• Show Date: 07/03/2019
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Christine Guest Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020


Breed: Hungarian Wire Haired Vizsla

THANK YOU.......it’s a privilege to judge your own breed at Crufts and I was truly humbled by the size of my entry,which like the curates egg was good in most parts.Crufts is unlike any other show and affects both dog and handler in different ways,there were some dogs I’ve done well in the past that did not feature as highly in the awards today.

    The HWV standard calls for a moderate dog,free from exaggeration,robust,and capable of a day’s work yet elegant and so I was looking for a robust workmanlike dog,with strength in the males and elegance in the bitches.All dogs exhibited correct harsh coats of good colour and were in good,clean condition,well muscled and the majority moved well,with only the odd one or two moving close behind.However heads are no longer showing the correct proportions and are too long in foreface,the soft brown eye is a rarity so the true HWV expression is lost.Height too is an issue with both dogs and bitches being too tall,the standard asks for 62cm(24 1/2”)for dogs and 58cm(23”)for bitches,there were several that were well up to,if not over standard.There were also dogs that although fit were undoubtedly carrying too much weight and lacked both tuck and waistline,the HWV are a running breed and you cannot run if your ‘tum’ gets in the way!there are no fat athletes!That saying I was more than happy with my class winners and in many cases ‘nit-picking’between one and two.

    Was absolutely delighted to see my BOB make the cut in an outstanding Gundog group.

VD(6,1abs) 1)....ALLISONS Monkstrod Hornet:10 yrs young,a cracking dog of correct height hid behind white furnishings and belied his age.Skull to muzzle proportions were correct,beautiful dark eye complimented a good headpiece.Hands flowed easily over good shoulders,strong loins and quarters.Exhibited forechest,neat at elbow with good depth to chest and desired tuck.Well boned with good musculature which showed in sound and true movement.2)....SPILLANES Belatarr Charlie Parker ShCM:at 8yrs a younger veteran!Bigger dog all through,yet remaining balanced in outline.Confident in outlook,but too much length in the muzzle on an otherwise nice head.Good forehand,with plenty of heart/lung room,elbows well tucked in.Strong quarters used on the move just a ‘tad soft’ in topline. 3)....ALDRIDGES ShCh Gwaithmaes Shameless 

PD(2,0abs) 1,BPIB,RDCC....DEIGHTONS Fourlums Tavasi:loved this 11 months old dog!Maturing along correct lines,already exhibiting depth and strength of bone throughout without any coarseness.Clean in neck,correct angulation fore and aft,firm topline which he maintained with ease on the move.Excellent muscle tone for one so young.Stood over his ground comfortably on strong feet,but to be critical could be slightly longer for better balance.Very close to correctly proportioned head,with an ochre eye which will darken with age.2)....SHAW & FRYERS Fradaikee Legends of Loki:such a raw baby at just 8 months,showing plenty of mischief in ochre eyes.Decent headpiece.Correctly constructed,with enough bone for his age,but as you would expect needs to deepen throughout.Decent muscle tone enable him to move accurately,with nice tail action.

JD(4,1wd) 1....NEWMANS Morganna Zatar:at 13 months already looking mature,solidly built with plenty of substance,yet not oversized.Typically junior in outline,showing reasonable depth,tidy at elbow with firm topline and correct tuck.Could be cleaner in neck,found him a little throaty,would like more layback of shoulder and he needs to develop more in the thigh.That said he moves well and soundly both in coming to and profile.Head piece was OK,but eyes need to darken. 2)....CHAMIER & VIBERTS Gwaithmaes Fingal:an older junior and well up to size.Nicely proportioned head piece,ochre eye and kindly expression.Easy under your hands,but slightly lacking in front angulation.Good belly line,but needs to firm up in top line.Good height to length ratio.Sound mover,another with good feet.3)....ALLISONS Fitzrovia Gone With the Wind

PGD(9,2abs) Felt that both these dogs were well up to size,1).....SPILLANES Belatarr Jupiter:a big dog,but filling his frame and balanced in outline,well off for bone throughout.Stood on good feet,straight fore limbs,neat at elbow with good heart and lung space.Good belly line,but can look ‘soft’ in topline.Balanced on the move and sound.Friendly expression from ochre eyes,but too much length in muzzle for correct proportions.2)....GRAY & RILEYS Fassfields Silver Lining: close up to one,but not as mature yet and needs to fill his frame for better balance.Well boned,developed in forechest and now needs to deepen in brisket.Moderately arched neck flowed into a firm topline to well muscled quarters which he used to good effect.Untidy in front coming to.Decent proportions to a nice lean skull,ochre eyes giving a confident expression.3)....STEPHENSONS Leiborschy Leif of Fryerfold

