• Show Date: 04/08/2019
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Christopher Rose Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

National Gundog Association

Breed: Retriever (Labrador)


I would like to say thank you to the National Gundog committee and to my excellent stewards. A special thank you to all the exhibitors for your entries I consider it an honour and a privilege to go over your dogs.  On the day I was looking for dogs of good temperament with no trace of shyness. Clean lines, not carrying too much weight especially on the front end, the drive comes from behind so too much weight on the front spoils balance and movement.  I am pleased to say there was a lot of quality dogs to go over on the day and I am sure that they could all do a days work which is what they were originally breed for.  Special thanks to my co-judge Anne Lavelle, congratulations to all wining top honours.

Veteran Dog. 5 (5) 

1.Jenner’s Rossacre Trail Blazer At Lyjansen  Quality black dog this, kind head and expression clean neck set into well placed shoulders good spring of rib and good depth of chest solid hind quarters lovely compact feet moved well.

2. Sewell’s Braithwell Dick Darstardly Racinto Another quality veteran of similar construction strongly built, just preferred head of one,  Good on the move.

3. Davis’s Glenbrows Paraphrase

Minor Puppy  6 (5)

1.Bold’s Shaymiloney Saint Signed By Loubert  9mo black of good construction, kind head with good length of muzzle.  Clean neck and shoulders, good top line strong through coupling.

2.Dawson’s Beskerby Pageant 8mo yellow with good construction, clean neck and shoulders, very good bone and correct double coat but not quite so good on the move as one.

3. Mclellan’s Saraden Muscogee

Puppy 4 (4).

1. Hodges Naiken Elite Envoy [AI] 11 and half month old.  Excellent chocolate puppy. What can I say? Good clean lines, most handsome head and expression just the right amount of bone with excellent construction carrying the right amount of weight, no exaggeration giving a picture of balance moved well .Best Puppy and thrilled to see him go 3rd best puppy in show.

2.Baker and Judd’s  Harpitts True Sprit Nearly 12 months old.  Another nice puppy, of good construction with good bone but not quite the length of leg at the moment having said that a quality puppy who I would be very happy to take home.

3. Young’s Potterspiney Silas

Junior dog  12.(11)

1. Mallin’s Elisabetta Red Teddy  Stunning dark yellow with a most beautiful head and expression.  Clean neck set into well placed shoulders, good length of upper arm, good depth of chest with good spring of rib, well boned legs with correct compact feet.  Good coat, good hind quarters well let down hocks.  Still needs to firm up on the movement to collect top honours.

2. Heron’s Globetrotter Lab’s Valley (Imp Svk) Very much enjoyed this junior class and had the pleasure of going over this black youngster kind head and expression lovely clean lines good construction correct coat and being shown in the correct weight but could also firm up on the move.

3. Chapman’s Daisypatch Jelly Tot


Special Beginners  5 (5).

1.  Digweed’s Marlyford Valentine at Willokin  Black with good  head, clean cut defined stop, eye colour a little on the dark side for me. Strong neck and shoulders good conformation front and rear beat two on his good straight top line

2. Tickner and Welford’s Ankari Bare Necessities kind head and expression nice shape eye of the correct colour.  Clean neck set into well placed shoulders good conformation front and rear, excellent coat handler did her best on the day to settle her dog.

3. Davis’s Glenbrows Paraphrase

Yearling 9 (9).

Another very strong class

1. Baker & Judd’s Harpitts Minnie Mack JW  Super chocolate so good to see this dog shown in the correct weight, broad head with a kind eye and a defined stop very handsome lad, clean neck and shoulders, good length of upper arm, depth of chest just right with good spring of rib, correct double coat well developed hindquarters and excellent top line.

2. Druggan’s A Sense of Pleasure’s El Toro at Balladoole JW  Black of quality with  kind head and expression, clean neck, well boned, good construction on front and rear just a  little too deep in chest for me and just lost out on the move to one.

3. Metcalfe’s Carromer Jack Flash to Balleydale JW (Bel Jnr Ch)

Maiden dog 8 (8).

1. 1375 Hodges Naiken Elite Envoy[A1]

2. 1414 Mallins Elisabetta Red Teddy.

3. Bold’s Shaymiloney Saint signed by Loubert

Novice dog 8 (6)

1. Hodges’s Naiken East Meets West  Not in coat on the day but still a very good specimen.  kind head, clean out line, good length of leg, firm top line, correct tail set and beat 2 on the move.

