• Show Date: 21/07/2019
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Colin Woodward Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

Large Munsterlander Club

Breed: Large Munsterlander


1 Carr Quilesta Simply Astounding BPIS very appealing puppy who must have a bright future, with a super well proportioned & dark well set eyes, well developed teeth with good scissor bite, forechest developing well, correct amount of bone on tight well rounded feet, strong neck of ample length into good lay of shoulders, deep ribs, muscular hindquarters, firm level topline which he held during his sound easy action on the move, a cracking puppy 2 Davis-Green Abdecker Dancer 

Another quality puppy who at present is not as forward as one but has good shape all through, head still needs to develop further, good length of neck to decent front angulation, good bone & feet, shown in good coat condition, clean outline, moved ok but could not match one today 3 Lloyd Crumpsbrook Galangal Von Rulander (ai) this puppy played his handler up seemed he just wanted to play about, skull sufficiently broad, eye still to darken good strong muzzle, good strong body of good length, well muscled thighs.

PD 5

1 Quilesta Simply Asounding

2 Abdecker Dancer

3 Lloyd Crumpsbrook Galangal Von Rulander (ai)

JD 5

1 Gronow Cazooska Lilys Gin Fizz

Just 14 months, lovely masculine head showing desired proportion of skull & foreface, good strength to muzzle & underjaw, dark eye with pleasing expression, strong arched neck into well placed shoulders, deep brisket with good width of chest, straight well boned front limbs on good feet, hindquarters muscular & hocks well let down, sound movement with a lovely stride and tail action really out moved the rest in the class 2 Lane Rokko Vom Florbach (Imp Deu) pleasing head, eyes still to darken a tad, strong muzzle, good scissor bite, straight front with good bone, feet needing to tighten & needing to develop in body and drop in ribs, at present a bit narrow all through, good coat condition 3 Evans Qualitil Sophie’s Sensation

Close up to second but lost it on the final run off as he look a tad heavy which spoilt his outline, good head with dark eye, good skull broad & slightly rounded, ok for bone, deep brisket, coat in good order, nice topline strong quarters, not so positive on the move.


1 Cazooska Lily’s Gin Fizz 

2 Rokko Vom Florbach (Imp Deu)

ND 3

1 Cazooska Lily’s Gin Fizz

2 Rokko Vom Florbach (Imp Deu)

3 Simpson Ekkolander Dark Madness At Leriton

Just 13 months, a bit heavy all through, masculine head good expression, correct scissor bite, strong bone, Feet could be better shape, dark well presented coat, another one that could be more positive on the move.

GD 2

1 Gregory Jaudas Let It Rock

2 Rokko Vom Florbach (Imp Deu) 

PGD 4 (1)

1 Dunsmore Jaudas Kind Of Magic shapely head of good proportions broad slightly rounded skull, with a lovely eye colour & intelligent expression good strong scissor bite, ears well set & close to head, arched neck of good length into well laid back shoulders, deep well sprung ribs, well muscled in loin, strong quarters with good turn of stifles, lovely legs and feet, clean outline with good tail set, moved out well fore and aft with a good stride 2 Day Waldo Vom Busshof Mit Dog of good size with a masculine head, broad skull, dark eye, well developed forechest & body well ribbed, strong well boned limbs, & deep ribcage, well balanced in body, strong quarters, movement needs to tighten up fore and aft 3 Powell Crumpsbrook Woodrush well up to size & strong all through with a masculine head & broad skull, well off for bone, good outline & tailset but another one that was not so sound on the move.

