• Show Date: 30/08/2019
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Dan Ericsson Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

City Of Birmingham Canine Association

Breed: Pug

Show Report for PUGS

City of Birmingham 30th of August 2019

As always, I very much enjoyed judging Pugs and many thanks for a decent paper entry and for accepting my placings so sportingly. Sadly, there were many absentees which however made my job easy in some classes. My main winners pleased me very much, but I must admit to being disappointed with particularly some of the lower dog classes where many lacked quality in head. Ears on the whole were far too big, in fact some would even describe them as houndy, and I felt quite a few dogs overall could have done with more bone. Breathing and general soundness could not have been better. Many thanks also to my very efficient stewards who inconspicuously kept me on the straight and narrow!

Class 737 VD (3 Entries) Abs: 1 1st: 2171 ALEXANDER Mrs R A Tangetoppens Hunting High And Low At Treveth Sh.CM, masculine sizeable dog, plenty of bone and substance, big ribs, good head and eye, neat ears, would have liked him shorter in back, very enthusiastic mover who struggled to get into his stride 2nd: 2278 TIMBURY Mrs C Pleasantnook Aston, smaller short-backed dog moving well, would have preferred a tighter curl and more quality in head. Excellent texture of coat, showed well

Class 738 MPD (4 Entries) Abs: 2 1st: 2228 JOHN Miss Jaudette Mr Happy With Frommesbeck, showy quality puppy with very good body and tail, excellent bone, sound front and rear, pleasing head and eye, good eye and neat ears, muzzle needs to widen, moved soundly 2nd: 2191 BRIDDON, Miss S & FISHER Mr R Sunlea Billy Ray At Briddish, smaller type of dog and finer in bone and build than the winner, head needs more quality not helped by ears set too high and he could do with a tighter tail, short back, excellent temperament and he shows well

Class 739 PD (7 Entries) Abs: 1 1st: 2193 BYRNE Miss C B Movalian Dont Let Me Down At Milucksin , this dog handles very well and has many excellent breed points, very good head with large eyes, strong pigmentation and wide muzzle, well-boned, good feet, deep body and short back, excellent tail, showed very well after change of handler 2nd: 2228 JOHN Miss Jaudette Mr Happy With Frommesbeck , masculine dog with pleasing overall make & shape, good legs and feet, ok in head, level back, good coat, tail could be set higher, not as assertive on the move as the winner 3rd: 2253 MCGARRY Mrs L & Mr P Paradiz Ronado Toy Story

Class 740 JD (6 Entries) Abs: 1 1st: 2218 HILL, Mrs A & HILL Miss L C Anzhela Heaven On Earth With Calaquendi JW, lovely young dog with outstanding head, eyes, ears and expression, excellent pigmentation, neat ears, good front, legs and feet, short back, very good back-end and tail, showed really, still needs time to develop in body . Best Junior 2nd: 2173 ARNOLD-STRONGE Ms E Pugalicious Hufflepuff At Snugglepug, lovely overall type of dog with excellent body properties, well angulated fore and aft, very good coat and pigmentation, head needs to develop and I would have liked a wider muzzle, good mover 3rd: 2210 FARNWORTH Mrs S Taftazini Nepalensis

Class 741 GD (8 Entries) Abs: 2 Difficult class with much variation 1st: 2254 MCGARRY Mrs L & Mr P Zobear Le Grand Teddy, masculine dog with plenty of bone and substance albeit not extra short in back, very good tail, masculine large head with good wrinkles and expressive eyes, moved very well 2nd: 2222 HODDINOTT Mrs B Burbleicious Dizzee Rascal, shorter bodied dog with deep body and tail, excellent bone, good eyes, small ears but head could have more quality overall and nose-wrinkle could have been more even, showed well and he was presented in good order 3rd: 2215 FOX Ms F J Rhodenash Kotton Klifford at Dimrost

Class 742 PGD (10 Entries) Abs: 2 1st: 2208 EDWARDS Miss S Gordon Von Termel Mopsco, very masculine sturdily built dog standing on strong legs, short back, masculine head of quality with excellent width of muzzle and good eyes, very good mover, coat texture could have been finer 2nd: 2242 LINNETT Ms H G Conquell Champers On Ice, lighter coloured dog with jet-black pigmentation, very good body properties, sound legs and feet, ample bone, pleasing head and eye, would have liked a tighter tail. Showed well. 3rd: 2265 RUTHERFORD Mrs & Miss H & C Yorlanders Topaz At Potbelli

