• Show Date: 30/08/2019
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Colin Woodward Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

City Of Birmingham Canine Association

Breed: Retriever (Golden)
Golden Retriever Dogs

Thank you to all the exhibitors I thoroughly enjoyed my day judging your lovely dogs.

VD 9 (1) A lovely class of oldies a credit to their owners. 

1 Wild Sh Ch Fenwood Ell Masterpiece At Bluewaters BVIB impressive exhibit of pleasing type, typical head with dark expressive eyes, strong muscular neck into good shoulders & deep brisket, pleasing outline, good strong well boned legs on good round feet, well balanced body strong in hindquarter and sound on the move 2 Archibald Sh Ch Ir Sh Ch Abinvale The Aviator another quality male I have liked on previous occasion, super head dark well shaped dark eyes with a kindly expression, ample neck, well placed front assembly, body deep & well ribbed, good turn of stifles, sound in movement with good tail action 3 Brown & Gunmarsh Tamarind Star Over Ipcress JW

MPD 3 (1)

1 Watts Goldenhicks Emirates Lad Just 6 months, lovely type of dog with good head shape, dark eye with soft expression, good shoulders, plenty of depth in body, good in outline, hindquarters developing well, firm topline to good tailset, well presented, steady mover showing good reach & drive 2 Norris Fenpinque Magnum Opus At Molestream thought this would be my winner but just not as positive on the move as one, good head & eye, just right for age in size and body development, straight front limbs, clean outline, muscular hindquarters, coat in good order.

PD 10 (1) A lovely class of youngsters who I’m sure will change places 

1 Loverock & Waldron-Smith Thorneywait Space Cowboy At Lovissa BPIB very promising youngster showing lots of potential, good size and balance, pleasing head and kindly expression, strong neck of ample length, well off for bone and elbows tucked in, body is muscular and developing well in depth and ribs, tail well set on, good turn of stifles and lovely straight hocks both standing and on the move, coat in lovely well presented condition, moved really well for a youngster, sound fore and aft and holding himself well on a good stride with lovely tail action, one to watch, pleased to read he took PG 1 & RBPIS congratulations.

2 Trinder Thirneywait Showstopper another lovely puppy from this kennel and was close up to one impressive puppy who owns a classic head dark eyes with good pigment & soft expression, good depth of chest, elbows close to body, sturdy limbs on lovely feet, well balanced all through, well sprung ribs & strong well coupled loin, muscular quarters giving a sound easy action, two lovely puppies both should have a bright future 3 Plevin Bowshella Rough Diamond 

JD 11 (1) very nice class of youngsters. 

1 Copley Monchique Imperial Beau At Emmabe JW 

A dog I have admired from the ringside & did not disappoint when I got my hands on him, lovely classic head with good skull and chiselling, dark expressive eyes, strong neck to well laid back shoulders, good forechest, correct amount of bone on good feet, deep well ribbed body, & brisket, he presented a lovely balanced picture on the stack & unexaggerated in outline, good topline & tailset, Strong quarters with good width of thigh, straight well let down hocks, shown in good coat & condition, sound fore & aft showing good tail action

2 Fenn Chalksville Highlander At Jandeburn another one who really pleased, lovely to go over, classic head eyes dark, good stop & strong muzzle good clean neck, balanced in length to height proportions, well off for bone on lovely round feet, well constructed quarters with good turn of stifle, he held himself well on the move with a sound free action 3 Wallington Wynrita School Days

YD 15 (3) plenty of choice in this lovely class

1 Catterall & Jackson Goldman’s Guardsman JW

Appealing head good width of skull & muzzle, dark eye & soft expression, strong neck into well laid shoulders, deep brisket, lovely body shape deep well ribbed and strong in loin, straight well boned limbs on good feet, muscular hindquarters with straight well let down hocks, good dense coat which was well presented, sound happy mover 2 Fenn Chalksville Highlander At Jandeburn 2nd JD

3 Jackson Terra Di Siena Lorenzo At Swanavon (So Imp) JW

UGD 11 (1) nice class.

