• Show Date: 27/06/2019
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Cynthia Rose Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

Windsor Dog Show Society

Breed: Japanese Chin

Show Critique for Japanese Chin at Windsor 27th June 2019.

Judge: Mrs Cynthia Rose – Rossyn

I would like to thank the Secretary and Committee of Windsor show for their very kind hospitality and to the exhibitors for their entries.

Veteran Dog or Bitch: (3 – 1 abs)

1. Paradise Shardlow Knickerbocker Glory – only just in veteran, well coated, moved well.

2. Pearce & Hann Choya Takara of Rakuchin, such a lovely head, moved well

3. Curwood Nisyros Frank Sinantra

Minor Puppy Dog (7 – 1 abs)

At this age they could all change places several times

1.Farmers Sangria Moon Walk another super puppy from this breeder,only 7 months old so beautifully constructed and moved well.

2. Forth Sharlarnas Touch of Magic at Omagaville. Another super puppy at a slightly older age of 8 ½ months. Good Size for this age, moved well just waiting for the head to mature to finish the picture.

3. Rooney and Green Littletigers Innuendo with Jaschin

Puppy Dog (5 – 1 abs)

1. O’Herlihy Randalets Celtic Fire. Such a lovely sable, with correct markings, good head, beautiful eye, good reach of neck,level topline moved well

2. Bank and Rowley Midwood Monaco Choya (usa imp), stunning head and body. Lovely movement when on all fours.

3. Vincent Yama Noritaki another lovely pup but dropped his tail which was such a shame

 Junior Dog (2)

1. Thomas The Great Mikado lovely construction, good reach of neckgood tail carriage

2. Davidsons Tllashby Samurai Sun at Sharlarna good construction but dropped his tail at the wrong time.

Yearling Dog (3 – 1 abs)

1. Westwick & Davidsons Hin Satoria Almazniy Vihr at Sharlarna (Rus Imp)

Well coated, good head and reach of neck, level toppling, good tail set.

2. Cushings Ennistars Katsero Akio for Amronchi. Well coated, pleasasnt head good tail set.

Post Graduate Dog (5)

1. Davidsons Sharlarna Tyson stunning head, good eye, perfect on the move.

2. Pearce & Hann Rakuchin Ring Romeo beautiful head, well coated with good tail set

3. Sangria De Ja Vous

Limit Dog (13 – 3 abs)

1. Yougs Sharlarnas Magician Super head and outline, well coated, good reach of neck super head and eye, with good tail carriage. Moved fabulously he flew around the ring. Dog CC and Best of Breed

2. Banks & Rowley Choya Tadashi another well made boy well coated, well made super head and good tail carriage

3. Thomas Javalcy Rock on Tommy

Open Dog (5 – 1 abs)

1. Davidson Omikudz Don Juan at Sharlarna, Lovely head and eye , level topline with super coat, moved well Res Dog CC

2. Farmers Sangria Midorchi Motivation super outline good tail set

3. Pearce & Hann CH Rakuchin Kenji

Good Citizen (1)

1. Days Aleemia Star Struct at Dorcherday

Minor Puppy Bitch (5 – 1 abs)

Some beautiful puppies which is really good for the breed.

1. Quinn Harlouville Upton Girls Well constructed with good reach of neck level topline, good tail set. Moved well

2. Brown-Percival Littletigers Grace by Sandiman another super puppy so like the first but not so steady on the move which will come with age

3. Paradise Shardlow Dee Day Darling

Puppy Bitch (7 – 3 abs) Now getting a little hotter which told on some of the bitches.

1 .Quinn Harlouville Funny Girl very pretty, super eye, good topline lovely coat coming, with well set tail moved well. Best puppy bitch and best puppy in breed.

2. Little Sangria Eye Candy well constructed, pretty head level topline, moved ok.

3. Clarke Tismechi Lady Orchid

Junior Bitch – (8 – 3abs)

1. Wallhead Merida Masquerade very pretty red and white , super construction, lovely ribcage good head and eye, level topline with well set tail. Moved well.

2. George Ossidcla Shine at Amronchi super bitch in all aspects

3. Davidsons Satori Runa at Sharlarna

Post Graduate Bitch (6 – 1abs)

1. Quinn Sharlarna Japanese Please. Good outline, super head and reach of neck good spring of rib moved well.

2 .Smith Windcatcher Constance super bitch but head not as strong as one at the moment. Good movement and tailset

3.Cushings Glendyke Magical Pixie Girl at Spiritisle

Limit Bitch (4 – 1 abs)

1. Wolfenden Bechinka Mozo beautiful smaller black and white with a gorgeous head, good reach of neck, level toppling moved well Res Bitch CC

2. Blow & Allen Yama Misty Morning slightly larger bitch, good head, nice spring of rib.

3. Forth Yama Miss Saigon Omegaville

Open Bitch (4 – 1 abs)

1. Banks & Rowley Choya Tomoni outstanding bitch – nothing to fault so very well made my honour to award her the bitch CC which I understand subject to KC confirmation has made her a champion which is so deserved.

2. Rooney & Green Swifthocks Paws for Thought another lovely bitch, good construction, super coat, movement not so precise today

3. Day Goodheim Oklahoma at Dorcharday.