• Show Date: 10/08/2019
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Colin Woodward Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

Bournemouth Canine Association

Breed: Spaniel (Welsh Springer)


Welsh Springer Spaniel


1 Graham Nyliram Let's Twist Again. 

Nice baby of quality with a pleasing head and expression, good size for age, lovely bone legs & feet, developing well with good angulation all through, deep chest correct topline, good quarters, steady mover 2 Buckwell Killena in The Air Tonight

7 months not as forward as one at present has a nice head with good eye shape and colour, strong neck to good shoulders, needs to developed in body, coat could be better & needs to settle on the move.

Puppy Dog 3 

1 Barkley Chanangel Mr Whodat At Cherryheath BPD 11 months a very mature youngster, masculine head with dark expressive eye, good length of neck to firm topline and good shoulder placement, compact well ribbed body with well coupled loin, muscular hindquarters moved with drive 2 Graham Nyliram Let's Twist Again 3 Buckwell Killena in The Air Tonight. 

Yearling Dog 1 

1 Wren Llon Lewys at Gwynmarren 20 months pleasing dog with a well proportioned head & lovely expression, correct bite with strong jaw, body deep with good forechest and ribs, ample bone on good tight feet, clean outline, strong quarters moved well

Graduate 1 

1 Buckwell Killena Ghostride 

Masculine head tight dark eye nice length of neck well sprung ribs good angulation all through good bone on nice legs & feet not overdone in any way moved well. 

Post Graduate 4 

1 Jenkins Cwmbeili Morgan, pleasing head with a kindly expression, ears well set, good length of neck well angulated shoulders & firm topline, strong muscular body with good ribs and well coupled slightly arched loin, shown in lovely coat & condition, good quarters & tailset moved out well holding his lovely profile. 

2 Wren Llon Lewys at Gwynmarren not as balanced as one but has a shapely head with dark eye, good scissor bite, strong muscular neck, well boned limbs on good feet, good spring of rib, wide moderately rounded quarters, not as positive on the move as one 3 Gough Julita Rukester. 

Limit Dog 7 

1 Mcilwaine & Reynolds. Glenbrows Van Gogh For Benoveor JW. RCC lovely quality boy with a typical head, good skull & defined stop, lovely dark eye & expression, good reach of neck to well placed sloping shoulders and correct topline, straight well boned front limbs with neat well padded feet, balanced body deep and well coupled in loin, strong muscular hindquarters, hocks well let down, presented & in good coat & condition, sound steady mover 2 Graham & Hogstrom Don's Statment to Nyliram JW (imp) Another quality male Of very nice type & pushed one all the way, super head proportions, dark eyes with a kindly expression, ample neck, clean in throat, good shoulder angulation, deep brisket, elbows close to body, lovely bone & feet, clean in outline, strong quarters used well in his sound action, well presented 3 Brown Bowdonia Ozzie. 

Open Dog 5 

1 Graham SH CH Taimeres Twister Round Nyliram JW, SHCM, DCC. BOB, G1, one I have admired from the ringside & pleased to have the opportunity to judge and he did not disappoint, typical classic head and expression, has the desired chiselling under the eyes & defined stop, muscular neck into well placed shoulders, front limbs are straight & well boned on round well padded feet, compact well conditioned body with good depth of brisket, strong well coupled slightly arched loin, muscular hindquarters with good second thigh and well let down hocks, clean in outline with good tail set, on the move he was fluent and just flowed round the ring to take the top spot, delighted to see him win the group 2 Sutherland Jacranella Solo 

Pleasing dog of good breed type, most appealing head with a kind expression, Good reach of neck to well angulated shoulders, firm topline, good length of body, loin muscular & slightly arched, shown in lovely coat and condition, moves with a sound easy action with good tail action

3 Attwood Ir SH CH Kylowen Drym SHCM. 

Veteran Dog 2 

1 Stone Stedigan Pipers Piping For Merrem SHCM. 

9 years young with a masculine head with good expression, retains good dentition, Strong neck, deep well ribbed body, strong lion, good bone & feet, muscular hindquarters & still sound on the move 2 Green Tywysog Gelert Just 10 years upstanding dog with a masculine head, expressive eye of good colour, good length of neck to sloping shoulders, deep body, coat in good order, strong quarters moved ok. 

S/B, Dog/ Bitch 1 

1 Green Eurion Jasper 4th in PG shapely head good eye colour, nice legs & feet, clean outline, shown in good coat and condition, movement could be better. 

MP Bitch 1 

1 Buckwell Killena Dance in Moonlight Just 6 months, lovely type with a good head & gentle expression, good scissor bite, body developing well with good topline, good bone for age on neat feet, pleasing outline, steady mover.

