• Show Date: 17/01/2019
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Christina Chapman Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

Manchester Dog Show Society

Breed: Samoyed


My thanks to you all for this lovely entry and my very efficient Stewards for keeping everything going so smoothly. I was pleasantly surprised to see only a small percentage of close backends on the move and just one suspect mouth. One thing that possibly needs watching is the longer coats that appear from time to time, not what they should be to be truly weather resistant. Breed type is still good on the whole although there was one head more reminiscent of a Swiss White than a Samoyed, pigment was also very good and certainly helps give the true Sammy expression. Temperaments and presentation were excellent as ever, as was the sportsmanship of the ringside with applause for all the winners.

Puppy Dog

1. Moody/Haddenden - Novaskaya Xander Lefay 11mths. Lovely headed baby, with good eye & pigment, thick rounded ears, well furred. Pleasing overall shape, bone & feet, nice depth to ribs for age. On the move was very positive for one so young. Very promising

Junior Dog

1. Drummond - Santiviga Justa Diamond at Sasoolka 15mths. Liked his overall make & shape. Good bone & feet, nice depth to ribs for age, well muscled. Well proportioned head, well pigmented eye, nice ears. Angulation not yet balanced but correct for age, looks good in profile, and has an appropriate amount of reach and drive, again for age. Super prospect.

2. Woodhead - Nikara Secret Wish with Pashka 17mths. Good outline, ribs, bone & feet. Good muscle tone. Super head, eye pigment and ears. Movement very good but not quite so firm behind as 1 today.

3. Kirkwood/Jones - Vandreem Imperial Kazhiya

Post Grad. Dog

1. Hounslow - Nikitta Flaming Star. Very good outline, nice depth to chest, strong topline & loin, also well muscled. Good bone, nice feathered feet . Has a very good head, dark eye & good pigment, lovely thick ears. Well balanced angulation, with reach, drive and good profile stride

2. Winding - Nikita Silver Starchief at Trusam. Close up to one so similar remarks apply. Well bodied & boned, good feet. Good head with dark eye & pigment. Well balanced angulation but not quite as firm as one on the move today.

3. McNeill - Dandisam Supers Splendid

Limit Dog - Good class

1. DCC & BOB, Mann - Nikara Dream Maker 2yrs. Loved his overall outline. Super muscle on his thighs and strong loin. Good bone & feet, also depth of chest. Good coat not obscuring the outline. Great masculine head, dark eye, excellent pigment and lovely rounded tips on thick ears. Very well balanced angulation giving good drive, reach and super profile stride. Reminded me of a young Diamond Dancer to whom I gave his first CC too.

2. Short - Zakaytia Angel of Mine. Close up to 1 for build, muscle, bone & feet. Good depth to chest. Full coat, well balanced & movement was positive with reach & drive. He also has a well proportioned head with good eye & pigment, nice ears which he stubbornly refused to use today! However could not be denied the RCC

3. Dudek - Easy to Love White Smile for Blossomari

Open Dog

1. Garry - Ir.Ch. Blueagean Oracle of Apollo 8yrs young. & full of beans. Good topline, strong loin, nice muscle & depth of chest. Good head, eye & pigment. Thick nicely rounded ears. Also in good voice! Well balanced and moved positively from all angles.

2. Smith - Vandreem Imperial Fabien at Avarrasam another with good outline, muscle tone strong loin & good ribs. Good head proportions with dark eye & pigment. Very well balanced & good to watch on the move, just not matching 1 in front today.

3. McNeill - Smiliesam Striking Ice

Veteran Dog

1. Freer/Smith - Ch. Nikara Diamond Dancer. Gave him his first CC and he still has a good outline, strong backline & loin. Good muscle on thighs & good depth to chest, bone & feet. Super head, dark eye & pigment. Well balanced angulation and on the move has reach drive and good profile stride. Best Veteran

Minor Puppy Bitch

1. Drummond - Sasoolka Chase the Wind just 6mths but what a sweetie, with a hint of mischief. Very good outline. nicely muscled for age, good bone & feet. Very pretty head and expression helped by lovely dark eye & good pigment. Super thick rounded ears. Angulation not yet balanced but correct for age as is her positive movement, loved her. Best Puppy

2. Mann - Taronakits It's Krystal 7mths & very similar to one so same remarks apply, just not quite as steady on the move in front but so much to like must have a promising future.

3. Brandenberg - Taronakits It's Kwest

Puppy Bitch

1. Brandenberg - T. It's Kwest, 3rd in the last class but more settled here. Lovely head & eye, good pigment and once settled is a positive, steady mover,

Junior Bitch

1. Collinson - Nikara Secret Love by Norjack loved her when she came into the ring, super outline & well proportioned feminine head, good dark eye & pigment, super thick ears with a hint of biscuit. Angulation well balanced for age, and her movement has reach, drive and good profile stride.

2. Mann Nikara Secret Dreamer - another good outline, well bodied and balanced. Good feminine head & expression. Mice depth of chest. Angulation well balanced just couldn't match the reach and drive of 1 today.

3, Willcock - Jun.Ch. Dynar First Love

Post Grad. Bitch

1. South - Reach For the Stars at Aleski 20 mths very pleasing in make and shape. Strong topline & loin, good thigh muscle & depth of chest. Angulation is just about balanced (right for age) and her movement is so good with reach, drive & profile stride that is a joy to watch. I loved her but unfortunately she refused to co-operate in the challenge.

2. Bostock - Dandisam Forever Fabulous. Another lovely headed bitch with a dark eye & good pigment. Strong back, good loin, well bodied & good depth to chest. Angulation almost balanced (OK for age) & her movement has enough reach and drive & stride, just not to the same degree as 1.

3. Johnson/Knipe - Taronakits Kall me Kaylee at Xenora

Limit Bitch

1. Brandenberg/Jackson - Taronakits It's Karman 2yrs old. Good topline, strong line & good depth of chest. Well muscled with good bone & nice feet with some feathering. Angulation balanced so she has drive, reach & good profile stride. Also has a lovely feminine head, eye, pigment & expression. RCC

2. Naylor - Samnouska Time to Shine at Karenshko 5yrs. Good outline, Nice head and expression with good pigment and thick ears. Well bodied and nice depth to chest. Angulation is balanced so she moves well but not quite as animated as 1.

3. Rogers Ward - Vandreem Imperial Mercedes at Shellouer

Open Bitch

1. Collinson Ch. Nikara Diamond Julbilee with Norjack 7yr mature bitch. Well put together with good depth of chest, strong loin and well balanced angulation. Good feminine head, dark eye & good expression with well set thick ears. On the move she looks so easy with reach, drive & good profile stride BCC

2. O'Dwyer - Kalinski Dushka Maia 5yr old, another sound all round. Good depth to chest, well bodied and balanced through. Feminine head, dark eye & good pigment. Angulation is balanced so she also has reach, drive. Just not quite as firm in front today as 1.

3. Short - Seelukzak Ice'n Glorious at Zakaytia


1. Johnson/Knipe - Angelicus Crystal Serenity 8yr old belying her years. Good shape, nice depth to chest, strong loin & well muscled. Angulation balanced and on the move was very steady but with reach and drive.

2. Young - Kimeekasams Miss Chief 10 yrs with lovely biscuit markings. Well balanced, good chest & topline. Feminine head & expression. On the move still covers the ground well just not the drive of 1.

                                                     Christina Chapman .... Judge