• Show Date: 10/08/2019
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Colin Woodward Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

Bournemouth Canine Association

Breed: Irish Red & White Setter

Junior Dog 1 

 1 Tattersall Carrick Shadow Dog at Alanea (Imp) 

Lovely type who has yet to fully mature, his head is balanced with good stop eye shape and colour, correct bite, clean reachy neck to good front assembly, good oval bone & close knit feet, body developing well with good depth & spring of ribs, topline is firm to good tailset, quarters wide and muscular with good turn of stifle, shown in pristine coat and condition sound moving dog who covered the ground well. RCC

Post Graduate 2 

1 Titterton Spyefire Reyt Bobby Dazzler pleasing head with dark expressive eye, clean square muzzle, good overall size & shape showing the correct length to height ratio & clean outline, deep well ribbed body, quarters wide and well muscled, moved soundly with good tail action 2 Payne Lovenjoel Prince Charming pleasing head & eye with a soft expression, well made all through, good bone, depth & spring of ribs, good legs and feet, not as positive on the move as one

Limit Dog 3

1 Ball & Harrison Corranroo Commitment to Siorrudh JW Just 3 years lovely quality upstanding dog built on elegant lines, shapely head broad skull with good stop, muscular reachy neck into good shoulder placement, straight front limbs with super bone and feet, deep mature body with well sprung ribs, firm topline to good tail set, strong hind quarters which he put to good use on the move, sound fore and aft moving on a free stride, well presented 2 Walpole Gallybob Quantum Leap good head shape, dark round expressive eye, good strong jaw & correct bite, good legs & feet, well made hindquarters, deep body but feel he could benefit from a tad more weight, good tail set, could not match one on the move today 3 Martin Laoirebay Steel Blue Ocean at Shannonstyle 

Open Dog 2 

Two lovely males

1 Gardner Alanea Game Reserve With Danwish 

top quality 3 year old shown in super coat and condition, beautiful head piece, dark round eyes with a lovely expression, clean slightly arched neck of good length which flows into good lay of shoulder and good topline & tailset, deep mature body with well sprung ribs, on the stand he shows off a lovely profile picture, quarters are wide & well developed with good turn of stifle and hocks well let down, Shown in good coat & condition, so sound on the move for and aft DCC.  

2 Birch & West SH CH Corranroo Camero at Hitides 

quality male, good size & type, super head & shape, soft expression, good length of neck nicely arched to well placed shoulders, strong well boned legs on good feet, deep muscular body with well sprung ribs, strong in loin, strong hindquarters & good tail set, moved well but rear action not quite as positive as one today a worthy champion 

Veteran 1 

1 Walpole Lovenjoel Ice Cool 9 years old with a pleasing head good shape round dark eye, good neck & front assembly, well balanced deep well ribbed body, pleasing outline, good quarters, moved ok. 

Junior 1 Bitch 

1 O'connor Dalcross Dancing Queen With Caispern 

feminine head with soft expressive eyes, elegant neck runs smoothly into her good lay of shoulders & topline, well balanced in body which is developing well, good turn of stifle, ok for bone with good feet, steady mover.

Post Graduate Bitch 3. 

 1 Ball & Harrison Laoirebay She's Leaving Home To Sliorrudh Typical feminine head with good eye shape and colour, correct scissor bite, reachy neck, shoulders well laid back, well boned limbs on good feet, mature deep body with good ribs, muscular hindquarters, good coat texture, typical outline in profile, moved soundly & covered the ground with ease. 

2 Barney Romaunt Carry on Regardless With Verrami close up to one lovely type good head shape has a lovely soft expression nice good skull & strong jaws, ears well set, reachy neck into good shoulders, strong legs & feet, good ribcage topline & hindquarter, moved well but not quite as positive as one today 3 Burgess Lovenjoel Oceans Princess. 

Limit Bitch 1 

1 Walker Zendarric it's a Kind of Magic Within Wroxham JW BCC, BOB. A real eye-catcher with the most lovely feminine head & soft expression, nicely arched neck flows into her super front angulation and firm top line, deep chest, elbows free, body is deep muscular well ribbed and strong in loin, straight well boned front limbs on close knit feet, strong wide hindquarters with good muscle tone & turn of stifles, hocks well let down, on the move she was sound fore & aft keeping her lovely topline and good tail action CC & BOB. 

Open Bitch 3 a lovely class 3 

1 Tattersall Killary's Class Act at Alanea (Imp) RCC 

Lovely type of bitch who owns a lovely head, dark round eyes giving a soft expression, a balanced girl shown in super condition, lovely reach of neck, shoulders well laid back, deep chest, firm level topline, muscular body, strong hindquarters, sound on the move. 

2 Tait Lovenjoel Sleeping Beauty another quality bitch with a lovely feminine head with soft expression, stands on well boned limbs with decent feet, deep mature body clean over shoulders deep brisket & big ribs. Good outline she moved really soundly covering plenty of ground shown in good condition 3 Hart SH CH Gilliegrae Swift N'chic. 

Judge Colin Woodward