• Show Date: 26/07/2019
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Colin Woodward Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

Leeds City & District Canine Association

Breed: Weimaraner

Leeds Championship Dog Show 28/07/2019.  


Minor Puppy Dog 2

1 Hawkins Smilek Fernando 9 months appealing head for one so young with a good eye shape & strong muzzle, strong neck onto good lay of shoulders, deep chest & elbows tight to body, good length of loin, clean outline, ample bone & good feet, moved well for one so young.

2 Stamp Tynsil Starman 7 month not as forward as one at present, good head & eye shape, strong legs but feet need to tighten, good length of body and loin, needed to tighten up all round but has time on his side.

Puppy Dog 3

1 Rayner & Maskell Kalimor Accolade To Raystans BPD 11 months what a lovely quality dog super head of good proportions, good ear shape & set, lovely expression, Good reach of neck to well laid back shoulders, deep chest and well ribbed body which was balanced in length to height, strong bone & neat feet, clean in outline, strong well made hindquarters which gave him a lovely sound action, must have a bright future.

2 Hawkins Smilek Fernando 3 Stamp Tynsil Starman.  

Junior Dog 2. 

1 Gatt Sireva Thomas Newburgh 14 month presented an impressive outline, lovely head, strong muzzle & correct bite, reachy neck & clean in throat, shoulders well placed, strong well balanced body with good spring of ribs & deep brisket, well muscled rear with good turn of stifles he was sound on the move.

2 Thorne Mabanika Stetson good type but just a tad strong in head for me, straight front with lovely strong bone & good feet, deep chest good length of loin, well muscled hindquarters, good tail set, not as positive on the move as one.

Graduate Dog 3 

1 Snaith Skilaki Move On Up To Bifonda JW a lovely young dog with a good eye & expression, balanced in muzzle to skull ratio, lovely ear shape, good neck into well laid shoulders, deep brisket, well balanced body, straight forelegs with ample bone, compact feet, level topline, strong well muscled hindquarter tail a tad high on the move but his sound movement won him the class. 

2 Burgess Greyspirit Rock Star From Hantzburg. JW Not as forward as one, pleasing head & eye with a good expression & good scissor bite, well angulated shoulders, balance body, tail set a tad high, moderate hindquarters, needs to strengthen in movement 3 McMahon Silverkelvin Jupiter 

Post Graduate 1 

1 Bennett Deifstock Dandini Astro alone her but worthy of a first place, 2 years with a balanced head good eye shape and expression, ample neck flows into good topline and lay of shoulders, muscular body with well sprung ribs, straight front limbs on good feet, liked his overall shape, well developed rear, moved well.

Limit Dog 7 Super class 

1 Skilaki Super Fly To Bifonda JW lovely dog of 5 years, liked his size & found him to be balanced all through, lovely head & eye with a kind keen expression, good neck & shoulder placement, strong leg on good feet, level topline & strong loin, muscular hind quarters, lovely coat condition, movement was sound with a free easy action covers the ground well 2 Mercuri Weipowa Imperium (ai) Strong dog with overall good shape, balanced head, strong muzzle of good depth, straight front limbs, deep brisket good in loin balanced outline, good bend of stifle & tailset moved ok 3 Beagrie Gunalt Audio From Feldhund JW. 

Open Dog 9 What a super class full of type & quality super dogs a pleasure to judge.

1 Rayner,& Maskell, SH CH Gunalt Acodemy Of Raystans JW SHCM DCC BOB 5 years What a delightful dog, can’t say I’d seen him before today but impressed me greatly, nothing overdone about him, a beautiful head with kind expression, strong clean neck of good length, he stands well on his strong legs & neat feet, elbows tucked in to body, level topline, deep body which is balanced in length and well ribbed back, well coupled and strong in loin, hindquarters muscular with moderate stifles and hocks well let down, moved so soundly fore & aft keeping his lovely outline and good tail action, so well balanced all through, well handled, for me he was the Best mover on the day.

2 Ruddy SH CH Netherhill's Got Talent JW RDCC

6 years another out of the top drawer, appealing head of good length, expressive eyes and correct lobular ears, clean strong neck, to good lay of shoulders, deep well developed chest, clean in outline, well balanced muscular body with firm topline, moved soundly covering the ground well, a lovely dog who pushed one all the way 3 Crowther SH CH Hundwith McLaren

Veteran Dog 2 

1 Braine Ansona Festival 7 years pleasing head & eye, still retains strong teeth & correct dentition, well off for bone on good feet, deep well ribbed body, strong hindquarter move well 2 Burgess Gunalt Rock Out With Hantzburg SHCM RL1 P Beg X 7 years another fit veteran, who has good make and shape, pleasing head & eye, firm topline, good lay of shoulders, well balance all through good quarters moved ok. 

S D/B 2 

1 Pilatova Sabsky Sasanka Just 11 months bitch with a feminine head and soft expression, straight front with good bone, deep chest & ribs developing well, clean outline, good quarters & tail action on the move 2 McMahon Silerkelvin Jupiter well balance head with good eye & shape, good length of neck into good lay back of shoulders, deep brisket, good length and depth of body, quarters well angulated tailset a tad high and not putting all in on the move.