2. Mallins Elisabetta Red Teddy.

3. Baker & Judd’s Harpitts True Spirit

Undergraduate dog 5 (4)

1. Mclellans Saranden Pensacola. Another quality chocolate with a very handsome head.  Not too strong but just right with clean neck and shoulders good depth of chest, legs well boned, correct coat, firm hindquarters, a picture of balance looked good on the move.

2.Kennett’s Magnavalleys Cornishman  Well deserved place.  Black of very good construction,  good bone,  good length of leg, compact fee,t correct coat firm top line just preferred the movement of one.

Graduate dog 4 (4)

Top quality class this.  I had to make some tough decisions,

1.Britton’s Llanstinan Louis Lewis Bowstones  Lovely black with kind head and expression with a kindly nature.  Lovely neck set into well placed shoulders, good depth of chest with a good spring of rib.  Firm top line, strong  hindquarters giving him balance.  Well boned legs, not in the best of coat but moved well.

2. King’s Linthwaite Excalibur JW  I have to say today some top quality dogs were in second place and this was one of them.  He kept his handler on her toes!  In fit and firm condition with a handsome head, strong neck, good lay back of shoulders and well constructed forequarters.  Good spring of rib well developed hindquarters very sound on the move. Just preferred overall outline of one on the day.

3. Druggan’s Mafia Lab’s Taboo Webster at Balladoole JW

Post Graduate dog 8 (7)

1. Ellis & Matulla’s Dowin Button Moon JW  Very strongly built chocolate this, well constructed front and rear, deep through the chest, good spring of rib, good top line short coupled, correct coat   Best of the class on the move .

2. Miles’s Llanstinan Sugar Daddy JW.  Easy to see the quality in this yellow.  Lovely clean cut head, strong throughout neck and body. Very well constructed but just a little too front end heavy for me which did not help on the move.

3. L Harvey-Major’s Linjor Rigsby JW

Mid Limit 5 (5)

1. Lesley’s Aramis Britannica Archipelago At Steeliegh (Imp LTU) JW  Loved the head of this dog.  Clean cut, kind eye not in any way this dog. Classic lines in correct weight, good bone, well constructed forequarters with a good spring of rib, with well developed hindquarters.  A strong contender for top honours on the day.

2. Litherland’s Oakhouse Oh Two.  Black of excellent quality similar comments to one apply.  Just looked a little untidy on the day because of his coat.

3. Davis’s Glenbrows Paraphrase

Limit dog 13 entries (10).

1.Johnson’s Cremino Chilly Pepper SHCM.  Four year old yellow.  Very handsome and in fit firm and active condition.  Clean neck set in to well laid back shoulders, excellent front with just the right depth of chest, good spring of  rib, good length of leg, correct double coat, firm top line, strong through the coupling, well developed hindquarters a joy to watch on the move. Very pleased to give him the dog CC.

2.Bold’s Shaymiloney Senate JW.  Quality black.  Clean neck and shoulders, good construction front and rear, good bone firm top line but just not in the best of coat.

Open dog 11 (10).

1. Carpanini’s Carpenny Primo.  Very good to see an open dog shown in the correct weight.  I would have no hesitation in taking him to work with me.  Lovely head, with the correct shaped eye and colour good stop, ears well set back, not too large.  Clean neck set in well laid back shoulders and good depth of chest. Excellent double coat, good top line with correct tail set.  Well developed hindquarters with well let down hocks.  His feet could be a little tighter even so I was happy to award him the reserve CC.

2.Coode’s CH Warringah’s Perth SHCM. Very pleased to have been able to go over this top quality champion. kind head and  expression and another with correct eye shape and colour.  Very well constructed front, good depth of chest and good spring of rib. Strong through the coupling, firm top line with strong hindquarters which gave him drive on the move. Very close decision just edged out on profile to one.

3. Gurzhiy Sun-Laurie Blowing in the Wind (ATC)

Good Citizen dog scheme 4 (2).

1. Saunders’s  Rossclyde Gamekeeper. Lovely class of two.  Black with a beautiful head and expression, strong neck and shoulders, excellent front, good bone and excellent coat.  Level  top line with firm hindquarters well let down hocks moved well.

2. Smith’s Flyenpyg Porky Pig. Coat made the difference today.  Lovely yellow of quality, kind head and expression well made front and rear.  Good length of leg, lovely clean out line moved well.

Judge Chris Rose