• Show Date: 07/04/2019
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Colin Woodward Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

Yorkshire Golden Retriever Club

Breed: Retriever (Golden)

Yorkshire Golden Retriever Club Championship Show Sunday 7th April 2019. 

My sincere thanks to the Society for inviting me to award CC’s in your lovely breed for the first time, a well run show from a hard working committee with a friendly atmosphere, I was delighted with the quality entry put before me and thank the exhibitors for accepting my decisions with good grace. For me it was a super day which I enjoyed enormously in fact one of my most enjoyable days of judging thank you all.

Veteran Bitch 14 (1) A super class of quality 

1 Loverocks Sh Ch Putjade Pink Diamonds For Lovissa What a super 10 year old Loved her attractive head & kind expression from good eye shape & colour, correct scissor bite, clean strong neck to good shoulders, deep brisket & body well ribbed, Strong legs & neat feet, shown in good coat and condition sound steady mover.

2 Archibald Sh Ch/Ir Sh Ch Abinvale Mystic River

Another quality girl with a lovely feminine head which is balanced with a good depth of muzzle, body deep and well proportioned, elbows well tucked in, strong muscular hindquarters, well coupled loin, well presented, moved with a sound easy action, close up to one 

3 Scott & Briggs Sh Ch Largymore Lingaigh JW balanced feminine head strong neck to well angulated shoulders, clean muscular neck to firm top line, well boned limbs on good feet, hindquarters muscular with with good turn of stifles, coat in good order, moved well with good tail action.

Minor Puppy Bitch 5 

1 McDonald Lamancha New Adventure 9 months with a feminine head, lovely eyes with a kindly soft expression, large open nose, strong neck & well laid shoulders & good topline, strong quarters with good second thigh, good body for age, balanced outline, good legs and feet, carried herself well on the move, a promising youngster.

2 Bell Hoaaloha Moana Nice 7 months & another lovely puppy just preferred movement of winner on the day, Sweet head with good balance & shape to skull, short coupled body firm topline, good ribs & strong loin, hindquarters nicely rounded and hocks well let down, steady mover, lovely type 

3 Dickson Tonara Penny Lane At Glynafton 6 months baby who gave a good account of herself, shapely head with good chiselling, good dark eyes, sufficient strength in muzzle, good front assembly & topline. neat feet, moved ok.

Puppy Bitch 10 (4)

1 O’Gorman Thorneywait Top Knotch For Berrymeade BPB BPIS Just loved this stunning puppy, 11 months and a real eye catcher as she entered the ring & did not disappoint on closer inspection, Beautiful feminine well proportioned head with lovely expression and chiselling, neck clean and strong, shoulders well angulated with good length of upper arm, forechest well developed, elbows close to body, deep well sprung ribs, well made muscular hindquarters with good second thigh & hocks well let down, firm topline to good tailset, lovely coat and condition, very sound action so free with good drive and foot fall, must have a bright future

2 Hill & Smith Megarvey Santorini Anther lovely quality girl who was well balanced all through, pleasing head with good strong jaws & muzzle, good front & rear assembly, deep brisket & big ribs, good strong bone on nice legs & neat feet, strong quarters, good coat & condition, sound action with good tail action 

3 Trinder & Zubair Thorneywait Absolutely Fab promising puppy of 11 months liked her overall make & shape, pleasing head & soft expression, well placed ears, strong neck into well laid shoulders, deep brisket, balanced body with strong loin, good quarters & moved with good drive from the rear another one with a bright future. 

Junior Bitch 16 (6) quality class. 

1 O’Neill Linirgor Misty Mornings At Strathlon Top end of Junior at almost 18 months, loved her size & shape & she was in super coat & condition, balanced head with lovely eye colour and the softest of expressions, good width of skull, clean neck of good length to lovely front assembly, good depth of ribs which are well sprung, clean outline, muscular body, strong hindquarters with hocks well let down, once into her stride she really moved well with good drive and was sound fore & aft 

2 Kipps Willowlawn Orient Express To wheatcroft another quality bitch 17 months just not as forward as one at the moment, Feminine head with a good soft expression from her dark eyes, strong neck of good length to good lay of shoulder, good length of body, lovely legs on well padded feet, clean outline, moved well with a good tail action.