Minor Puppy Bitch 4p

1 Crowther & Russell & Crowther Hundwith Gift Of Thyme. 7 months Promising puppy of lovely type, feminine head of good proportions, lovely eye shape, strong muzzle, and correct scissor bite, built on clean lines giving a typical outline, straight front limbs on good feet, muscular neck into good shoulders, strong in body & well coupled loin, firm topline, good turn of stifle and neat hocks, once settled moved well 2 Isherwood Gunalt Parfait at Caleydene 7 months Another quality who was close up to one, appealing head with a kind soft expression, ample clean neck to good layback of shoulders, body developing well, Good angulation all through. Level topline strong in loin, when settled moved ok 3 Reilly & Maskell. Smilek I Have A Dream.

Puppy Bitch 6 a lovely class of youngsters

1 Burgess Kalimor Olive For Nemrac BPIB

very promising puppy loved her head shape & expression, muscular neck of good length flowing into well placed shoulders and firm topline, has good height to length ratio, well boned straight front limbs with tidy elbows, good ribcage & strong loin, shown in good coat and condition, moved with good drive from rear with an easy action holding her topline well, one to watch 2 Hostler Kalimor Daisy 11 months 

Litter sister to one who has many of the same attributes with good overall make and shape, just not as forward as one at present but maturing nicely and sure they will be changing places many times in the future, sound mover two lovely bitches

3 Hill Weipowa Rizzini 11months 

Junior Bitch 8

1 Hunt Joneva Hollywood Glamour JW a very impressive young bitch, clean in outline and nothing overdone about her, classic feminine head with good skull muzzle & eye shape, well placed ears, clean neck of good length into good lay of shoulders, balanced all through with good depth of brisket, well developed front angulation, strong quarters and hocks well let down, once into her stride her movement was sound and true with good width at the rear and holding a good topline 2 Batty Almoor Macey Gray JW Another quality bitch who pushed one all the way, pleasing overall type with a lovely feminine head of good proportions with lovely eye & expression, straight front with ample bone on neat feet, body strong & well ribbed back to strong loin, moderate turn of stifles, moved with good drive from rear holding her topline well 3 Burgess Kalimor Olive For Nemrac 

Graduate Bitch 4. 

1 Ruddy Netherhill Euro Million JW Quality bitch with a lovely feminine head with correct eye shape & pleasing expression, strong clean neck to good shoulder placement, front & well placed shoulders, deep brisket & good with in chest, good bone & tidy feet, well balanced body with correct topline, good width of hindquarters, sound positive mover who covers the ground well, an impressive bitch.

2 Radford Schonhund Show Dolly JW another quality bitch who pushed one all the way, has an appealing feminine head, strong neck of good length into good shoulder placement, lovely balanced outline with a level topline, strong quarters, sound positive mover fore & aft 3 Dobbs Oakswarron Ice Maiden. 

Post Graduate 7

1 Cooper Deifstock Dazzing Star JW feminine head of correct proportions, good eye & expression, correct scissor bite, ears lobular & carried well, good reach of neck which flows into her well made front assembly, deep body with well sprung ribs, stands on good legs & feet, moved out soundly on the out & back, a quality bitch of lovely type 2 Hill Weipowa Winnie Winchester, another quality bitch, typical head and eye shape, ample muscular neck to correct front assembly, deep brisket, good ribs and well coupled in loin, stands on good strong legs & neat feet, well made quarters, good sound movement 3 Upton-Lovett & Upton, Gunalt Lustrous With Roydock. 

Limit Bitch 9 a super class of quality 

1 Hazeltine, Crowther & Alcorn Hundwith Chortie With Hoockwood JW SHCM a top quality bitch who appealed greatly today for her overall shape and balance throughout, correct proportions in her appealing head eye shape and colour with a soft expression, strong neck of good length flowing into her well angulated front assembly and firm topline, well balanced deep body which is well ribbed back to strong well coupled loin, good strong bone & compact feet, hindquarters muscular with moderate turn of stifles which she used to advantage in her sound free action covering the ground well and holding her topline pleased to award her the CC in good company

2 Mcangus, Isherwood & Haseley Gunalt Articulate At Greyfurs a quality bitch who has good overall make and shape, lovely head & kindly expression, correct dentition, muscular neck of ample length, shoulders well laid back, body deep and well ribbed back, once settled she moved soundly fore and aft with good foot fall 3 Simpson Sireva Ingrid Fletcher completed a trio of top class bitches

Open Bitch 7 

1 Hesford & Campbell SH CH Gunalt Move It To Pipwell What a delightful bitch who has good overall balance, pleasing head and eye lovely soft expression, strong muzzle, muscular neck flows into firm topline and well angulated shoulders, chest deep, elbows close to her deep well ribbed body, good muscletone all through, moderate turn of stifles, her movement was fluid just flows around the ring keeping a lovely topline, a top quality bitch RCC 2 Reilly & Rayner Smilek Eyes Of Silver JW close up to one and pushed her all the way, lovely feminine head with good eye and expression, lobular well set ears, ample neck, strong well balanced deep well ribbed body, straight front limbs with good bone & feet, powerful hindquarters which show in her sound easy action 3 Pearce Gunalt Can We. 

Veteran Bitch 2 two lovely oldies a credit to their owners

1 Dunn Schonhund Show Mystique Under Bryanntar 8 years Good head & eye shape, retains her strong teeth with a good scissor bite, good strong neck into well laid shoulders, deep brisket and well ribbed body with good length of loin, lovely bone & feet, shown in good condition and is sound on the move for and aft BV 2 Stokes Grandahay Hebe Lemon Quartz 9 years another quality veteran who is still in good shape, pleasing feminine head, ample neck to firm topline with good tailset, good shoulders and depth of brisket, another that stands on good strong legs & feet, well made rear quarters, moved out well.


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