• Show Date: 19/09/2019
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Daniel Bown Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

Driffield Championship Dog Show

Breed: Bullmastiff

Class Name and Owner Critique

Veteran Dog – 1st Spencer’s Shadowguard High Octane at Islekeeper This is the third time I have judged this dog and at 7.5 years, he is looking at his best. His head is well proportioned, correctly shaped eyes and excellent expression. He is generally very well balanced with nothing exaggerated. His neck is well arched and flows nicely into a firm topline. He has a deep, broad chest and straight front assembly. Slightly longer cast with a good spring of rib leading onto a very strong, well angulated rear. A very enthusiastic mover and once settled, good drive was demonstrated. Very pleased to award him Best Veteran and see him represent the breed excellently in the group ring and take a strong Veteran Working Group.

Junior Dog – 1st Myers and Morgan’s Optimus Danzy Jones (ai) A young dog who I have liked since he entered the show ring as a minor puppy. His head is glorious! Excellent proportions, very square with prominent stop and well-padded cheeks. Very expressive and not overdone or exaggerated. His neck is broad, well-arched leading onto nicely placed shoulders. His chest is broad with the depth on the way. He has a nicely assembled front with tight feet and gives a sense of overall balance. A nicely built rear, enough angulation and strong hocks. He is a powerful mover but showing his immaturity here. He is certainly a superstar of the future with so much more to come! Very pleased to award him the RCC.

Junior Dog – 2nd Bratchie and Baillie’s Essenceera Turn The Magic On Another promising young dog with so much to offer. His outline is very smart and scores highly on the move. His head is still very raw and needs time to strengthen. Textbook mouth with large teeth. He has a strong neck leading into excellently placed shoulders and a deep, broad chest. His front assembly is excellent and contributes to his super movement. He is slightly longer cast with a firm, level topline. His rear is well angulated and strong enabling powerful movement. He was unsettled today, and it was a struggle to get over him which cost him. Overall, a nice and balanced dog with so much potential.

Post Graduate Dog – 1st Todd and Smith’s Pleats Surprise Attack for Delarhia A mature red dog of 2.5 years. He is a big lad with plenty of bone and substance. An expressive head that is broad and deep. His neck is well arched, muscular and strong. Balanced front angulation with a large chest. His feet could be tighter with more strength in his pasterns. He is slightly longer cast with a level topline that was retained on the move. He has plenty of rear angulation and strong hocks. He moved athletically for such a big dog. He represented the breed very well in the Special Beginners Group and won in excellent company.

Open Dog – 1st McGroarty’s Ch.Nashbank Magnificent Ardhub I have admired this dog since he was a minor puppy and today, he didn’t disappoint. This dog is moderate throughout, nothing is exaggerated anywhere, and he could certainly fulfil his duties if he were a gamekeeper’s dog. He is compact throughout and makes a pleasing picture from all angles. His head is textbook: a square on a square. His skulls is large and of excellent proportions. His mask is jet black contributes to his determined expression. He has a muscular neck of moderate length leading onto well placed shoulders. He has a balanced front, well-muscled shoulders and a nicely developed chest. His topline was consistent on the stack and move which contributed to such a pleasing outline. His rear quarters are strong and well-conditioned. His tail is set high and could be carried lower on the move. He was high-spirited on the move and really did power around the ring demonstrating excellent balance and symmetry. His overall condition and presentation was immaculate. I had absolutely no hesitation awarding him the CC and BOB today, a very worthy champion.

Open Dog – 2nd Myers and Morgan’s Ch.Optimus Daffyd JW Another top-quality dog with a great deal to like. Presented in excellent condition, presenting a clean outline. His head is appealing with correctly shaped, dark eyes that contribute to his lovely expression. Muscular neck that leads onto nicely placed, well developed shoulders. His chest is well let down and front is constructed nicely. He is a compact dog with a solid topline. His rear is constructed well with straight hocks. He moved well on the day and worked for his handler.

Special Beginners Dog – 1st Todd and Smith’s Pleats Surprise Attack for Delarhia See PGD

Good Citizen Dog – 1st Marshall and Tankard’s Ch.Stoneglad Jumpin Jack Flash at Verosa JW Sh.CM A large red dog of nearly three years. He has an expressive, broad head with an excellent mouth and dentition. His neck is very muscular leading onto well-muscled shoulders. His feet are super tight, and his pasterns are angulated. He is solid throughout, shown in excellent condition. His bond with his handler is clearly very strong and they make a great team. He was handled exceptionally well in both classes. A lovely sight to see!