3 Whitby Crisansa Miss Everdine 13 months of pleasing type with a feminine head & soft expression, good eye shape & pigment, strong jaw & good scissor bite, good forechest, correct amount of bone. She presented a balanced unexaggerated outline, moved ok. 

Yearling Bitch 18 (4)

1 Crookes & Jenkinson Quakerhall Pandora’s Bounty JW 22 months super head with lovely dark expressive eyes, Strong clean neck leading cleanly into well laid shoulders with good upper arm, level firm topline, balanced in body with good depth and well sprung ribs, strong loin, super legs & neat feet, muscular well rounded hindquarters with good second thighs & hocks well let down, well set tail, presented in lovely coat and condition, moved soundly with good stride & drive from rear. 

2 O’ Gorman Terra Di Siena Are You With Me Berrymeade (Imp ESP) another quality bitch and close up to the winner 20 months with a lovely feminine head with good width of skull, kindly expression from her lovely dark eyes, good length of neck, balanced short coupled body, clean in outline, well developed rear with good turn of stifle, sound on the move with good tail action

3 Douthwaite & Wharfe Gracewood Makenzie feminine bitch with good overall confirmation, pleasing head, deep ribs & depth of chest, well coupled in loin, ample bone on good feet, firm topline, good turn of stifle, steady mover.

Maiden Bitch 13 (3)

1 Thorneywait Top Notch For Berrymeade

2 Megarvey Santorini

3 Thorneywait Absolutely Fab 

Novice Bitch 12 (3)

1 Thorneywait Top Notch For Berrymeade

2 Thorneywait Absolutely Fab 

3 Birkin-Green Samsun Keep The Faith 14 months sweet head & expression with correct eye colour & neat ears, shoulder well laid back, has strong bone on lovely feet, liked her size & good substance, well developed body & quarters, lovely coat condition, free mover. 

Undergraduate 10 (2)

1 Scott & Briggs Largymore Lingering Look

2 years head of the correct shape, with good width ok skull, soft expression from her lovely dark eyes, strong muzzle and good open nostrils, she presents a lovely picture so well balanced in outline, strong neck of good length leading into well laid back shoulders, balanced body with deep ribcage & short loin, straight well boned limbs on cat like neat feet, good turn of stifle, hindquarter well muscled with hocks well let down, very sound fore & aft, with a lovely free action, lovely type. 

2 Thorneywait Top Notch For Berrymeade

3 Duke Quakerhill Royal Bounty At Cadellard

Another lovely type, feminine head, soft expressive eyes, Pleasing balance & substance throughout, strong neck to well angulated shoulders & level topline, shown in good coat & condition happy mover. 

Graduate 12 (2) 

1 Anderson Linchael Livia JW Quality bitch of just 2 years, such a well balanced exhibit, super head with good width of skull, kindly expressive eyes, ears well set, good length of neck, forequarters well made with good lay back of shoulders, super bone on neat feet, body deep and well developed will good ribbing, strong well coupled loin, muscular hindquarters with good second thighs, shown in super well presented coat, on the move she is sound driving well from the rear and has good tail action, lovely type & quality.  

2 McDonald Lamancha Keep A Secret JW 3 years with good all round confirmation, pleasing head & expression, neck of good length, well laid shoulders with good length of upper arm, deep ribs & well coupled in loin, strong quarters, sound action.

3 Clunie Warrentor Caipirinha JW. Just 3 years, shown in full bloom lovely head with lots of detail good chiselling and expression, strong well conditioned body with deep chest & well sprung ribs, level well maintained topline. Balanced angles fore & aft, she moved with drive and purpose covering the ground well.

Post Graduate 8 (2

1 Wood Monchique Mrs Brown JW Just 2 years & a lovely example of the breed. Good head with a lovely dark expressive eye & correct proportions of skull & muzzle, strong neck of good length into good shoulder assembly, deep brisket & tight elbows, firm topline, lovely clean outline, good tail set, strong muscular quarters which showed in her sound free movement really driving round the ring with good footfall, a lovely quality exhibit.