Class 743 LD (12 Entries) Abs: 6 1st: 2271 STUART Mrs D Zobear's Commander In Chief, this dog caught my eye at once and I felt he was an easy winner in this class, lovely overall make & shape, perfect type and size, well-boned legs, good body, tightly curled well-set tail, good coat and pigmentation, moved and showed faultlessly, well-shaped head with many good points but somewhat light in eye, expertly handled and an easy winner in this class. Pressed hard in the challenge 2nd: 2229 JOHN Miss Sephina Smooth Operator Jw, another very good dog that I liked a lot, lovely quality head with excellent eyes, ears and pigmentation, a little longer in back than the winner and he could have had a tighter tail but nonetheless an excellent Pug moving well 3rd: 2204 COWIE Miss M I Sunlea Cast A Spell Over Megipugi JW

Class 744 OD (13 Entries) Abs: 5 Lovely class with much food for thought 1st: 2219 HILL, Mrs A & HILL Miss L C Ch & Lux Ch Be Ch Calaquendi Nebuchadnezzar JW Sh., top quality dog and a pleasure to judge, very soundly made throughout and moving accordingly, large masculine head with good pigmentation, wide muzzle, good chin, expressive eyes, well-boned legs, deep well-.shaped body, short back, good tail, never put a foot wrong and landed the dog CC 2nd: 2192 BRIDDON, Miss S & FISHER Mr R Ch Briddish Callin Baton Rouge JW Sh.CM , very-well constructed dog that I also liked a lot, lovely head with correct eyes and expression, excellent pigmentation, sound legs and feet, short level back, good tail, moved very well and he was expertly presented. Res CC 3rd: 2243 LINNETT Ms H G Ch Conquell At A Glance JW

Class 745 GCD (4 Entries) Abs: 1 1st: 2265 RUTHERFORD Mrs & Miss H & C Yorlanders Topaz At Potbelli, good type of dog, with excellent overall proportions, short deep body, good head, tail and correct coat texture, showed very well, front movement not his fortune 2nd: 2264 RUTHERFORD Mrs & Miss H & C Potbelli Jack Jones, 10 months’ old puppy showing promise, good body and tail, wonderful temperament, light in bone and he moves very wide in front at this stage, head still needs plenty of time develop 3rd: 2217 HALL Mrs G Eastonite Pearly King JW Sh.CM

Class 746 VB (1 Entries) Abs: 0 1st: 2279 TIMBURY Mrs C Redvilla's Unplugged Silver Bells At Pleasantnook , lovely 8 years old bitch who could have passed for half her age, lovely head, good eyes, neat ears, very good body, topline, front and rear, ok tail, a little light in bone, happy show-girl. Best veteran

Class 747 MPB (8 Entries) Abs: 1 1st: 2206 DAWSON-PAYNE Ms J Judamie's Santa Baby, lovely baby puppy of excellent breed type, very pleasing head with good pigmentation, short well-made body, good tail, sound quarters, legs and feet, moved well and won Best Puppy – liked her a lot 2nd: 2226 HUNT Mr J Afterglow Thursday's Child At Carpaccio, 6½ months old baby puppy showing great promise, very good body, well-set and carried tail, sound legs, level topline, pigmentation a little pale at this stage, showed with great determination 3rd: 2205 COWIE Miss M I Megipugi's Milli On Dreams

Class 748 PB (4 Entries) Abs: 0 1st: 2275 TAYLOR Mr M Bringiton Ming Moon At Taysace, very feminine short-backed bitch puppy of lovely type, excellent pigmentation, pleasing head and eye, neat ears, excellent coat texture, moves well, would have liked a better tail-set 2nd: 2180 ASHTON Ms J Zobear's Showgirl, another good puppy with many good points, very sound front and rear, typical head and expression, excellent mover, a little longer in loin than the winner, showed well 3rd: 2280 TRUELOVE Mrs J Regencylodge Geranium At Nijacpugs