1 Webb Mitchnel Bear With Me By Hecston masculine dog with a shapely head good stop & strong muzzle, dark eye with soft expression, clean neck into well placed shoulders, balanced front & rear assembly, deep brisket & good spring of ribs, well boned limbs, elbows close to body, strong muscular quarters with good second thigh, lovely coat and condition, his movement was positive fore & aft with good footfall 2 Fenn Chalksville Highlander At Jandeburn 2nd J & YD

3 Wallington Wynrita School Daze 

GD 13 (1) 

1 McDonald Lamancha Magical Moments JW 

Excellent breed type with a lovely masculine head without coarseness, pleasing expression & good pigment, shoulders well laid back, well developed forechest & deep brisket, balanced in outline with good length to height ratio, well developed body with good spring of ribs and well coupled loin, strong well boned limbs on good feet, strong muscular rear with good width of thighs, good coat texture which was well presented, sound as a bell on the move keeping his shape and good tail action

2 O’Gorman Berrymeade Grand Central JW another of lovely type & quality, super head with good skull muzzle, eye dark, clean neck into firm topline tailset and well placed shoulders, well boned legs on neat feel, balanced through the body & good strong hindquarters, hocks well let down and kept straight on the move with his sound free action 3 Griggs Mulfield Sea Of Dreams 

PGD 7 (1) 

1 Jackson Mavistan Nearco At Swanavon 3 years liked his type, owns a lovely head and expression, balanced in skull & foreface, strong muzzle, clean neck which flows well into his topline and well angulated shoulders, ample bone and stands on lovely round feet, deep brisket with plenty of heart room, body deep of good length and well ribbed with strong loin, firm well muscled quarters with good turn of stifles, coat in good order and lovely texture, moved soundly with good drive & purpose keeping his lovely shape in profile good tail action 

2 Anderson Linchael Salvo JW another quality dog who was very close up to one attractive masculine head, dark eye & pigmentation with a lovely soft expression, good width of skull, strong deep muzzle, clean neck of good length leading into clean well place shoulders, lovely bone & feet, elbows close, deep in brisket, well balanced body & strong in loin, clean outline on the stack, strong muscular hindquarters put to good use in his sound free action, shown in lovely coat and condition

3 Angell Millanza Toy Story JW 

LD 21 (6) a mixed class with a few diff entry types and sizes but plenty of quality dogs to consider.

1 Gerhold Jaymardy Indigo Pacific JW very impressive quality dog so easy on the eye, one I have judged and liked before, classic head of good proportions with lovely chiselling, good stop and dark expressive eyes, neck is clean and muscular and flows well into his lovely topline and well angulated shoulders, deep brisket, super bone & feet, deep balanced body of good length and well coupled loin, clean in outline, firm muscular hindquarters with good second thighs, clean well presented coat, strong sound mover with a free ground covering stride 2 Lane-Ridyard Kulawand Final Quest another lovely quality dog of good type & unlucky to meet one on such good form classic head with lovely eye colour & soft expression strong muzzle and good stop, good length of neck to clean well placed shoulders & good topline, mature well balanced body with lovey ribbing, good turn of stifles & hocks well let down, super legs and feet sound as a bell on the move, close decision

3 Webster Amblemere You Say It Best At Benjcroft 

Lovely type & quality who push one & two all the way.

OD 10 (3) Super class full of quality 

1 Archibald & Archibald Sh Ch Ir Sh Ch Abinvale Levanto CC & BOB Quality male with lovely overall make and shape, super head masculine without coarseness, lovely eye colour and appealing expression, deep muzzle & strong jaw, clean neck of good length which flows into his solid topline and well laid back shoulders, elbows tucked in, straight well boned front limbs on good feet, his body is deep & short coupled with grand well sprung ribcage, powerful muscular hindquarters with good second thigh and bend of stifle, well let down hocks, he was shown in excellent coat which was well presented, movement was a joy to watch so fluent just glides around the ring on a free easy stride with good drive from the rear a very worthy Ch, pleased to hear he also went G4 Congratulations 

2 Trinder Sh Ch Thorneywait San Valentino JW RCC another super Champion from a slightly bigger mould and many of the same remarks as 1 apply to him, presents a lovely profile picture on the stack, lovely head of good proportions with good length of foreface to skull, soft expressive eyes, strong clean neck, firm topline to correct tailset, well laid back shoulders with good upper arm, lovely legs and feet, body deep mature and well ribbed, strong in loin, hindquarters well made with good bend of stifle and tidy hocks, his movement was fluent with good drive & footfall, he did nothing wrong and it was not an easy decision an excellent example of the breed and a pleasure to judge them both.

3 Broadhead Sh Ch Monchique Pure Imagination JW SHCM Lovely type & quality who gave a good account of himself.


1 Webb Mitchnel Bear With Me By Hectson 1st UGD

2 Riley Lamancha Night Sky Illusion not as forward as one, a pleasing dog just needing time to mature and drop in body, pleasing head and eye, good bone and feet, moved ok. 

Judge: Colin Woodward