LD(4,0abs) 1)....GOWERS Fassfields Fame and Fortune:at 4yrs of age,just coming to his best.At the top of the standard for height,but mature and balanced in outline,stands over his ground with confidence on strong fore limbs and feet.Strong neck,good shoulder placement,good depth to brisket,firm over topline and loin to decent,well muscled quarters that just lack a little angulation.Good driving movement,particularly in profile.Considered for RCC. 2)....HOWARDS Lanokk Szivos JW:smaller dog of differing type to the first,one that you need hands on to appreciate.Well proportioned head with a kind,dark eye,that is somewhat lost under profuse furnishings.Decent chest,with plenty of heart and lung room.Strong over back and loin,rounded muscular quarters,just a bit short for perfect balance but a very workmanlike dog that will always be there or thereabouts.3)....HOPE-CLIFFE & HOPE - ELLS Zoldmali Tudor for Galvikki(imp Srb)

OD(4,0abs) 1)....SPILLANES ShCh Belatarr Hercules:a worthy champion.Well boned and well up to size.Strongly made all through,strong,straight fore limbs,good depth to brisket with elbows neat to body.Stood confidently over his ground,holding a good topline on the stack and the move.Nicley rounded and well muscled quarters used to effect.Reasonable head,ochre eyes giving an intelligent expression.Well presented as are all dogs from this kennel. 2)....UPTONS ShCh Tragus Fox Appeal:a young dog that I’ve liked in the past and still do,but he didn’t give his best today.A good head piece,with a kind,expressive dark eye tops a smaller,almost square,workmanlike dog,whose frame is covered with a dense coat of good texture.Good bone,straight fore limbs,good shoulder placement,decent depth,tidy at elbow.Firm,level topline leading to good quarters,however profile gait was better than his coming and going 3)....WHITINGS IrShCh Cragvallie Zenit

SWD(3,0abs) 1,DCC)....NEWMANS Ch Zoldmali Szeles Morganna(imp Srb):in superb physical condition,everything about this young male exudes strength from his nose to the tip of his correctly set on tail.Well boned forelegs,tucked tidily in at elbow below a good depth of chest,however would like to see slightly more tuck.Strong,level topline,well ribbed back,with strong couplings and excellent quarters.Good catlike feet and stood easily over his ground with an air of arrogance.Powerful mover,but gave his handler a hard time on the move.Did enough to take the DCC,but with a little more maturity his son(RDCC)could steal his crown! 2).... SAINTS Zoldmali Tarlo: half brother to winner and exhibits many of his excellent qualities,however he lacks some leg length which makes him look unbalanced in outline.Another that moves with purpose and drive using strong hocks to power around the ring.Both dogs had superb harsh,wiry coats. 3)....HESLOPS Lyharr Flavio Akos for Bonisla 

GCD(2,0abs) 1)....GRAY & RILEYS Fassfield Silver Lining:repeat 2)....GARDENS Leiborschy Murachadh:unplaced in a previous class.A smaller dog with plenty to like.Reasonable bone for his size,with depth to his chest and neat at elbow.Level topline,good quarters with correctly set on tail,but squarer than desired.Very workmanlike with good coat properties.

VB(7,1abs) 1,RBCC)....ALDRIDGES Ginger Lillie around Oakberrow:what a sweet headed,dignified lady,with an expressive dark eye,so rarely seen.Correctly proportioned outline,but would more forechest and upper arm,but she is tidy at elbow an has good depth to her chest.Enough bone all through,a good firm topline and well muscled,moderately angled quarters.Moves as sound as a pound from any angle and deserved her RCC over some of her less mature contemporaries.Beautifully presented. 2)....WAND & RICKMANS Herlinga Herleva ShCm:love this bitch.Very feminine,with the best head of the day.Expressive dark eye completes the picture.Correct construction and balance throughout.Good bone and muscle tone,however she was not as firm in topline on the stack as one.Coat was OK. 3)....NOKES Kenmillex Sparta of Eurotas at Goldpaw