Veteran Bitch – 1st Old’s Benzak Moonlight and Roses This bitch is looking fabulous for her age. She wouldn’t look out of place in one of the younger classes. She is a pretty lady with lots to like. Her head is feminine but still bully. She was nicely balanced and generally moderate throughout. Her topline was firm and rear was nice and strong. She wasn’t feeling particularly energetic today and was quite reluctant to move with her handler.

Minor Puppy Bitch – 1st Beal’s Emsuart Aphrodite This puppy is so exciting. She is very raw, but everything is in the right place. Her head is pretty, nicely pigmented and such kind eyes. Her skull is broad and she has time to grow into her ears. She is a beautiful, flowing neck leading into very well placed shoulders. She is slightly down on her pasterns but this is nothing to worry about in one so young. She is compact in body with a firm topline. Her rear is well angulated and strongly built. On the move, she shows great promise, particularly in profile. One to watch!

Minor Puppy Bitch – 2nd McGroarty’s Cane Guardiano Wakanda Ardhub Another promising puppy. She was having a lovely day out and really making her handler work hard! She has a strong head showing femininity and so much expression. Her neck is long and really adds to her super smart outline. She is compact in body and has a strong rear assembly. On the move, she was having a giggle at her owner and enjoying herself.

Puppy Bitch – 1st Wood and Spencer’s Islekeepers This Is Me A striking fawn bitch with plenty of substance and a good size. Her head is so pretty and of good proportions. Correct mouth and super expression. She has a long, strong neck and well developed shoulders. Her chest is her fortune and will continue to develop as she matures. She was slightly down on her pasterns but this will improve as she grows. She had a level topline which was held on the move. She has a balanced rear with enough turn of stifle and angulation. When she moved with her handler, she looked a picture moving around the ring. Best Puppy

Junior Bitch – 1st McGroarty’s Cane Guardiano Vision On My Mind Ardhub A striking red bitch in super condition. Her head shows great strength and excellent proportions. Her outline is super smart and demonstrates balance in front and rear. Her front is nicely assembled, and chest is well developed for her age. Well-made hindquarters. She moved well.

Junior Bitch - 2nd Simpson’s Pleats Sweet Revenge A fawn bitch of a very different type to 1. She has an attractive, strong head that made a picture when alert. She is compact in body and has a straight topline. Her chest is developing well for her age. She was handled very well and had a lovely relationship with her handler. Today, her movement wasn’t on top form.

Limit Bitch – 1st Thomas, Bull, Myers and Morgan’s Optimus Euphoria A prime example of why it is important to go over a dog and never prejudge. I surprised myself here as I have seen her go through some difficult stages as she has matured. A very strong bitch of good size, an absolute powerhouse. She has a broad skull with well-placed ears. She has enough pigment and a perfect mouth. Her neck is muscular, strong and flows beautifully into her withers. Her chest is very broad and well let down. Her front assembly is cracking. She is compact and solid in body. Her rear is nicely developed and very strong. She has the right amount of angulation. Where she really excels, and what clinched her the top spot today was her movement. She really powered through in the final line up and there is no doubt she could do the job she was bred for. An absolute force! She was handled beautifully and really worked well with her handler. I was so pleased to award her the CC, her second!

Open Bitch – 1st Myers and Morgan’s Ch.It Ch. Optimus Rhondda JW The superstar that is Ch.Optimus Rhondda! She is just delightful. Her head is her best feature. A square on a square, beautiful eyes and the whole picture is completed with her super expression. She is square from all angles. She has a well arched neck and balanced shoulders. Her front is perfectly assembled. Rarely in the breed do you find a bitch who is actually square in body, but she is! Compact carriage creating a beautiful outline and pleasing picture. She moved very nicely around the ring. Not only is she a beautiful bitch, both of her offspring shown today where of the very highest quality, a real mark of distinction. RBCC

Open Bitch – 2nd Kjeldby’s Multi Ch. Optimus Living Proof This bitch is absolutely stunning. To me, she is of the absolute highest quality and an excellent example of the breed. She demonstrates a very pleasing outline of strength, without exaggeration. She is beautifully angulated throughout showing absolute balance and symmetry. I have very rarely seen a Bullmastiff with such flowing lines, everything fits together perfectly. Her head is strong but not overdone. She is square from everywhere and has a pronounced stop, well filled cheeks and a dark eye. She is in the minority who combine correct height with perfectly angulated shoulders, strong neck and exquisitely constructed front. Firm topline leading to a nicely constructed rear. The correct amount of angulation and turn of stifle with strong hocks. On the stand, this bitch is one of the best I’ve seen. I was bitterly disappointed that she just wouldn’t work with her handler who really persisted at trying to get her to move. It was impossible to make a fair assessment of her movement. A real shame.