• Show Date: 27/06/2019
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Claire Millward Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

Windsor Dog Show Society

Breed: Greyhound

Windsor Championship Show 2019  



Judge – Claire Millward  


I would like to thank firstly the committee of Windsor Championship Show for the honour to award my first set of CC’s in Greyhounds, it has long since been one of my most favourite shows, the weather was kind and sun arrived in time for judging to start. Thank you to my stewards Roger and John who were extremely helpful and organised and kept the ring running well. The depth in entry and quality was most definitely in the bitches where I was splitting hairs and spoilt for choice. I mentioned last time I judged that it worries me the lack of home grown talent and youngsters coming through in fact the puppy classes and junior were empty which I find sad for our breed. I was thankful to everyone who made the journey and it was an honour to judge your beautiful hounds.  


Veteran Dog or Bitch–  (1 entry 0abs) 

1- Pinder and Clarke, Savana Barry – 10 year old blue and white male, with just the kindest expression, thoroughly enjoying his day in the sun, he was presented in hard muscular condition, of racing type he has a lovely head and expression, strong neck into adequate front, balanced angles fore and aft, moving a little erratic now in the rear with age however I found him quite charming and happy to award him Best Veteran in breed 

Puppy Dog – 0 entries 

Junior dog – 0 entries 

Post Graduate – 1 entry 1 abs 

Limit Dog – 4 entries 1 abs 

A nice class of young males, all displaying good promise for the future 

1) Spacey – Inchydoney Memories North Star at Hallimans – 2 year old Brindle and white male, so much to like about this boy, no exaggeration and a dog completely built for function, presented in excellent muscular condition, masculine head, correct bite, strong neck into clean well laid shoulders, balanced angles fore and aft, excellent underline, parallel hocks, steady mover clean coming and going, well handled, I was happy to award him the CC his second I believe, still some maturing to do,  I will watch him with interest as he develops.  

2) Howlett, Boggia and Koulermou – Inas Fasion Dedicated to Boughton- very different type to my overall winner, upstanding black brindle male, still rather immature and a has lot to come, I would prefer more weight and muscle tone, Pleasing head and expression, longest of necks, into good shoulder, good forechest, nice over and underline, excellent sweep hip to hock, on the go around he covers great ground, still to tighten in front on the up and down, he is a young dog and this will come with time. happy to award him the res CC 

3) Howlett and howden Skyswift New Moon 

Open Dog – no entries 

Special racing and coursing dog or bitch – 2 entry 0 abs 

1) Samson Bernies Bolt at Romaclove – both 1 and 2 were very similar and I was splitting hairs, these 2 boys were by far the in hardest condition of the day, this boy won out on his head, balanced front and rear, strong powerful loin, steady on the go around, well handled. 

2) Clarke – Waschovia Benji another lovely fawn boy it was a very close decision, shown in fantastic weight and condition, true coming and going and steady on the move. 

Puppy Bitch – No entries 

Junior Bitch – No entries  

Good Citizen dog or bitch –  

1) Shakespeare – Zoredan a little tenderness with Cairdean – feminine 2 year old brindle and white bitch, nice head, long neck into shoulders, good top and underline, deep chest,  balanced angles, steady on the move, would prefer a little more weight 

Post Graduate Bitch – 2 entries 0 abs  

1) Hills Zoredan your precious love at Simmeree – blue brindle bitch, I had previously judged her as a puppy and she is developing nicely, blue brindles always have a piece of my heart and she doesn’t disappoint, she has a feminine head, excellent rose shaped ears, good neck into shoulder, good top and underline, powerful loin, good rear angulation, parallel hocks, moved soundly, well handled and presented.  

2) Shakespere – Zoraden a little tenderness with Cairdean – as before  

Limit Bitch – 5 entries 0 abs  

A really lovely class of nice quality females I really enjoyed this class. 

1) Howlett Skyswift Moonlite Serenade – red and white super pretty bitch, she completely caught my eye and I couldn’t take my eyes off of her, she pushed extremely hard for the CC, handled perfectly I was happy to award her the class and Res CC, excellent head and expression, long strong neck into well laid shoulders, good forechest, built on lovely lines, strong powerful loin, good feet, parallel hocks, sound coming and going and on the go around she is a delight, I look forward to watching her with interest 

2) Boggia and Koulermou – Inas Fashion by design by boughton – black brindle, presented in wonderful condition, she pushed hard for the class and I was splitting hairs, sister to my bitch CC and very similar reasons to like her, her outline flows, excellent top and underline, long strong neck, excellent head and expression , free easy mover, sound coming and going.  

3) Battley and Barber Estet classic Kalends (imp) 

Open Bitch – 4 entries 2 abs 

1) Koulermou – Inas fashion desirable – black brindle female, built on beautiful lines, so pleasing to the eye, I have admired her from the ringside and it was a pleasure to go over her, still young yet very mature and assured for her age with still so much more to come. Pretty head an expression, nice rose ears, strong long neck into well laid clean shoulders, great return of upper arm, good top and under line, deep capacious chest, good spring of ribs, strong powerful loin, balanced angles front and rear, neat feet, so sound and eye catching on the move covering the ground effortlessly, she screams ‘greyhound’ at you. I was happy to award her the CC and Best of Breed, her 3rd I understand, a very worthy champion. She looked outstanding in the group I was proud to have sent her through 

2) Issac – Jets Midnight Sonata for Blakeskerra (imp Nor) Black and white uber feminine bitch of slightly different type to my winner, so much to like about her, beautifully presented and handled, again another built on nice lines with excellent top and underline, balanced angles, long strong neck, feminine head, comes into her own on the move covering good ground, a very worthy champion.  

Special Racing and Coursing Bitch – 3 entrie 1 abs  

1) Browne – Slippery louise of Adachi – black bitch, stood over less ground than 2nd but I liked her lines and pretty head and expression, spund on the move and presented in hard condition 

2) Pinder and Clarke – Moors Maranda, another hard muscular girl, pretty head, strong loin, balanced angles, moved well