Puppy Bitch 3 

1 Revill Julita Ryveeta BPIB 11 months super head so well balanced defined stop and chiselling under the eyes, well set ears & correct dentition, good reach of neck into well laid shoulders, super legs and feet, balanced in body with deep chest, good ribs & nice rise over the loin, good muscle tone in her well made quarters, hocks well let down, well presented coat, on the move she was sound fore and aft with good tail action and kept her lovely outline 2 Salt Islanza Organza not as forward as one at present, pretty feminine head correct eye shape, good front assembly, bone ok & tidy feet, compact well balanced body, good quarters & tail set moved ok 3 Buckwell Kilena Dance in Moonlight 

Junior 3. 

1 Mcilwaine & Reynolds Benoveor Can't Buy Me Love super head piece on this youngster, dark eye of correct shape giving a kindly expression, strong neck with good reach flows into her well constructed shoulders, straight well boned limbs on tight well padded feet, good length and depth of body with well coupled loin, hindquarters muscular with good second thigh, shown in excellent well presented coat, sound strong movement holding a good topline 2 Revill Julia Ryveeta 3 Primmer Amanshe Mermaid's Tears. 

Graduate Bitch 2. 

1 Cooper Isfryn Lady Grey of Gilstonia 

Pretty head with a soft expression, strong neck to good topline and front angulation, straight well boned front limbs on neat feet, elbows tucked in, good body shape, plenty of substance, she moved out soundly 2 Jackson Catjack Everpreciousone 

pleasing bitch who was close up to one, good breed type lovely head shape dark eye, neck muscular into firm back, deep chest, well coupled muscular loin with correct rise, well muscled quarters with tidy hocks, moved ok. 

Post Graduate 6 

1 Jones Julita Rumours at Trosle 3 years, feminine head lovely eye and expressive eyes, good muzzle, neck muscular into firm back, straight front deep brisket, stands on good legs & feet, good in topline good strong quarters muscular with moderate turn of stifle, movement was purposeful & with good driving action from the rear. 

2 Waller Isfryn Lady Godiva at Fireglow JW. 

close up to one lovely type with a lovely feminine head and kindly expression, maturing nicely, good neck & lay of shoulders deep brisket, good in outline, muscular quarters, well presented moved soundly

3 Ferguson Taihang Scherezade at Teaselwood. 

Limit Bitch 5 

1 Sutherland Jacranella Sonata feminine girl of 3 years with good shape of head lovely eyes and chiselling beneath, square muzzle, good scissor bite & strong jaw, ample reach of neck, clean throat, mature well conditioned body with good depth and ribs, strong well coupled loin, straight well boned limbs on well padded neat feet, strong muscular well angulated hindquarters, she moved soundly & covered the ground well 2 Caldwell Hillpark Queen Bee For Cerysan lovely type & quality a very appealing bitch with pleasing feminine head & kindly expression, good length of neck to good forehand construction, lovely substance & well balanced body, strong topline, muscular quarters, good steady movement 3 Attwood Kylowen Demelza 

Open Bitch 4 

1 Thomas & Upton SH CH Bowdonia Seraphina JW SHCM. BCC Top quality bitch with a super classic head with a soft dark expressive eye with lovely chiselling beneath, strong muzzle & correct dentition, good reach of neck blending smoothly into good lay of shoulders and firm topline, lovely depth of chest, elbows tucked in, balanced well ribbed body, strong well coupled slightly arched loin, good bone & feet, hindquarters are wide and muscular with well, let down hocks, she moved out soundly with good drive from the rear and holding her topline, she looked a picture standing & moving please to award her the CC

2 Grahams Ferndel Cover Story About Nyliram JW. RCC another lovely quality bitch, super head with lovely soft expression from her dark eyes, good neck & lay of shoulders, clean throat, deep brisket on her mature well conditioned body, ribs well sprung & strong well coupled loin, strong topline, clean in outline, powerful rear with neat well let down hocks, sound true mover with a lovely stride, presented in good coat & condition. 3 Sutherland Jacranella Serenada. 

Veteran Bitch 4 

1 Sutherland CH Julita Rezanella of Jacranella 

Quality 10 years old shown in good condition, pleasing head & expression, retains her correct dentition, strong neck of good length into good lay of shoulders, super bone, good length of body which is deep & well ribbed, moderate turn of stifle, sound & steady on the move BVIB.  

2 Primmer Amanshe Golden Revelation Just 7 years with a lovely feminine head with soft expression, straight well boned front limbs, body deep & well ribbed up, strong topline, well angulated rear, moved ok nice type. 

3 Attwood Ir SH CH Moorash Lady Ygraine of Kylowen SHCM. 

Judge: Colin Woodward