Class 749 JB (11 Entries) Abs: 3 Lovely class 1st: 2245 LUNAM Mrs A J Anzhela Heaven Scent, very correct bitch to go over moving and showing well, lovely head with good with of muzzle, strong pigmentation, neat ears, good eyes, sound front, short deep body, good coat, tail could be set a little higher for perfection, but overall a very good bitch who appealed greatly 2nd: 2241 LINDSAY Miss L Rhodenash Dream A Long With Anjuli, very similar to the winner and many of the same comments apply, just felt she could have had a tighter tail and carried her ears better, good show-girl 3rd: 2184 ATTWOOD Mrs H Taftazini Ivalace

  Class 750 GB (9 Entries) Abs: 1 1st: 2262 PIKE Mrs G & Mr S Rhodenash Stella Dreams Of Eivisah, sturdy well-boned bitch of excellent type, quality head with lovely eye, sound front and rear, very good bone, excellent body, coat and tail, showed with great gusto, just a little wide in front, but overall a very good bitch indeed. Liked her a lot. Res CC 2nd: 2267 SAFFER Mrs G Ragemma Upsy Daisy JW, feminine all-quality bitch with good body and tail, lighter in bone than the winner and she stands a little lower on the legs, sound front and rear, excellent head and expression, good eye, moved well 3rd: 2236 LEE Mrs S Abukadra Bewitched

Class 751 PGB (7 Entries) Abs: 1 1st: 2183 ASHTON Ms J Rosewitch Another Excuse With Zobear TAF, strong bitch with excellent conformation, sound front and rear, good body, coat and tail, pleasing head and eye, good width of muzzle and excellent chin, well-boned legs, moved well, coat texture could have been better 2nd: 2244 LINNETT Ms H G Conquell Comedy Or Chaos, lovely head with button ears, good coat and movement, stands a little low on the legs and topline rather soft, good bone 3rd: 2188 BARRETT Mr & Mrs M & D A My English Rose Of Portlycharm

Class 752 LB (13 Entries) Abs: 3 Difficult class with considerable variation 1st: 2284 TYDEMAN Miss O & Miss K Zuazu Sybil, very attractive typical bitch with excellent front and rear, level topline, perfect tail, appealing head with good pigmentation and eye, moved well, would have preferred her a little sturdier in build all over. A serious contender in the bitch challenge 2nd: 2260 PHELPS Ms C Bilohka Bang Tidy, well presented quality bitch with lovely head and superb pigmentation, good body and coat, stands a little lower on the leg than the winner and she could have had a tighter tail 3rd: 2276 TAYLOR Mr M Taysace Amethyst Gem

  Class 753 OB (9 Entries) Abs: 4 1st: 2186 BAILEY Miss D R Ch Hattella Tulip At Lampugs JW , the star of the day and I am not surprised to see that she is already a champion, beautiful outline with textbook neck and shoulders, perfect body, level back, well set and carried tail, good coat, excellent pigmentation, well-shaped head with glorious eye and expression, neat ears, showed faultlessly presenting a wonderful picture of a top class Pug: CC & BOB – very unlucky in the group where she looked and behaved wonderfully well. Congratulations! 2nd: 2185 ATTWOOD Mrs H Ch Rhodenash Dream Chaser of Taftazini JW, lovely feminine bitch with excellent body and perfect outline, very good tail, lovely head and eye, neat ears, but head could perhaps be a little larger overall also for a bitch, excellent show temperament 3rd: 2250 MCALENY Mr & Mrs G Macmoore Jesamine JW

  Class 754 GCB (3 Entries) Abs: 0 1st: 2266 RUTHERFORD Mrs & Miss H & C Yorlanders It's Zeva At Potbelli JW, big bodied bitch of correct type, excellent coat, well set and carried tail, bone could have been stronger and feet a little better, very good head, goes well 2nd: 2201 COLLINS Miss L Pugistie Just Peachy, younger bitch well-made bitch who needs to mature, typical head for age, rather light in bone, level topline, well presented by her young enthusiastic handler. 3rd: 2200 COLLIER Misses J & R Pugistie Apple Of My Eye

Dan Ericsson(Sweden) judge