LD 6 (2)

1 Macgegor & Macgregor Ekkolander Snowstorm RDCC 3 years of excellent type & quality, super head with good width to skull, strong jaw and good wide nostrils, lovely dark expressive eyes, strong teeth with good scissor bite, strong slightly arched neck to well laid back shoulders, deep brisket, well balanced in outline with good length to height ratio, strong back, ribs reaching well up to the loin, strong well muscled hindquarters, shown in lovely coat and condition, very sound on the move with a free easy stride 2 Weare Kamaze Revolution Just 4 years Quality male Of lovely type, shapely well proportioned head, dark eye & good pigment correct scissor bite, good width of forechest, well boned straight front limbs on good feet, good ribs and well coupled in loin, he presented a lovely balanced unexaggerated outline & was sound on the move 3 Miller Quilesta So Majestic Of Rockfest Just 4 years rangier & a bit up to size, but good head & eye shape, strong bone on straight front limbs, good shoulders, clean coat & condition, strong well developed hindquarters moved ok with good tail action.

OD 5 super class 

1 Lloyd Ch Crumpsbrook Bayleaf Von Rulander. DCC, RBIS a new one on me but impressed me so much, 5 years so typey & of good quality, an Impressive exhibit classic head good skull, dark expressive eyes, pleasing outline which shows off his lovely balance & proportions all through, strong neck of good length leading to true front assembly and firm topline, good depth of brisket and width of chest, deep powerful body well ribbed back to loin, well muscled strong hindquarters with good turn of stifles & hocks well let down, excellent well presented coat, His movement was a joy to watch so sound fore & aft a top quality dog happy to award him the CC 2 Macgregor & Macgregor Sh Ch Jaudas Fane And Glory Another Top Quality male CH shown in tip top condition and belies his 9 classic head good skull sufficiently broad slightly rounded with good strong scissor bite, good width of forechest correct amount of bone on neat feet, good length of neck into well laid back shoulders, well sprung ribcage, sturdy very well muscled compact body, he has smooth movement with reach & drive, close up to top honours, 3 Disney & Whiting Sh Ch Wonglepond Will’s Faramir a worthy Sh Ch of 4 years super head & dark expressive eyes, ample neck which is strong leading to well placed shoulders & firm topline, straight well boned front limbs on good feet, well muscled hindquarters, strong well coupled loin, moved with a sound easy action keeping his topline and using tail well.


1 Ch Crumpsbrook Bayleaf Von Rulander

2 Tapp & Wood Raycris Lure Of The Quest At Teufelmoor Not as forward as one, balanced in profile, good in foreface and has strength in muzzle, ample neck, shown in good coat & condition, not as positive on the move as one. 

WTD 2 (1)

1 Rokko Vom Florbach (Imp Deu)

Special Bred By Exhibitor Dog 0

VD 2 

1 Logic & Gray Sh Ch Albandu Paws For Perfection RBVIS one I have judged before, a quality male of lovely type with a classic head, lovely eye colour and expression, good scissor bite & strong teeth, strong well muscled neck, shoulder well laid back, deep well ribbed short coupled body, hindquarters muscular with good width with good broad thighs, shown in good coat and condition, very sound on the move and another contender for top honours.

2 Tapp & Wood Raycris Gabriel Of Teufelsmoor 8 lovely head with a good dark eye & intelligent expression, strong well boned front limbs on neat feet, deep well conditioned body, clean outline, well turned stifles, firm topline, moved out soundly with good tail action.

MPB 4 (1)

1 Logic & Braidwood Albadhu Pawsitive Vibes RBPIS another Top Quality puppy of 8 months loved her beautiful shaped feminine head with slightly rounded skull, good eye colour and expression, ears well set lying close to head, correct scissor bite, strong neck of good length into good lay of shoulders, body well conditioned short coupled with good ribs, on the stack she presents a balanced picture with a clean outline, ample bone on good feet, quarters developing well, sound steady mover for one so young must have a bright future 2 Tordoff Quilesta Simply Unique pleasing 7month old who was not as forward as one at present but a good type & shape, feminine head with dark eye, god ear set, strong neck, shoulders well placed, good height to length ratio, stands on nice legs & feet, not as collected on the move as one which should improve with time 3 Leadbeatter Abdecker Vixen this girl needs a bit more ring practice, feminine head with dark eyes and pleasing expression, ok for bone on reasonable feet, firm topline, coat in good order moved ok. 