PB(5,0abs) 1)....HOLTS Maiashy Akori:at 10months of age maturing a long the correct lines,a decent headpiece with eyes needing to darken to complete the picture.Tidy,well constructed front,enough bone for age.Moderately arched neck flows into level topline to good quarters.Showing desired tuck,just needs depth in brisket. 2).....GRAYS Oakberrow Let the Fun Be Gin:a bigger bitch of differing type to one.Good neck and shoulders,decent top line, belly line OK.Well rounded and muscled hindquarters which she doesn’t use to effect yet!untidy on the move.Topped by a reasonable head,another whose eyes need to darken. 3)....HAMMANS Zoltarous Guelder Rose

JB(4,0abs) 1)....HARRIS-MAYELLS Fitzrovia To Be a Pilgrim:Good bone on this feminine youngster,with an elegance about her.Particularly liked her front construction,clean neck,exhibiting forechest,good upper arm and layback of shoulder.Well balanced in outline with correct height to length ratio,nicely set on full length tail which came off moderate quarters.Stood on good feet,but could stand over more ground. 2)....NEWMANS Morganna Anisette:so close up to one,another sired by DCC who has passed on his many attributes.Excellent bone and construction throughout,yet still feminine in outlook.Preferred the more balanced outline of one,Anisette needs a little more length of leg for balance,she has the robustness,but not the elegance I was looking for. 3)....ALDRIDGES Gwaithmaes Aoife

PGB(12,1abs) 1)....RILEYS Fassfields Like a Baroness:lean,well furnished headpiece,with decent proportions.Ochre eye.Neat,well constructed front with adequate forechest and depth.Elbows tucked to ribcage.Firm,level topline and correct tuck to belly line.Robust and well muscled throughout,good quarters allowed her to move with drive and precision.Considered for RCC. 2)....SUMMERFIELDS Miadsc Eternal Flame:an ultra feminine youngster that needs to mature all through.Robust and well constructed frame needs to fill in and deepen,but she has forechest,straight,strong forelimbs and is easy over her ground on neat feet.Moves with precise foot fall from any angle.Nice lean head,with excellent dark eye....needs furnishings and depth of coat to complete the picture. 3)....DEIGHTONS Fourlums Flora

LB(9,1abs) 1,BCC & BOB)....EDMINSONS Kisdons Custom Made:not only custom made,but well made too!Only a youngster,but has everything there and in the right place!Starting with her head,there is good balance between her skull and muzzle,eyes commensurate with coat colour.Balanced in outline and standing on good feet.Moderate in neck,flowing to good upper arm and shoulders.Forechest,well boned,straight forelegs,tidy elbows.Level topline,good belly line,with strong couplings.Well muscled rear enabled her to move with precision and purpose.All this covered with an excellent,correct,harsh coat.Hope her third CC isn’t far away and I was delighted to see her make the cut in the group)....PIKES Herlinga Zaffron to Zilvarson:another favourite that doesn’t always show herself to advantage.An older bitch so has the required depth and finish.Good bone throughout,robustly made yet feminine,level topline and decent quarters.Precise,but lack lustre on the move. 3)...BYRNES Aldozovolgyi-Drotos Nyuzsgo at Enryb 

OB(6,1abs) 1)....SMILLIE-GRAYS Oakberrow Gintastic:very much a ‘hands on’ bitch.Good skull to muzzle proportions with an expressively naughty dark eye.Plenty of heart and lung room and under a deceptively harsh,dense coat she is well off for bone.Well muscled throughout,with excellent muscle tone to her hindquarters enabling her to move precisely and purposefully.Good outline,but feet could be tighter. 2)....DEIGHTONS Kisdons Attribute:a workmanlike bitch yet feminine in outlook.Adequate bone for a bitch,liked her tidy front construction,enough length for a balanced outline,rounded and muscled rear, just a little straight in stifle,but moved well.3)....WANDS Herlinga Hulda with Aswann 

SWB(1,0abs) 1)....WEARINGS NL Ch Zoldmali Anizs at Genlusa(imp Hun):no mistaking this girl for a worker.Shown in peak,hard condition and very robustly made throughout.Deep chested,well boned forelegs,strong topline with short,strong couplings.Superb quarters.Good proportions to her head,strong muzzle,ochre eye.Just needed more depth of coat to complete the picture.

GCB(5,0abs) 1)....SUMMERFIELDS Miadsc Eternal Flame:repeat 2)....KAYE,BROOKER & SUMMERFIELDS Miadsc Precious Pearl:a very feminine bitch with an attractive headpiece and expressive eye.Not a big one,but with adequate bone for size and sex.Flows easily from neck,to well placed shoulders,decent topline and well rounded,muscled quarters.Correct belly line.Precise footfall,neat feet. 3)....HOLTS Maiashy Akori