2 Carrington Largymore Lustre JW 3 years, head of correct proportions with kindly dark expressive eyes, strong muzzle, well developed forechest with good depth of chest, ample bone on good feet, firm level topline, lovely coat in good condition, strong hindquarter moved well 

3 Mandley Millanza Follow Your Dreams To Matlqudos Just 3 years, pleasing feminine head with good dark eye & well set ears, well angulated front & rear, good topline, clean outline, moved ok. 

Mid Limit Bitch 14 (4) super class. 

1 Hall & Smith Megarvey Maliboo JW excellent breed type this 4 year old has a typical well balanced head with dark eyes & soft expression, ears well set, large open nostrils, good length & strength of neck into good shoulder angulation, deep brisket, elbows tucked in, straight well boned front limbs with cat like feet, ribcage deep and well sprung, strong well coupled loin, well rounded muscular quarters, shown in good hard condition and moved with a free easy action driving from the rear with good tail action 

2 Madame Bovary Du Bois De La Rayere another with a lovely typical head eye & soft expression, good skull, strong muzzle, strong neck into firm topline & well laid back shoulders, body deep with well spring ribs, strong well coupled loin, muscular hind quarters, ample bone on neat feet, good coat & condition, sound steady mover 

3 Griggs Mulfield Amethyst SHCM feminine head with good skull, muzzle & dark expressive eyes lovely front construction with good forechest and upper arm, level topline & well rounded hindquarter, sound action.

Limit Bitch 14 (2) I was spoilt for choice in this class, difficult decisions

1 Magson Castlegolden Classy Lady JW aptly named as a classy lady she is, Super type, feminine head of good proportions, lovely eye & soft expression, good chiselling, strong neck of good length which flows into her well made shoulder construction, lovely forechest, elbows well tucked in to body, deep well sprung ribs, Strong well coupled loin, well developed muscular quarters with hocks well let down, good tail set and action, shown in super coat & condition, on the move she was sound fore and aft and kept her lovely outline, 

2 Maddison Jaymardy Hidden Secret JW ShCM

another super bitch full of quality & breed type, typical head good shape skull, dark expressive eyes, strong muzzle, Strong neck into well laid back shoulders, deep brisket & ribs, she presented balanced picture throughout so clean in outline, strong hind quarters, once in her stride she so sound and positive on the move, well presented.

3 Archer Monchique Believe In Dreams For Shancade JW completed a trio of super quality bitches who could all have taken the red card in this class, 4 years, has a lovely overall make and shape very easy on the eye, feminine shapely head, dark expressive eyes, correct ears shape, with good jaw and strength in muzzle, strong neck to well placed shoulders,straight well boned front limbs on lovely cat like feet, Nicely balanced body of good length and depth, clean outline with a strong level topline, strong well muscled quarters, she was sound on the move.

Open Bitch 16 (3). All of quality 

1 Hill & Smith Sh Ch Megarvey Once Upon A Time JW. CC BIS Just shouts out quality and Breed type, 4 years, beautiful feminine head of correct proportions, softest of expressions from her lovely dark eyes, good chiselling, strong muzzle, neck of good length and strong leading into her lovely well laid back shoulders with good length of upper arm, deep well developed brisket & deep well sprung ribs, strong in the loin with good topline, super legs and feet, hind quarters muscular & well angulated with good second thigh, shown in good coat and body condition, she was so together on the move, driving from the rear on a long free stride keeping her lovely balanced outline as she went round, It was a pleasure to judge this super bitch, a worthy Sh Ch

2 Archibald Abinvale Santa Ana RCC RBIS 

Another one out of the top drawer, super quality bitch of 5 years, super head with good eye shape and expression, correct ears shape which are well set, strong neck flows into her firm topline and well made front assembly with lovely length of upper arm, good length of body with deep well sprung ribs, balanced muscular rear angulation with hocks well let down which she certainly put to good use in her sound positive action where she was at one with her handler.

3 Dunbar Sh Ch Linirgor Violets Are Blue super quality bitch with a beautiful head shape, correct ear set & shape with a clean scissor bite, strong neck of good length, lovely front and rear angulation, deep well ribbed body, straight well boned front limbs in good feet, clean outline with good tailset, shown in super coat condition, Another with lovely sound action fore & aft and worthy Sh Ch

Judge: Colin Woodward