindigo Lintu Milika. Medium sized and of sound type. Good head and expression. Deep, functional chest. Keeps a good outline. Tends to stand a bit cow hocked at times. Good bone and feet. Easy, free mover. typical coat.

LD (2) 1st Manley’s Skimarque Talvi Susi. This boy is built on smaller lines but no mistaking his sex, masculine and well balanced all through. Pleasing head and muzzle. Oval eye, Ears well set and sensitive in use. Good outline, spring of rib and short loin. Sound mover in all directions, driving off the soundest of hocks. Excellent tail and in lovely coat and condition.

2nd Clark’s Lumikoira Maitosuklaa. Medium sized dog. Pleases for his functional type and length of leg. Good head and body proportions. Balanced angles and good body and coat. Moved well from profile, carrying his tail well.

OD (4) 1st Cooper & Critchlow’s Pavoskas Aly Arttu. Have seen this dog many times from ringside and I don’t think I have seen him look better than he did today. Up to size but excellent proportions and a typical, wedge head. Good strength to muzzle, correct stop and shapely skull. Excellent eye and ears. Moderate neck leading to the soundest of fronts. Deep chest. Good topline, muscular loins and well angled rear. Typical mover with a medium stride and driving well from the rear. In excellent double coat, good texture, colour and presentation. Sire of the pups here today so good to see him passing on his virtues. Pleased to award him BD.

2nd Jackson’s Ch. Lecibsin Ukas To Elbereth. Great favourite of mine. Judged him before and he always gives everything for his handler. He could win on his head and ‘teddy bear’ expression alone. Smaller than 1st but well balanced and catches the eye both on the stack and on the move. Good conformation, body and coat. Excellent tail set and carriage. Good movement from profile but not as settled moving away today. A very worthy Ch that will no doubt make his presence felt in the breed for many years to come. RBD. Excellent handling and presentation.

3rd Clark’s Oberitz Trollnisse.

LB (1) Graystone’s Keskiyo Kohtalo. 1st Very nice bitch of sound type. Liked her head and expression. Moderate neck. Good depth of chest. Firm topline, well ribbed but carrying enough weight. Well angled rear. Correct tail set and carriage. Good coat.

OB (2) 1st Moore’s Ch. Morval Salainen Haave. Two cracking bitches. 1st Just loved her. Good breed type, feminine but has substance and correct bone for her size. Good head piece, showing balance of skull and muzzle and correct stop. Expressive eye and excellent ears. Scissor bite. Mature body and good angles, the whole package standing on tight oval feet. Sound in all directions with an economical stride. Attractive colour and in lovely coat and condition. Well handled. Pleased to award her BB & BOB.

2nd Lee’s Ch. Kaijartuu Hopea Noita. Close-up in many aspects. Equally pleasing in head and expression and uses her well set ears to best advantage. Moderate neck with correct angles front and back. Excellent body proportions and a well set tail. Not in full coat but what she has is good for texture and function. Moved with reach and enough drive, just a bit close moving away. Confident showgirl. Well handled. RBB.

Darren Clarke (Judge)