PB 2 (1)

1 Reed & Baker-Reed Jaudas Miss Grace stood alone but a pleasing puppy of 10 months lovely head dark eyes with soft expression, strong muzzle, straight well boned front limbs, body & ribs developing well, she as a clean outline & firm topline, coat well presented, moved well.

JB 6 (1)

1 Jaudas Miss Grace 2 England Qualitil Sophie’s Sunlight 13 months with a feminine head with soft expression strong neck into good lay of shoulders, still needing to develop a tad more in body & ribs, clean outline & strong quarters, steady mover. 

3 Saynor Ekkolander Dark Rivva Not as forward as one & two as yet but has a feminine head dark eye with soft expression, correct shoulders & upper arm stands well on good legs & feet, good in profile, steady mover.

SYB 2 (1)

1 Ward Braccopoint Song Of The Wind For Gemlorien almost 2 years lovely head, dark in eye with pleasing expression, correct skull & good muzzle, wide nostrils, lovely depth of brisket & width of chest, strong well boned limbs on well padded feet, balanced in body with good ribbing, strong quarters, could not match the others on the move in the challenge.  

NB 2 (1)

1 Albadhu Pawsitive Vibes 

GB 3

1 Prowse Quilesta Just Endearing quality 3 year old with a very nice head good eye colour with that intelligent expression, good skull broad & slightly rounded, correct dentition, strong arched neck flowing into well placed shoulders, deep in brisket, frim topline, body well ribbed back to loin, strong quarters, sound mover with good tail action 2 Saynor Ekkolander’s Indian Summer pleasing type of just 3 years owns a lovely feminine head dark eyes with good pigment, ample amount of bone, well balanced through the middle piece, deep well ribbed body, presented a lovely Picture when standing, strong quarters sound mover

3 Braccopoint Song Of The Wind For Gemlorien

feminine head with a soft expression, strong muzzle straight front & good feet, balance in body but still needs to develop further as not the maturity of 1 & 2, good topline, hindquarters need to strengthen, proud of her tail on the move.


1 Bergman Crumpsbrook Molinia just 2 years and overall showing good breed type, balanced in profile, lovely feminine head with good eye shape & colour, has strength in muzzle with good foreface, strong arched neck flows into well laid back shoulders, deep brisket & good width of chest, good bone on neat feet, well constructed hindquarters, shown in lovely coat and condition, sound with lots to give on the move & a lovely side gate, lovely type 2 Middleton & Tordoff Asterpoint Da Vinci Of Rockfest 2 years with a very typical head correct skull, dark expressive eyes, reachy neck into well placed shoulders, excellent forechest, lovely body properties deep and well ribbed, strong bone & lovely feet, moved out with drive 3 Price Darjensky Milano Nice type feminine head dark eye good length of neck, body well ribbed back however I feel would benefit from a bit more weight and was a tad long in loin, ok for bone, needs to tighten in her topline.

LB 10. What a super class full of type & quality. 

1 Kitchen Crumpsbrook Rather Legal Von Elkemutt

mature 5 year old with a lovely feminine head & a soft intelligent expression strong muzzle & soft wide nostrils, correct dentition, strong well boned limbs on well padded, deep well ribbed short coupled body, good neck & lay of shoulders correct topline, strong hindquarters, shown in lovely coat and condition, moved soundly fore and aft with showing a good free long stride 2 Logie & Braidwood Cindy Vom Hundsfeld At Alibadhu (Imp)

Another impressive exhibit of pleasing type, classic head, good eye colour & expression, good scissor bite, pleasing outline & proportions all through, deep brisket strong well sprung ribs, super topline & tailset, lovely coat & condition, strong hindquarter she was very sound on the move 3 Bergman Crumpsbrook Kerria 4 years, nicely proportioned head with good eye colour & expression, strong arched neck to good shoulders, pleasing outline with good quarters, could not match 1 & 2 on movement. 

OB 5 (1)

1 Ogle & Butler Ch Raycris Freya JW BCC,BIS,BVIS. 

What can I say about this beautiful bitch that has not already been said, judged her when I did my first CC appointment in the breed and she was my BOB, today and now at 8 years old she is still so hard to beat so worthy of her many accolades, she is a top quality typical classic bitch who in my opinion is as near to perfection as it gets, from head to toe she is simply beautiful and is holding her age so well, shown in super show condition, such an Impressive bitch from any angle, on the move she just owns the ring so sound and a joy to watch, could not be denied the CC & BIS a credit to her owner 2 Butler Ichbin Jaunty Of Jendella’s

pleasing typical head with dark eyes & soft expression, Good neck and shoulders, deep & powerful body of balanced construction with a true front assembly, strong rear quarters with well let down hocks, good coat & condition sound happy mover 3 Tordoff Crumpsbrook Rather Elegant 

Looking really well for her 6 years, pleasing head & eye with good pigmentation, well developed forechest correct amount of bone, Good ribcage she presented a lovely balanced outline, shown in good coat & condition, sound free mover. 

FTB 3 

1 O’Connell FT Ch Jaudas Heartbeat Nice head of correct proportions, good broad skull, strong arched neck flowed in well place shoulders, deep brisket, strong in topline, well made strong quarters with good turn of stifles, moved soundly with good tail action 2 Saynor Ekkolander Tullibardine nicely balanced bitch with a pleasing head neck & shoulders, straight front limbs with good bone, well ribbed body and strong in loin coupling, well turned stifles, shown in lovely condition, moved well 3 Evans Tarkanya Hippis Hibiscis 5 years feminine head dark expressive eyes, ample neck, good proportions both front & rear, Presented a balanced outline move effortlessly with drive from her quarters. 

WTB 2 

1 Trowsdale Quilesta So Special At Cazooska RBCC impressive bitch pleasing type with a classic head with dark eye & soft intelligent expression so clean in outline, arched neck into strong topline and well laid back shoulders, deep powerful short coupled body of good balance, well ribbed back, true front assembly, super legs and well padded feet, strong at the rear with good broad hips & well let down hocks she was very sound on the move with good footfall, a lovely quality bitch 2 Middleton & Tordoff Quilesta Octavia feminine head, lovely eye colour, strong muzzle & underjaw well set ears, strong arched neck into good shoulders deep brisket strong bone on good feet, clean in outline with strong hindquarters but not as positive on the move as 1

Special Bred By Exhibitor Bitch 2 

1 Black Seahaven Borrowed Heaven Head of good shape and proportions, strong jaw and correct scissor bite, strong neck to good lay of shoulders, deep well ribbed body, well balanced all through, good turn of stifles, moved well 2 Black Seahaven Limited Edition 4 year nicely proportioned feminine head with good eye shape, strong neck of ample length, pleasing outline, strong hindquarters giving sound movement with good tail action.

VB 9 (2) super class full of quality a credit to their owners, 

1 Darby Sh Ch Brick Hume Besta Both To Incardar 

8 years young and a very impressive bitch with a lovely classic feminine head dark expressive eyes, strong slightly arched neck flows to good lay of shoulder, deep chest, body well balanced and short coupled, straight well boned front limbs on good feet, in good coat & condition, good strong hindquarter and was very sound on the move. 

2 Seahaven Borrowed Heaven 

3 Gray & Uherkovichova Franorst Lady Pamela 

9 years young very feminine head with correct ear set, broad slightly rounded skull, body mature and well conditioned with good ribbing, presented in good coat condition, good legs & feet, strong quarters, moved ok. 


1 Mr & Mrs Black

2 Miss S Miller 


1 Raycris Gabriel Of Teufelsmoor

2 FT Ch Tarkanya Spikeys Splendour 

Judge: Colin Woodward

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